5 часов 1:18
England Cricketer Ben Stokes found not guilty of affray
A jury has found England Cricketer Ben Stokes not guilty of affray following a brawl outside a Bristol nightclub in 2017. . Report by April Brown. 14 августа 2018, 17:57
7 часов 0:37
Floating inflatable unicorn goes adrift on US lake
A floating rainbow unicorn ferrying five women on a lake went adrift, leaving the local sheriff's office to rescue their floating fairy tale. Report by April Brown. 14 августа 2018, 15:44
9 часов 1:38
Metropolitan Police: Westminster attack suspect is not co-operating
The Metropolitan Police is urging members of the public to stay away from the cordoned area of Westminster following an incident in which a car crashed into barriers outside the Houses of Parliament this morning. 14 августа 2018, 13:51
10 часов 0:49
Flash floods wreak havoc in Pennsylvania
Six inches of rainfall has resulted in flash flooding and rivers bursting their banks in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. . Report by April Brown. 14 августа 2018, 12:38
14 часов 1:06
Parliament crash: Man arrested by armed police
A man has been arrested after crashing his car outside the Houses of Parliament. Police are yet to confirm whether the incident is terror related. Report by April Brown. 14 августа 2018, 8:43
15 часов 0:46
Man arrested after car crashes outside Parliament
A man has been arrested by armed police after a car crashed outside the Houses of Parliament, which injured a number of people. . Report by April Brown. 14 августа 2018, 7:30
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1 день 1:38
Bulgarian windsurfers reduce plastics in the Black Sea
Two Bulgarian windsurfers are trying to reduce the Black Sea's plastic pollution by raising awareness in the hope of protecting the country's beaches. Report by Moheddine Ben-Aribia. 13 августа 2018, 19:30
1 день 0:52
Shocking footage: Three dead after shop sign collapses in China
Three people including a child have died after a shop sign suddenly collapsed on pedestrians in Shanghai's busy business district. Report by Sandrine Lungumbu. 13 августа 2018, 13:02
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1 день 1:34
Far-right rallies mark Charlottesville anniversary
A year after a deadly gathering of far-right extremists in Charlottesville, less than two dozen white nationalists held demonstrations. Report by Moheddine Ben-Aribia. 13 августа 2018, 11:23
2 дня 1:29
Manchester shooting: 12 people seriously injured
Twelve people have been hurt in a shooting in the Moss Side area of Manchester, which police are treating as attempted murder. Report by Nadia Gyane. 12 августа 2018, 17:18
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2 дня 1:25
It's World Elephant Day!
World Elephant Day helps to raise awareness over the urgent plight of African and Asian elephants. Report by Nadia Gyane. 12 августа 2018, 12:10
2 дня 1:30
Watch: NASA launch 'touch the sun' mission
NASA has launched a spacecraft to the sun that will fly closer to our star than anything ever sent before. Report by Nadia Gyane. 12 августа 2018, 9:07
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3 дня 1:21
Thousands of Venezuelan migrants arrive in Ecuador
Ecuador has declared a state of emergency in three provinces as up to 4,000 Venezuelan migrants cross the border from Colombia each day. Report by Iain Jones. 11 августа 2018, 14:51
3 дня 0:48
Dozens die as monsoon season wreaks havoc in India
At least 29 people have died in Kerala, India as monsoon rains wreak havoc on the landscape. With more rain on the way, the situation is dire. . Report by April Brown. 11 августа 2018, 14:47
3 дня 2:15
Stolen passenger plane crashes near Seattle
A 29-year-old airline mechanic stole an empty Alaska Airlines Q400 aircraft before crashing into Ketron Island, Washington on Friday evening. Report by Iain Jones. 11 августа 2018, 9:39
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4 дня 1:09
Adorable baby rhino enjoys playtime in sand
An endangered eastern black rhino calf has ventured out to play for the first time. The one-week-old is part of Chester Zoo’s breeding programme. Report by Lois Swinnerton. 10 августа 2018, 17:56
1 349
4 дня 1:53
Mike Ashley: The man who saved House of Fraser
Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley has saved House of Fraser from collapse after buying the high street store for £90m. Report by Lois Swinnerton. 10 августа 2018, 15:20
1 495
4 дня 1:09
Japanese helicopter carrying nine crashes in mountains
A Japanese helicopter carrying nine people has crashed in mountains north of Tokyo after losing contact with the ground. . Report by Lois Swinnerton. 10 августа 2018, 10:49
1 290
4 дня 1:04
Fake Trump star appears on Hollywood Walk of Fame
A fake Donald Trump star has made its way onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame following a vote to remove the President’s star after it was vandalised. Report by Lois Swinnerton. 10 августа 2018, 9:06
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5 дней 1:16
Ecuadorian capital lights up in annual festival
The city of Quito has been lit up for the annual Fiesta de la Luz which celebrates Ecuador’s declaration of independence of Spanish colonial rule. 9 августа 2018, 18:43
5 дней 3:09
The world wants its treasures back from the British Museum
With the people of Easter Island now demanding the return of a rare sculpture, it seems the world wants its treasures back from the British Museum. . Report by Louee Dessent-Jackson. 9 августа 2018, 17:34
5 дней 1:27
Video showing panic as aftershock hits Lombok following earthquake
A strong aftershock has brought panic to Lombok as the Indonesian island continues to recover from Sunday’s fatal earthquake. It's the third large earthquake on the island in just over a week. 9 августа 2018, 16:24
5 дней 1:05
Cows lend helping hoof to US police by chasing suspect
A herd of 16 cows has offered an unexpected helping hoof to police in Florida as they chased down fleeing a suspect ahead of her arrest. 9 августа 2018, 12:19
5 дней 1:12
Shocking footage as parents and children flee falling rockets in Israel
Parents and children have been forced to flee as rockets fell in Southern Israel amid a spate of violence between Israel and militant group Hamas. Report by Lois Swinnerton. 9 августа 2018, 9:55
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6 дней 1:08
NASA is flying the Parker Solar Probe towards the sun!
NASA's $1.5bn Parker Solar Probe will be the first spacecraft to get closer to the sun than ever before, hopefully solving some mysteries. Report by April Brown. 8 августа 2018, 18:04
6 дней 0:56
Mesmerising 'firenado' caught on camera in UK
Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service captured the moment a firenado engulfed a plastic factory in Derbyshire. . Report by April Brown. 8 августа 2018, 15:29
6 дней 0:51
Wildfires wreak havoc across Portugal
Hundreds of firefighters have been working day and night for almost a week to keep a number of wildfires under control across Portugal. Report by April Brown. 8 августа 2018, 14:35
6 дней 0:55
Animals in Berlin keep cool with icy treats
Polar bears in Berlin have been making a splash in an attempt to cool off in the scorching temperatures. . Report by April Brown. 8 августа 2018, 12:46
6 дней 1:11
Child's body found in New Mexico compound search
A body of a young boy believed to be missing three-year-old has been found at a hidden compound in New Mexico. Report by April Brown. 8 августа 2018, 10:51
7 дней 0:48
Security alert closes Frankfurt Airport
Long queues of passengers at Frankfurt Airport after part of a terminal was evacuated following a security alert. Report by Claire Mewse. 7 августа 2018, 18:15
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