8 часов 1:34
Behind The Research of Super SloMo with Deqing Sun
Get the behind-the-scenes scoop on how and why we created the deep learning method, Super SloMo, that uses GPUs to turn any video into a slow motion masterpiece with NVIDIA researcher, Deqing Sun. nvda.ws/2Mr2ZPt 20 июня 2018, 19:30
1 295
1 день 1:39
Research at NVIDIA: Improving Landmark Localization with a New Deep Learning Architecture
Researchers from NVIDIA, together with collaborators from academia, developed a new deep learning-based architecture for landmark localization, which is the process of finding the precise location of specific parts of 19 июня 2018, 18:06
4 152
2 дня 1:37
Research at NVIDIA: Transforming Standard Video Into Slow Motion with AI
Researchers from NVIDIA developed a deep learning-based system that can produce high-quality slow-motion videos from a 30-frame-per-second video, outperforming various state-of-the-art methods that aim to do the same. 18 июня 2018, 12:59
373 070
6 дней 0:15
I am AI Docuseries, Episode 8 Trailer: Elevating Visual Storytelling with AI - Skydio
Skydio’s self-flying camera can capture even the most epic adventure—autonomously—with the most advanced AI-powered tracking and navigation system ever flown. 14 июня 2018, 18:36
2 163
6 дней 1:13
The Top Reasons You Can't Afford to Miss GTC Europe 2018
Find out why the premier AI event attracts thousands of attendees from a range of industries and discover why you can't afford to miss GTC Europe 2018, 9-11 October. gputechconf.eu 14 июня 2018, 18:18
2 216
9 дней 2:43
AI and the Future Series, Episode 1: The Role of AI in Society with NVIDIA’s Bryan Catanzaro
AI AND THE FUTURE: A series from NVIDIA discussing the role of AI in society across self-driving cars, healthcare, and robotics. 11 июня 2018, 23:11
6 159
9 дней 2:41
AI and the Future Series, Episode 3: Robotics with NVIDIA’s Jesse Clayton and Claire Delaunay
AI AND THE FUTURE: A series from NVIDIA discussing the role of AI in society across self-driving cars, healthcare, and robotics. 11 июня 2018, 21:46
2 788
9 дней 2:36
AI and the Future Series, Episode 2: Healthcare with NVIDIA’s Abdul Hamid Halabi
AI AND THE FUTURE: A series from NVIDIA discussing the role of AI in society across self-driving cars, healthcare, and robotics. 11 июня 2018, 21:45
2 350
12 дней 0:45
Win a $5K Custom PC, a GTX 1080 Ti, and MUCH More! – GeForce #GameReady Contest
It’s E3 2018, and you know what that means… We’re giving away a TON of stuff! Over $100K in prizes, to be exact. 8 июня 2018, 15:34
24 929
13 дней 6:50
"I am AI" Docuseries, Episode 7: Taking the Ice with AI - ICEBERG Hockey Analytics
ICEBERG uses AI to capture, visualize, and analyze game data, giving hockey coaches and their players a competitive advantage. 7 июня 2018, 14:23
5 217
14 дней 1:27
Powerful Virtualization for Applications, Desktops, and Workstations
NVIDIA’s virtualization platform gives you the power to extend NVIDIA GPUs to anyone in your organization, from knowledge workers and mobile professionals to designers and engineers. 6 июня 2018, 22:14
4 165
16 дней 3:23
The Making of the NVIDIA DGX Station
What inspired our team to build the DGX Station? Get an inside look into how this deep learning workstation was designed for developers and researchers to effortlessly bring their deep-learning initiatives to the office. 4 июня 2018, 17:49
34 700
19 дней 2:11:01
GTC Taiwan - NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Keynote Address
NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang delivers the keynote at the GPU Technology Conference Taiwan (GTC Taiwan) 2018 in Taipei, where he unveiled the NVIDIA HGX-2 cloud-server platform, the first unified computing platform for AI 1 июня 2018, 8:17
25 232
21 день 0:46
NVIDIA Quadro P620 Vs. Intel Integrated Graphics
Watch how the NVIDIA Quadro P620 can provide an impressive performance boost that enables a much smoother graphics experience than integrated solutions. nvidia.com/quadro 30 мая 2018, 23:33
30 647
22 дня 0:51
NVIDIA TensorRT at GTC 2018
At the 2018 GPU Technology Conference, NVIDIA announced TensorRT 4, a programmable inference accelerator that speeds up videos, recommender systems, and speech applications. 29 мая 2018, 19:21
12 789
29 дней 1:44
Remote Session Collaboration on Siemens NX Powered by NVIDIA Quadro vDWS and VMware Horizon
Watch the power of remote collaboration on VMware Horizon environments powered by NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation. nvidia.com/quadro-vdws 22 мая 2018, 23:13
2 817
31 день 3:18
Research at NVIDIA: Researchers Help Robots Work Alongside Humans
Researchers from NVIDIA have developed a first of its kind deep learning-based system that can teach a robot to complete a task by just observing the actions of a human. Learn more: nvda.ws/2L92YiA 20 мая 2018, 23:08
27 613
34 дня 1:46
VMware Suspend and Resume Technology with NVIDIA Virtual GPUs
VMware suspend and resume technology lets you perform migration of GPU-accelerated VMs with minimal end-user disruption and no data loss. 17 мая 2018, 23:31
5 502
58 дней 1:00
Avatars in NVIDIA Holodeck
We partnered with IKinema to create highly interactive and naturally behaving avatars for the NVIDIA Holodeck. 23 апреля 2018, 20:47
12 486
58 дней 2:15
Research at NVIDIA: AI Reconstructs Photos with Realistic Results
Researchers from NVIDIA, led by Guilin Liu, introduced a state-of-the-art deep learning method that can edit images or reconstruct a corrupted image, one that has holes or is missing pixels. 23 апреля 2018, 5:12
914 242
71 день 19:47
GTC 2018 - NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Keynote Supercut
Watch the news highlights from NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang's keynote address at the GPU Technology Conference 2018 in Silicon Valley. 10 апреля 2018, 20:43
26 821
77 дней 0:47
Women in Technology at GTC 2018
Here are highlights of the event celebrating all the great work in deep learning and artificial intelligence that women are doing during the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose. nvda.ws/2Emm7ZF 4 апреля 2018, 17:56
2 463
78 дней 0:53
NVIDIA Inception Member REELY Generates Real-Time Video Highlights
Using NVIDIA TensorRT on DGX-1, California-based startup REELY automatically creates highlight clips from sporting events in real time. 3 апреля 2018, 22:19
6 016
78 дней 1:01
NVIDIA Tesla GPUs Supercharge Discovery at GTC 2018
Explore this GTC 2018 interactive demo to better understand how NVIDIA Tesla GPUs can save you power, cost, and space in different areas, including deep learning inference, deep learning training, life science 3 апреля 2018, 21:12
4 820
83 дня 1:33
Einride and NVIDIA
Einride’s T-pod all-electric, self-driving transport vehicle uses the NVIDIA DRIVE platform for its autonomous smarts. 30 марта 2018, 1:03
8 624
83 дня 0:55
GTC 2018 Robotics Roundup
AI-powered robotics are revolutionizing the way we work and live. 29 марта 2018, 21:21
3 867
83 дня 2:44
NVIDIA GTC 2018: Show Highlights
Watch highlights from this year’s GPU Technology Conference, the world’s premier AI event. Learn more about the event at GPU-tech-conf.com. 29 марта 2018, 20:58
7 623
83 дня 1:19
IBM Brings NVIDIA Volta to Supercharge Discoveries
Read how IBM and NVIDIA are partnering to build the largest supercomputers in the world to enable data scientists and application developers to not be limited to any device memory. 29 марта 2018, 18:58
1 935
83 дня 1:25
Volta Is Everywhere at GTC 2018
Volta is being adopted in all areas. 29 марта 2018, 16:45
7 540
84 дня 0:16
GTC 2018: Inception Awards Winners Recap
In this year’s NVIDIA Inception Program, more than 200 AI startups applied to compete in three categories—healthcare, enterprise, and autonomous systems—for a chance to win part of a $1 million prize pool. 29 марта 2018, 0:38
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