7 дней 7:06
Adam Schiff: 'Nonsense' To Claim Spy Inside The Trump Campaign (Full) | Meet The Press | NBC News
In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) talks about the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. » Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews. 20 мая 2018, 16:40
83 409
7 дней 8:24
Bernie Sanders: Unspeakable For Students To Face Gun Violence In School | Meet The Press | NBC News
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-V.t.) joins Chuck Todd for an exclusive interview to talk about what it takes for Democrats to win elections, and about the shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. 20 мая 2018, 16:39
11 361
7 дней 9:03
Roger Stone: 'There's No Evidence' Of Early Wikileaks Content (Full) | Meet The Press | NBC News
Trump adviser and confidant Roger Stone joins Meet the Press for an exclusive interview to talk about the Special Counsel's investigation into the 2016 election » Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC 20 мая 2018, 16:36
46 037
7 дней 2:02
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Head To Frogmore House In A Silver Blue Jaguar | NBC News
Newlyweds Harry and Meghan head to a private reception at Frogmore House, given by the Prince of Wales. 19 мая 2018, 21:49
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8 дней 2:28
Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Married At St. George’s Chapel | NBC News
Britain’s Prince Harry wed United States native Meghan Markle in a ceremony at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, England. The couple will now take on their official titles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 19 мая 2018, 14:29
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8 дней 20:52
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 18, 2018 | NBC Nightly News
At least 10 killed, many injured in Santa Fe, Texas school shooting, and Friday’s other top stories. 19 мая 2018, 2:19
14 872
8 дней 1:54
What We Know About The Santa Fe High School Shooting Suspect | NBC Nightly News
Unlike past school shooting suspects, 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis seems to have given off no warning signs, and authorities say he did not enter the school with a massive amount of firepower. 19 мая 2018, 0:48
32 074
8 дней 2:26
Santa Fe Shooting Survivor Describes Terrifying Scene At School | NBC Nightly News
Lester Holt speaks to Presley Lummus, a student at Santa Fe High School who was inside the school as the shooting took place, and her mom Wendy. 19 мая 2018, 0:34
7 527
8 дней 2:39
At Least 10 Killed, Many Injured In Texas School Shooting | NBC Nightly News
A 17-year-old Santa Fe High School student entered a classroom and opened fire on Friday. The suspect has been arrested and at least one person of interest is being interviewed. 19 мая 2018, 0:32
28 291
8 дней 1:21
Fissures From Hawaii Volcano Pose New Threat | NBC Nightly News
Shortly after an eruption at Kilauea launched a plume of ash and smoke 30,000 feet high fissures that have sent geysers of lava into the air are getting stronger. 19 мая 2018, 0:26
44 117
8 дней 1:31
Excited Americans Travel To U.K. For Royal Wedding | NBC Nightly News
Superfans from all over the United States flew to the U.K. ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding ceremony on Saturday. 19 мая 2018, 0:10
6 002
8 дней 1:28
FDA Approves New Migraine Prevention Drug | NBC Nightly News
Aimovig works by blocking the molecule CGRP, which in high levels can cause the body to feel more pain — migraine sufferers often have high levels of it. 19 мая 2018, 0:04
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8 дней 3:29
The Smart Cities Of Tomorrow Are Already Here | Mach | NBC News
Recent projections show that by 2050, two-thirds of the global population will live in cities. 18 мая 2018, 21:28
1 491
8 дней 2:12
13 Reasons Why' Is Back And It Comes With A Warning For Teens | NBC News
The Netflix high school drama stirred criticism in its premiere season last year form child psychologists who said it glorified teen suicide. 18 мая 2018, 21:21
3 213
8 дней 1:55
Students, Parents Recount Tragedy In Sante Fe Shooting: Mom, There’s Shots In The School! | NBC News
Parents and students react after a shooting in a Santa Fe, Texas, high school. A 17- year old student armed with a shotgun and a revolver barged into a classroom killing at least 10 people. The suspect is in custody. 18 мая 2018, 21:16
38 502
8 дней 2:20
Texas Government On School Shooting: 'Hold Your Children Close Tonight' | NBC News
Following the deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School, Texas Governor Greg Abbott spoke about the challenges ahead and how the community can heal. 18 мая 2018, 20:55
1 332
8 дней 2:05
Texas Governor Greg Abbott: Shooter 'Wanted To Commit Suicide' | NBC News
Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed in a press conference that the Santa Fe High School shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis intended on committing suicide after killing multiple people at his high school. 18 мая 2018, 20:29
2 021
8 дней 1:23
Princes Harry Meet Royal Fans On Eve Of Wedding Walkabout | NBC News
As they did in London before William’s wedding in 2011, the two princes took time out to meet and greet well-wishers on the streets of Windsor. 18 мая 2018, 20:05
12 932
8 дней 2:07
Why The Royals Matter, And Why The U.S. Needs its Own | Think | NBC News
What would the U.S. look like it its own form of ceremonial figurehead? National Review columnist Dan McLaughlin weighs in. 18 мая 2018, 19:33
1 958
9 дней 1:48
Bipartisan Senators Praise John McCain At Documentary Screening | NBC News
Senators Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer, and Mitch McConnell reflect on their personal and professional relationship with colleague John McCain ahead of an all-senator showing of the HBO documentary “John McCain: For 18 мая 2018, 17:46
2 045
9 дней 9:36
Santa Fe School Shooting: Possible Explosive Devices Found | NBC News
Authorities have confirmed that possible explosive devices have been found both on school property and off-campus in connection with the Santa Fe High School shooting. Multiple fatalities have also been confirmed. 18 мая 2018, 17:33
129 316
9 дней 2:37
President Donald Trump On Santa Fe School Shooting: ‘We’re With You In This Tragic Hour’ | NBC News
President Trump comments on the deadly school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas during previously scheduled remarks on prison reform. 18 мая 2018, 16:17
77 467
9 дней 1:34
Santa Fe Student On School Shooting: ‘I Was Scared For My Life' | NBC News
Multiple people have been killed after a gunman opened fire at Santa Fe High School in Texas. Following the shooting, a student tearfully recounted the horrifying experience. 18 мая 2018, 16:08
46 521
9 дней 27:18
President Donald Trump Speaks At White House Prison Reform Summit | NBC News
President Donald Trump delivers remarks from the White House as part of the Prison Reform Summit. 18 мая 2018, 16:06
9 016
9 дней 4:01
Santa Fe High School Shooting In Texas: Multiple Deaths Reported | NBC News
NBC News Special Report: Multiple deaths have been reported after a person opened fire inside Santa Fe High School in Texas. NBC News' Lester Holt and Pete Williams report. 18 мая 2018, 16:04
295 092
9 дней 1:55
A To Z 2018: Kevin Kwan, Author Of Crazy Rich Asians' Goes To Hollywood | NBC Asian America
Five years after making waves with his debut novel "Crazy Rich Asians," the bestselling book will become a major Hollywood film – breaking barriers on its own. 18 мая 2018, 15:14
9 дней 1:22
All Chile's Bishops Offer To Resign Over Sex Abuse Cover-Up | NBC News
After a three-day summit meeting with Pope Francis, every Chilean bishop has offered his resignation over the cover-up of sex abuse allegations. 18 мая 2018, 15:05
1 276
9 дней 2:19
Gunman Yelled ‘Anti-Trump Rhetoric’ Before Golf Club Shooting | NBC News
A suspect is in custody after open firing inside the lobby of the Trump National Doral Golf Club. The gunman yelled “anti-Trump rhetoric” before attempting to ambush police. 18 мая 2018, 15:01
6 796
9 дней 1:58
Meghan Markle Faces Down Royal Pressures Ahead Of Wedding | NBC News
Throughout their engagement, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have spoken about the added pressures caused by their royal romance with candor and humor. 18 мая 2018, 14:55
2 181
9 дней 1:47
Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Arrive At Windsor Castle For Wedding Rehearsal | NBC Nightly News
Markle confirmed in a statement that her father Thomas Markle will not be attending the ceremony, with royal wedding fans wondering who will walk the bride down the aisle. 18 мая 2018, 1:07
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