07.08.17 4:31
U.S. Military Openly Burning Munitions, Making Millions Sick
You would think after open burn pits caused irreparable health damage to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan that our military wouldn't dare do it on American soil. 7 августа 2017, 12:00
4 199
06.08.17 1:21
Saudi Arabia & U.S. Are Friends w/ Benefits (Such As War Crimes)
Yemen is in the midst of one of the world's worst famines and cholera outbreak, and they have the U.S. to thank for it. 6 августа 2017, 20:00
2 782
06.08.17 5:56
Facebook Announces Plan To Prioritize CORPORATE MEDIA!
Facebook announced it would give priority to "fast-loading" media, but what does that really mean?? It means billions of people will be fed mostly corporate and mainstream media on Facebook. 6 августа 2017, 17:53
17 952
06.08.17 3:09
Stock Market Celebrates Worker Abuse!
The way we treat our labor force in America leaves something to be desired. 6 августа 2017, 12:00
3 677
05.08.17 2:00
We’ve Found Our New Iraq – It’s Venezuela!
Why do operations to “fix democracy” always end up in the US committing war crimes? 5 августа 2017, 20:00
7 257
05.08.17 10:15
NEW PROOF: Drug War Is A Lie Designed To Imprison Americans
DESCRIPTION - The War on Drugs is about mass incarceration. It's about destroying the activist community. It's about destroying the black community. 5 августа 2017, 11:00
33 866
05.08.17 28:10
Drug War Is As Sham, Wall St. Celebrates Worker Abuse [159]
In this episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee opens with Attorney General Jeff Session’s stance on criminalizing drug users and dealers which seems practically braindead considering the success of the so-called “War on 5 августа 2017, 0:30
33 027
04.08.17 9:19
WATCH: Hackers At Defcon Prove Our Voting Machines Are Pieces Of Trash
Lee Camp reveals how a bunch of hackers were told to have at it in a room of voting machines in which they cracked the code on all of them. How easy was it to get into some of these machines? 4 августа 2017, 12:00
9 868
03.08.17 30:25
[71] Eleanor Goldfield & Hackers Prove Voting Machines Are Garbage
In this episode of Redacted Tonight VIP, Lee Camp talks with Eleanor Goldfield, host of Act Out! 3 августа 2017, 22:00
16 509
02.08.17 4:47
DNC PRANKED: Forced To Admit They Don't Have Progressive Values!
The Yes Men's performance art activism is at it again, this time announcing a new Democratic strategy for winning elections: banning corporate money and actually listening to the public's opinion on policies. 2 августа 2017, 19:45
37 891
01.08.17 4:48
Washington Post Instructs Reporters Not To Say Anything That Could Harm Advertisers
At the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post, all journalists have freedom to report on whatever they want--as long as that reporting never speaks ill of Big Pharma companies, Big Banks, and whatever "Big" thing doling them 1 августа 2017, 12:00
6 055
31.07.17 2:06
Pentagon Declares US Empire Is Ending
A fear mongering Pentagon report is meant to have Americans shaking in their boots over the prospect of our country’s empire falling apart. Their solution: Continue to feed the U.S. 31 июля 2017, 20:00
8 623
31.07.17 4:25
Prisons Like Rikers Need To Close Now
Rikers Island, New York City’s main holding center for its most violent and most innocent inmates, is synonymous with corruption and brutality. 31 июля 2017, 12:00
2 031
30.07.17 1:03
Bill To Make Political Activism Illegal Halted FOR NOW
Congress could be dangerously close to putting free speech—particularly political activist speech—on the chopping block. 30 июля 2017, 20:00
3 106
30.07.17 3:11
Dakota Access Pipeline Sabotaged: Activists Take Credit
Bolivia recently declared its independence once again. This time President Evo Morales announced his secession from the World Bank and the IMF, neo-imperialist institutions that have damaged countries worldwide. 30 июля 2017, 12:00
3 929
29.07.17 2:46
US Killed More Innocents This Month Than Terrorists Killed In 12 Years
Our country’s insatiable need for perpetual war has gotten so out of control that when we’re not bombing innocent Syrian civilians, Pentagon- and CIA-backed soldiers are fighting each other. 29 июля 2017, 20:00
3 612
29.07.17 6:11
The Democrats Try to Rebrand Their Corruption: QUICK TAKE
Corporate Democrats have once again revealed that they care only about their brand. 29 июля 2017, 18:09
18 329
29.07.17 8:13
Head Of CIA Accidentally Reveals CIA's Crimes
In an interview, CIA director Mike Pompeo told an enormous amount of truth about America’s plan to repeat many of their foreign policy mistakes over and over again in the coming years. 29 июля 2017, 12:00
26 899
29.07.17 27:12
CIA Fesses Up, Pentagon Admits End of Empire, Rikers Abuse Revealed [158]
In this episode of Redacted Tonight, Host Lee Camp opens with the direction of the CIA, which seems backwards. 29 июля 2017, 0:30
98 571
28.07.17 9:18
REVEALED: USA Today’s Utter Bulls**t
Lee Camp reviews another paper of unfortunate record--this time it's USA Today. Dominating the front page are stories on O.J. 28 июля 2017, 12:00
9 057
27.07.17 30:59
[70] Jordan Chariton On The Collapse Of The Mainstream Media
In this episode of Redacted Tonight VIP, Lee Camp talks with Jordan Chariton, a political reporter for The Young Turks and author of the new book "Corporate Con Job: How Mainstream Media Aids the Oligarchy." Lee and 27 июля 2017, 22:14
26 172
25.07.17 1:58
Gaza Strip Declared Unlivable Due To Israeli Blockade
The mainstream media revels in a narrative that paints all Muslims as terrorists. So it's no shock that recent news of deplorable living conditions of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip gets left in the dust. 25 июля 2017, 12:00
3 441
24.07.17 4:34
Disney Makes Billions While Their Workers Starve
Earning pay lower than Eeyore's morale, Disneyland employees are protesting their lack of a living wage, which has many employees sleeping out of their cars. 24 июля 2017, 17:49
4 906
24.07.17 10:50
Media Blackout: How Many Killer Cops Are Suffering From Roid Rage?
In this segment, Lee covers on of the nation’s most intractable problems: police brutality. 24 июля 2017, 12:00
4 638
23.07.17 6:23
OOPS! CNN Caught In Blatant Propaganda Using Young Girl
If you can actually internalize the implications of this story, it very well may shatter your worldview of the US. 23 июля 2017, 20:00
25 111
23.07.17 5:29
URGENT: Congress Considering Bipartisan Bill To Make Political Activism A Felony!
A new bill in front of Congress literally makes political activism highly illegal. It's aimed at the BDS movement fighting for divestment from Israel. 23 июля 2017, 12:00
23 900
22.07.17 1:38
Trump Adds EVEN MORE Goldman Sachs To His Government
As we watch President Trump have more conflicts of interest than hairs on his head, Obama’s corporate donations go unnoticed. 22 июля 2017, 20:00
2 362
22.07.17 9:21
How To See Through NY Times Propaganda
Lee Camp opens up a recent copy of The New York Times to read how the establishment media beats the war drums, in the most subtle ways. 22 июля 2017, 12:00
12 525
22.07.17 1:22
Director Of Gov. Ethics Resigns Saying U.S. Is Laughingstock
Can we really say that there is a crisis of government accountability and ethics today in America? 22 июля 2017, 12:00
4 604
22.07.17 29:20
CNN Propaganda, Cops Are Addicts, Goldman Sachs Takes Over [157]
In this episode of Redacted Tonight, host Lee Camp talks about the police. And this isn’t your standard exploration of police brutality. 22 июля 2017, 0:30
36 560
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