19 мин 2:17
Representative Ted Lieu Plays Audio On House Floor Of Crying Immigrant Children | NBC News
Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) played several minutes of audio obtained by ProPublica of children crying at an immigrant detention facility. 22 июня 2018, 20:16
29 мин 1:11
Fashion Designer Kate Spade Laid To Rest | NBC News
Family and friends gathered int he rain to remember fashion designer Kate Spade who died by suicide at age 55. 22 июня 2018, 20:06
38 мин 5:34
7 Steps To A Better Life | Better | NBC News
NBC's Stephanie Ruhle explores the immediate strategies you can take to live a happier, more fulfilling life. 22 июня 2018, 19:57
1 час 41:19
President Donald Trump Speaks On Immigration With ‘Angel Families’ | NBC News
President Donald Trump delivers remarks on immigration to “Angel Families,” those who have lost family members to crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. 22 июня 2018, 19:24
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2 часа 2:25
Can Drones Save Whales Trapped In Fishing Gear? | Mach | NBC News
The number of entangled whales off the US West Coast in 2016 was the highest the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had ever seen according to their 2017 “Entanglement Summary.”  A group of researchers 22 июня 2018, 18:07
2 часа 2:24
Former NFL Cheerleader Recounts Being Duct Taped Before Game | NBC News
In a press conference with lawyer Gloria Allred, former Houston Texans cheerleader Angelina Rosa described a harrowing experience where her coach duct taped her body and body-shamed her before an NFL game. 22 июня 2018, 17:58
2 часа 0:57
Mother Seeking Asylum Reunited With Son After Month Apart | NBC News
A Guatemalan asylum seeker was reunited with her 7-year-old son after being separated for a month after the Trump administration introduced a "zero tolerance" policy at the U.S.-Mexico border. 22 июня 2018, 17:45
5 часов 21:02
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 21, 2018 | NBC Nightly News
Melania Trump visits border amid crisis over separated families, protests in Pittsburgh after fatal shooting of unarmed black teen, and FBI warns sexual assault on airplanes increasing. 22 июня 2018, 15:18
1 352
5 часов 2:45
Melania Trump Makes Unannounced Visit To Texas Amid Family Separation Crisis | NBC Nightly News
The First Lady said she wants to help “children reunite with their families as quickly as possible” on her trip to a Texas shelter which houses 55 kids, six of which have been separated from their parents. 22 июня 2018, 15:07
5 часов 2:25
No Plan In Place To Reunite Separated Families After Donald Trump Executive Order | NBC Nightly News
One day after Trump signed the executive order, there’s no public plan to reunite roughly 2,300 children with their parents. 22 июня 2018, 15:07
5 часов 2:07
Protesters Gather In Pittsburgh After Fatal Shooting Of Unarmed Black Teen | NBC Nightly News
17-year-old Antwon Rose was shot and killed by East Pittsburgh police after running from a traffic stop on Tuesday. 22 июня 2018, 14:58
5 часов 1:55
Grandmother Of Migrant Child Heard On Audio Speaks Out | NBC Nightly News
Ana Enriques claims to be the grandmother of the six-year-old girl heard pleading to be reunited with her aunt on audio obtained by Pro Publica. The girl and her mother were leaving El Salvador to escape gang violence. 22 июня 2018, 14:48
22 часа 1:45
Trump Says He’s Instructed Departments To Reunite Previously Separated Immigrant Families | NBC News
President Trump also commented on the First Lady’s visit to McAllen, Texas and invited Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to White House to discuss immigration legislation. 21 июня 2018, 21:48
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1 день 1:21
First Lady Melania Trump Visits Texas Migrant Detention Center | NBC News
First lady Melania Trump is visiting a migrant detention center in Texas where she'll tour the facilities and meet the children who have been separated from their families after the Trump administration began enforcing 21 июня 2018, 20:05
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1 день 3:21
The Real-Life Dino Science Behind Jurassic World | Mach | NBC News
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the second installment in a reboot trilogy, in which scientists create a terrifying new dinosaur hybrid -- by combining the DNA of a T. Rex and a velociraptor, among other animals. 21 июня 2018, 20:01
2 408
1 день 2:56
Let’s Be Honest: President Trump’s Executive Order Solves Almost Nothing | Think | NBC News
On Wednesday, President Trump signed an executive order to halt his administration’s policy of separating children from their parents at the border, instead allowing families to be detained together. 21 июня 2018, 19:35
5 540
1 день 0:52
Fiery Torrent Of Fast-Moving Lava Flows From Hawaii's Kilauea | NBC News
The Hawaiian Department of Defense released this video of spectacular scenes created by lava flowing from Kilauea volcano. 21 июня 2018, 19:13
2 643
1 день 2:06
A Better Way To Clean Your BBQ Grill | Better | NBC News
Take some pain out of summer grilling with these quick and easy tips. 21 июня 2018, 19:08
1 день 14:49
Special Report: First Lady Melania Trump Visits Texas Border City | NBC News
Special Report: First Lady Melania Trump visits McAllen, Texas, the city at the center of the current immigration crisis. 21 июня 2018, 16:55
12 917
1 день 1:33
Gaza Militants, Israel Exchange Fire As Tensions Increase | NBC News
The Israeli military targeted Hamas positions after Palestinian rockets, mortars and incendiary kites hit communities in southern Israel. 21 июня 2018, 13:52
2 501
1 день 4:08
Transgender Navy Officer Blake Dremann: "I'm Not A Detriment To Unit Cohesion" | NBC Out | NBC News
Active duty Lieutenant Commander Blake Dremann has 11 deployments under his belt, but his longest and most personal battle has been fighting for transgender rights in the military. 21 июня 2018, 13:48
1 день 22:38
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 20, 2018 | NBC Nightly News
Trump orders end to policy separating migrant families, parts of Texas submerged after heavy rain triggers flash floods, and father pulls son from burning car after dramatic racetrack crash. 21 июня 2018, 2:27
11 693
1 день 2:39:37
Watch Live: Way Too Early: The 2020 Election | NBC News
Following President Trump's Wednesday evening rally in Duluth, Minn., Steve Kornacki and select guests discuss the state of the 2020 race. 21 июня 2018, 2:22
5 060
1 день 3:07
NBC News Exclusive: Scientists Find Rare Bones From Civil War Battlefield | NBC Nightly News
Bones uncovered in Manassas National Battlefield Park reveal stories of field surgeons’ work during the Civil War. 21 июня 2018, 0:33
3 527
1 день 1:45
Cardinal McCarrick Suspended From Public Duties After Sex Abuse Allegation | NBC Nightly News
McCarrick was suspended after an allegation that he abused a teenager 47 years ago was found to be credible and substantiated. Church officials also revealed two past sexual misconduct settlements involving McCarrick. 21 июня 2018, 0:28
2 733
1 день 1:49
ER Physician Forms Stronger Bond With Patients After Tragedy | NBC Nightly News
After a bike accident left Dr. Daniel Grossman paralyzed, he returned to work just six months later with a renewed perspective on how he interacts with his patients. 21 июня 2018, 0:27
1 день 1:44
Parts Of Texas Submerged After Heavy Rain Triggers Flash Floods | NBC Nightly News
Experts say the long-term drought and sunbaked soil compounded the water’s impact as more than a foot of rain triggered flash floods from McAllen to Mercedes, Texas. 21 июня 2018, 0:18
9 817
1 день 1:37
Massachusetts Jogger Attacked In Broad Daylight Speaks Out | NBC Nightly News
Video captured a man attempting to kidnap a jogger. After fighting the attacker off she took a photo of his license plate, which helped police locate the suspect. 21 июня 2018, 0:17
1 207
1 день 2:49
Trump Executive Order Leaves Critics Wondering What’s Next For Migrant Families | NBC Nightly News
President Trump’s executive order allowing migrant families to remain together was met with skepticism as critics argue it will be difficult to reunite families that have already been separated. 21 июня 2018, 0:06
1 день 1:30
Father Pulls Son From Burning Car After Dramatic Racetrack Crash | NBC Nightly News
After Mike Jones spun out of control and crashed during a race at Virginia’s South Boston Speedway, his father jumped over the pit wall and rushed to save his son from the burning wreckage. 21 июня 2018, 0:05
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