2 дня 1:21
A new way to use a frisbee?
Shea Gunther captured this stunning footage of a frisbee rolling across the frozen Great Pond in Scarborough, Maine - powered only by the wind. 20 января 2017, 16:13
2 дня 0:49
Melania fills in for Donald
Trump called his wife to speak at the luncheon honouring his supporters on the eve of his swearing in as the 45th U.S. President. Melania thanked the gathering during brief remarks. 20 января 2017, 16:11
3 дня 0:52
Japan: Carps being force-fed alcohol
A local religious ceremony in Japan meant to cleanse people from bad luck receives backlash from social media users after a video showing carps being force-fed alcohol goes viral. 19 января 2017, 12:22
3 дня 0:52
Finland : Exhibition by Juuso, a 17-year-old, 423-kilogram brown bear
An art gallery in Helsinki opens an exhibition with paintings by Juuso, a 17-year-old, 423-kilogram brown bear. 19 января 2017, 12:22
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3 дня 0:52
Serbia: medieval knight fight and swimming in subzero waters
A dozen believers plunged into the subzero waters of the Sava river in Belgrade, to commemorate Holy Cross day, according to the Julian calendar, observed by the local Serbian Orthodox church. 19 января 2017, 12:21
4 дня 1:48
11-year-old among 8 wounded in Miami shooting
Eight people, including five juveniles, have been wounded in a shooting at a park in Miami. Police say the age of the victims ranged from 11 up to 30. 18 января 2017, 13:03
4 дня 0:52
Refugees wait at the border
20 migrants a day are allowed to cross from Serbia into Hungary at Horgos. The gate opens at 8am each morning. 18 января 2017, 13:03
5 дней 0:52
Drone video of Turkish cargo plane crash site
A Turkish cargo plane crashed on Monday in a residential area just outside the main airport in Kyrgyzstan, killing dozens of people both on the ground and on the plane, the Emergency Situations Ministry said. 17 января 2017, 14:14
5 дней 0:52
First footage of a new species of seadragon alive in the wild
The ruby seadragon, a new species of animal, has been filmed alive for the first time by researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego. 17 января 2017, 13:56
6 дней 0:42
Mosul University recapturedfrom ISIL
Iraqi special forces battled ISIL militants to take control of the Mosul University campus. According to officials, the troops found chemical substances the jihadists had used to try to make weapons. 16 января 2017, 12:58
6 дней 0:50
Serbia's cold snap sees the Danube freeze over
Abnormally cold weather in Serbia caused parts of the River Danube to freeze over, halting shipping. 16 января 2017, 12:58
6 дней 0:52
Dog rescues itself from snowy Utah cliff ledge
Search and rescue teams struggled to save a dog stuck on a narrow cliff ledge in snowy Utah. 16 января 2017, 12:57
7 дней 0:50
Making a song and dance for Elvis Presley
With an air of Las Vegas glamour, thousands of people took to the streets of the rural Australian town of Parkes on Saturday (January 14) to honour entertainer Elvis Presley in the town's 25th annual street parade. 15 января 2017, 10:42
7 дней 0:51
South Korea: a fish out of water
Locals and tourists braved below freezing temperatures to take part in South Korea's Sancheoneo ice fishing festival on Saturday (January 14). 15 января 2017, 10:37
8 дней 0:48
An icy Danube
Ice floats down the Danube river in the scenic capital of Budapest, Hungary on a sunny Thursday (12 January). Hungary is getting some minor relief after ten days of extreme cold weather. 14 января 2017, 12:32
8 дней 0:52
Rockin' rugby with Elvis Down Under
Amateur rugby players donned wigs and white jumpsuits on Friday (13 January) for a rugby match that pipped The Blue Suede Shoes against the Reddy Teddies in the town of Parkes, west of Sydney. 14 января 2017, 12:27
8 дней 0:52
Nintendo's Switch excites gamers
Nintendo unveiled their latest console, the Switch, at a presentation in Tokyo on Friday (13 January). The Japanese firm said it will launch the hybrid home console and handheld device, on 3 March. 14 января 2017, 12:26
9 дней 0:52
Trump to "fly" over China for New Year celebrations
A Chinese factory is producing giant inflatable roosters which bear a close resemblance to U.S. 13 января 2017, 13:42
9 дней 0:52
Blizzards in Romania close more roads
A second wave of blizzards in Romania has closed more than 130 roads and caused huge delays and cancellations on the railways. 13 января 2017, 13:40
9 дней 0:52
Oregon Zoo animals play in the snow
Polar bear Nora, harbor seals, sea otters and Samudra the Asian elephant play in the snow after a winter storm in Portland.… Let the pictures do the talking: subscribe to No Comment 13 января 2017, 13:37
2 414
10 дней 0:52
Icicles on Kosovo power plant cooling towers
A spokesperson for the Kosovo Energy Corporation said the power plant in Obiliq was running near capacity despite reports of power outages across the country. 12 января 2017, 12:22
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10 дней 0:52
Russia Sculptures - Ice sculptures dazzle in Russian competition
Members of the Russian Orthodox Church held an annual ice sculpture competition on Saturday (7 JAN. 2017) to mark Christmas. 12 января 2017, 12:16
10 дней 0:52
Trump on not releasing tax returns: 'I won'
President-elect Donald Trump shot down questions of releasing his tax returns, telling reporters on Tuesday that 'he became president' and that the American people don't care about his returns. 12 января 2017, 11:56
11 дней 1:52
Snooker shot of the day
Most people celebrate the new year with a party or a resolution but for one English snooker club it was by pulling off one of the most elaborate trickshots caught on camera. 11 января 2017, 10:43
11 дней 0:38
US lawmakers heckled by protesters adorned in KKK outfits
Protesters dressed in KKK robes heckled U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday (January 10) at the start of the Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearing for Senator Jeff Sessions to become the next US Attorney General. 11 января 2017, 10:41
12 дней 1:41
Migrants battle cold in Serbia and Hungary
Around 1,500 migrants from Asia and the Middle East found sheltering in abandoned warehouses in Belgrade in order to survive a cold snap which on Monday (January 9) brought night-time temperatures to below -20C in the 10 января 2017, 15:03
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France: dog sled racers set off on snow-capped Alps challenge
One of the world's most challenging dog sled races gets underway in the Alps (Les Carroz), with the world's best mushers and their dogs travelling 1,000 kilometres over 11 days.… Let the pictures do the talking: 10 января 2017, 15:03
13 дней 0:52
Exercising their right to keep fit? North Korea holds first sports day of year
North Korea has held its first dedicated sports day of the year in Pyongyang. Officials were seen running and chanting the slogan 'fatherland unification' in footage provided by the country's state news agency (KCNA). 9 января 2017, 11:36
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13 дней 0:52
Manila mania: why millions hit the streets for the Black Nazarene in The Philippines
Huge crowds have come out on the streets of the Philippine capital Manila to honour an iconic statue known as the Black Nazarene. Here we explain the statue's history and why it attracts such fierce devotion. 9 января 2017, 10:38
1 992
14 дней 0:42
Polar conditions in Bosnian capital Sarajevo
Extreme cold weather continued in Sarajevo on Sunday, with temperatures plunging to -22 degrees Celsius (-7.6 Fahrenheit). 8 января 2017, 16:04
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