14 дней 2:36
Power-grab in Egypt after ISIS attack on Christians
An ISIS-affiliated group's bombings at two Egyptian churches killed 47 people, mainly Coptic Christians. 12 апреля 2017, 1:36
3 638
14 дней 28:51
Trump admin. posturing towards war with Syria and North Korea?
In the aftermath of US missile strikes on a Syrian air base, experts join Laura Schwartz, who fills in for Larry King, to weigh in on President Trump's motives and timing for ordering the military action. 11 апреля 2017, 23:29
9 418
14 дней 2:30
Is your data safe at US airports?
Our cellphones and laptops act as an extension of our homes and bodies with our most personal information often at an arm's reach. So what happens if a Customs agent asks you to turn over your passwords at an airport? 11 апреля 2017, 22:23
2 614
14 дней 2:14
Camp Injustice: High cancer rates at Gitmo camp lead to Pentagon lawsuit
A group of military lawyers who work at the Guantanamo Bay prison are suing the Pentagon over work and housing areas with dangerous levels of known carcinogens following reports of unusually high cancer rates at Camp 11 апреля 2017, 22:18
1 713
15 дней 2:55
Rex Tillerson arrives in Moscow
Rex Tillerson has begun his much anticipated diplomatic trip to Moscow. It is the first visit to Russia by a top US official serving in Trump's presidency. He is scheduled to meet his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov. 11 апреля 2017, 21:28
5 833
15 дней 8:23
‘Media always likes wars, it makes for good news’ – fmr CIA officer
In advance of his trip to Moscow, State Sec. Rex Tillerson suggested that Russia could either abandon traditional allies or could align itself with "the West" but could not do both. 11 апреля 2017, 21:19
4 637
15 дней 2:43
John McCain calls Kim Jong-un "crazy fat kid," NK responds with nuke threat
John McCain has been calling President Trump a liability, but meanwhile, the Senator almost kicked off a nuclear war himself recently by calling one of the world's most dangerous, secretive dictators a "crazy fat kid." 11 апреля 2017, 19:43
7 601
15 дней 1:18
Parents and children recount horror of San Bernardino school shooting
Parents and children from North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California, recounted the horror of learning of a shooting in the school which left at least three people dead, Sunday. 11 апреля 2017, 16:56
145 430
15 дней 1:06
How to burn through 4 RT America annual budgets
US launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase, spending $112 million in 1 night Find RT America in your area: rt.com/where-to-watch Or watch us online: rt.com/on-air/rt-america-air Like us on 11 апреля 2017, 11:03
2 796
15 дней 5:34
How far can POTUS go in Syria without Congress?
While a 57-percent majority of Americans think President Trump made the right call to strike Syria, will they support further actions, and at what point will Trump need to go to Congress to pursue his agenda? 11 апреля 2017, 1:52
4 768
15 дней 6:20
Congress divided by Trump’s Syria strike
Congress’s reaction to the missile strike on Syria has been mixed, with hawkish lawmakers calling for no-fly zones and more extensive operations, while anti-war voices are urging President Trump to seek congressional 11 апреля 2017, 1:52
3 482
15 дней 3:44
Is North Korea next?
Saturday marks the birthday of North Korea’s founder Kim Il-Sung, a holiday which typically includes missile launches. 11 апреля 2017, 1:52
46 437
15 дней 3:25
#HandsOffSyria: 30+ cities protest Trump's missile strikes
As US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson prepares to meet with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, an anti-war movement is brewing in US streets against US missile strikes in Syria. 10 апреля 2017, 23:41
6 712
15 дней 2:32
CNN's Jake Tapper uses child to promote Syrian agenda
Jake Tapper tweeted that people should follow a seven-year-old girl on Twitter for information on Syria. When people called him out for involving a child in war and politics, he deleted the tweet. 10 апреля 2017, 21:53
5 637
15 дней 2:40
Church bombings in Egypt terrorize Christians on Palm Sunday
Egypt’s president has declared a state of emergency after Islamic State targeted Coptic Christians on Palm Sunday, killing more than 40 people and injuring more than 100 in two church-bombings. 10 апреля 2017, 21:43
7 838
16 дней 8:23
US is destabilizing Syria on purpose – journalist
Lawmakers have responded with mixed reactions to President Donald Trump’s decision to launch a military strike against a Syrian airbase on Thursday. 10 апреля 2017, 21:16
13 852
16 дней 1:43
4 people shot in San Bernardino classroom
Four people, including a teacher and two students, have been shot at an elementary school in San Bernardino, California. The incident is believed to have been a murder-suicide, according to police. 10 апреля 2017, 20:13
81 806
18 дней 29:06
On Contact: The Failing Education System with Nikhil Goyal
On this week's episode of On Contact, Chris Hedges discusses how to salvage the American education system with Nikhil Goyal, author of "Schools on Trial: How Freedom and Creativity Can Fix Our Educational Malpractice". 8 апреля 2017, 12:13
15 440
18 дней 3:34
Trump 'caved' to mainstream media call to punish Syria – fmr diplomat
Former US Foreign Service Officer Jim Jatras said he believes President Trump was sincere with his response to the reported chemical attacks in Syria, but that the severity of the reaction was a product of the pressure 8 апреля 2017, 2:06
6 720
18 дней 5:42
MSM ‘kneejerk cheerleading’ after Syria strike nothing new – Chris Hedges
All eyes remain on the US as we see wall-to-wall coverage of President Trump’s attack on the Shayrat airbase near Homs, Syria. 8 апреля 2017, 1:43
22 689
18 дней 4:59
Local defense systems didn’t stand a chance against Syria strike – def. expert
Only 23 of the nearly 60 Tomahawk missiles hit their intended targets at Syria’s Shayrat airbase Thursday night, according to the Russian defense ministry. The airstrike caused at least 7 deaths. 8 апреля 2017, 1:37
104 609
18 дней 4:46
‘A major turning point’: What Syrians say about Trump’s Syria strike
The US decision to attack Syria’s Shayrat airbase near Homs province shook the world, provoking international condemnation and encouragement words alike. But how are the Syrians themselves responding to the attack? 8 апреля 2017, 1:15
44 842
18 дней 3:56
California’s Bold Solution to the Juvenile Prison Crisis
Mike is joined by Mollye Barrows, legal journalist for The Trial Lawyer Magazine, to talk about a series of criminal reform bills introduced in California to reduce the juvenile prison population. 7 апреля 2017, 23:54
2 800
18 дней 3:38
Legitimate step or invasion? UN Security Council argues about US strike on Syria
Countries around the world demanded an emergency meeting of the Security Council after hearing of the US attack on Syria. UN ambassadors appear at an impasse and heated words were exchanged at the day’s meeting. 7 апреля 2017, 22:12
7 946
18 дней 3:00
Trump takes a break from Beijing-bashing
President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping met commenced their much-anticipated summit in Mar-a-Lago, Florida on Thursday. 7 апреля 2017, 22:05
3 599
18 дней 3:07
Missile attack on Syria was ‘a proportional response’ – Pentagon
Less than 24 hours after the US struck Syria, the Pentagon is abuzz with briefings and strategizing. 7 апреля 2017, 22:01
42 211
19 дней 5:19
Islamic State seizes opportunity to launch offensive after US airstrikes in Syria
After the US launched airstrikes on a Syrian airbase, the governor of Homs province expressed concern that extremist groups, including Islamic State, will capitalize on any future US attacks on Syrian army targets. 7 апреля 2017, 21:27
10 699
19 дней 26:51
Ron Paul: "We need a revolution"
Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), who ran three times for The White House, delves deep in this wide ranging conversation on Trump, militarism, healthcare, and the free market. 7 апреля 2017, 19:27
67 279
19 дней 14:12
Syria special coverage: US is ‘acting as ISIS’s air force’ – journalist
The White House launched at least 50 at Syria’s Shayrat airbase, after blaming the Assad government for this week’s purported gas attack in Idlib province. 7 апреля 2017, 18:55
13 692
19 дней 6:34
Syria special coverage: ‘If Assad escalates, it’s all over’ – fmr Pentagon official
Ten hours before the US bombed Syria’s Shayrat airbase, President Donald Trump spoke about potential military action to punish the Assad regime, whom US officials blame for a reported gas attack in Idlib province, 7 апреля 2017, 18:41
61 011
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