31.08.16 8:59
The Tory 'pay to stay' policy will make the housing crisis worse | Owen Jones talks
The UK is in the middle of a deep housing crisis. 31 августа 2016, 17:52
25 881
26.08.16 8:19
Labour's disarray, Jeremy Corbyn's beard and Owen Smith's glasses | Owen Jones talks back...
This week I've been accused of bias towards Jeremy Corbyn and bias towards Owen Smith, some of you think Jeremy Corbyn is nice but could never Prime Minister, some of you won't vote for Owen Smith because he wears 26 августа 2016, 16:43
33 589
25.08.16 7:54
Owen Jones meets Reclaim | 'You have to build your future'
There's not been much cause for optimism in politics recently but a new initiative by Reclaim, an organisation based in Manchester. It's preparing young, working class people to become leaders of the future. 25 августа 2016, 15:10
17 594
24.08.16 8:16
Labour leadership contest 2016 – Jeremy Corbyn vs Owen Smith | Owen Jones talks...
Jeremy Corbyn is almost certain to beat Owen Smith and win the Labour part leadership contest for a second time, potentially by an even bigger margin than he did in 2015. 24 августа 2016, 17:36
38 708
11.08.16 14:24
Owen Jones meets Ha-Joon Chang | The economic argument against neoliberalism
Ha-Joon Chang is a professor of economics at Cambridge University and a best-selling international author. I asked him to provide an argument against much of today's prevailing economic thought. 11 августа 2016, 9:00
70 539
05.08.16 15:09
Owen Jones meets Black Lives Matter | 'One day the chains will be broken'
Black Lives Matter have launched a movement against racism in the UK. 5 августа 2016, 16:38
32 999
03.08.16 56:25
Owen Jones meets Owen Smith | 'Labour would not win a snap general election under Corbyn'
Owen Smith is challenging Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the Labour party. 3 августа 2016, 16:24
106 311
29.07.16 45:50
Owen Jones meets Jeremy Corbyn again | 'I am very optimistic' – full length interview
It's been a tumultuous year for Jeremy Corbyn. He surprised the political establishment by sweeping to a huge victory in the Labour leadership contest and hugely expanded the party's membership. 29 июля 2016, 10:04
284 633
28.07.16 14:20
Owen Jones meets Clive Lewis | 'Jeremy Corbyn was only supposed to blow the bloody doors off'
Clive Lewis was only elected as a Labour MP in the general election in 2015 but he's already the shadow defence secretary. 28 июля 2016, 9:34
72 205
21.07.16 14:57
Owen Jones meets Lisa Nandy | 'We've got to heal these divisions'
Lisa Nandy was first elected to parliament as Labour's MP for Wigan in 2010. After Jeremy Corbyn became the party's leader in 2015, she was brought into the shadow cabinet with the energy and climate change brief. 21 июля 2016, 11:51
58 382
13.07.16 11:14
Yemen: Britain's forgotten conflict | Owen Jones in Djibouti
Since early 2015 Yemen has been gripped by civil war, with forces backed by a Saudi coalition fighting Iran-backed Houthi rebels. 13 июля 2016, 7:04
39 145
06.07.16 7:48
The Iraq War, the Chilcot Inquiry and Tony Blair | Owen Jones talks...
The Iraq Inquiry, led by Sir John Chilcot, could hardly have been more critical of Tony Blair and the New Labour government, which led us into that calamity. 6 июля 2016, 17:33
43 718
05.07.16 9:25
Owen Jones meets Paloma Faith | 'Musicians are scared to speak out'
Paloma Faith is rare as a modern musician because she's willing to speak out about her political beliefs. She told me that few musicians discuss politics because of the abuse directed at them on social media. 5 июля 2016, 14:51
66 310
01.07.16 10:06
Gove vs Johnson, political chaos and Brexit racism | Owen Jones talks back
Where should we begin? It's been utter madness this week as the Brexit fallout continues. 1 июля 2016, 17:19
84 018
29.06.16 8:40
Don't despair after Brexit - time to fight for hope | Owen Jones talks...
Britain has voted to leave the European Union by a narrow majority. 29 июня 2016, 11:51
93 760
21.06.16 9:50
Brexit: prepare yourselves | Owen Jones talks...
The European Union is far from perfect but voting to leave in the EU referendum could be a huge mistake. A vote for Brexit could have a number of consequences domestically and at a European level. 21 июня 2016, 16:23
333 121
13.06.16 3:54
The Orlando massacre terrorist will fail. Here's why | Owen Jones talks...
The terrorists in who carried out America's worst ever shooting iin Orlando will fail just as a neo-Nazi terrorist did 17 years ago in London when he detonated a nail bomb outside the Admiral Duncan pub. 13 июня 2016, 15:28
76 264
10.06.16 13:13
Owen Jones meets Michael Moore | 'Trump is like the sound of dying dinosaurs'
With the release of his new documentary, ‘Where to Invade Next’, director Michael Moore tells me that a vote for Brexit would be like asking for relegation from the Premier League. 10 июня 2016, 10:09
200 393
02.06.16 9:23
It's time for PR and for Labour and the Tories to split up | Owen Jones talks...
The Labour party and the Conservatives are broad coalitions, comprising a variety of views across the left and right. When there was a simple two-party system, it made sense for them to hold together. 2 июня 2016, 11:21
47 797
29.05.16 2:30
Owen Jones is one today
I may not look it, but today I am having my first birthday... Well, the YouTube channel is anyway. 29 мая 2016, 16:05
25 167
27.05.16 8:19
Britain First, the monarchy and freedom of speech | Owen Jones talks back...
What do I think of the rise of Britain First in the UK? Should we still be a monarchy led by Queen Elizabeth? Have I destroyed freedom of speech in the western world? Plus the important stuff: what breed of cat is Keir? 27 мая 2016, 15:34
56 702
26.05.16 10:56
EU referendum: six reasons to remain | Owen Jones talks...
We need to vote Remain in the EU referendum - to build a just, democratic Europe. The EU is far from perfect. 26 мая 2016, 12:12
86 850
20.05.16 8:08
Online voting, the death of democracy, am I a lizard? | Owen Jones talks back
Isn't it about time we dragged the electoral system into the 21st century and introduced online voting? Is democracy dead? Have I uttered the most British phrase ever? Am I one of David Icke's reptilians? 20 мая 2016, 15:14
31 723
18.05.16 8:50
The Conservatives have a problem with racism: they need to face up to it | Owen Jones talks
Racism and bigotry is unacceptable in all its forms, no matter where it comes from. In recent weeks the Labour party has had to deal with allegations of antisemitism. 18 мая 2016, 15:36
53 953
06.05.16 8:24
Gove's rejection, Hannan's NHS thoughts and Varoufakis's sexy accent | Owen Jones talks back
This week we hear from someone who's mum claims to have knocked back Michael Gove's romantic advances at university, someone who is really upset with me for not asking Dan Hannan about the NHS and someone who thinks 6 мая 2016, 10:58
22 007
04.05.16 7:18
How the Tories are rigging our democracy | Owen Jones talks...
We owe our democracy to our ancestors. It wasn't simply given to us, they fought for our rights and freedoms, often at great cost to themselves. 4 мая 2016, 16:14
63 009
29.04.16 12:36
Owen Jones meets Kezia Dugdale | 'The SNP have been fundamentally dishonest'
Scottish Labour are not in a good place. At the last election, Labour lost all but one of their Scottish MPs and polls are predicting a similar wipeout in next week's Holyrood elections. 29 апреля 2016, 14:37
39 441
27.04.16 8:18
Zac Goldsmith: your London mayoral campaign is a disgrace | Owen Jones talks
Zac Goldsmith has run a divisive, dog-whistle campaign to become the Mayor of London in 2016. 27 апреля 2016, 11:31
145 455
18.04.16 6:42
'Bernie Sanders has changed US politics forever' | Owen Jones in New York
Hillary Clinton sees New York as her home state and, in theory at least, should run away with the state's Democrat primary. 18 апреля 2016, 11:00
38 146
15.04.16 15:14
Owen Jones meets Yanis Varoufakis | 'Europe is staring into the abyss'
Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis tells me he would love to give Brussels a shock – but a Brexit vote to leave the EU in the UK’s refrendum in June would lead to the disintegration of the European Union 15 апреля 2016, 8:00
162 487
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