2 дня 2:59
How Lion Dancing Teaches Younger Generations Responsibility, Discipline | NBC Asian America
At the New York Chinese Freemasons Athletic Club, generations come together to build a community and help the next generation preserve Chinese culture through the tradition of martial arts and lion | 11 декабря 2018, 21:45
2 дня 3:14
Watch Trump, Pelosi, & Schumer Clash Over Border Wall Funding In Heated Office Meeting | NBC News
Ahead of a looming shutdown deadline, President Trump met with House Speaker-Designate Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, which quickly devolved, after Trump threatened a | 11 декабря 2018, 21:37
70 635
2 дня 3:30:34
Watch Live: Google CEO Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee | NBC News
Watch live as Google CEO Sundar Pichai testifies before the House Judiciary Committee on the company's data collection, use and filtering practices. 11 декабря 2018, 19:49
10 596
2 дня 13:40
Trump Tells Pelosi, Schumer He’d Be ‘Proud’ To Shut Down Government Over Border Wall | NBC News
In a heated exchange, President Donald Trump argued with Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi over a looming government shutdown and border security where the president threatened to | 11 декабря 2018, 18:37
48 932
2 дня 0:41
David Cameron On Brexit: 'I Don't Regret Calling The Referendum' | NBC News
Former British Prime Minister David Cameron briefly spoke to reporters about the Brexit referendum saying he doesn't regret calling for the controversial vote. » Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews. 11 декабря 2018, 17:11
7 592
2 дня 1:23
Fashionista Compares Brexit To A Wardrobe Malfunction: ‘It’s A Pretty Bad Thing’ | NBC News
Actor Rosamund Pike said Brexit was like “accidentally baring your nipple” when she spoke to reporters on the red carpet at the British Fashion Awards. 11 декабря 2018, 15:49
2 дня 0:56
Nuclear-Capable Russian Bombers Arrive In Venezuela | NBC News
The Tu-160 strategic bombers can fly at twice the speed of sound and can be equipped with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles. 11 декабря 2018, 15:41
6 893
3 дня 1:17
String Of Suspicious Fires Rip Through Several Jehovah Witness Centers | NBC Nightly News
Authorities in Washington State believe that someone is targeting and attacking Jehovah Witness Kingdom Halls after determining that Friday’s fire was intentionally set. 11 декабря 2018, 2:39
5 556
3 дня 1:18
Man Gives His First-Class Seat On Flight To Mother With Ailing Baby | NBC Nightly News
Kelsey Zwick was flying from Orlando to Philadelphia so her 11-month-old daughter Lucy could be treated for a chronic lung disease, when an American Airlines flight attendant told her that a man had | 11 декабря 2018, 2:32
3 107
3 дня 1:24
Dog Refuses To Abandon His Home, Even After It Burned In Paradise, CA Fire | NBC Nightly News
Andrea Gaylord had to flee her home in Paradise, California when the Camp Fire hit. 11 декабря 2018, 2:30
4 500
3 дня 1:25
Chicago Camp Volunteer Shot In Leg While Recording Himself Canvassing On FB Live | NBC Nightly News
Maxwell Little was on Facebook live as he campaigned for a city council candidate when suddenly a barrage of bullets began to fly, and his livestream abruptly cut off on Sunday. 11 декабря 2018, 2:26
1 370
3 дня 2:29
Americans Are Now Reaching For Their Phones For A Quick Bit Of Zen | NBC Nightly News
For millions of people every day, meditation apps like “Headspace” are offering quick ways to calm down. 11 декабря 2018, 2:24
1 238
3 дня 1:25
Growing Search For Colorado Mother Missing Since Thanksgiving | NBC Nightly News
Kelsey Berreth was last seen at a supermarket on Thanksgiving day, but wasn’t reported missing until days later. 11 декабря 2018, 2:18
3 дня 21:03
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - December 10, 2018 | NBC Nightly News
Several Southern states reeling after receiving record snow, FBI foils two unrelated terror plots, President Trump on the hunt for his third Chief of Staff. 11 декабря 2018, 2:01
100 939
3 дня 1:29
France And Britain Leaders Both Facing Crisis Points | NBC Nightly News
After thousands protested in disapproval of France’s President Macron economic reforms, he promised minimum wage will rise by more than $100 a month. 11 декабря 2018, 1:18
4 811
3 дня 1:30
NYPD Reviewing Video Of Officers Prying Baby From Mom’s Arms | NBC Nightly News
The video shows police in New York arresting a mother and ripping her 1-year-old child from her arms at a government office. 11 декабря 2018, 1:10
5 887
3 дня 1:27
FBI Foils Two Unrelated Terror Plots | NBC Nightly News
Authorities arrested one woman for buying bomb-making materials they said she thought would be used to commit a mass murder at an Ohio bar. 11 декабря 2018, 1:03
8 585
3 дня 1:37
Baylor Fraternity President, Accused Of Rape, Takes Plea Deal With No Prison Time | NBC Nightly News
The 23-year-old was given what critics call a light sentence: three years of probation and a $400 fine. Under the terms of the deal, he will not have to register as a sex offender. 11 декабря 2018, 0:57
2 648
3 дня 1:43
Several Southern States Reeling After Receiving Record Snow | NBC Nightly News
The deadly winter storm has left many schools and businesses closed, and plunging temperatures could possibly refreeze melted snow, making for treacherous black ice conditions. 11 декабря 2018, 0:50
3 051
3 дня 1:47
French President Emmanuel Macron On Paris Riots: 'I Take My Share Of Responsibility' | NBC News
French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the nation after weeks of turbulent protests in Paris and said that the government was committed to raising living standards in 2019. 10 декабря 2018, 22:54
12 163
3 дня 2:12
British PM Theresa May Explains Reasons For Brexit Vote Postponement | NBC News
British Prime Minister Theresa May informed Parliament that a vote on the Brexit deal will be postponed to seek further assurances from the European Union on the backstop arrangements for the | 10 декабря 2018, 20:58
6 290
3 дня 1:26
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Calls On World To Protect Women From Sexual Violence | NBC News
Nadia Murad, who was held hostage by Islamic State, used her Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech to call for "a new era" of protection for women. 10 декабря 2018, 20:28
3 дня 1:36
How Far Into Space Is NASA's Voyager 2 Right Now? (Very, Very, Very Far) | Mach | NBC News
Voyager 2 has gone where few space probes have gone before. The NASA probe has now entered interstellar space, becoming only the second human-made object to do so. 10 декабря 2018, 20:22
14 620
3 дня 7:31
Medical Robots, The Nobel Prize, And E-Farm (Weekly Compilation) | NBC News For Universal Kids
From robots who help patients to Nobel Prize winners to an entrepreneur’s E-Farm business, we learned so much from this week’s NBC News for Universal Kids! 10 декабря 2018, 19:43
3 дня 2:13
Video Shows Cops Ripping Baby Out Of Brooklyn Mom's Arms | NBC News
An eyewitness video shows NYPD officers trying to rip a baby out of a mother's arms at a social services office in Brooklyn, New York. 10 декабря 2018, 16:38
20 729
4 дня 21:20
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - December 9, 2018 | NBC Nightly News
Deadly storm hits Southeast with snow and freezing rain, China warns of 'grave consequences' if Huawei executive is not released, and for the first time, listen to the sound of wind on Mars. 10 декабря 2018, 3:17
120 738
4 дня 2:18
Efe Obada’s Incredible Journey To The NFL | NBC Nightly News
The Carolina Panthers defensive end had a “long and hard” road to the NFL. Born in Nigeria, he was trafficked as a child and left on the streets of London. 10 декабря 2018, 1:00
6 917
4 дня 2:49
What You Need To Know About CBD Oil, The Health Craze Getting National Buzz | NBC Nightly News
CBD comes from hemp, a type of cannabis plant that doesn’t get you high. It’s cropping up in everything from lattes to baked goods, with proponents saying it can help treat a range of conditions. 10 декабря 2018, 0:50
16 665
4 дня 2:30
Mother Of U.S. Diplomat Hurt In Mysterious 'Health Attack' Speaks Out | NBC Nightly News
Laura Hughes, the mother of a U.S. diplomat stationed in China, tells NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell of her daughter’s illness after she began hearing strange sounds in her apartment. 10 декабря 2018, 0:44
6 524
4 дня 1:34
For The First Time, Listen To The Sound Of Wind On Mars | NBC Nightly News
NASA’s InSight lander touched down on the Red Planet a couple of weeks ago on a two-year mission. It recorded the vibrations of Martian winds moving over its solar panels. 10 декабря 2018, 0:39
16 941
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