1 день 3:32
Russia-China drills in Baltic Sea worry European media
As Russia and China start a week's worth of drills, it's got Western media in a spin. Like what you see? 21 июля 2017, 15:34
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1 день 2:21
Drone shows earthquake damage on island of Kos
Drone footage captures the destruction of historic buildings, homes and cafes on the Greek island of Kos following an earthquake which killed two people and wounded a further 120. Like what you see? 21 июля 2017, 15:19
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1 день 1:59
Peter Dowd: "British public services are not up for sale"
"Labour's having its own discussions with EU leaders across Europe" says Peter Dowd, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, who says the party won't "put up to ransom quality public services". Like what you see? 21 июля 2017, 14:50
1 день 1:20
Gina Miller: Press tried to break me over #Brexit case
In an interview with RT's Going Underground Gina Miller describes some of the treatment she received by the press and why she's not backing Leveson 2. Like what you see? 21 июля 2017, 14:00
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1 день 1:00
Palestinians and Israeli soldiers clash outside Temple Mount, Jerusalem
Tensions rose between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians outside Temple Mount, Friday, just hours after Israeli police announced Muslim men under the age of 50 would not be permitted to enter the al-Asqa Mosque compound. 21 июля 2017, 12:58
1 день 3:37
Disabled rely on crowdfunding for power wheelchairs - BMA
The British Medical Association has released a damning report saying disabled patients rely on crowdfunding to be able to afford power wheelchairs. 21 июля 2017, 11:46
1 день 0:26
Vince Cable taken over as Lib Dem leader
Vince Cable's formally taken over as the leader of the Liberal Democrats but do you think the party will change? Like what you see? 21 июля 2017, 11:31
1 день 0:30
Disabled campaigners protest outside Transport Dept
Disability rights campaigners called for better access to transport outside the Department of Transport in London after some campaigners tried to blockade access to Houses of Parliament the other day. Like what you see? 21 июля 2017, 11:20
1 день 2:10
"Shortage of social housing in London before #Grenfell"
"There's immense shortage in social housing" says housing lawyer Farzana Chowdhury, who believes you can understand why Kensington and Chelsea Council's found it difficult to re-house people but condemns their initial 21 июля 2017, 11:04
1 день 0:31
Cost of #Brexit: Legal fees brought against govt revealed
Did you know Gina Miller's case cost the government £500,000 in legal fees? In fact David Davis's department shells out more on legal costs than on payroll. Like what you see? 21 июля 2017, 10:37
1 день 6:14
"Deal is only a deal once it's done" LSE Director on #Brexit talks
"British politicians are sending out signal #Brexit deal will be easy" says Professor Tony Travers, director of London School of Economics, as David Davis finishes off second round of negotiations with the EU. 21 июля 2017, 10:25
1 день 2:20
6.8 mag Med earthquake kills 2 tourists in Greece
A 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit the Mediterrean Sea last night affecting Turkey and the Greek island of Kos. Over 100 people have been injured as it caused devastation to hotels, boats and cars. 21 июля 2017, 9:58
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1 день 1:34
OJ Simpson granted parole after 8 years in prison
OJ Simpson​ says "thank you" as a parole board votes to release him in October. He's been serving 8 years in prison following a Las Vegas heist. Like what you see? 21 июля 2017, 9:45
1 день 0:56
Fox: 'EU trade deal should be easiest in history'
Trade Secretary Liam Fox says the #Brexit trade deal should be easiest in history as David Davis finishes second round of negotiations with the EU. Like what you see? 21 июля 2017, 9:01
2 дня 5:36
Italy warns it will issue temp visas to migrants amid standoff
As Italy struggles with the migrant crisis its politicians warn the EU it will issue temporary visas to migrants and let them travel through the EU as crisis deepens. Like what you see? Please subscribe youtube. 20 июля 2017, 15:52
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2 дня 2:20
May's approval ratings 'worst in history' month after #GE2017
"#GrenfellTower was Theresa May​'s Hurricane Katrina moment" says RT's Polly Boiko as the PM's approval ratings is 'worst in history' just one month after #GE2017. Like what you see? 20 июля 2017, 15:39
4 418
2 дня 0:53
"We want to stop death in the sea" anti-immigration activists
'Defend Europe' activists wait in the port of Catania for the arrival of a ship commissioned to rove the Mediterranean in search of boats containing refugees and migrants. Like what you see? 20 июля 2017, 14:29
2 дня 3:36
"South East gains have been obliterated by housing costs"
"London's a huge magnet" says Dr Wanda Wyporska from the Inequality Trust as average incomes in the South East are 13% above average figures. Like what you see? 20 июля 2017, 14:09
2 дня 4:13
William & Kate cox boats in Cambridge-Heidelberg race
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge each cox a boat during race between twinned towns of Cambridge and Heidelberg in Gernany. Like what you see? 20 июля 2017, 13:43
2 294
2 дня 0:26
Leadsom calls Austen 'one of greatest living authors'
Oops, Andrea Leadsom MP​ accidentally calls Jane Austen​ 'one of our greatest living authors' in UK Parliament​. Like what you see? 20 июля 2017, 13:09
2 дня 27:45
Davis & Barnier hold press conference on #Brexit talks FULL
David Davis and his EU counterpart Michel Barnier held a press conference following the second round of #Brexit talks. Like what you see? Please subscribe youtube.com/RTUKnews FOLLOW ON TWITTER: twitter. 20 июля 2017, 13:06
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2 дня 0:34
German MEP: EU negotiators are punishing UK
EU negotiators are trying to 'punish' UK making #Brexit talks as difficult as possible says German MEP Hans-Olaf Henkel​. Do you agree with him? Like what you see? 20 июля 2017, 11:46
2 дня 2:22
MET Police urge retired detectives to return amid cuts
Former police officer Peter Kirkham calls it "desperation" as MET Police write to 400 former detectives amid government spending cuts Like what you see? 20 июля 2017, 11:34
2 дня 2:21
#GrenfellTower residents were locked in during council meeting
"Elizabeth Campbell was rolling her eyes to #GrenfellTower blogger who warned council of the risk" says campaigner Piers Thompson after over 2,000 people signed a petition calling on the whole of Kensington & Chelsea 20 июля 2017, 11:27
1 302
2 дня 2:04
BBC accused of bias over anti-#Brexit speech at Proms
"It's well known the BBC's against #Brexit" says UKIP MEP Ray Finch as BBC faces backlash from airing anti-Brexit speech from conductor Daniel Barenboim. Like what you see? 20 июля 2017, 10:36
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2 дня 2:39
"Tories are still playing musical chair" Joe from #Grenfell
"They contine to manage their PR disaster, we'll manage the humanitarian disaster" says Joe Delaney from Grenfell Action Group. Like what you see? 20 июля 2017, 10:09
2 дня 0:38
Bercow tells Tory MP to "stop smirking and behave"
Speaker of the House of Commons told Tory MP Robert Jenrick to stop smirking and behave after interrupting Angela Rayner's statement during tuition fees debate. Like what you see? 20 июля 2017, 9:35
3 472
2 дня 1:13
Lab MP on council: "They don't spend money where it matters"
"Most members of the council are incompetent" says Labour's Emma Dent-Coad the MP for Kensington hit out at Kensington & Chelsea Council following a heated council meeting. Like what you see? 20 июля 2017, 9:15
2 дня 0:24
"The dead don't want you" #Grenfell residents hit out at council leader
"The dead doesn't want you" survivors of #GrenfellTowerFire hit out at Kensington and Chelsea Council's leader Elizabeth Campbell at a council meeting last night. They're calling for new elections on the council. 20 июля 2017, 9:06
1 493
2 дня 2:23
'Justice for Grenfell' protest held outside Town Hall ahead of council meeting
Protesters rallied outside Kensington & Chelsea Town Hall in London, Wednesday, to demand public consultation on the Grenfell Tower fire public inquiry. 20 июля 2017, 9:01
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