3 дня 4:03
Winter Foraging | The Salt | NPR
People might not think of winter as a fruitful season for foraging wild edibles, but nutritionist and expert forager Debbie Naha says there’s actually a lot out there that you can find year round. 15 марта 2018, 13:05
6 301
4 дня 4:00
Why Credit Cards Have That Annoying Chip | Planet Money | NPR
Ever wondered why the chip on your credit card made it slower — or where the chip and stripe on your credit card even came from? Here's the story. In the mid-'60s, the airline industry had a problem. 14 марта 2018, 22:32
7 273
4 дня 2:25
So, You Want To Repeal The 2nd Amendment | Ron’s Office Hours | NPR
The Second Amendment casts a long shadow across gun discussions in the U.S. Gun rights advocates warn that those in favor of gun control want to take away the rights written into the Constitution. 14 марта 2018, 13:11
3 741
9 дней 4:38
1968: A Pivotal Year | Ron's Office Hours | NPR
It's been 50 years since 1968, one of the most momentous years in modern U.S. history. NPR’s senior political editor and correspondent Ron Elving explains some of the key moments from that consequential time. 9 марта 2018, 19:15
4 914
10 дней 4:56
Talking Periods in Public | NPR
“There are something like 5,000 euphemisms for periods,” says Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, author of Periods in Public – and there are infinitely more experiences. These five people tackle the period taboo head on. 8 марта 2018, 14:44
2 340
11 дней 4:34
Refugee Mother: Stuck on Europe's Doorstep | NPR
Rasha al-Ahmed fled nearly 1000 miles only to find that there was no more room at the refugee camp. Her family lives with others just outside Moria Camp in Greece, and she doesn't know how long they'll be stuck there. 7 марта 2018, 22:14
7 123
18 дней 3:14
The Price Tag Hasn't Always Existed, It Had To Be Invented | Planet Money | NPR
Most of us are used to prices that don’t change. You go into a store to buy some Quaker Oats, and they're going to cost the same for you as they will for whoever tries to buy them next. 28 февраля 2018, 13:53
12 970
32 дня 2:49
The Chicken Tax | Planet Money | NPR
How Frozen American Chicken Helped Shape The Market For American Trucks German families in the 1960s loved tasty, cheap frozen American-raised chicken. At the same time, Americans loved fun, cheap Volkswagen Beetles. 14 февраля 2018, 12:00
16 825
34 дня 3:31
No Easy Access: Food Deserts in D.C. | Let's Talk | NPR
Fast food joints and convenience stores are often the only options for those who live in food deserts, even in Washington, D.C. WAMU highlights one resident’s journey to buy fresh, healthy food. 12 февраля 2018, 10:00
3 577
38 дней 2:46
Alien Hand Syndrome | Invisibilia | NPR
When she woke up from surgery, Karen thought she was doing great. But then something very alarming started to happen and her doctors had a new diagnosis: Alien Hand Syndrome. 8 февраля 2018, 17:40
12 111
60 дней 3:49
The Secret Strategy of Congressional Seniority | Ron’s Office Hours | NPR
In Congress, status and power are distributed based on how long you’ve been around relative to other members your party. 17 января 2018, 21:34
4 351
85 дней 2:05
Wildfires: California's New Reality | Let's Talk | NPR
Wildfires in December are the new norm for California. NPR’s Kirk Siegler explains why. 22 декабря 2017, 23:10
8 462
87 дней 3:14
Ron's Holiday Spectacular: Dashing Through The Congressional Agenda | Ron’s Office Hours | NPR
It’s the best time of year … for deadlines. The holiday recess cutoff for Congress has been a strong motivator for years, but there wasn’t always a designated break. 21 декабря 2017, 18:37
2 885
89 дней 1:46
The Courage To Invent: A NASA Roboticist Tells Her Story | Joe's Big Idea| NPR
Growing up, Howard was obsessed with creating robots. She earned her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and by the time she was 27 she landed her dream job at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). 19 декабря 2017, 14:40
17 635
92 дня 2:26
For LSD, What A Long Strange Trip It's Been | Shots | NPR
In the 1930s Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann accidentally discovered LSD. Years later, it was the most studied psychoactive drug in history, but it was also a leading cause of young people ending up in the emergency room. 16 декабря 2017, 12:00
21 146
93 дня 1:22
Treaties Between The U.S. Government And Native Nations | Inter(Nation)al | NPR
More than 370 treaties between the U.S. government and American Indian nations have been signed. Nearly all have been broken. But these promises made and then broken, still bind us all today. 15 декабря 2017, 21:59
2 758
97 дней 2:58
How To Punish A Senator | Ron's Office Hours | NPR
As more senators face accusations of sexual misconduct, the question has been raised: Should they be expelled? In fact, very few senators have actually ever been expelled. 11 декабря 2017, 18:20
4 421
06.12.17 2:52
Gay Couples’ Rights Vs. Artistry In Supreme Court Case | Let's Talk | NPR
The Supreme Court is considering a case that’s sure to get people’s blood up. On one side is Colorado’s law barring discrimination, including based on sexual orientation. 6 декабря 2017, 18:16
13 385
01.12.17 29:45
NPR Interview With House Speaker Ryan On Taxes, Sexual Harassment | Morning Edition | NPR
NPR’s Steve Inskeep talks to House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., about the latest wave of sexual harassment allegations – including on Capitol Hill – as well as President Trump’s management style and the current tax debate. 1 декабря 2017, 23:33
25 631
01.12.17 2:33
House Speaker Paul Ryan On Sexual Harassment, Donald Trump’s Leadership | Morning Edition | NPR
House Speaker Paul Ryan responds to questions from Steve Inskeep on sexual harassment, Roy Moore and President Trump’s leadership. 1 декабря 2017, 14:18
13 708
22.11.17 2:59
When To Roll Your Eyes At A Washington Deadline | Ron's Office Hours | NPR
By the end of today's office hours we want you to know which Congressional deadlines you should take seriously, and which you can roll your eyes at. 22 ноября 2017, 21:05
10 305
22.11.17 5:20
A Few Things to Know About Why Treaties Matter | NPR
The U.S. has ratified more than 370 treaties with American Indian nations. Yet many Americans know little about the these legally binding treaties, that shaped, and continue to impact, the country today. 22 ноября 2017, 16:54
6 743
21.11.17 4:36
A Few Things to Know About Being Transgender | NPR
“Some of the biggest misunderstandings they have about being trans is like you’re trying to be someone else,” says Nel Huff. "No. 21 ноября 2017, 14:52
5 160
20.11.17 7:10
Can Gory Police Dog Arrests Survive The Age Of Video? | NPR
WARNING: This video contains images of violent dog bites. Graphic videos from body cameras and cellphones are forcing re-examination of whether police dog bites are a constitutional use of force. 20 ноября 2017, 14:39
66 680
11.11.17 1:48
Making Sense Of Veteran Suicide | Let's Talk | NPR
The rates of suicide are just as high among veterans who never deployed to a war or saw combat. NPR’s Quil Lawrence helps to make sense of the complex topic of veteran suicide. 11 ноября 2017, 18:25
2 571
03.11.17 4:22
The NRA Wasn't Always Against Gun Restrictions | Ron's Office Hours | NPR
The political power of the National Rifle Organization is legendary, but it is not as well known that the NRA of past generations worked with the federal government to limit the traffic in guns. 3 ноября 2017, 14:56
7 703
03.11.17 1:45
The Many Faces of the Alt-Right | Let's Talk | NPR
A growing number of Americans espouse or approve of alt-right views, but those views are varied and loosely defined. Here’s a quick look at their core beliefs and prominent leaders. 3 ноября 2017, 13:32
8 172
02.11.17 1:34
Invention Stories: How A Children's Toy Led To An Essential Medical Device | Joe's Big Idea | NPR
Inspiration for inventions sometimes come from unusual places. Stanford researcher Manu Prakash needed to create a centrifuge that could run without electricity. He found the answer by studying toys. 2 ноября 2017, 14:18
5 912
01.11.17 6:30
Finding Mustafa | NPR
Mustafa Ahmed was two years old in 2004 when he lost his leg in a U.S. air strike in Fallujah, Iraq. 1 ноября 2017, 3:17
12 600
27.10.17 1:55
Why it's Hard to Simplify The U.S. Tax Code | Let's Talk | NPR
In trying to overhaul the tax code, Republicans are arguing it needs to be simpler. 27 октября 2017, 13:33
5 635
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