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Pentagon ‘out to get’ Assange from start – Galloway
The attorney for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has revealed that as far back as 2010, Obama administration officials expressed apathy toward prosecuting Assange but that the Pentagon had other | 21 Jun 2019, 20:15
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5 days 2:34
Cops disciplined for 1000s of racist FB posts
Almost 100 Philadelphia and St. Louis police officers have been placed on desk duty or had their duties limited after a bombshell investigation found officers posting racist comments on Facebook. 21 Jun 2019, 20:09
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5 days 6:34
Americans ‘warred out’ over MSM cheerleading – Rick Sanchez
Depending on your political slant, you may tune into the channel of your choice to confirm your biases. 21 Jun 2019, 20:05
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5 days 5:32
Soros, US sparked protests in Georgia – fmr diplomat
In the country of Georgia, the parliamentary speaker was forced to resign in the wake of this week’s protests over his perceived closeness with Russia. 21 Jun 2019, 20:02
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5 days 5:04
Censorship bill puts pressure on Big Tech
The proposed “Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act” would make social media giants liable for users’ content. 21 Jun 2019, 19:58
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5 days 6:12
Peacebroker Xi? China talks to Taliban, DPRK
China acknowledged yesterday that it hosted the Taliban’s chief peace negotiator, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, to discuss the restoration of peace in Afghanistan. 21 Jun 2019, 19:54
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5 days 4:00
US ignored Iran’s warnings in spy drone attack
Tensions rise in the Middle East, as the world waits for when and how the United States will respond to Iran downing a US military drone. 21 Jun 2019, 19:50
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5 days 2:49
SETI search for aliens is using wrong technology
Russian billionaire Yuri Milner's search for aliens has so far come up empty. 21 Jun 2019, 18:26
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5 days 4:43
How your smartphone is deforming your skull structure
Rick Sanchez reports on the discovery of changes to the human skull structure resulting from prolonged and repeated US of cellphone technology. 21 Jun 2019, 2:15
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5 days 4:55
WATCH: Ruptly photographer shot as riots break out in Georgia
Thousands took to the streets in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi to protest visiting Russian officials and demand the resignation of the Georgian leaders who invited them. 21 Jun 2019, 2:00
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5 days 3:16
Putin takes four hours of questions
Russian President Vladimir Putin answered questions for four uninterrupted hours on Thursday. The marathon Q&A question was televised as “Direct Line with Vladimir Putin,” an annual special broadcast. 21 Jun 2019, 1:45
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5 days 4:51
What will happen if US attacks Iran
Political strategist and former naval intelligence officer John Jordan and former Pentagon official Michael Maloof join Rick Sanchez to weigh in on the possibility of a catastrophic war with Iran. 21 Jun 2019, 1:30
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5 days 3:01
Why US media hypes war
Rick Sanchez explains how stories get blown out of proportion on corporate networks for the sake of ratings; establishment journalists get ahead of themselves, lose context, and sometimes even | 21 Jun 2019, 1:15
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5 days 6:00
The five ways war w/ Iran will be sold
Clinical psychologist and author Roy Eidelson joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the possibility of deescalating US tensions with Iran when a US strike or even invasion seems ever more likely. 21 Jun 2019, 1:00
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5 days 4:21
What both sides are saying about drone shootdown
Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ shot down of an unmanned US surveillance drone near the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday. 21 Jun 2019, 0:30
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5 days 4:19
Liberal media devours Parkland survivor over racist writing
Conservative commentator Steve Malzberg joins Scottie Nell Hughes to weigh in on the potential multibillion-dollar merger of CBS and Viacom. 20 Jun 2019, 22:48
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5 days 6:24
What is Hope Hicks hiding?
Former Georgia state Senator LaDawn Jones and Ned Ryun of American Majority join News.Views.Hughes to discuss former Trump aide Hope Hicks and her 8-hour closed-door testimony before the House | 20 Jun 2019, 22:44
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5 days 3:47
CBS, Viacom discuss multibillion-dollar merger
CBS is reportedly preparing an offer to buy Viacom. It is the third time in four years they’ve explored the idea of a merger. The two companies split 13 years ago. 20 Jun 2019, 22:00
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6 days 10:37
Trump may attack Iran over downed spy drone
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps shot down a US surveillance drone on Thursday. 20 Jun 2019, 21:30
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6 days 4:58
Florida city forced to pay hackers
The city council of Riviera Beach, Florida voted unanimously to pay $600,000 in Bitcoin to hackers who disabled the city’s email system, phones, water utility pump stations and 911 emergency system. 20 Jun 2019, 21:15
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6 days 2:52
Report uses 650 billion datapoints to discover the truth about retail
A new report shows people are still buying the crap they are being sold. There, see? Nothing to worry about. 20 Jun 2019, 21:07
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6 days 4:56
Man sets Hooters Wing Eating world record
Geoffrey Esper beat his own personal record, eating 281 wings in 10 minutes at the Hooters Wing Eating Championship. Esper beat out the world number one competitive eater Joey Chestnut by 25 wings. 20 Jun 2019, 21:04
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6 days 6:39
Huawei CFO Extradition: Trump and Trudeau met in DC
Canadian Prime Minister met with President Trump at the White House in Washington, DC on Thursday. 20 Jun 2019, 21:00
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6 days 7:10
UK bans ‘sex stereotypes’ in marketing
A new law in the UK has applied stricter standards to how businesses can market to consumers, targeting content said to promote gender stereotypes. 20 Jun 2019, 20:49
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6 days 6:08
‘Soft power’ influences Hong Kong protesters
Millions of people in Hong Kong have been protesting against Beijing’s extradition bill for over a week. Critics fear that the bill being used against political dissidents. 20 Jun 2019, 20:44
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6 days 5:46
What Xi’s North Korea visit means for US
Chinese President Xi Jinping made a state visit to Pyongyang, North Korea on Thursday as China’s trade war with the US continues. 20 Jun 2019, 20:40
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6 days 4:28
Trump threatens Iran after US drone shot down
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has confirmed that they shot down a US drone that Washington claims was legally flying in international airspace. 20 Jun 2019, 20:35
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6 days 5:54
Trump mulls retaliatory strike on Iran
Iran’s downing of a $180 million unmanned drone over the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday has escalated tensions in the already volatile region. US President Trump isn’t ruling out retaliatory strikes. 20 Jun 2019, 20:30
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6 days 5:19
UK-Saudi arms deal declared illegal
The US Senate voted on a resolution to block a controversial $8 billion arms sales to Saudi Arabia on Thursday. 20 Jun 2019, 20:25
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6 days 1:38
‘Mistaken identity’ reason for Big Papi shooting
Officials in the Dominican Republic announced that David Ortiz was not the intended target of the shooting in Santo Domingo. 20 Jun 2019, 20:24
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