7 часов 2:12
Hoops to Scoops: Basketball Star Finds Success Opening Ice Cream Parlor | NBC Nightly News
When Angel McCoughtry, one of the WNBA’s top scorers, felt her body start to break down at 30, she stepped away from the court for a season and opened an ice cream parlor. 24 сентября 2017, 13:22
7 часов 2:04
California’s New Gold Rush Draws Adventurers to Golden State | NBC Nightly News
More than 150 years after the first California gold rush, record snow melt has swept gold into riverbanks and streams this year. And a new gold rush is on in the Golden State. 24 сентября 2017, 13:21
2 003
7 часов 2:06
Companies Look to Bridge U.S. ‘Middle Skills’ Gap | NBC Nightly News
Companies like Toyota, Boeing, General Motors and Dow Chemical are all starting or expanding specialized job training programs to bridge the gap in technical skills for “middle skills jobs” — which don’t require a 24 сентября 2017, 13:20
1 100
7 часов 1:52
Uber Vows To Fight London Ban | NBC Nightly News
After Uber was stripped of its license in London because the city cited a lack of corporate responsibility — the company has vowed to fight back in court. 24 сентября 2017, 13:19
1 162
7 часов 2:20
Another Mexico Earthquake Sends Panicked People to Streets | NBC Nightly News
A 6.2 magnitude earthquake shook southern Mexico on Saturday and was felt in the capital, where residents ran into the streets and rescuers briefly stopped combing the rubble left by a bigger tremor earlier this week. 24 сентября 2017, 13:17
4 889
8 часов 1:20
Inside Relief Flight To Hurricane Battered St. Thomas | NBC Nightly News
NBC News got rare access inside a U.S. military relief flight supplying food, water and even a mobile air traffic control tower to St. 24 сентября 2017, 13:16
1 170
8 часов 2:17
Hurricane Maria: Failing Dam Puts Many Residents In Puerto Rico At Risk | NBC Nightly News
The National Weather Service warned Friday that the failure of the Guajataca Dam in northwest Puerto Rico was "imminent" and could lead to flash flooding. 24 сентября 2017, 13:15
4 753
1 день 1:31:41
Watch Live: Trump Campaigns for Alabama Senate Candidate
President Trump travels to Alabama to campaign for Luther Strange before next Tuesday's runoff. 23 сентября 2017, 1:40
3 827
1 день 2:00
Brass Ceiling: Dallas Has Three Women In Top Law Enforcement Jobs | NBC Nightly News
For the first time, three women, all minorities, are in Dallas' top law enforcement jobs — including Renee Hall who is the city’s first female police chief in a department that’s 80 percent male. 23 сентября 2017, 0:48
1 238
1 день 2:47
911 Outages Has Cincinnati Residents Demanding Answers | NBC Nightly News
According to an internal city document obtained by NBC News, there have been 10 outages since June 2016. City officials have pinned most of the blame on a private company, Comtech, which runs the city’s 911 system. 23 сентября 2017, 0:48
2 557
1 день 1:44
HHS Watchdog Investigating Health Secretary Tom Price’s Travel | NBC Nightly News
The agency said it is reviewing Health Secretary Tom Price’s use of chartered planes for government business after a Politico report revealed that he has racked up a bill of more than $300,000 on at least two dozen 23 сентября 2017, 0:40
1 319
1 день 2:01
President Donald Trump Prompts New Level Of Brinkmanship With North Korea | NBC Nightly News
“Kim Jong Un… will be tested like never before,” Trump tweeted early Friday morning, the latest in a series of potentially dangerous verbal volleys. 23 сентября 2017, 0:38
3 879
1 день 1:33
U.S. Aid Organizations Pushed To Brink After Summer Of Natural Disasters | NBC Nightly News
After Harvey, Irma and Maria, FEMA is increasingly relying on organizations — like The Red Cross and Samaritan’s Purse, a North Carolina non-profit, to shoulder the load in disaster zones. 23 сентября 2017, 0:03
1 270
1 день 2:18
Mexico City Quake: Rescuers Desperate To Find Survivors | NBC Nightly News
At the elementary school where the search gripped the nation, authorities apologized for earlier reports that a girl was trapped but say they still believe there could be a survivor in the rubble. 23 сентября 2017, 0:01
1 609
1 день 2:19
Hurricane Ravaged Puerto Rico Begins Slow Recovery | NBC Nightly News
After almost a year of working to pull itself from what was considered a fiscal death spiral, Puerto Rico finds itself in a vortex of a humanitarian crisis wrought by Hurricane Maria.j » Subscribe to NBC News: 23 сентября 2017, 0:01
1 775
1 день 2:04
Senator John McCain Comes Out Against GOP Health Care Bill, Putting Plan In Peril | NBC Nightly News
Sen. John McCain announced on Friday that he'll vote against the Graham-Cassidy Republican health care bill. With McCain and Sen. Rand Paul now in the “no” column, Republicans can’t lose another vote. 23 сентября 2017, 0:01
1 347
1 день 1:30
Why Florida Residents Couldn’t Use Solar Power After Irma Knocked Out The Power | Mach | NBC News
Thousands are left stranded after a hurricane knocks out the power grids. In Florida, even though many residents without electricity own solar panels, they couldn’t use them as backup. 22 сентября 2017, 21:48
2 дня 1:17
NASA Honors Famed African American Mathematician Katherine Johnson | NBC BLK | NBC News
NASA names its new Langley Research Center after legendary mathematician Katherine Johnson, the woman featured in the movie "Hidden Figures" for her inspiring work at the space center. 22 сентября 2017, 21:05
2 дня 2:05
Pentagon Updates On Hurricane Response Efforts In Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands | NBC News
Brigadier General Diana Holland, commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers South Atlantic Division, says restoring power is one of the top priorities. 22 сентября 2017, 20:04
2 дня 1:01
Prime Minister Theresa May May Sets Out Updated Vision For Brexit | NBC News
Theresa May said EU spending commitments would be honored, as would commitments to the rights of EU citizens living in the U.K. 22 сентября 2017, 19:42
2 дня 1:44
Heartbreak In Puerto Rico: 'We Don't Have Anything' | NBC News
Puerto Ricans are now returning home to face the devastation from Hurricane Maria. 22 сентября 2017, 19:03
15 040
2 дня 2:08
How Hurricanes Get Their Names | Better | NBC News
The history of named storms finds its complicated roots in WWII military traditions. 22 сентября 2017, 17:48
2 дня 0:52
Thousands Denounce Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte, Liken Him To Dictators | NBC News
Protesters torched a cuboid effigy of the Philippines president, which also included images of Adolf Hitler and ex-president Ferdinand Marcos. 22 сентября 2017, 17:34
2 дня 1:40
James Comey Listens, Responds As Howard University Protesters Drown Out Speech | NBC News
Former FBI Director James Comey was immediately interrupted by protesters when he began his convocation address to Howard University students. 22 сентября 2017, 17:31
10 385
2 дня 0:59
Dramatic Helicopter Rescue From Ship Capsized By Hurricane Maria | NBC News
Three people were winched to safety from the upturned hull of their ship off the Puerto Rico coast by a British Royal Navy helicopter. 22 сентября 2017, 17:26
2 дня 1:03
'Everything Gone:' Villager Surveys The Devastation Of Hurricane Maria In Dominica | NBC News
The devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, which left at least 15 dead in Dominica, is becoming clear. 22 сентября 2017, 14:20
2 987
2 дня 2:31
Hurricane Maria: Authorities Say Much Of Puerto Rico Remains Unreachable | NBC Nightly News
In the wake of Hurricane Maria, much of Puerto Rico is unreachable by land or phone as communications systems are shattered and vast swaths of the island are flooded. 22 сентября 2017, 0:16
19 127
2 дня 1:55
'Cat In The Hat' Surprises Children In Need With Birthday Parties | NBC Nightly News
After mother of three Meg Yunn won a $2,500 contest to help people do good in their communities, she quit her job and started a non-profit to throw birthday parties for children in need. 22 сентября 2017, 0:02
1 208
2 дня 1:55
CVS Pharmacy To Limit Opioid Prescriptions | NBC Nightly News
One of the country's biggest pharmacy's will begin restricting opioid prescriptions for short-term pain management in an effort to help stem the national painkiller crisis. 21 сентября 2017, 23:59
1 428
2 дня 1:34
GOP Health Care Bill Cassidy Faces The ‘Jimmy Kimmel Test’ | NBC Nightly News
Senators Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham are fighting over the facts of their new health care plan with Kimmel, insisting there is coverage for people like his son, who was born with a rare defect. 21 сентября 2017, 23:59
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