23 мин 1:33
USA: 50,000 residents evacuated after San Jose hit by worst floods in a century
The worst floods San Jose has seen in a century continued to devastate the city on Wednesday, prompting the evacuation of more than 50,000 residents. 23 февраля 2017, 4:21
32 мин 1:39
Guatemala: U.S Homeland Security chief says there will be 'no mass deportations'
US Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, touched down in Guatemala City on Wednesday, for talks with the country's Foreign Minister Carlos Morales. 23 февраля 2017, 4:13
1 час 2:09
Estonia: US missile cruiser arrives in Tallinn ahead of independence day
U.S guided-missile cruiser USS Hue City (CG 66) arrived in Tallinn on Wednesday for a scheduled port visit, ahead of the 99th anniversary of the proclamation of independence of Estonia on February 24. 23 февраля 2017, 3:14
1 час 0:58
USA: Drone captures police standoff at Dakota Access Pipeline protest site
Drone footage captured on Wednesday shows the remains of Oceti Sakowin camp, on the edge of Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. 23 февраля 2017, 3:11
1 час 1:26
Mexico: Tillerson arrives for talks in Mexico City amid strained relations
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived in Mexico City on Wednesday for talks with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. 23 февраля 2017, 3:08
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USA: Spicer confirms Trump administration will revoke transgender protection in schools
Press Secretary of the White House Sean Spicer confirmed during a press conference in Washington DC on Wednesday that the administration of US President Donald Trump would revoke a guidance designed by the Obama 23 февраля 2017, 1:31
3 часа 2:03
USA: Protesters storm Portland City Council calling for mayor's resignation
A public City Council meeting in Portland was disrupted by activists demanding the resignation of Mayor Ted Wheeler, Wednesday. 23 февраля 2017, 1:17
3 часа 1:24
France: Macron campaign receives huge boost after Francois Bayrou declares support
President of the Democratic Movement and influential centrist politician Francois Bayrou declared an alliance with presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron in a surprise move on Wednesday, Paris. 23 февраля 2017, 1:16
4 часа 2:27
Russia: Honour guard marks 50th anniv. of Eternal Flame at Tomb of Unknown Soldier
The honour guard assisted in a ceremonial inspection of the Eternal Flame on its 50th anniversary at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Alexander Garden, near the Kremlin Wall in Moscow on Wednesday. 23 февраля 2017, 0:41
4 часа 1:19
Germany: Protesters rally against Afghan deportations in Stuttgart
Protesters gathered in Stuttgart on Wednesday to demonstrate against Germany's policies on the deportation of Afghan refugees. 23 февраля 2017, 0:08
4 часа 1:20
USA: Campsite ablaze as Dakota Access protesters heed deadline to leave
The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) Oceti Sakowin Camp, near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, was ablaze on Wednesday, as inhabitants left the camp after its scheduled eviction. 23 февраля 2017, 0:05
4 часа 1:19
France: Le-Pen inspired film 'This Is Our Land' released in France
A film entitled ‘Chez Nous’ (This Is Our Land), inspired by Front National leader Marine Le Pen, was released in Paris on Wednesday. 23 февраля 2017, 0:03
4 часа 2:30
Switzerland: Syrian opposition call for direct talks with govt. ahead of Geneva 4
The High Negotiations Committee (HNC) of the Syrian opposition stated that they wanted "direct negotiations" with the government, when speaking to press on the sidelines of a new round of the UN-led intra-Syrian peace 22 февраля 2017, 23:58
4 часа 1:57
Germany: Activists take over Munich airport to protest Afghan deportation
Protesters gathered in full force at Munich airport on Wednesday to rally against Germany's policies on the deportation of Afghan refugees. 22 февраля 2017, 23:58
6 часов 1:03
Russia: Construction of road to Kerch Bridge gets underway in Crimea
The construction of the highway leading to the cross-sea sections of the Kerch Strait Bridge got underway in Crimea, Thursday. 22 февраля 2017, 22:25
6 часов 1:23
USA: Seven planets discovered with potential for water, three potentially habitable
NASA revealed new findings about the discovery of seven new 'exoplanets' or planets outside our solar system, at a press event in Washington DC, Wednesday. 22 февраля 2017, 22:24
7 часов 1:16
France: Marine Le Pen’s bodyguard questioned over corruption scandal
Thierry Legier, the bodyguard of French Front National politician Marine Le Pen, was placed into custody for questioning in Paris, Wednesday, in the latest episode of a corruption scandal tainting the far-right 22 февраля 2017, 21:44
7 часов 2:45
Russia: New St. Petersburg Arena open to visitors ahead of FIFA 2018 World Cup
The new St. Petersburg Arena, formerly known as 'Zenit Arena' opened its doors to visitors in Russia's Cultural Capital on Wednesday, to test the readiness of one of the venues that will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup. 22 февраля 2017, 21:42
7 часов 2:14
Russia: Check out St. Petersburg; one of the host cities of Russia's World Cup 2018
Footage from St Petersburg on Wednesday, shows some of the beauty of Russia's cultural capital and one of the chosen host cities for the upcoming FIFA 2018 World Cup. 22 февраля 2017, 21:32
7 часов 31:46
LIVE from Standing Rock after camp evacuation order issued
Ruptly will be LIVE from the Oceti Sakowin camp, near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, after an evacuation order was issued by the Army Corp of engineers earlier this month with a stated deadline of Wednesday, 22 февраля 2017, 21:31
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7 часов 1:50
Ukraine: Italian delegation hopes to deepen Ukraine-Italy agriculture ties in Donetsk
An Italian delegation from the Lombardy Region expressed hope to deepen ties with Ukraine in the agricultural sector, during a press conference in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR/DNR), Wednesday. 22 февраля 2017, 21:14
7 часов 2:24
Russia: UN High Commissioner for Refugees sends condolences for Churkin’s death
UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi offered his condolences on Vitali Churkin's untimely death, during a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow, Wednesday. 22 февраля 2017, 21:14
7 часов 1:59
France: Last surviving pilot of joint French-Russian anti-Nazi squad buried in Cannes
A funeral ceremony for the last pilot of the Normandie-Niemen fighter squadron Gael Taburet was held in Cannes on Wednesday, with the presence of Russian and French dignitaries. 22 февраля 2017, 21:08
7 часов 2:37
Germany: Stolen Nazi Dachau concentration camp gate returned to memorial
The notorious gate, which is adorned with the description "Arbeit macht frei" (work sets you free), was returned to the Dachau concentration camp memorial on Wednesday, after being discovered in Norway. 22 февраля 2017, 21:03
7 часов 3:29
Switzerland: No immediate breakthrough expected at Syria peace talks - de Mistura
UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura announced on Wednesday that he was not expecting 'an immediate breakthrough' at Intra-Syrian peace talks, which are due to restart in Geneva on Thursday. 22 февраля 2017, 21:01
7 часов 2:15
Ukraine: Far-right groups mobilise for day of 'National Dignity' in Kiev
Far-right organisations Right Sector, National Corp and The Azov Battalion combined forces and held a march called 'National Dignity' in Kiev on Wednesday. 22 февраля 2017, 20:49
8 часов 1:07
Hong Kong: Thousands rally to support police officers sentenced for assault
Thousands of protesters rallied at the Prince Edward Police Amusement Fair in Kowloon Tong on the island of Hong Kong, Wednesday, in a show of support for seven police officers who were sentenced to two years in prison 22 февраля 2017, 20:42
8 часов 0:49
France: Panic as Paris shopping centre evacuated due to pressure cooker
A shopping centre in the French capital was evacuated in response to a false bomb alert in Paris, Wednesday. 22 февраля 2017, 20:28
8 часов 4:44
Germany: Merkel disregards Donbass human rights violations - Former Ukrainian PM Azarov
Writer's union International Concord of Federal Republic of Germany organised a press conference in Berlin, Wednesday, to provide evidence of human rights violations by the Ukrainian government in the war-torn Donbass 22 февраля 2017, 20:20
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