23.04.17 0:54
A personal appeal: #StopTheLandslide
crowdpac.co.uk/campaigns/2320/the-stop-a-tory-landslide-fund This is the fight of our lives. If the polls don't change, the Tories are on course for a crushing landslide. 23 апреля 2017, 19:44
45 410
18.04.17 8:29
You can't trust Theresa May in the general election | Owen Jones talks...
Theresa May has proven herself to be a serial political liar who regularly changed position for naked partisan reasons. 18 апреля 2017, 16:22
114 430
31.03.17 12:26
Owen Jones meets Angus Robertson | 'It's hard to take Theresa May at face value on Scotland'
The SNP's leader in Westminster, Angus Robertson, says that he and his party have 'yet to be convinced by Theresa May's government' and have 'a whole load of reasons to be sceptical about her promises on Scotland and 31 марта 2017, 11:36
45 810
28.03.17 6:20
The Daily Mail hates Britain | Owen Jones talks...
The Daily Mail's sexist headline, objectifying the two most powerful female politicians in Britain, is just the latest in a long line of lows for the hate-spewing, former Hitler-supporting rag. 28 марта 2017, 15:35
56 732
23.03.17 6:47
George Osborne is a failure of a politician who is laughing in our faces | Owen Jones talks...
George Osborne has shown utter contempt for the voting public who gifted him the position of power he now exploits. 23 марта 2017, 11:38
37 537
16.03.17 9:08
The Tories are tearing the UK apart | Owen Jones talks...
Brexit campaigners promised voters they would have their country back, that they would take back control. But Theresa May's hardline approach is going to tear this country apart. 16 марта 2017, 16:37
44 663
09.03.17 16:45
'Capitalism will always create bullshit jobs' | Owen Jones meets Rutger Bregman
Rutger Bregman is the author of Utopia for Realists and he advocates for more radical solutions to address inequality in society. 9 марта 2017, 11:40
149 354
02.03.17 0:18
Owen Jones is not an aggressive man
Thought we could all do with a laugh after yesterday ► youtube.com/watch?v=lGhOTihjHlk&index=1&list=PLTYmWuFco1_1xD06DoY0BRnOX8mwBv0Vb Read my column for the Guardian ► 2 марта 2017, 16:26
26 978
01.03.17 20:51
Jeremy Corbyn must make a decision about his future as Labour leader | Owen Jones talks...
By-elections should be an opportunity to punch the government in the nose, not a time to cling on to a safe seat and lose another to the ruling party. 1 марта 2017, 14:08
96 276
21.02.17 7:11
'Migrants feel like second class citizens' | Owen Jones goes to One Day Without Us
The immigration debate in the UK, if you can call it that, has been missing the voices of migrants. 21 февраля 2017, 15:19
17 186
17.02.17 7:37
Time to renationalise Britain's rip off railways | Owen Jones talks...
The prevailing economic thought of our age is that private sector is superior and drives efficiency and improvements in service. That's why the railway system is such an embarrassment to free market ideologues. 17 февраля 2017, 17:23
39 979
06.02.17 15:12
Owen Jones meets Anna Soubry | 'I'll never forgive Boris Johnson'
I went to meet Conservative MP and remain supporter Anna Soubry to talk about Brexit and its effect on Britain. 6 февраля 2017, 13:00
148 306
31.01.17 5:51
'Theresa May looks like Donald Trump's lapdog' | Owen Jones goes to an anti-Trump protest
I went to speak to some of the thousands of protesters gathered outside Downing Street, demonstrating against Donald Trump’s travel ban targeting seven Muslim-majority countries, his indefinite bar on Syrian refugees, 31 января 2017, 8:00
33 912
20.01.17 8:58
Is Islam the problem? | Owen Jones talks back...
On the day of Donald Trump's inauguration as the 45th president of the United States of America, I'm responding to your comments. Is Islam really the problem? 20 января 2017, 15:42
35 151
17.01.17 15:14
Owen Jones meets Nick Clegg | 'I warned David Cameron over failing Brexit strategy'
Nick Clegg, the former deputy prime minister and ardent remainer, tells me he emailed David Cameron to tell him he was running a ‘bloodless’ campaign as the European Union referendum came to a climax. 17 января 2017, 8:47
127 583
13.01.17 15:40
Owen Jones meets Theo Padnos | 'Western hawks are responsible for my Syria torture'
Theo Padnos, an American journalist, was captured in Syria by the formerly al-Qaida affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra in 2012. 13 января 2017, 9:44
28 364
06.01.17 8:26
Theresa May backing Donald Trump over Israel is a disgrace | Owen Jones talks
When John Kerry made a robust speech criticising Israel's illegal settlements and describing Benjamin Netanyahu’s government as the “most rightwing coalition in Israeli history”, many people thought it was a case of 6 января 2017, 14:24
32 856
31.12.16 9:08
2016: the year from hell | Owen Jones talks...
At the start of 2016 I made a video about my hopes for the year. Things did not turn out as I wished. Donald Trump won the electoral college in the US elections despite losing the popular vote. 31 декабря 2016, 10:30
31 428
24.12.16 1:22
Merry Christmas to you all
Just wanted to wish all of my subscribers a very merry Christmas at the end of a tough year. We will be back with an end of year round up soon and more regular videos in 2017. See you soon! 24 декабря 2016, 14:12
21 892
09.12.16 16:05
Owen Jones meets Ed Miliband | 'The Tories don't know what kind of Brexit they want'
I went to meet the former Labour leader Ed Miliband to talk to him about Brexit, Donald Trump and the political earthquakes around the world in 2016. 9 декабря 2016, 11:40
106 279
02.12.16 8:35
Just another George Soros shill talking about Trump, Clinton and cats | Owen Jones talks back...
According to some of you, George Soros is funding pretty much every single left-of-fascist protest movement the world over. Let's think about that. 2 декабря 2016, 17:23
21 875
29.11.16 8:57
Ukip leader Paul Nuttall is unpatriotic: here's why | Owen Jones talks...
Paul Nuttall has replaced Nigel Farage as leader of Ukip. He's promised to make Ukip the 'patriotic voice of working people' and made it his goal to replace the Labour party. However, Paul Nuttall is not a patriot. 29 ноября 2016, 17:21
47 795
25.11.16 7:28
Rebranding racism: the 'alt-right' are just white supremacists and fascists | Owen Jones talks...
We need to stop calling them the 'alt-right'. The 'alt-right' is just a new name for white supremacists, fascists and racists. 25 ноября 2016, 11:40
50 557
18.11.16 7:20
Are we screwed? Buzzword bingo and Gary Lineker | Owen Jones talks back...
Does Donald Trump's election mean we're all screwed? Is the left really intolerant? Are you all playing buzzword bingo? 18 ноября 2016, 17:22
23 319
17.11.16 10:55
Donald Trump is peak 2016: it's time to organise | Owen Jones talks...
It's happened. Donald Trump has been elected as the next president of the United States of America. At time's like this, it's not easy to be optimistic about the future. 17 ноября 2016, 15:02
31 956
08.11.16 7:11
The UK is in grave danger | Owen Jones talks...
Our country is facing a wave of right wing populism that is completely intolerant of dissent. 8 ноября 2016, 16:16
46 346
04.11.16 8:09
Gay footballers, media luvvies and Labour getting its act together | Owen Jones talks back
Why didn't I ask Margaret Hodge about her involvement in the coup against Jeremy Corbyn? Why are there no professional gay footballers playing in the UK? Are the Tories finishing off what Thatcher started? 4 ноября 2016, 15:58
19 717
01.11.16 15:43
Owen Jones meets Michael Sheen | 'Brexit appealed to abandoned communities'
Michael Sheen is a legendary actor who has played, amongst others, Brian Clough, Tony Blair and David Frost. He's also a proud Welshman, who grew up in Port Talbot. 1 ноября 2016, 14:49
88 417
27.10.16 12:15
Owen Jones meets Margaret Hodge: 'The Tories may create tax haven conditions in the UK'
Margaret Hodge, the former chair of the public accounts committee, has been a scourge of tax avoiders for several years. 27 октября 2016, 10:21
27 106
19.10.16 9:33
Owen Jones meets Joey Barton: 'Homophobia in football shows the problems the UK faces'
I met Joey Barton at the Cheltenham Literary Festival, where he told me that the lack of openly gay footballers shows that the UK is not as progressive as it thinks. 19 октября 2016, 10:19
88 931
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