2 days 0:55
Moscow Opposition Rallies for Fair Elections, 39 Detained | The Moscow Times
Police in Moscow detained 39 protesters at a rally calling for opposition candidates to be allowed to run in September's elections to the Russian capital's parliament. 15 Jul 2019, 14:32
4 days 0:42
Instagrammers Flock to ‘Siberia’s Maldives,’ Despite Toxicity | The Moscow Times
Instagram users have flocked to a water reservoir in Siberia with water that looks like it’s near a tropical island. 13 Jul 2019, 8:00
5 days 0:42
Russian Buddhists Celebrate Kalachakra Religious Festival in Siberia | The Moscow Times
Thousands of Buddhist pilgrims are travelling to Russia's republic of Buryatia for the Kalachakra festival, celebrating world peace and harmony. 12 Jul 2019, 13:46
8 days 0:42
UNESCO Adds 17 Pskov Monuments to World Heritage List | The Moscow Times
UNESCO has added churches in the ancient city of Pskov in northwestern Russia to its list of World Heritage Sites. 9 Jul 2019, 8:06
11 days 2:05
Houses of the Future: What Kind of Homes Do Millenials Want? | The Moscow Times
The Moscow Urban Forum took place this week, hosting 8,500 people passionate about urbanism and architecture from 69 different countries. 6 Jul 2019, 14:38
12 days 0:56
Russian Factory Workers Protest Sanctions at U.S. Envoy’s Residence | The Moscow Times
On July Fourth, 50 workers from the GAZ van maker’s Nizhny Novgorod factory rallied on behalf of their 40,000-strong workforce in front of the U.S. ambassador’s residence in Moscow. 5 Jul 2019, 13:45
16 days 2:01
How Did Georgians in Moscow react to 'anti-Russia' protests in Tbilisi? | The Moscow Times
Protests erupted in Georgia's capital of Tbilisi last month after a Russian deputy gave a speech in the country's parliament. 1 Jul 2019, 15:54
19 days 0:27
This New Russian Spy Drone Looks a Lot Like an Owl | The Moscow Times
Russia has unveiled a combat surveillance drone intended to resemble a menacing owl spreading its wings. From afar, it might be able to pull off the disguise. 28 Jun 2019, 13:15
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23 days 0:47
Protest Camp Grows Against Trash Landfill in Russia's North | The Moscow Times
Hundreds of people have gathered in a protest camp against a plan to bring trash from Moscow to a new landfill in Shiyes, a village in the northern Arkhangelsk region. 24 Jun 2019, 17:20
25 days 2:27
How Did the World Cup Change Russia, One Year On? | The Moscow Times
Moscow transformed itself to host hundreds of thousands of fans for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. One year after, what’s the legacy of the event in Russia… and how did Russia change? 22 Jun 2019, 9:27
26 days 0:44
Anti-Russian Protests in Tbilisi | The Moscow Times
Mass protests in Tbilisi broke out on Thursday night over anti-Russian sentiments, resulting in hundreds of people injured. 21 Jun 2019, 15:48
30 days 1:06
Helping the Homeless in Moscow | The Moscow Times
Russia, like many other countries, struggles with the problem of homelessness. Estimates of Russia’s homeless population range from the thousands to millions. 17 Jun 2019, 12:57
32 days 4:07
Young Russians Fight Against Drinking in Public | The Moscow Times
Like in most Western cities, young people in Moscow go to parks on Friday evening to drink, dance and have fun. 15 Jun 2019, 12:39
33 days 0:31
Chechen Leader Threatens to Break Fingers, Tear Out Tongues of Online Critics | The Moscow Times
The leader of Russia’s republic of Chechnya has threatened to break the fingers and tear out the tongues of anyone who leaves offensive comments about his subjects online. 14 Jun 2019, 15:14
35 days 1:11
Over 400 Protesters Detained in Moscow at March for Press Freedom | The Moscow Times
Over 400 people were detained by police at a protest march in Moscow on June 12. 12 Jun 2019, 15:03
1 037
37 days 0:24
A Volcano in Russia’s Far East is Now Active After Many Years of Silence | The Moscow Times
Scientists recently measured increased seismic activity under the long-dormant Bolshaya Udina volcano, leading them to support its reclassification from reclassification from “extinct” to “active.” | 10 Jun 2019, 20:24
1 020
39 days 3:07
A Russian Doctor Struggles for a Fair Salary | The Moscow Times
Doctors and medical professionals across Russia are organizing to demand fair pay and better working conditions. 8 Jun 2019, 12:11
40 days 1:11
Dozens Protest Russian Investigative Reporter's Arrest in Moscow
At least 100 people gathered in central Moscow Friday evening to hold single pickets against the arrest of investigative journalist Ivan Golunov. 7 Jun 2019, 22:21
43 days 1:21
Moscow's Muslims Celebrate the End of Ramadan | The Moscow Times
Muslims across Moscow came to the Cathedral Mosque, one of the largest mosques in Europe, to celebrate the end of the religious holiday of Ramadan on June 4, 2019. 4 Jun 2019, 12:31
44 days 0:23
Mighty Kamaz Truck Hits the Waves in Russia's Far East | The Moscow Times
Russia's Kamaz truck is known for coping in harsh conditions. Fishing plant workers in the Far East decided to test the vehicle in the waves of the Pacific Ocean. 3 Jun 2019, 15:33
44 days 1:02
What Are Russian Millennials Most Concerned About? | The Moscow Times
Unlike their peers abroad, who worry about climate change, Russian millennials say they’re most concerned by corruption and inequality, according to a recent poll by Deloitte. 3 Jun 2019, 15:05
46 days 4:41
Ramadan Where the Sun Never Sleeps: Fasting in Russia’s St. Petersburg | The Moscow Times
For most Muslims in the world, the month of Ramadan requires abstaining from all food and drink for around 12 consecutive hours, between sunrise and sunset. 1 Jun 2019, 9:20
47 days 0:50
Fake Russian Politician Gains Fame for Slapstick Solutions to Local Problems | The Moscow Times
In the Far East Russian town of Ussuriysk, a former journalist has launched a satirical project to poke fun at local authorities’ inability to provide solutions to citizens’ problems. 31 May 2019, 15:29
51 day 3:20
Bike Riding in Moscow: Not For the Faint-Hearted | The Moscow Times
This year, the annual bike parade advocating for better conditions for bike riders in Moscow was not allowed by the authorities. 27 May 2019, 10:08
53 days 0:55
What do Russians Think About Equal Rights for LGBT People? | The Moscow Times
According to a recent Levada Center poll, nearly half of Russians (47%) say they support equal rights for LGBT people. 25 May 2019, 13:55
58 days 0:46
Russian History Enthusiasts Re-enact Battle of Borodino
On Sunday, May 19, Russia's Patriotic Education Center in Moscow organized a historical re-enactment of the final part of the Battle of Borodino, which was fought in 1812 during the French invasion | 20 May 2019, 15:13
60 days 3:33
Venezuelans in Moscow: Mixed Feelings | The Moscow Times
According to the United Nations, more than 3.4 million people have already fled the country. Some of them are living in Russia. 18 May 2019, 11:35
64 days 0:29
Timelapse of Stork Observing Raging Wildfires in Eastern Russia | The Moscow Times
Environmental activist Anton Sasin published a video of a stork observing a devastating wildfire in eastern Russia's Amur region on May 28. 14 May 2019, 13:07
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65 days 1:17
20 Years Later Russians Look Back at Rock Musician Zemfira
Zemfira is one of Russia's most iconic singers. She began her career in 1999, releasing her first album "Zemfira" which included the hit "почему" (Why). 13 May 2019, 15:17
67 days 1:03
A Capella Comes to Moscow
For the third year in a row, Moscow hosted its international A Capella Festival. The event featured nearly 200 participants from 26 countries and 12 days of free music in the streets. 11 May 2019, 7:45
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