7 дней 6:36
Negative news is fake news? Trump says yes
In a tweet, President Trump has suggested revoking the press credentials of organizations he considers "fake news" sparking outrage from both left and right leaning news sources. 17 мая 2018, 2:14
2 647
7 дней 6:17
Can Trump be indicted? Trump lawyer Giuliani says no
Special Counsel Robert Mueller says his team cannot indict a sitting president, according to former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani who says Mueller's team told him this. 17 мая 2018, 2:06
2 029
7 дней 3:51
Sudden Jeopardy: North Korea summit in question
Sudden Jeopardy: North Korea summit in question On the Korean peninsula hopes for a summit and a path towards peace are in serious doubt. 17 мая 2018, 1:59
3 704
7 дней 2:35
ISIS rehab? Trudeau govt welcomes back former ISIS fighters
Canadians who leave their country to fight for ISIS have a “right to return” and that the “government must facilitate their return”, says the Trudeau government according to documents obtained by Global News through an 17 мая 2018, 1:53
3 736
7 дней 3:17
Closed ‘Society’: Soros shutters foundation in Hungary
Billionaire George Soros has announced his Open Society Foundation will pull the plug on its operations in Hungary. 17 мая 2018, 1:48
2 535
7 дней 4:24
Haspel CIA nomination ‘shameful’, says former congressman
The Senate Intelligence Committee has voted 10-5 to recommend Gina Haspel as CIA Director. Haspel is likely to be confirmed by the senate within a week and will become the first woman to head the CIA. 17 мая 2018, 0:47
1 769
7 дней 4:20
Deal or no deal? Dakota Access settlement offered
A security company accused of operating without a license in North Dakota has offered a settlement to pay fines – as long as it does not have to admit to any wrongdoing. 17 мая 2018, 0:41
2 694
7 дней 3:11
NBA draft lottery order set, Caps lose to Lightning on home ice
The NBA draft lottery is underway, with the Phoenix Suns receiving first pick. In hockey, the Washington Capitals lost in game three against the Tampa Bay Lighting, giving them their first win of the series. 17 мая 2018, 0:32
7 дней 6:42
Peace on hold? North Korea threatens to back out of summit
On the Korean peninsula hopes for a summit and a path towards peace are in serious doubt. Tuesday North Korea cut off talks with South Korea citing military exercises between the south and the United States. 17 мая 2018, 0:28
3 350
7 дней 28:44
They sold depression to sell pills
On this episode of America’s Lawyer, Farron Cousins and Martha Rosenberg discuss how depression was sold as a disease to make money and how many drugs are now affecting the water in the environment. 16 мая 2018, 22:14
10 911
7 дней 2:57
NY Times and Vice to liberals: not as smart as you think, unfunny propaganda
The Resident has spotted a new trend from liberal-leaning media outlets: bashing liberals. 16 мая 2018, 19:02
3 111
8 дней 3:06
Israeli violence is ‘criminal’: Pro-Palestinian demonstration held in DC
There were demonstrations today in the nation's capital in a show of solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, following record deadly violence there earlier this week. 16 мая 2018, 2:07
3 658
8 дней 6:04
Is Mueller pursuing a sham criminal case?
A Russian company accused of interfering in the 2016 US presidential election requested a federal judge look into whether or not the prosecutor is pursuing a sham criminal case. 16 мая 2018, 1:53
3 253
8 дней 4:24
Farm bill falls short because of Republicans says union rep
The US farm bill is scheduled to go to the floor this week, however House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway says republicans are still a few votes short of the 218 needed. 16 мая 2018, 1:40
2 469
8 дней 3:13
Oh baby: AT&T sued for pregnancy discrimination
As AT&T continues to face criticism for its plan to merge with Time Warner, the media conglomerate is now facing an internal scandal regarding discrimination against pregnant employees. RT America’s Manila Chan reports. 16 мая 2018, 1:08
1 429
8 дней 3:59
Examined: Gaza massacre media bias
Following the deadliest day of violence since the 2014 Gaza war, many media outlets are finding themselves at the center of criticism for coverage that many are calling biased in favor of Israel. 16 мая 2018, 0:39
5 473
8 дней 1:55
Rent-A-Rights: SCOTUS rules on searching rental cars
The Supreme Court has ruled police cannot search rental cars belonging to a close friend or family member. The unanimous ruling comes following a case dating back to a 2014 traffic stop. 16 мая 2018, 0:27
1 616
8 дней 2:19
Panthers sold for $2.4 billion, World Cup prep nearly complete
The Carolina Panthers have found their newest owner, 60 year-old hedge fund manager David Tepper who bought the team for a record $2.4 billion. 16 мая 2018, 0:18
2 355
8 дней 25:54
Ron Perlman takes 'break' from Twitter; Blames Trump era politics
"Hellboy" star and frequent Donald Trump critic Ron Perlman tells Larry why he's taking a break from Twitter and why he feels like a "voice in the wilderness" lately. 16 мая 2018, 0:09
8 380
8 дней 4:56
Why is the US provoking N Korea with military drills?
North Korea has suspended talks with South Korea and has threatened to call off a summit between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un over US military drills with South Korea. 15 мая 2018, 22:56
36 593
8 дней 3:00
World leaders: ‘Israel must stop killing’ Palestinians
The international community is condemning Israel’s deadly force reaction along the Gaza border, where over 50 Palestinians were killed during protests against the official opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. 15 мая 2018, 22:45
30 331
8 дней 3:02
CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox chiefs all made over $20 million last year
If you don't believe the news is a business, just like any other, then boy does The Resident have a "news" story to sell you. 15 мая 2018, 18:47
2 961
9 дней 3:26
‘No way Israel will allow a Palestinian state’
Former US diplomat Jim Jatras analyzes the impact and the diplomatic reaction of the United States moving its embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the city as Israel’s capital. 15 мая 2018, 2:48
6 835
9 дней 2:33
Poor People’s Campaign revived 50 years later
“Poverty is not an impossible problem to solve, we have enough wealth in this country to make sure no child goes hungry,” said one demonstrator. 15 мая 2018, 2:04
1 968
9 дней 2:15
Israeli snipers killed dozens of Palestinians
The latest protests took place during the US embassy opening ceremony in Jerusalem on the 70th anniversary of the formation of Israel. More than 2,700 Palestinian demonstrators were injured along the Gaza border. 15 мая 2018, 2:01
8 548
9 дней 5:04
Blue Wave: expectations too high?
On Capitol Hill, talk of a blue wave may be starting to subside for the time being. President Donald Trump's approval rating has started to tick upwards after positive economic numbers. 15 мая 2018, 1:55
2 341
9 дней 2:00
Ready to Explode? Hawaii’s Volcano Spews Colossal Rock & Lava
Hawaii's Civil Defense Agency has ordered more evacuations for the residents of Big Island. The situation is currently dangerous and unpredictable, as scientists have discovered nearly 20 active fissures. 15 мая 2018, 1:44
19 763
9 дней 5:05
‘They attacked us’: Palestinians demonstrate against US Israel embassy move
The United States' new embassy in Jerusalem has officially opened amid a flurry of violence that has left more than 50 Palestinians dead, including children. 15 мая 2018, 1:41
3 844
9 дней 4:39
US ‘blew up two-state solution’ with embassy move says Journalist
The US, in a largely isolated move, has chosen to move its embassy to Jerusalem in solidarity with Israel. This comes as Israeli forces reportedly killed over 50 Palestinians in Gaza, causing global outrage. 15 мая 2018, 0:20
3 212
9 дней 2:57
Caps retain series lead, SCOTUS overturns betting ban
Washington Capital beat Tampa Bay in 6-2 rout to take commanding two games to none series lead. 15 мая 2018, 0:05
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