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NTDTV Live Stream
31 декабря 2016, 19:22
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Merkel Visits Site of Berlin Terror Attack
December 20th - German Chancellor Angela Merkel, together with the interior minister, foreign minister and the mayor of Berlin, visit the site of the deadly terrorist attack in the German capital. 20 декабря 2016, 19:16
27 дней 0:40
11.12.16 27:57
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in Exclusive Interview With NTD
In this exclusive interview, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and possibly Donald Trump's Secretary of State-to-be talks American core values and foreign policy with NTD host Simone Gao. Learn more at bit.ly/2hjOfCZ 11 декабря 2016, 17:11
08.12.16 1:13
Earthquake Hits Indonesia Killing 100
8 декабря 2016, 16:59
07.12.16 0:37
Pakistan Plane Crashes Killing 47 People
7 декабря 2016, 16:59
20.11.16 2:25
China Uncensored Hosts Fan Meet-Up in Taipei, Taiwan (NTDAPTV Report)
An NTD Asia Pacific news report on the China Uncensored fan meet-up in Taipei, Taiwan. 20 ноября 2016, 15:54
03.06.16 26:18
Why Are Foreign Tourists Seeking out Korean Hospitals?
You've heard K-pop and watched K-dramas, but now there's a new trend: K-medicine. Recently, there's been a trend of people flying in from around the world to see doctors in South Korea. 3 июня 2016, 20:36
6 405
15.01.16 0:44
Check out the Runlist!
What is the RunList? No one really knows... but hopefully Donald Trump and his steaks will be able to give you a better clue. 15 января 2016, 0:23
2 515
23.12.15 2:37
How Much Money Will the New Star Wars Make?
Let’s talk about the business side of this movie, no plot spoilers, guaranteed. 23 декабря 2015, 16:12
2 441
22.12.15 3:33
Muslims Save Christians During Islamic Terrorist Attack
Muslims defend Christians during Al Shabaab Terrorist attack by refusing to separate themselves from the Christians. 22 декабря 2015, 21:55
3 945
18.12.15 7:45
Islam Related Homework Shuts Down Virginia School | Discussion
A World Geography homework assignment in which students were required to write the Islamic Shahada declaration of faith is at the center of a controversy brewing at Riverheads High School in Staunton, Augusta County 18 декабря 2015, 22:43
3 131
18.12.15 2:32
Sanders Campaign Under Fire for Accessing Hillary Data
Sanders has come under fire because it seems someone in his campaign team exploited a temporary glitch in a software system used by the Democratic party which allowed them to view Hillary Clinton’s campaign data. 18 декабря 2015, 22:36
18.12.15 2:51
Why do you Need a License for a Self-Driving Car? California Introduces New Rules
B: So California has published the world’s first set of regulations on self-driving cars. 18 декабря 2015, 2:39
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18.12.15 4:10
Are these Celebrities Immortal or just Vampires?
Russian President Vladamir Putin has appeared in two photos one taken in World War One and one during World War Two. 18 декабря 2015, 1:24
34 353
15.12.15 3:01
How did this Texas Plumber's Truck End up with Extremists in Syria?
When one Texas plumber sold his truck to a dealer, he never imagines photos of the truck in use by Islamic extremists in a Syrian war zone would show up on the internet. 15 декабря 2015, 0:59
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12.12.15 3:10
Can We Build A Death Star in Real Life | Star Wars
Ever wonder if it was possible to build the empire's Death Star, the iconic evil battle station from Star Wars. I'm sure you have and according to a NASA engineer there might be a possible way for us to achieve. 12 декабря 2015, 2:19
5 059
12.12.15 4:00
New German Device Key to Unlimited Energy?
So Germany has just switched on what may be a revolutionary new nuclear fusion device, that could one day lead to the development of nuclear fusion reactors that provide an almost limitless supply of clean energy. 12 декабря 2015, 0:44
1 290
10.12.15 4:27
Anonymous Troll ISIS Day - Top 5 Anonymous Hacks
Anonymous declares December 11th as troll ISIS day. They say you don't have to be a hacker like them just go on social media and find ways to ridicule and troll ISIS. 10 декабря 2015, 2:27
9 544
09.12.15 10:03
Donald Trump Wants to Ban all Muslims from Entering the US | Discussion
Donald Trump the controversial Republican GOP presidential candidate makes headlines again claiming he would ban all Muslims from traveling to the United States, at least until they "figure out" what is going on. 9 декабря 2015, 18:55
1 430
09.12.15 3:13
Arnold Schwarzenegger Advocates "Part-Time" Vegetarianism
Ben: So Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed in an interview with the BBC that people go part-time vegetarian in order to save the planet. 9 декабря 2015, 0:03
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07.12.15 4:14
What Does ISIS Want With Us?
Is everyone in the West playing straight into ISIS's plan? Why is ISIS so effective in recruiting foreign fighters to their cause. What can we do to combat ISIS without actually fighting them physically? 7 декабря 2015, 23:33
6 579
07.12.15 3:02
Morgan Freeman Narrowly Escapes Death in Plane Accident
Morgan Freeman has survived a forced landing un-scathed. 7 декабря 2015, 22:03
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31.08.15 1:12
Baby bonobo gets playful in San Diego
A baby bonobo at the San Diego Zoo in California has quickly adapted to her new environment. The 20 month old infant was climbing ropes and trees and rolling in the grass in her habitat on Friday (August 28). 31 августа 2015, 6:17
5 408
23.08.15 0:43
Giant panda gives birth at Washingtons National Zoo
The National Zoo's giant panda Mei Xiang, a star tourist draw in the U.S. capital, gave birth to a cub on Saturday (August 22), the zoo said. Mei Xiang gave birth at 5:34 p.m. 23 августа 2015, 11:52
2 098
23.08.15 2:36
Giant dinosaur footprints found
A trail of dinosaur footprints is discovered in a quarry in the German city of Rehburg-Loccum, close to Hannover. 23 августа 2015, 8:38
4 354
22.08.15 3:05
Onigirazu Japanese rice sandwich
Onigirazu, Japanese rice sandwich, is tickling American palate. San Franciscans were introduced to the new rice cuisine at J-Pop Summit earlier in August. 22 августа 2015, 11:02
4 095
20.08.15 2:06
Florida treasure hunters find $4.5 million in rare Spanish coins
Florida treasure hunters found a trove of $4.5 million worth of Spanish gold coins 300 years to the day after a fleet of ships sunk in a hurricane while en route from Havana to Spain, the salvage owner said Wednesday 20 августа 2015, 13:05
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