5 дней 9:48
Office 365 Update for November 2018
Jim Naroski covers recent enhancements to Office 365, Microsoft's cloud-based productivity solution for the modern workplace. 14 ноября 2018, 19:27
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Draw attention to a comment with @mentions in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
When you comment on a document or presentation in Word or PowerPoint with your Office 365 subscription, you can use the @-sign with someone's name to send that person email with a link to your | 12 ноября 2018, 16:00
10 дней 0:45
Editing comes naturally with Ink Editor in Microsoft Word
Your finger or a digital pen gives you freedom from a keypad when you're working in Microsoft Word on a touch device. Learn more at the Office 365 Training Center: office.com/training | 9 ноября 2018, 15:45
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How to get someone's attention with @mentions in Microsoft Outlook
If you'd like to get someone's attention in an email message or a meeting invite in Outlook, you can type the @ symbol, followed by their name, in the body of the email message or a meeting invite. 8 ноября 2018, 17:00
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11 дней 1:15
The Shiproom with Brad Anderson trailer
The much-anticipated new series from the creators of the legendary “Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break.” This preview of “The Shiproom w Brad Anderson” offers a quick look ahead at the in-depth | 8 ноября 2018, 16:17
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Understand more of the world with Translator in Microsoft Office
Use Translate in Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint. You can also get a translator add-in for Outlook in the Office store. Learn more at the Office 365 Training Center: office.com/training | 7 ноября 2018, 14:15
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13 дней 0:57
Bring your slides to life with Designer in Microsoft PowerPoint
PowerPoint Designer improves slides for Office 365 subscribers by automatically generating design ideas to choose from. Learn more at the Office 365 Training Center: office.com/training | 6 ноября 2018, 16:00
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14 дней 0:53
Don't type, talk, with dictation in Microsoft Office
When you're signed in to your Office 365 account, turn on your microphone, go to Home - Dictate in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, or OneNote for Windows 10, wait for the icon to turn red, and start | 5 ноября 2018, 15:00
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17 дней 0:53
Let your ideas flow with digital ink in Microsoft Office
Have a touchscreen? Use digital ink to draw with your finger or pen in Microsoft Office. Even turn sketches into perfectly drawn shapes. 2 ноября 2018, 18:00
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17 дней 0:46
How to communicate more clearly with Icons in Microsoft Office
Icons are perfect for expressing ideas visually. Choose from over 600 professionally designed icons in 26 categories in Microsoft Office. 2 ноября 2018, 14:30
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18 дней 1:49
How to make your work and PC accessible
Whether you’re building content for others or adjusting your computer, use Office 365 and Windows 10 to confidently create content and customize your PC to fit you. 1 ноября 2018, 18:30
18 дней 0:40
How to send email to a channel in Microsoft Teams
Send email to a channel in Microsoft Teams "If you want to send an email to a channel in Microsoft Teams, use the channel email address. 1 ноября 2018, 14:00
19 дней 2:04
How to organize and find photos in OneDrive
After you upload photos, OneDrive helps you organize and find your photos with features such as photo search, tags, and albums. 31 октября 2018, 18:00
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20 дней 1:19
Create a combo chart in Microsoft Access
In Microsoft Access, a Combo chart combines two or more chart types, such as a clustered column chart and a line chart, to explain different but related data. 30 октября 2018, 19:00
20 дней 1:31
Create a column chart in Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access supports three types of column charts: Clustered Column, Stacked Column, and 100% Stacked Column. 30 октября 2018, 15:00
21 день 1:50
How to create a bar chart in Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access supports three types of bar charts: Clustered Bar, Stacked Bar, and 100% Stacked Bar. 29 октября 2018, 17:30
21 день 1:30
Calendar.help preview
Meet Calendar.help, your scheduling assistant. Calendar.help does one thing really well: schedule your meetings. 29 октября 2018, 16:37
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21 день 1:45
How to create a line chart in Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access supports three types of line charts: Line, Stacked Line, and 100% Stacked Line. 29 октября 2018, 14:00
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24 дня 1:23
Create a pie chart in Microsoft Access
In a Pie chart in Microsoft Access, categories show as pie slices. Data values are summed as a percentage to a whole shown as the pie circle. 26 октября 2018, 17:30
24 дня 0:47
Convert your ink to text and shapes in PowerPoint for iPad
In PowerPoint for iPad, you can go from free-form ink to Office shapes or text by choosing Ink to Text or Ink to Shapes. 26 октября 2018, 16:00
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25 дней 1:48
Work smarter with intelligent services in Office 365 and Windows 10
With Office 365 and Windows 10, artificial intelligence helps you create smarter, more beautiful docs with less sweat while saving you time. 25 октября 2018, 19:00
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How to turn a file into a tab in Microsoft Teams
In Microsoft Teams, if everyone in your channel needs quick access to a file, turn it into a tab so it's easy to get to. Select More Options; Make this a tab. 25 октября 2018, 16:00
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25 дней 2:43
Qantas empowers employees to do their best work with Microsoft 365
To ensure the 30,000 employees at Qantas have the information they need without compromising data security, the airline is using the integrated set of security-enhancing capabilities in Microsoft 365. 25 октября 2018, 14:00
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26 дней 1:01
Create and format a post in Microsoft Teams
In Microsoft Teams, type a message and select Format to see a variety of formatting options for your message. When you're ready to post it, select Send. 24 октября 2018, 19:00
26 дней 5:15
8 steps to ensure compliance before FSIs move to the cloud
As a financial services institution, you need to balance the risks with the benefits of moving to the cloud, especially around compliance. 24 октября 2018, 16:00
26 дней 0:59
How to save a post or message in Microsoft Teams
To save a message or post in Microsoft Teams, select Save message just to the right of the text. 24 октября 2018, 16:00
27 дней 0:56
Organize your teams list in Microsoft Teams
In Microsoft Teams, select Favorite next to the channel name to favorite a channel. To reorder your teams, select Teams, then click and drag the team name anywhere in your teams list. 23 октября 2018, 19:00
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27 дней 1:03
How to filter your activity feed in Microsoft Teams
In Microsoft Teams, select Activity to see your Activity feed, a summary of everything that's happened in the team channels you follow. 23 октября 2018, 16:00
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28 дней 1:56
John’s Crazy Socks shows what people with disabilities can achieve
John Cronin knew he wanted to start a business with his dad after high school but needed a killer idea. 22 октября 2018, 15:50
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33 дня 5:11
Behind every artist is a team
What if you got the chance to chase your dream? With the help of Microsoft Teams, one music fan got that chance. 17 октября 2018, 17:23
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