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Russian MoD on measures they take in Syria after Il-20 downing
Within two weeks Russia will complete the delivery to Damascus of an S-300 air defense system previously suspended on a request by Israel as part of response to the downing of a Russian plane amid | 24 сентября 2018, 9:07
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17 часов 8:35
Russian MoD reveals detailed chronology of Il-20 downing in Syria
Russia's Defence Ministry today saying 'the Israeli military holds full responsibility for the downing of a Russian military aircraft in Syria this week, which killed all 15 servicemen on board'. 23 сентября 2018, 16:09
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17 часов 2:35
NGO founder surrenders to police, facing charges for helping refugees to enter Greece illegally
The founder of a Greek NGO facing charges for allegedly helping migrants illegally enter the country was arrested Wednesday, police said. 23 сентября 2018, 15:59
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17 часов 1:27
Green perks revoked: California to ban 200,000 e-cars from priority lanes
California could be about to punish more than 200,000 low or zero-emission car owners, as it tackles congestion problems. 23 сентября 2018, 15:57
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K-433 Svyatoy Georgiy Pobedonosets: Nuclear Triad Workhorse (RT Documentary Trailer)
WATCH premiere on 24/09. The ballistic missile armed and nuclear-powered submarine, ‘Svyatoy Georgiy Pobedonosets’, has served both the Soviet and Russian Navies for almost 40 years. 23 сентября 2018, 14:36
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Iran summons UK, Netherlands & Denmark envoys after military parade attack leaves 28 dead
Iran has lashed out at three European countries, for their policies on separatist groups in Iran, in the wake of a terrorist atrocity. 23 сентября 2018, 13:45
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21 час 1:08
Russian MoD: 3D video of Il-20 downing off Syrian coast
COURTESY: Russian MoD A minute-by-minute account of the Il-20 downing shows Israel's culpability and either its military bosses' lack of appreciation of relations with Moscow, or their control of | 23 сентября 2018, 12:27
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RAW: Moment powerful tornado rips through suburb in Ottawa, Canada
A powerful tornado ripped through residential neighborhoods in Ottawa on Friday, footage filmed from a balcony on Lemieux Street shows. 23 сентября 2018, 10:16
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1 день 15:53
Russian MoD details chronology of Il-20 downing off Syrian coast
The Russian Ministry of Defense is revealing a detailed chronology of the downing of a Il-20 plane near the coast of Syria six days ago. 23 сентября 2018, 8:20
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1 день 4:30
'Democrats panick about memo data': Trump delays order to declassify Russia probe documents
READ MORE: on.rt.com/9es3 President Donald Trump has delayed his order to declassify documents related the the FBI’s surveillance of former campaign adviser Carter Page, and asked the | 22 сентября 2018, 17:34
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1 день 3:10
'US reports anything to justify foreign policy': State department blames terror in Syria on its govt
The US State Department has blamed the rise of terrorism in Syria on the country's government and its allies. That's according to Washington's latest report on the matter. 22 сентября 2018, 15:43
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1 день 2:17
U-turn on multiculturalism? Danish public broadcaster told to stress importance of Christianity
READ MORE: on.rt.com/9en5 New guidelines for the Danish public broadcaster DR have put an emphasis on its highlighting the roots in Christianity of the country’s society, instead of | 22 сентября 2018, 15:02
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1 день 3:12
'Darkest press conference': Sparks fly between Khabib & McGregor ahead of UFC title fight
READ MORE: on.rt.com/9eqz Before their battle in the octagon, which has already been dubbed the "biggest fight in MMA history," the two warriors clash in a war of words at their UFC 229 | 22 сентября 2018, 14:19
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Attack on military parade in Iran caught on cam (DISTURBING)
READ MORE: on.rt.com/9ete An army parade in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz has come under attack. 22 сентября 2018, 13:03
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1 день 25:46
Keiser Report: The Coming Storm (E1283)
In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the coming storm of broke elderly and Latin America blames the USA for Chinese entry into region. 22 сентября 2018, 12:13
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2 дня 1:21
DISTURBING: Moment Iranian Army parade is attacked by gunmen
Unknown assailants have attacked an army parade in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz COURTESY: RT's RUPTLY video agency, NO RE-UPLOAD, NO REUSE - FOR LICENSING, PLEASE, CONTACT | 22 сентября 2018, 8:15
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2 дня 2:14
#ICYMI: The Salisbury poisoning – Petrov and Boshirov, two men on a mini-break
Check out #ICYMI a day earlier: youtube.com/channel/UCdgFmrDeP9nWj_eDKW6j9kQ With every new twist surrounding the poisoning of the Skripals in Salisbury, an element of farce is not far | 22 сентября 2018, 7:44
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2 дня 27:11
Hungary’s FM: We are anti-migration government, whether Brussels likes it or not
The rift between Hungary and Brussels is widening. But can Budapest resist pressure from the EU’s establishment… with warning shots already fired? 21 сентября 2018, 15:54
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2 дня 2:18
Unconventional arrangement? BBC gets sued over claims Ukrainian president paid to meet Trump
The president of Ukraine is preparing to take on the BBC. 21 сентября 2018, 14:07
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2 дня 3:15
German father pleas for 'justice' over death of his son in migrant brawl
In Germany a father is appealing to authorities to re-launch the investigation into his son's death. RT LIVE youtube.com/watch?v=IFAcqaNzNSc Check out rt.com Subscribe to RT! 21 сентября 2018, 13:28
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2 дня 5:20
Accusations or hard facts? NYT publishes report on Russian meddling
The New York Times has published a mamouth special report describing Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 US presidential election. 21 сентября 2018, 12:59
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2 дня 3:46
Pocket Spy: Israeli surveillance software 'Pegasus' tracked in 45 countries
An Israeli surveillance software tool capable of accessing microphones, cameras and other data has been tracked to 45 countries around the globe. 21 сентября 2018, 12:33
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2 дня 24:37
CrossTalk: Crisis Politics
In the age of Trump political gridlock has been taken to the next level. There is a lot at stake – a Supreme Court seat and presidential prerogatives. 21 сентября 2018, 11:54
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2 дня 4:02
Selective punishment? US slaps China with sanctions for purchasing Russian weapons
READ MORE: on.rt.com/9eql Beijing has threatened that Washington will face “consequences” if it doesn’t withdraw the recent batch of sanctions against China over military cooperation with | 21 сентября 2018, 11:44
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3 дня 1:24:12
Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov: Press conference ahead of UFC title fight
Reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and former two-division UFC kingpin Conor McGregor hold a press conference at Radio City Music Hall in New York | 20 сентября 2018, 22:25
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3 дня 54:04
TAPE: Assange's last video before communications cut at Ecuadorian Embassy in London (FULL)
WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange could be seen in his final video before Internet and communications were cut off at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London last March. 20 сентября 2018, 19:47
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3 дня 2:00
Sign of the times: Londoners take law into their own hands in fight against drug crime
RT LIVE youtube.com/watch?v=IFAcqaNzNSc Check out rt.com Subscribe to RT! 20 сентября 2018, 19:43
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3 дня 4:08
Tories leak ‘secret plan’ to ditch Theresa May as leader & a list of possible successors
RT LIVE youtube.com/watch?v=IFAcqaNzNSc Check out rt.com Subscribe to RT! 20 сентября 2018, 17:50
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3 дня 6:50
Sporting Chance: WADA reinstates Russian anti-doping agency after 3-year ban
READ MORE: on.rt.com/9eo5 The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Executive Committee has voted to reinstate Russia’s anti-doping agency (RUSADA), after it reached agreement on two remaining | 20 сентября 2018, 17:25
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3 дня 1:09:51
Zakharova holds weekly briefing in St. Petersburg
Spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova conducts her weekly press briefing on current foreign affairs in St. Petersburg. 20 сентября 2018, 14:23
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