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LIVE: Watch live drone's eye view of massive sculpture burning during Maslenitsa celebrations
Say farewell to winter as you watch a multi-camera live stream, including a drone's eye view, of the burning of a 30-metre-high (98 ft) sculpture by Nikolay Polissky, during the traditional Maslenitsa celebrations in 17 февраля 2018, 19:13
1 час 1:38
India: Iran inks port lease deal during Rouhani’s Delhi trip
Iran President Hassan Rouhani and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a joint press conference following bilateral talks in New Delhi on Friday. 17 февраля 2018, 18:30
1 час 1:40
France: Thousands march for jailed PKK leader Ocalan’s release
Thousands of Kurds marched through Strasbourg on Saturday to demand the release of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan and to protest against Turkey's military campaign in the region of Afrin. 17 февраля 2018, 18:02
1 час 1:17
Germany: Scuffles as police face protesters at AfD women’s march
Scuffles erupted between left wing activists and police officers in central Berlin on Saturday as a women's march called by Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) faced counter protesters. 17 февраля 2018, 18:01
2 часа 1:39:56
LIVE: Women's march called by AfD in Berlin met by counter-protesters
Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe A women's march called by Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) member Leyla Bilge is taking place in Berlin on Saturday, February 17. Anti-AfD protesters face off with police. 17 февраля 2018, 17:43
2 часа 2:44
Germany: 'Afghanistan is not safe,' protesters plea to Security Council
Hundreds of protesters gathered in Munich on Saturday to protest against the 54th Munich Security Council (MSC) being held in the Bavarian capital from February 16 to 18. 17 февраля 2018, 17:08
2 часа 0:42
Germany: Polish PM urges ‘more steel tanks not think tanks’
Poland Prime Minister Mateuz Morawiecki told the Munich’s Security Conference on Saturday that Europe needs more steel tanks not think tanks. 17 февраля 2018, 17:05
2 часа 1:43
France: Two killed as explosion rocks factory in Dieppe
Two people were killed on Thursday after an explosion at Saipol oil factory in Dieppe. The blast took place shortly before 11am, sparking a fierce fire as footage shows. 17 февраля 2018, 17:04
2 часа 1:27
Serbia: Kosovans dance and sing on 10th anniversary of independence
Thousands of people flocked to the centre of Pristina on Saturday to celebrate a decade of the Kosovo independence from Serbia. People dressed in traditional costumes played and danced to Kosovan tunes. 17 февраля 2018, 17:03
2 часа 0:26
Germany: ‘We leave the EU but not Europe,’ hails May in German
UK Prime Minister Theresa May spoke in German on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, telling a reporter "Wir verlsassen die EU aber nicht Europa" (We leave the EU but not Europe). 17 февраля 2018, 17:02
2 часа 1:05
USA: Trump praises response time to Florida shooting while touring hospital
US President Donald Trump visited victims of the Florida school shooting in Broward Health North Hospital on Friday. 17 февраля 2018, 17:02
4 часа 3:31:35
Wanna be the next Miss Russia? Open casting gets underway in Moscow
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4 часа 2:53
South Korea: Fishy treat proving a huge catch with Olympic fans
Dried yellow pollock fish is a specialty of Daegwalnyeong-myeon region and a must-have for visitors to the for the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics, the footage filmed on Saturday shows. 17 февраля 2018, 15:10
5 часов 3:33
Into the wilderness! Caravan hosts Winter Olympic tourists
In the face of overbooked and expensive Winter Olympic accommodation a winter caravan site at Mount Odae National Park in Jinbu offers a somewhat different alternative. 17 февраля 2018, 14:12
6 часов 1:31
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6 часов 0:44
6 часов 18:08
LIVE: Protests against Security Council hit Munich
Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Different groups of protesters gather in Munich to demonstrate against the 54th Munich Security Council (MSC) set to be held in the Bavarian capital between February 16-18. 17 февраля 2018, 13:02
6 часов 3:22
6 часов 3:49
USA: Tears and anger as anti-gun activists blame NRA for Florida shooting
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6 часов 2:01
USA: Russia 'not good' under Putin, says new Senate candidate Romney
Subscribe to our channel! 17 февраля 2018, 12:57
7 часов 1:16
Germany: Biden claims Putin will face 'cost' of his 'behaviour'
Subscribe to our channel! 17 февраля 2018, 12:33
9 часов 3:17
Syria: Afrin reacts after Tillerson pledges to limit weapon supplies to SDF
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10 часов 2:51
UK: Topless PETA protesters picket London Fashion Week *EXPLICIT*
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11 часов 2:52
South Korea: Journalist dies in Olympic media village, POCOG confirms
The spokesperson for the organising committee of the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games has confirmed reports that a journalist died in the early hours of Saturday at the Olympic media village. Subscribe to our channel! 17 февраля 2018, 7:59
11 часов 0:59
Germany: Poroshenko claims Moscow waging 'world hybrid war'
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko claimed "there is nothing for us but to acknowledge that the hybrid war being waged by Russia is gradually turning to the full[y] fledged world hybrid war," during a speech at the 17 февраля 2018, 7:57
14 часов 3:58
Germany: 'Not frustrated, just curious' - Merkel quizes May on Brexit
German Chancellor Angela Merkel slammed the United Kingdom's Brexit decision during a joint press conference alongside the UK's Prime Minister Theresa May in Berlin on Friday. 17 февраля 2018, 5:29
15 часов 3:03
Germany: No risk of anti-EU government in upcoming elections - Italian PM Gentiloni
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni held a joint press conference in Berlin on Friday. Gentiloni stated clearly that "Italy will have a stable government. 17 февраля 2018, 4:23
15 часов 6:01
Russia: US plans to keep armed forces in Syria forever – Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke with Euronews in Moscow, Friday, about the illegal US military presence in Syria, the Kurdish issue and the alleged Russian interference in the US electoral process. 17 февраля 2018, 4:12
15 часов 11:32
Libya: Photographer battles destruction of Tripoli's Old Town one click at a time
A photographer from Tripoli has launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of the city's historic architecture, in an attempt to save the old town from further deterioration and restore its former glory. 17 февраля 2018, 3:58
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