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Panic In Panik: Russian Military Drills Shake Armenian Village
Residents of an Armenian village were shocked by the sound of explosions and gunfire on July 17. It was just the Russian military conducting unannounced exercises. 18 июля 2018, 16:45
1 день 2:02
Trump Says He Accepts That Russia Meddled In 2016 U.S. Election
U.S. President Donald Trump has said he accepts the U.S. intelligence community's conclusion that Russia meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 17 июля 2018, 20:35
1 день 1:30
Ukrainian Activist Attacked With Zelyonka And Pies
Attackers doused a Ukrainian activist with a green chemical and cream pies as he protested the dropping of a corruption case prosecution in Kyiv. Originally published at - rferl.org/a/kyiv-zelyonka/29372228. 17 июля 2018, 14:20
1 день 0:52
Russia's Last Tsar And Family Remembered On 100th Anniversary Of Executions
Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill led tens of thousands of people in a procession in the early hours of July 17 to mark 100 years since Bolshevik revolutionaries murdered Tsar Nicholas II and his family. 17 июля 2018, 14:00
2 дня 0:57
Man Bundled Away From Trump-Putin Briefing
A man holding a handwritten sign was bundled out of the room by security officials, minutes before a press conference by U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. 16 июля 2018, 15:35
2 дня 1:32
Kazakhs Go Nuts Over Giant Squirrel
A British artist voiced surprise that his giant straw sculpture of a squirrel was strongly criticized online, after it was erected in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 16 июля 2018, 12:33
3 дня 0:30
France Jubilant After World Cup Victory
Central Paris erupted with scenes of joy as tens of thousands of fans celebrated their national soccer team's victory at the World Cup in Russia. 15 июля 2018, 17:50
3 дня 1:13
Russia Passes World Cup Ball To Qatar
At a Kremlin ceremony on July 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin handed over the mantle of World Cup host to Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, whose country will stage the 2022 edition of the tournament. 15 июля 2018, 16:29
7 959
3 дня 1:25
Thousands Demonstrate In Helsinki Ahead Of Trump-Putin Summit
Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Helsinki on July 15 on the eve a historic meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Finnish capital. 15 июля 2018, 14:50
8 130
3 дня 1:52
Croatians Root For Their Team Ahead Of World Cup Final In Moscow's Red Square
Moscow's Red Square is filled with jubilant Croatia fans hours ahead of the country's first ever World Cup final appearance on July 15. 15 июля 2018, 13:04
4 дня 0:59
Belgrade Residents Protest New Church Construction
Some 200 residents of Belgrade's Stepa Stepanovic development gathered in the Serbian capital on July 14 to protest against local authorities, who they accuse of ignoring promises to build schools and a health center, 14 июля 2018, 14:17
4 дня 1:03
More Than 130 Killed In Two Separate Election-Related Bombings In Pakistan
At least 133 people, including a parliamentary candidate, were killed and more than 230 wounded in two separate election-related bombings in Pakistan on July 13. 14 июля 2018, 11:52
4 753
5 дней 1:44
Russian Athletes Slog For Glory In Swamp Football
Russia's football team was knocked out of the World Cup, but a group of rugged athletes is still fighting their country in a lesser-known sport: swamp football. 13 июля 2018, 16:55
5 дней 2:09
Trump Hopeful For Better Russia Ties Ahead Of Putin Talks
U.S. President Donald Trump said he hoped to have a very good relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in remarks made during a visit to Britain on July 13. 13 июля 2018, 15:23
5 дней 1:05
Politkovskaya Garden Opens In Moscow
A garden dedicated to the memory of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was assassinated in 2006, was opened in Moscow on July 13. 13 июля 2018, 15:12
5 дней 1:10
Soothsaying Tajik Camel Picks World Cup Champion
Maria the camel chose Croatia to beat England in the semifinal of soccer's World Cup earlier this week. Now she has set her sights on the final against France. Which bowl did she choose? 13 июля 2018, 14:25
5 дней 0:43
Blast Targets Pakistan Election Candidate
A deadly bomb blast hit a politician's convoy as it headed to an election rally in the northwestern city of Bannu on July 13. 13 июля 2018, 13:13
20 089
5 дней 0:54
Multiple Protests Against Trump Held In Britain
Thousands of people rallied in London against U.S. President Donald Trump's four-day trip to Britain on July 13, with a giant balloon depicting Trump as an oversized baby flown by the Houses of Parliament. 13 июля 2018, 12:25
6 дней 1:12
Macedonia And NATO Sign Deal On Accession Process
Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg signed an agreement to begin the Balkan nation's process of accession to the alliance in Brussels on July 12. 12 июля 2018, 16:32
6 дней 0:39
Croatia Cabinet Meets In Soccer Team Jerseys After Semifinal Win
The Croatian government held a cabinet meeting dressed in the red and white checkered jerseys of their national soccer team, a day after Croatia reached the World Cup final for the first time in its history. 12 июля 2018, 15:57
6 дней 1:49
'Medieval' -- Activists Slam Russian Zoo
Animal rights activists say a traveling zoo is "like something out of medieval times" and are demanding Russia tighten laws on animal cruelty. Originally published at - rferl.org/a/russia-zoo/29359622.html 12 июля 2018, 15:11
6 дней 1:06
Croatian Soccer Fans Go Wild In Zagreb
Thousands of fans celebrated in Zagreb after Croatia beat England 2-1 in the World Cup semi-finals on the evening of July 11. 12 июля 2018, 8:23
15 445
7 дней 1:42
1 892
7 дней 2:09
Shepherd Accused Of Killing American Family In Georgia
A shepherd in the republic of Georgia has pleaded not guilty to the murders of an American-born couple and their son. 11 июля 2018, 15:36
7 дней 1:43
Keeping An Eye On The Sarkisians
Armenian authorities seized valuable artwork, coins, cash, and jewelry in a raid on a house owned by relatives of former President Serzh Sarkisian. 11 июля 2018, 15:16
7 дней 0:48
Britain Says Will Double Troops In Afghanistan
British Prime Minister Theresa May said London would double its forces in Afghanistan in response to a request from NATO, as she arrived at the alliance's summit in Brussels on July 11. 11 июля 2018, 12:12
8 дней 0:53
Ukraine Bids Farewell To Dissident Lukyanenko
The funeral of prominent Ukrainian dissident Levko Lukyanenko was held in Kyiv. 10 июля 2018, 14:57
8 дней 1:25
Trump: Dealing With Putin Easier Than NATO Or U.K.
U.S. President Donald Trump said dealing with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin might be easier than talks with NATO or visiting Britain. 10 июля 2018, 14:20
3 750
8 дней 2:42
Tusk To Trump: 'Appreciate Your Allies'
European Council President Donald Tusk has appealed to U.S. 10 июля 2018, 11:54
4 671
9 дней 3:40
NATO Summit 'Could Blow Up' Amid Transatlantic Tension
NATO leaders gather for a summit on July 11-12 amid deep divisions on trade and defense spending. Originally published at - rferl.org/a/nato-summit-could-blow-up/29336476.html 9 июля 2018, 17:37
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