01.07.16 10:06
Gove vs Johnson, political chaos and Brexit racism | Owen Jones talks back
Where should we begin? It's been utter madness this week as the Brexit fallout continues. 1 июля 2016, 17:19
84 198
29.06.16 8:40
Don't despair after Brexit - time to fight for hope | Owen Jones talks...
Britain has voted to leave the European Union by a narrow majority. 29 июня 2016, 11:51
93 894
21.06.16 9:50
Brexit: prepare yourselves | Owen Jones talks...
The European Union is far from perfect but voting to leave in the EU referendum could be a huge mistake. A vote for Brexit could have a number of consequences domestically and at a European level. 21 июня 2016, 16:23
334 119
13.06.16 3:54
The Orlando massacre terrorist will fail. Here's why | Owen Jones talks...
The terrorists in who carried out America's worst ever shooting iin Orlando will fail just as a neo-Nazi terrorist did 17 years ago in London when he detonated a nail bomb outside the Admiral Duncan | 13 июня 2016, 15:28
76 865
10.06.16 13:13
Owen Jones meets Michael Moore | 'Trump is like the sound of dying dinosaurs'
With the release of his new documentary, ‘Where to Invade Next’, director Michael Moore tells me that a vote for Brexit would be like asking for relegation from the Premier League. 10 июня 2016, 10:09
206 257
02.06.16 9:23
It's time for PR and for Labour and the Tories to split up | Owen Jones talks...
The Labour party and the Conservatives are broad coalitions, comprising a variety of views across the left and right. When there was a simple two-party system, it made sense for them to hold together. 2 июня 2016, 11:21
49 249
29.05.16 2:30
Owen Jones is one today
I may not look it, but today I am having my first birthday... Well, the YouTube channel is anyway. 29 мая 2016, 16:05
25 279
27.05.16 8:19
Britain First, the monarchy and freedom of speech | Owen Jones talks back...
What do I think of the rise of Britain First in the UK? Should we still be a monarchy led by Queen Elizabeth? Have I destroyed freedom of speech in the western world? 27 мая 2016, 15:34
57 983
26.05.16 10:56
EU referendum: six reasons to remain | Owen Jones talks...
We need to vote Remain in the EU referendum - to build a just, democratic Europe. The EU is far from perfect. 26 мая 2016, 12:12
87 266
20.05.16 8:08
Online voting, the death of democracy, am I a lizard? | Owen Jones talks back
Isn't it about time we dragged the electoral system into the 21st century and introduced online voting? Is democracy dead? Have I uttered the most British phrase ever? 20 мая 2016, 15:14
32 233
18.05.16 8:50
The Conservatives have a problem with racism: they need to face up to it | Owen Jones talks
Racism and bigotry is unacceptable in all its forms, no matter where it comes from. In recent weeks the Labour party has had to deal with allegations of antisemitism. 18 мая 2016, 15:36
54 729
06.05.16 8:24
Gove's rejection, Hannan's NHS thoughts and Varoufakis's sexy accent | Owen Jones talks back
This week we hear from someone who's mum claims to have knocked back Michael Gove's romantic advances at university, someone who is really upset with me for not asking Dan Hannan about the NHS and | 6 мая 2016, 10:58
22 059
04.05.16 7:18
How the Tories are rigging our democracy | Owen Jones talks...
We owe our democracy to our ancestors. It wasn't simply given to us, they fought for our rights and freedoms, often at great cost to themselves. 4 мая 2016, 16:14
63 281
29.04.16 12:36
Owen Jones meets Kezia Dugdale | 'The SNP have been fundamentally dishonest'
Scottish Labour are not in a good place. At the last election, Labour lost all but one of their Scottish MPs and polls are predicting a similar wipeout in next week's Holyrood elections. 29 апреля 2016, 14:37
39 953
27.04.16 8:18
Zac Goldsmith: your London mayoral campaign is a disgrace | Owen Jones talks
Zac Goldsmith has run a divisive, dog-whistle campaign to become the Mayor of London in 2016. 27 апреля 2016, 11:31
146 071
18.04.16 6:42
'Bernie Sanders has changed US politics forever' | Owen Jones in New York
Hillary Clinton sees New York as her home state and, in theory at least, should run away with the state's Democrat primary. 18 апреля 2016, 11:00
38 309
15.04.16 15:14
Owen Jones meets Yanis Varoufakis | 'Europe is staring into the abyss'
Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis tells me he would love to give Brussels a shock – but a Brexit vote to leave the EU in the UK’s refrendum in June would lead to the disintegration of | 15 апреля 2016, 8:00
169 362
07.04.16 14:34
The refugee crisis dishonours the memory of the holocaust | Owen Jones meets Shami Chakrabarti
Shami Chakrabarti tells me that David Cameron's language and the UK government's treatment of refugees dishonours the refugee convention and the memory of the holocaust. 7 апреля 2016, 14:50
34 047
06.04.16 8:58
SNP get out clauses, proportional representation and orgasm parties | Owen Jones talks back
Is blaming the Westminster government for Scottish cuts a 'get out of jail free card' for the SNP? Would I support changing the voting system from first past the post to proportional representation? 6 апреля 2016, 9:48
18 932
01.04.16 1:33
Welcome to Owen Jones talks!
Hello! I'm Owen Jones, welcome to my YouTube channel. If you've subscribed already, thank you very much. 1 апреля 2016, 13:40
107 538
31.03.16 14:17
'Brexit vote is a once in a generation referendum' | Owen Jones meets Daniel Hannan
Daniel Hannan is a Eurosceptic Tory MEP who has made it his life's work to campaign to get Britain out of the European Union. 31 марта 2016, 12:03
111 149
22.03.16 12:48
Owen Jones meets Sir Ian McKellen | 'No one regrets being honest about their sexuality'
Sir Ian McKellen has starred in countless William Shakespeare plays, he's taken roles as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings series and Magneto in the X-Men series. 22 марта 2016, 8:44
95 993
17.03.16 14:13
'Westminster is worse than I feared' | Owen Jones meets Mhairi Black
Mhairi Black became the youngest MP serving at Westminster when she beat took the seat held by Labour's Douglas Alexander at the 2015 general election as the SNP decimated Labour in Scotland. 17 марта 2016, 7:26
162 811
11.03.16 6:58
European Union Brexit poll results: are you in or out? | Owen Jones talks back
The UK's referendum on whether to leave or remain in the EU is going to dominate the news over the next few months. Last week I held the most scientific of polls, right here on YouTube. 11 марта 2016, 10:43
30 127
10.03.16 6:48
The war on drugs has failed... So why extend drug laws? | Owen Jones talks
The war on drugs has been a failure. Despite ploughing billions of dollars into fighting the drugs war, drug use has increased while purity has declined. 10 марта 2016, 10:22
32 446
04.03.16 7:28
Would Bernie Sanders destroy America? First dates and lookalikes | Owen Jones talks back...
This week there's a suggestion Bernie Sanders would destroy America if he is elected President in US 2016 election. Maybe he'll still be trying to fix the catastrophic mess left by George W. Bush? 4 марта 2016, 10:35
25 287
02.03.16 7:21
Project Fear: why Tory EU Brexit campaigners can't complain | Owen Jones talks
The pro-Brexit Conservative Leader of the House of Commons, Chris Grayling, has been having a moan recently about the 'Project Fear' tactics used by the campaign to remain part of the European Union. 2 марта 2016, 16:14
31 507
22.02.16 8:42
Owen Jones meets Deutschland 83 star Jonas Nay | 'We have a responsibility towards refugees'
Jonas Nay, unlike his character Martin Rauch, can play the piano and attempts to teach me the theme tune to this years hit TV series. 22 февраля 2016, 14:03
66 319
19.02.16 8:00
Owen Jones meets Manuela Carmena | 'Politicians have lost the hearts of the people
Manuela Carmena is the mayor of Madrid. She's also a former member of the Spanish Communist party and she defended political dissidents under the dictatorship of General Franco. 19 февраля 2016, 13:59
34 832
12.02.16 9:01
Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton? Cups of tea and coming out | Owen Jones talks back
Am I supporting Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the US elections 2016? Are Momentum knitting plutonium bombs behind closed doors? Why do I have to drink tea like that? 12 февраля 2016, 15:38
73 955
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