8 дней 7:49
The privacy concerns at the heart of the FISA renewal debate
The House of Representatives voted to reauthorize a key provision of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which U.S. intelligence agencies say is critical to collecting communications from overseas. 12 января 2018, 0:33
2 949
8 дней 8:05
How #MeToo power dynamics affect economists
What kind of hostilities do female economists face, and why? 12 января 2018, 0:12
2 222
8 дней 1:50
The bomb cyclone turned Nantucket waves into Slurpee slush
In our NewsHour Shares moment of the day, cold weather created a rare phenomenon on the beach in Nantucket, Massachusetts, when last week's bomb cyclone pummeled the East Coast. 12 января 2018, 0:09
11 268
8 дней 8:49
The Cancun that tourists don’t often see: soaring murders amid a bloody drug war
It's not part of Cancun that tourists travel to see: heavily armed police working to stop a soaring homicide rate. 12 января 2018, 0:08
7 922
8 дней 4:05
News Wrap: Trump administration reverses policy on state Medicaid work requirements
In our news wrap Thursday, in a major reversal of previous policy, the Trump administration will begin permitting states to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients. 12 января 2018, 0:08
3 249
8 дней 4:59
Senators try to sell immigration deal with DACA protections
A bipartisan group of senators announced on Thursday they have agreed on an immigration deal that would protect so-called “dreamers” and beef up border security. 12 января 2018, 0:08
3 504
8 дней 3:36
Emma Gannon grew up online. Now she’s learning the beauty of sharing less
The content-creator online world is misunderstood, says author and podcaster Emma Gannon, who sees the future of work being rewritten by social media go-getters who don't necessarily work 9-5. 11 января 2018, 21:51
2 667
8 дней 1:01:57
8 285
8 дней 58:26
WATCH LIVE: House Speaker Ryan, House Minority Leader Pelosi hold weekly news conferences
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is expected to hold his weekly news conference at 11:30 a.m. ET, with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi expected to speak around 12:15 p.m. ET. 11 января 2018, 17:58
6 880
9 дней 56:55
24 420
9 дней 53:24
PBS NewsHour full episode January 10, 2018
Wednesday on the NewsHour, rescuers search for survivors as deadly mudslides slam Southern California. 11 января 2018, 0:51
44 179
9 дней 7:50
Boston plans for climate change’s promise of more storms. Will it be enough?
An epic nor'easter, a full moon high tide and a rising sea all conspired to swallow up Boston with an icy cold winter flood. 11 января 2018, 0:31
3 323
9 дней 10:07
'42 states haven’t upgraded their election equipment in over a decade and Russia knows it’
Primary voting in the 2018 elections is set to being in just two months. Is the U.S. voting system secure in case Russia tries to interfere? Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., and Sen. 11 января 2018, 0:16
2 473
9 дней 11:41
What does aftermath of ‘Fire and Fury’ mean for Trump’s agenda?
President Trump took questions from reporters during a press conference with Norway's prime minister, where he declined to say whether he would sit for an interview in the Russia investigation. 11 января 2018, 0:06
9 612
9 дней 3:24
How animal cameras are capturing Seattle’s wild side
In our NewsHour Shares moment of the day, researchers are peeking into the lives of animals who are trying to make it in the big city. 11 января 2018, 0:05
3 018
9 дней 8:33
Why Ohio's way of purging voter rolls is at the Supreme Court
A case challenging the removal of hundreds of thousands of people from voter rolls in Ohio went to the Supreme Court on Wednesday. 11 января 2018, 0:05
3 509
9 дней 3:22
News Wrap: Trump tweets court system is ‘broken and unfair’ after DACA ruling
In our news wrap Wednesday, President Trump sharply criticized a federal judge who blocked his decision to end the DACA program. 10 января 2018, 23:51
4 881
9 дней 6:00
After devastating wildfires came deadly mudslides. Here’s what makes them so treacherous
Huge mudslides have wiped out at least 100 homes in Southern California, where authorities have confirmed 15 deaths. 10 января 2018, 23:51
4 395
9 дней 16:13
WATCH: President Trump signs bipartisan INTERDICT Act
President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed the International Narcotics Trafficking Emergency Response by Detecting Incoming Contraband with Technology Act, or the INTERDICT Act, into law in the Oval Office. 10 января 2018, 23:20
3 073
9 дней 1:59
President Trump says interview with Special Counsel Mueller 'seems unlikely'
President Donald Trump, when asked about a potential interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller concerning Russia collusion, said it "seems unlikely" that he would give an interview, but that "we'll see what 10 января 2018, 21:41
4 883
9 дней 12:08
Trump addresses taxes, immigration in first cabinet meeting of 2018
President Donald Trump touted the GOP tax overhaul and laid out his vision for immigration during the first cabinet meeting of 2018. 10 января 2018, 21:00
2 728
9 дней 1:07
President Trump promises a 'strong look' at libel laws
President Donald Trump, speaking ahead of the first meeting of his Cabinet in 2018, called libel laws a "sham" and said that his administration would "take a strong look" at them. 10 января 2018, 20:59
1 076
9 дней 23:05
WATCH: President Trump and Prime Minister Solberg of Norway hold joint news conference
President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Norway hold a joint news conference from the White House. 10 января 2018, 20:37
17 691
10 дней 56:11
23 763
10 дней 7:06
Why teachers selling lesson plans have sparked debate
To earn extra money, many teachers around the country are selling lesson plans via online marketplaces. 10 января 2018, 0:48
3 889
10 дней 54:23
PBS NewsHour full episode January 9, 2018
Tuesday on the NewsHour, President Trump negotiates immigration policies with congressional leaders. Also: New talks between the two Koreas, Sen. 10 января 2018, 0:47
59 004
10 дней 3:13
The ugly truth about truth, according to Errol Morris
If your goal is to talk to another human being and hear the truth, Errol Morris says you're going to be disappointed. The filmmaker explains why he broke the rules of documentary and why sometimes falsehood wins. 10 января 2018, 0:20
9 100
10 дней 5:27
How this Alabama game-time gamble paid off
College football ended its season on Monday with high drama. Alabama won its fifth championship since 2007 in a battle against its Southeastern conference neighbor, Georgia. 10 января 2018, 0:19
1 772
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