2 дня 2:36:55
The Woo Crew get into the latest end of the world date and give their thoughts on the date that has see mass hysteria breaking out on the internet. 23 сентября 2017, 19:45
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2 дня 1:40:26
September 23rd Begins 7-Year Tribulation
The 7-year Tribulation begins Sept. 23rd. Those indwelt with the Holy Spirit are Warriors, undergoing and experiencing the transformation and augmentation described by Jesus Christ in John 14:12-14. 23 сентября 2017, 18:28
11 249
4 дня 1:44:28
Hauntings, EVP & The Frequency Of Ghosts - Todd Schelat & Jacqueline Davieau
THE KEV BAKER SHOW, EP#790 - EVP SPECIAL! SPECIAL GUESTS - JACQUELINE DAVIEAU & TODD SCHELAT With the nights starting to get darker earlier, what better time to go into the world of ghost hunting! 22 сентября 2017, 15:04
2 646
4 дня 1:44:31
Earthquakes, Niburu, Stranglets & Quantum Tunnelling To DEMONS
Welcome back to another broadcast of KBS with our good friend, author, research, Anthony Patch. For full show notes & links visit my website... 21 сентября 2017, 17:06
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5 дней 20:13
September 23rd Hype Sets Stage For FAKE Second Coming
With so many people losing their minds over the alleged fulfillment of the prophecy in the book of Revelation relating to signs in the sky, i thought id offer my thoughts on what may or may not occur on this day. 20 сентября 2017, 16:37
6 258
6 дней 1:44:13
Mexico Earthquake, Maria's Wrath & Ancient Alien Nukes (KBS Ep#788)
On the day that Mexicans were practicing earthquake drills on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 quake, a massive 7.1 mag struck southern Mexico. Surely just a coincidence, right? 20 сентября 2017, 14:01
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6 дней 1:44:26
Quantum Geomancy & The Brain Internet with Anthony Patch
Anthony Patch joins me to go over some of the news including hurricane Maria heading for the Leeward Islands, coming hot on the heels of Irma – thoughts and prayers to everyone out that way. 19 сентября 2017, 16:31
4 474
10 дней 1:44:15
Weather Wars, Celebrated Society & Robot Roll Out with NANOGIRL
NanoGirl is back! After far too long away from the show, Sharon Barrington AKA NanoGirl makes her long anticipated comeback and definitely doesnt disappoint! 16 сентября 2017, 15:21
4 398
10 дней 1:44:02
Emulated Machines & Our Upcoming Obsolescence w/Anthony Patch
Anthony Patch & Kev discuss the topics of Emulated Machines/Persons, digital avatars, sentient world simulation & CERN. To help support KBS please subscribe to Truth Frequency Radio via my archive page here.... 15 сентября 2017, 23:41
5 451
13 дней 52:15
Linda Moulton Howe - Earth Is An Alien Laboratory, AI & Disclosure
Linda Moulton Howe joins The Kev Baker Show for a conversation that covers her decades long investigation & research into the cattle mutilation phenomena. 13 сентября 2017, 14:17
8 321
15 дней 8:20
Shocking Pictures & Footage Of The Destruction Caused By Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma is just about to make landfall in Florida & already the scenes of destruction are heart breaking to say the least. Please pray for everyone affected. 10 сентября 2017, 20:11
4 352
15 дней 51:39
The Last Evangelist & Communicating With Divine Powers with David Heavener
David Heavener join The Anthony Patch Show to go over the latest news concerning his project "The Last Evangelist" TV show which he describes as CSI meets The Book Of Revelations. 10 сентября 2017, 18:11
2 670
15 дней 51:23
Mexico Earthquake Lights, HAARP & Mind Control | Anthony Patch Show
Welcome back to the first hour of this weeks APS. In this segment Anthony & Kev discuss the recent 8.1mag earthquake that hit Mexico & analyse the strange lights that were seen during the quake. 10 сентября 2017, 16:49
9 767
17 дней 1:43:49
Geoengineered Climate Change, Little Kim & Solar Flares | Anthony Patch
Anthony Patch joins the show to discuss the ongoing situation with Hurricane Irma. 8 сентября 2017, 19:25
5 784
18 дней 6:48
8.1M Earthquake Hits Of Coast Of Mexico Amidst Massive Solar Flares
Eight countries have received tsunami alerts after an 8.0-magnitude earthquake struck 120 kilometers southwest of Mexico, according to US Geological Survey data. 8 сентября 2017, 6:52
3 379
18 дней 1:44:09
A Royal Conspiracy, Weather Wars, Alien Mummies & More w/Ben Emlyn Jones
Our good friend Ben Emlyn-Jones is back on the show to get into a recent prediction he made regarding a royal announcement that has now played out! 7 сентября 2017, 20:40
10 092
19 дней 12:07
Hurricane Irma Manipulation: Objectives And Agenda (Geoengineering.org)
GeoengineeringWatch.org TO READ OR POST COMMENTS ON THIS VIDEO, PLEASE GO DIRECTLY TO THE ARTICLE geoengineeringwatch.org/hurricane-irma-manipulation-objectives-and-agendas Our hope and goal is 6 сентября 2017, 19:46
5 800
20 дней 1:43:14
Hurricane Irma Inbound, Putin On AI & Valley Vampires w/Anthony Patch
Get ready for an info filled two hours of radio with Kev Baker, Anthony Patch & Johnny Whistles. We open up by examining the latest data from Hurricane Irma & offer our advice to people living in its path. 5 сентября 2017, 23:22
6 934
20 дней 7:04
Hurricane Irma So Powerful Its Showing Up As An Earthquake On Seismometers
US-bound Hurricane Irma has gotten so strong that it is showing up on equipment designed to measure earthquakes. 5 сентября 2017, 19:54
4 864
21 день 16:27
The Supermassive Problem With New Massive Black Hole Discovery
Scientists are over the moon with the recent discovery of an ALLEGED black hole near the centre of the galaxy. However, i have a serious supermassive problem with black holes! Read more here.... kevbakershow. 5 сентября 2017, 16:08
1 803
21 день 2:36:48
Irma Approaches, Creepy Clowns, The Hat Man & More (Freaky Friday #135)
Kev Baker & Scott Lopez guide you through this weeks Freaky Friday, going over the storm hitting texas, hurricane Irma, creepy clown hotel, the hat man & so, so much more Freaky Friday is on Truth Frequency Radio LIVE 4 сентября 2017, 18:03
5 440
22 дня 17:30
Putin & Musk Sound The Alarm On The Threat Of AI Starting Wars
SEE FULL SUPPORTING ARTICLE, LINKS & VIDEOS HERE.... kevbakershow.com/putin-musk-sound-alarm-threat-ai-starting-wars To help support KBS please subscribe to Truth Frequency Radio via my archive page here.... 4 сентября 2017, 15:43
2 815
22 дня 51:39
FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE: A Divine Battle Plan, is an online conference that you can see on the 16th & 17th of September 2017. 3 сентября 2017, 18:57
4 356
24 дня 1:43:47
Eye Of The Storm, Crop Circles & Other High Strangeness (KBS Ep#778)
Scott Lopez joins me to discuss Hurricane Harvey & a new storm brewing in the Atlantic, Hurricane Irma. 1 сентября 2017, 17:43
4 746
25 дней 12:28
Huge Asteroid "Florence" To Fly By Earth & Revelation 12 "Signs In The Sky"
A 3-mile wide asteroid is flying by earth & wont be seen again until the year 2500. 1 сентября 2017, 16:25
2 489
25 дней 1:43:33
Hurricane Updates & Taking A.I. Back To The Future w/Anthony Patch
Anthony Patch joins us on The Kev Baker Show, Ep#777, to discuss the hurricane hitting Texas & we get into the history of A.I. SEE FULL SUPPORTING ARTICLE, LINKS & VIDEOS HERE.... 31 августа 2017, 19:51
6 114
25 дней 1:44:15
Underwater UFO/USO Sightings, Baltic Sea Anomaly & Ancient Aliens w/Gary Heseltine
Gary Heseltine, editor of UFO Truth Magazine, joins us for a night of UFO & USO information. 31 августа 2017, 16:41
3 386
27 дней 1:43:52
Hurricane Havoc, Manta Submarine, Elon's Neural Lace & More w/Anthony Patch
Anthony Patch joins KBS to discuss Hurricane Harvey & the devastation it is leaving in its trail. 29 августа 2017, 18:48
5 105
30 дней 2:36:16
Brain Hacking, Harvey To Unleash Hell, Hidden History & More on FREAKY FRIDAY #134
Three hours of the strangest stories on the net right now. Hold on tight, this gets very strange indeed! Check out Freaky Friday, every Friday from Midnight UK - 7pm EST - 4pm PST on Truth Frequency Radio LIVE! 27 августа 2017, 15:23
6 345
30 дней 1:42:40
The Science Behind The Mandela Effect
In this episode of The Anthony Patch show we get deeper into the science behind the phenomena known as "The Mandela Effect". 26 августа 2017, 22:27
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