7 дней 10:30
Between Klansmen and counter-protesters, police toe the line
Today on Race in America: Police arrested at least 20 people attempting to block the KKK’s, entrance into a public park in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. 14 июля 2017, 22:13
3 624
7 дней 2:08
NATO endorses film with fascist sympathies
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization endorsed a Latvian film on its website that heroizes ex-Nazi nationalist Latvian guerrilla fighters resisting the Soviet Army. 14 июля 2017, 21:17
2 632
7 дней 2:48
CNN pays US airports for broadcast at over 2000 gates
If you've ever been to the airport and wondered why all they play is CNN, the answer is: CNN Airport Network. The Resident breaks it down. 14 июля 2017, 21:01
27 035
7 дней 0:12
US Air Force Thunderbirds fly the Parisian skies
The US Air Force Thunderbirds fly over Paris during the city’s Bastille Day celebrations. Two US Air Force F-22 Raptors escort the flight demonstration team. 14 июля 2017, 20:33
1 921
7 дней 1:16
Wikileaks fingers CIA’s use of hacking tool ‘Highrise’
Transparency organization Wikileaks said the CIA is using a hacking tool called “Highrise” to redirect text messages from a target device to a CIA host device. 14 июля 2017, 20:30
3 607
7 дней 2:58
Hobby Lobby center of ancient relics scandal
Arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby is implicated in the 2011 transfer of ancient archeological relics from modern-day Iraq. 14 июля 2017, 15:50
1 680
8 дней 3:30
GOP revises healthcare bill… again
After weeks of failure to accomplish their promised “repeal and replace” of Obamacare, Republicans in Congress have crafted yet another iteration, the BCRA or “Better Care and Reconciliation Act.” Vice President Mike 14 июля 2017, 2:51
1 401
8 дней 4:01
DEBATE: ‘The currency of Washington is power'
Are Russiagate narratives “sucking all of the oxygen out of the media coverage” on other issues? 14 июля 2017, 2:13
2 006
8 дней 5:50
Lawyer in Trump Jr. emails has ‘no connection to Russian govt’ – attorney
Communications between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian contacts during the 2016 presidential campaign are greeted as a potential “smoking gun” by hysterical mainstream media. But why exactly are critics so agitated? 14 июля 2017, 2:04
4 586
8 дней 6:43
'Americans must be at the table’ – fmr CIA agent
Former CIA agent Jack Rice joins “News with Ed” to discuss President Donald Trump’s meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday and its implications for the future of US involvement in Syria and US media 14 июля 2017, 1:59
2 736
8 дней 28:23
Trump family has ‘amnesia’ about meetings with Russians – congressman
Will the White House ever be able to put the Russia investigation behind it? And if so, how many of President Donald Trump’s family and team will remain standing? On this episode of PoliticKING, Rep. 13 июля 2017, 22:55
4 973
8 дней 8:43
Video of police abuse makes rounds on internet
Footage of a Georgia police officer repeatedly beating a woman on the floor and threatening to use lethal force went viral. 13 июля 2017, 22:05
13 599
8 дней 2:19
Florida govt responds to abhorrent conditions at prison
About 2,600 inmates were without water for three days at Florida’s Lowell Correctional Institution, the largest women’s prison in the country after it was damaged by weekend storms. 13 июля 2017, 21:54
4 549
8 дней 2:35
US Navy contaminated drinking water in Washington state
The US Navy contaminated Washington’s Puget Sound with per- and polyfluoroalkyl chemicals at levels 400 percent higher what the Environmental Protection Agency deems safe. 13 июля 2017, 21:54
4 991
8 дней 2:29
Snapchat tracks app’s map
Social media platform Snapchat introduced a new feature that enables friends to pinpoint each other’s locations on a map, at all times, if the user turns on the “snap map” function. 13 июля 2017, 21:42
1 346
8 дней 2:49
NATO promotes armed resistance in new Forest Brothers docu-drama
NATO just released what they call a 'docu-drama.' It's an 8-minute, well-produced video entitled “Forest Brothers - Fight for the Baltics," which details the history of this armed resistance and what has become of 13 июля 2017, 21:19
4 668
8 дней 2:51
DOJ refuses to charge white cop in black man’s shooting death
The US Department of Justice announced it won’t bring charges to Beavercreek, Ohio Police Officer Sean Williams after he shot John Crawford, 22, who was holding a toy rifle in a Walmart. 13 июля 2017, 20:19
1 799
8 дней 2:52
ABC News settles lawsuit over pink slime to distance from 2012 fake news story
ABC News just settled their lawsuit over their 2012 report on a meat producer where they called the company's product, pink slime. The Resident dives into the implications of this old-school fake news story. 13 июля 2017, 13:00
3 923
9 дней 29:07
America’s Lawyer [30]: The Tort Reform Scam and Monsanto Crushed by California
On this episode of America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio discusses how Tort reform was sold to the American public with two big lies that made healthcare expensive. 13 июля 2017, 2:01
1 876
9 дней 3:52
‘Deep state wants to sabotage’ Syrian ceasefire – fmr diplomat
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke with several state ministers in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday. This comes in the wake of a counter-terrorism pact between Qatar and the US. 13 июля 2017, 1:37
4 788
9 дней 3:23
Trillion-ton iceberg of doom
A chunk of ice the size of Delaware has broken away from Antarctica, producing one of the largest icebergs ever recorded. Scientists say this development puts the ice shelf in a very vulnerable position. 13 июля 2017, 1:29
31 473
9 дней 3:07
China opens 1st military base abroad
China dispatched members of its armed forces, the People’s Liberation Army, to its first overseas military base. 13 июля 2017, 1:25
21 738
9 дней 5:22
DEBATE: High crimes or hot air?
A new poll by Investor’s Business Daily shows Americans are skeptical of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. 13 июля 2017, 1:11
2 644
9 дней 3:35
California lawmakers trying to ban child marriage get pushback
Several civil rights groups, including Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union, say California’s proposed child marriage ban “unnecessarily and unduly intrudes on the fundamental right of marriage.” 12 июля 2017, 23:22
3 462
9 дней 2:51
UN Security Council meets on Yemen
Thousands are dead and many more struck with poverty and disease in war-torn Yemen since fighting intensified between Houthi rebels and government forces. 12 июля 2017, 21:56
1 431
9 дней 2:56
USA Gymnastics doctor pleads guilty to porn charges but not sexual assault
More than 100 gymnasts accuse Dr. Larry Nassar of sexually abusing patients for years. 12 июля 2017, 21:49
2 841
9 дней 8:41
Kaspersky out: US drops Russian contractor amid new sanctions
The Government Services Administration took Russia-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs off the list of contractors it does business with, citing safety and integrity concerns. 12 июля 2017, 21:10
3 936
9 дней 4:54
US violated international law in fighting ISIS, Amnesty International claims
Amnesty International issued a report determining the US and its coalition broke international law while battling Islamic State in Syria, citing a disaster for the civilians of Mosul. 12 июля 2017, 20:58
3 449
9 дней 3:47
For Russia, US sanctions are old hat
Since the beginning of the Cold War, the US has been imposing economic sanctions on Russia ‒ to the point that it’s the exception when there aren’t any. 12 июля 2017, 20:19
2 548
10 дней 4:03
‘Disgusting & despicable’: California Dems block universal healthcare
In California, the legislative effort for universal healthcare is being held back by Democrats. 12 июля 2017, 2:19
9 062
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