5 мин 2:10
Moldova: Protesters rally outside presidential residency against new electoral system
Protesters against the recent decision to reform the electoral system rallied outside the presidential palace in Chisinau, Friday, protesting the Moldovan parliament's adoption of a mixed electoral system. 21 июля 2017, 14:25
51 мин 4:04
Russia: If we've been interfering in US since 2009, then Obama owes us his victories - Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that he believed much of the work regarding de-escalation in southern Syria would be completed in the immediate future, speaking alongside his Sierra Leonean counterpart 21 июля 2017, 13:39
2 часа 2:21
Greece: Drone captures earthquake damage on holiday island of Kos
Drone footage captured the destruction of historic buildings, homes and cafes on the Greek island of Kos following an earthquake Friday morning, which killed two people and wounded a further 120. 21 июля 2017, 12:29
2 часа 1:00
East Jerusalem: Tensions flare during protest over Al-Aqsa security
Tensions rose between Israeli police and Palestinians outside Temple Mount, Friday, just hours after Israeli police announced Muslim men under the age of 50 would not be permitted to enter the al-Asqa Mosque compound. 21 июля 2017, 12:09
2 часа 2:47:14
LIVE: Protesters rally in Chisinau against electoral system reform
Protesters rally outside the Moldovan parliament on July 21 to protest against the new mixed electoral system reform voted through on Thursday. 21 июля 2017, 12:04
2 часа 3:59
Spain: Over Dali's dead body! Artist's foundation 'emotional' over court-ordered exhumation
The leading members of the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation expressed their outrage at the exhumation of the surrealist painter's body, during a press conference in Figueres on Friday. 21 июля 2017, 11:51
5 часов 1:07
Turkey: Night of 'fear' leads Marmaris' residents to sleep outside following deadly quake
Holidaymakers and locals were forced to sleep outside, in Marmaris, on Friday, after they fled their hotels and houses following an earthquake in the Aegean Sea. 21 июля 2017, 9:25
6 часов 2:04
Turkey: Boats wrecked on the beaches of Marmaris following earthquake chaos
Locals began to survey the chaos, in the popular resort town Marmaris, Friday, following an earthquake in the Aegean Sea, which caused significant damage to their businesses and boats along the Turkish coast. 21 июля 2017, 8:22
6 часов 0:19
Turkey: Holidaymakers flee hotels in Akyarlar as earthquake strikes Aegean coast
Holidaymakers and locals were forced to flee their hotels and sleep on the streets of the Turkish village of Akyarlar on Friday morning, following an earthquake in the Aegean Sea. 21 июля 2017, 7:53
6 часов 2:22
Brazil: Lula addresses thousands of Paulistas days after corruption sentencing
Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva addressed thousands of his supporters during rally in Sao Paulo, Thursday. 21 июля 2017, 7:35
7 часов 1:06:30
LIVE: Salvador Dali Foundation press conference on paternity case
The Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation is holding a press conference in Figueres on Friday, July 21, in the wake of the exhumation of surrealist painter Salvador Dali‘s body for a DNA test, as part of a paternity claim by 21 июля 2017, 6:59
9 часов 1:57
USA: OJ Simpson to be granted parole after 9 years in prison
Former American football star OJ Simpson was granted parole by Nevada state officials in Carson City, Thursday. He will be released from prison in October this year. 21 июля 2017, 5:27
9 часов 2:32
Brush teeth with urine, clean yourself with dung – Indian startup causes a stir with new products
A budding Mumbai company joined the ranks of India's startups, with the hope of popularising cow dung soap and urine toothpaste. 21 июля 2017, 5:22
9 часов 1:05
Morocco: Protesters severely injured during police clashes in Al-Hoceima
Riot police clashed with protesters in the northern city of Al-Hoceima on Thursday during a mass march organised by residents calling for the release of those arrested as part of the Hirak movement, including popular 21 июля 2017, 5:17
9 часов 1:07
Brazil: Hundreds of Lula supporters rally in Rio de Janeiro
Hundreds of supporters of former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva gathered in the city center of Rio de Janeiro, Thursday, to protest his sentencing to nine and a half years in jail. 21 июля 2017, 5:16
10 часов 1:40
Spain: Salvador Dali's remains exhumed in paternity lawsuit
The remains of Salvador Dali were exhumed and brought to the Dali Theatre Museum in the northeastern Spanish town of Figueres, Thursday, to determine whether tarot card reader Maria Pilar Abel Martinez is the famed 21 июля 2017, 4:04
10 часов 2:22
Cyprus: ELAM supporters mark 1974 Turkish invasion with march
Hundreds of National Popular Front (ELAM) supporters, the Cypriot equivalent of Golden Dawn, held a march near the Ledra Palace checkpoint in south Nicosia, Thursday, to mark the anniversary of the Turkish invasion in 21 июля 2017, 3:38
10 часов 0:49
Greece: 2 dead following 6.7 magnitude earthquake in Mediterranean Sea
Two people died and several were injured on the Greek island of Kos, Friday, when a 6.7-magnitude earthquake struck some 12km (7.4 miles) off the Turkish coast. 21 июля 2017, 3:32
27 617
12 часов 1:49
Poland: Protesters hold giant Polish flag outside parliament against judicial reforms
Thousands of people rallied outside the Polish Parliament in Warsaw, Thursday, to protest against the passing of the Law and Justice party's (PiS) bill, which seeks to transfer the power to appoint Supreme Court judges 21 июля 2017, 2:05
12 часов 2:57
Germany: 400 army recruits sworn in by German Defence Minister
German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen swore in 400 new army recruits at the annual swearing-in ceremony in Berlin, Thursday. 21 июля 2017, 1:50
1 260
13 часов 1:02
Israel: At least five detained at Tel Aviv LGBT demo
At least five people were detained at a pro-LGBT rally in Tel Aviv, Thursday, against Israel's present adoption policy, which is said to discriminate against same-sex couples. 21 июля 2017, 0:39
14 часов 1:24
East Jerusalem: 50 worshippers injured during protest against Al-Aqsa Mosque security measures
Some 50 Muslim worshippers were reportedly injured by Israeli forces in Eastern Jerusalem, Thursday, during the ongoing protest against the recent installment of metal detectors at the gates of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. 21 июля 2017, 0:05
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18 часов 1:58
Venezuela: Fierce clashes as protesters attempt to storm TV network offices in Caracas
Clashes erupted between Venezuelan police and protesters in Caracas, Thursday, as tens of opposition protesters attempted to storm the headquarters of the public television network Venezolana de Television, in light of 20 июля 2017, 20:23
2 213
18 часов 3:27
Italy: Palermo mayor rips through 'European fascists' for anti-migrant sentiments
Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando spoke out against "European fascists" for using "Sicily as a meeting point for disgusting racism," speaking from Palermo's Town Hall, Thursday. 20 июля 2017, 20:21
18 часов 0:31
Russia: Cheeky much? Female tourist steals a kiss from Putin
As Russian President Vladimir Putin was leaving the house of human rights activist Lyudmila Alekseeva in Moscow, Thursday, he was met by a group of fans on Arbat Street, with one stealing a kiss from the Russian leader 20 июля 2017, 20:02
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18 часов 3:21
Czech Republic: Is this pink-packaged 'beer for women' the new fuel of feminism or sexist swill?
Entrepreneur Martina Smirova presented what she had hoped would be a simple yet effective product, Aurosa, a beer designed for women, from the company’s factory in Rychvald in the Czech Republic, Wednesday. 20 июля 2017, 19:45
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18 часов 0:56
Turkey: Ankara calls Germany's current approach to Turkey 'unacceptable'
Turkish Presidential Spokesperson Ibrahim Kalim said that Germany's alleged warning to its citizens not to visit Turkey was "unacceptable," speaking to press in Ankara, Thursday. 20 июля 2017, 19:41
18 часов 4:39
Syria: 'The streets are full of dead bodies' – Raqqa locals flee IS and airstrikes for safety
Civilians described the "massacres" in the villages surrounding Raqqa as they arrived in Hama on Thursday, having fled the city and its surrounding countryside. 20 июля 2017, 19:37
3 677
19 часов 2:09:06
LIVE: OJ Simpson parole hearing from Lovelock Correctional Centre
Former American football star, OJ Simpson, appears in front of a parole commissioners via video link from Lovelock Correctional Centre in Nevada, where he has been resident since 2008. 20 июля 2017, 19:07
2 133
19 часов 2:30
Russia: Restored WW2-era IL-2 fighter flies after 72 years at the bottom of a lake
One of only two airworthy restored Ilyushin IL-2 fighters in existence took to the skies at the MAKS-2017 Air Show at the Zhukovsky airfield near Moscow on Thursday. 20 июля 2017, 18:42
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