12 дней 2:41
How a Police Beating in Elkhart, Indiana Unfolded
On Nov. 2, the Elkhart, Indiana, Police Department released a 30-second clip of two officers beating a man in custody. 6 ноября 2018, 3:20
8 777
15 дней 0:49
Indiana Police Officers Charged After Punching Handcuffed Man
Two Elkhart, Indiana police officers have been charged with misdemeanor battery for punching a handcuffed man in the face more than 10 times. 3 ноября 2018, 2:44
98 060
15 дней 1:54
What Is Catch and Kill?
Catch and kill, explained. The Trump, Inc. podcast is produced by WNYC and ProPublica. Listen wherever you get your podcasts. 2 ноября 2018, 16:20
15 дней 2:10
Ivanka Trump and the Art of the Misstatement
Our new investigation into the Trump Organization found that Ivanka Trump frequently made false statements about the company's projects. Trump, Inc. is produced by WNYC and ProPublica. 2 ноября 2018, 16:12
15 дней 3:26
Rudy Giuliani’s Mystery Trips to Russia, Armenia and Ukraine
Rudy Giuliani is working for President Trump for free. So, how does he make money? We took a deep dive into his trips abroad to try to find out. The Trump, Inc. 2 ноября 2018, 16:07
2 253
29 дней 1:42
Liberians Protest More Than Me After ProPublica Investigation
Liberians marched in Monrovia this week, protesting American charity More Than Me after a ProPublica and Time investigation revealed the charity missed opportunities to prevent rapes of young girls | 19 октября 2018, 20:25
37 дней 44:54
Katie Meyler captivated Americans with the stories of girls she met in Monrovia, Liberia, who she said were so poor that they had to sell their bodies just to buy clean drinking water. 11 октября 2018, 19:12
51 183
39 дней 1:28
Trailer: How an American Charity Failed Some of the World's Most Vulnerable Girls
More Than Me gained fame for saving girls from sexual exploitation. But from the very beginning, girls were being raped. The story and an accompanying documentary will publish on Oct. 9 октября 2018, 20:55
4 165
52 дня 4:59
The doctor who says questionable science helps child abusers go free
“Academic freedom is not just about saying what you want,” said John Leventhal, the medical director of the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital Child Abuse Program. 26 сентября 2018, 12:43
52 дня 4:56
The famous scientist who testifies for accused child abusers
Michael Holick, a renowned scientist turned expert witness, relies on his own controversial theory to help alleged abusers avoid prison and regain custody of the babies they were accused of harming. 26 сентября 2018, 12:43
54 дня 3:20
Suffolk County Detectives Repeatedly Ignored a Father's Request for an Interpreter
After a 15-year-old girl disappeared, her father worried she had been kidnapped and raped by older guys. He went to the Suffolk County Police. They repeatedly ignored his request for an interpreter. 24 сентября 2018, 18:48
3 667
87 дней 0:59
Anatomy of a Garbage Truck Crash
An unlicensed employee was behind the wheel of a Sanitation Salvage truck when it smashed head-on into a sedan on a Bronx street. 22 августа 2018, 17:53
2 033
13.07.18 0:59
Immigrant mother and daughter reunited in Houston
Six-year-old Alison Jimena Valencia Madrid was separated from her mother, Cindy, by border patrol. The two were apart for over a month. Now, the've been reunited. 13 июля 2018, 9:09
2 408
28.06.18 2:17
We Found $16.1 Million in Political and Taxpayer Spending at Trump Properties
Most came from political entities such as the Trump campaign, but government agencies chipped in, too. 28 июня 2018, 17:44
1 368
27.06.18 3:40
What it’s like working at a facility that holds immigrant kids
ProPublica interviewed a staffer at one of the facilities. “We have too many kids and not enough staff,” he said. 27 июня 2018, 17:20
2 491
22.06.18 3:42
Separated From Her Mother at the Border, a Six-Year-Old Has to Find Her Own Way
A Salvadoran woman becomes her family’s lifeline when her sister was taken to a detention facility in Texas and her niece to an Arizona shelter. 22 июня 2018, 14:54
69 571
18.06.18 7:48
Listen to children who’ve just been separated from their parents at the border
ProPublica has obtained audio from inside a U.S. 18 июня 2018, 20:08
2 349 636
08.06.18 7:39
Treated Like Trash
Fatal accidents, off-the-books workers, a union once run by a mobster. The rogue world of one of New York’s major trash haulers. 8 июня 2018, 17:38
9 556
06.06.18 1:09
Conflicts of Interest, Episode 1: Rep. Lance Harris
We're working with The Advocate to investigate conflicts of interest in the Louisiana legislator. Do you have a tip? Get in touch with investigative reporter Rebekah Allen: rallen@theadvocate.com. 6 июня 2018, 19:54
16.05.18 6:42
Broken Hearts
David Kveton died after a failed heart transplant at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center. At first, his wife thought he had just been unlucky. 16 мая 2018, 14:00
6 718
11.05.18 3:06
He’s a proud neo-Nazi, Charlottesville attacker – and a U.S. Marine
A Marine took part in the violent assaults in Charlottesville last summer and later bragged about it online with other members of Atomwaffen, an extremist group preparing for a race war. 11 мая 2018, 17:23
16 207
03.05.18 3:03
He’s a proud neo-Nazi, Charlottesville attacker – and a U.S. Marine
A Marine took part in the violent assaults in Charlottesville last summer and later bragged about it online with other members of Atomwaffen, an extremist group preparing for a race war. 3 мая 2018, 18:27
11 280
23.04.18 5:16
When school discipline means getting locked up
She was locked up after an incident at school. She’s 13. And she’s black. 23 апреля 2018, 11:44
4 700
19.04.18 2:21
Hate in Trump's Name
The abusers had a clear message: Donald Trump’s going to take care of a problem – and that problem is you. 19 апреля 2018, 12:00
4 186
02.04.18 8:21
The teenager told police all about his gang, MS-13. In return, he was slated for deportation and marked for death. 2 апреля 2018, 14:47
23 292
29.03.18 4:32
What we know about Jason Foster
Jason Foster is the senior investigative counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee. He’s one of the staffers working behind the scenes to go after the FBI and the handling of the Trump-Russia probe. 29 марта 2018, 17:40
1 162
05.03.18 2:55
Skipping Drugs She Can't Afford
With an annual income of less than $20,000, Saundra Johnson doesn’t come close to being able to afford the 12 medications her doctors have prescribed for congestive heart failure, diabetes and | 5 марта 2018, 19:03
1 118
05.03.18 3:25
Crossing the Border for His Son's Prescription
Every three months, Jonathan Yeagley drives 390 miles from his home outside Philadelphia to a Walmart store half a mile across the border in Canada. 5 марта 2018, 19:02
1 110
05.03.18 3:29
Treating a Common Children's Ailment Isn't Cheap
About six months ago, Aviva Williams’s four-year-old daughter, Amy, began complaining about an itchy bottom -- a classic sign, her doctor later informed her, of pinworms. 5 марта 2018, 19:02
27.02.18 2:43
Going Bankrupt Over Ticket Debt in Chicago
After accumulating traffic ticket debt, Racheal White had a choice: lose her car or file for bankruptcy. 27 февраля 2018, 14:58
2 500
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