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New Audio Gives Voice To Migrant Kids In U.S. Detention Center | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Ginger Thompson, senior reporter for ProPublica, talks with Rachel Maddow about newly published audio from inside a migrant child detention center, which Thompson received from a civil rights attorney who obtained it 19 июня 2018, 4:38
69 336
1 день 3:53
Republicans' Double-Standard Outrage Over FBI Texts | The Last Word | MSNBC
GOP Senators Graham and Cruz were outraged during a DOJ hearing over the anti-Trump text messages of two FBI agents during the election. 19 июня 2018, 4:08
34 514
1 день 8:07
Religious Leaders: Call Donald Trump’s Family Separation What It Is- Sin | The Last Word | MSNBC
Bishop Michael Curry, who delivered an impassioned sermon about love at the royal wedding, and Father James Martin join Lawrence to respond to Donald Trump's team using the Bible to justify its cruelty towards children 19 июня 2018, 3:44
66 962
2 дня 2:21
Mexican Fans Celebrate So Hard They Cause Artificial Quake | All In | MSNBC
After Mexico's stunning upset of Germany in the World Cup, another shock - the cheering fans set off earthquake sensors, "possibly because of mass jumping." » Subscribe to MSNBC: on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc 19 июня 2018, 2:17
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2 дня 4:34
'Mass Mobilization' Planned Against Family Separation | All In | MSNBC
Rep. Pramila Jayapal announces rallies will be taking place June 30 across the country to protest the Trump administration's family separation policy. 19 июня 2018, 2:07
20 919
2 дня 15:11
Audio Of Screaming Children Shows Effect Of Donald Trump Policy | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
New audio obtained by Pro Publica captures children crying for help after being separated from their parents, under Trump’s orders. 19 июня 2018, 0:52
73 972
2 дня 16:14
DHS Secretary Falsely Says Only Congress Can Fix Separation Policy | Hardball | MSNBC
Over Father's Day weekend, President Trump and his administration came under intense criticism for their *zero tolerance* policy, resulting in forced family separations. 19 июня 2018, 0:41
35 426
2 дня 10:55
Beyoncé-Jay-Z Producers: How We Made Their "First Date" Track | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Producers Cool and Dre join Ari Melber to discuss making Beyoncé and Jay Z’s new album in Paris and dive into how some of the songs, including one about “The Carters” first date, came about. 19 июня 2018, 0:39
13 096
2 дня 10:14
Ex-Trump Campaign Official Speaks Out After Admitting Russian Meeting | Hardball | MSNBC
Roger Stone and another former campaign advisor, Michael Caputo, are reversing their accounts, saying that they did have contact with at least one Russian who was trying to sell them dirt on Trump's 2016 opponent. 19 июня 2018, 0:34
119 504
2 дня 6:22
Sen. Kamala Harris: Trump's “Intent” To Put "Children In Cages” | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Senator Kamala Harris calls for the resignation of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen, saying she’s not “equipped” to do her job in line with American “values” as NBC News learns more than 11,000 19 июня 2018, 0:28
121 519
2 дня 5:57
Rep. Joaquin Castro: President Donald Trump Using Kids As Leverage For Wall | Hardball | MSNBC
Despite his attempts to deflect blame onto Democrats, Trump is facing increasing pressure to end the family separation policy -- even from those within his own party. 19 июня 2018, 0:25
14 830
2 дня 12:17
"They Look Like Dog Kennels, No Other Way To Describe It" | Deadline | MSNBC
NBC’s Jacob Soboroff, WAPO’s Ashley Parker, fmr RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and The LA Times’ Eli Stokols react to the growing outrage over family separation and conditions at border processing facilities » Subscribe 18 июня 2018, 23:25
97 773
2 дня 8:16
Using Wailing Children As Leverage For The Border Wall | Deadline | MSNBC
NBC’s national reporter Heidi Pryzbyla and fmr RNC chair Michael Steele on the Trump administration’s doubling down on its zero-tolerance immigration policy as more children are being held at the border » Subscribe to 18 июня 2018, 23:12
15 155
2 дня 3:35
NBC News: Fact-Checking DHS Secretary On Child Separation Press Briefing | MTP Daily | MSNBC
NBC’s Julia Ainsley joins MTP Daily to break down DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s press briefing on the Trump administration’s family separation policy. 18 июня 2018, 22:52
9 329
2 дня 2:36
Will Hurd: Separating Families Is 'Manifestation Of Flawed Policy' | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas) gives his thoughts on the Trump administration's policy of separating families at the border. 18 июня 2018, 22:42
8 876
2 дня 4:44
Children Heard Crying In Obtained Audio Of Migrant Detention Center | MTP Daily | MSNBC
In audio that was obtained by Civil Rights Attorney Jennifer Harbury, children who are reportedly held in a CBP detention facility can be heard crying for their parents. 18 июня 2018, 21:41
30 334
2 дня 5:13
Photo-Journalist At The Border Saw Immigration Firsthand | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
Journalist John Moore, who had unique access to the U.S.-Mexico border, sits down with Stephanie Ruhle to discuss his moving photography as well as his take on Trump’s new immigration policy that separates parents from 18 июня 2018, 20:52
9 447
2 дня 7:06
China Is Targeting ‘President Donald Trump-Country’ With Latest Tariffs | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
China’s latest round of tariffs now include hundreds of products. The hardest hit states are actually ‘Trump-country.’ Stephanie Ruhle breaks down which states could lose the most in this looming trade war. 18 июня 2018, 20:43
121 441
2 дня 4:32
Supreme Court Rejects Partisan Gerrymandering Case | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC
NBC News' Pete Williams unpacks the latest actions by the Supreme Court regarding gerrymandering congressional districts. 18 июня 2018, 18:21
25 543
2 дня 12:55
John Kasich To Lawmakers: “Stand Up! Be For Something In Life” | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
Hot-button issues such as immigration, trade, and North Korea divide politics in Washington. 18 июня 2018, 16:46
158 882
2 дня 6:17
In Op-Ed, Laura Bush Calls Border Policy 'Cruel' | Morning Joe | MSNBC
In a new op-ed, former First Lady Laura Bush weighed in on the Trump WH policy of separating children at the U.S. 18 июня 2018, 15:41
59 896
2 дня 11:49
Mixed Messages From White House On Border Separation Policy | Morning Joe | MSNBC
While some in the Trump WH like Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions are defending the administration's policy of separating migrant children from their families at the border, others in the administration say it doesn't 18 июня 2018, 15:25
75 790
2 дня 4:57
Steve Bannon Comes To The Defense Of President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is standing by his former boss, saying that Trump has never lied or misled the American people. The panel reacts. 18 июня 2018, 15:16
44 960
2 дня 10:24
Congressmen Bill Pascrell's Detail Visit To Immigration Detention Center | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Democratic Congressmen Bill Pascrell, NJ, and Hakeem Jeffries, NY, were part of a group that visited the Elizabeth Contract Detention Facility in Elizabeth, NJ on Sunday. 18 июня 2018, 15:06
51 643
2 дня 9:58
'People Are Kept In Cages': Inside Border Patrol Center | Morning Joe | MSNBC
MSNBC's Jacob Soboroff traveled to the Border Patrol's processing center in McAllen, Texas. This is where most child migrant separations happen in the U.S. Soboroff joins Morning Joe to discuss what he saw at the center. 18 июня 2018, 14:57
75 144
2 дня 5:50
San Francisco Mayor-Elect London Breed One-On-One With Joy Reid | AM Joy | MSNBC
San Francisco Mayor-elect London Breed, the first black woman to become mayor of San Francisco, joins Joy Reid to discuss the Trump administration’s immigration policies and more. 18 июня 2018, 14:45
2 612
2 дня 16:52
Michael Avenatti On Separating Migrant Children: We’re Entering Fight In Big Way | AM Joy | MSNBC
Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti has pledged to help immigrant families separated at the border, telling AM JOY ‘it needs to end now.’ Joy Reid and her panel discuss the almost 2,000 migrant children taken 18 июня 2018, 14:35
196 585
2 дня 9:56
Rula Jebreal: World Is Divided Into Humanists Vs. White Supremacist Nationalists | AM Joy | MSNBC
Angela Merkel could be ousted as Chancellor of Germany over immigration as right-wing nationalism sweeps European countries from Poland to Italy. 18 июня 2018, 14:23
47 280
2 дня 18:47
Mariana Atencio: Families Separated At Borders Are Already Traumatized | AM Joy | MSNBC
The Trump administration zero tolerance policy of separating families crossing the U.S. border illegally faces backlash as concerns grow over the nearly 2,000 children taken into custody over the past six weeks. 18 июня 2018, 14:14
12 923
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