1 день 2:03:26
LIVE: Putin holds joint press conference with Finnish president
Russian President Vladimir Putin holds a bilateral meeting with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto in Savonlinna, Finland, on Thursday, July 27. 27 июля 2017, 14:40
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1 день 1:39
Cute or questionable? Orphaned baby hedgehogs find wet-nurse in Musya the CAT
When eight baby hedgehogs lost their mother in a car accident, newly born and in desperate need of milk and affection, their future looked worryingly uncertain. 27 июля 2017, 14:19
2 483
1 день 50:57
LIVE: Expedition 52-53 holds pre-flight press conference in Baikonur
Cosmonaut Sergei Ryazanskiy of Roscosmos and astronauts Randy Bresnik from NASA and Paolo Nespoli of the European Space Agency hold a pre-flight press conference in Baikonur on Thursday, July 27. 27 июля 2017, 13:07
1 день 1:17
Russia: FSB shuts down right-wing underground weapons workshop
Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) arrested a group of right-wing extremists in Moscow, Wednesday, after the discovery of a weapons arsenal and workshop containing pistols, grenades and automatic rifles. 27 июля 2017, 12:51
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1 день 1:36
Syria: Russian military deliver food and aid to de-escalation zone in East Ghouta
A convoy of Russian military vehicles delivered food and medical supplies to the Al-Wafideen camp in the Douma area of East Ghouta captured in footage released by RT, Thursday. 27 июля 2017, 12:48
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1 день 2:44
Venezuela: 'Stop the aggression against Venezuela' - Maduro to Trump *EXCLUSIVE*
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the US has "stop the aggression against Venezuela," speaking in an exclusive interview in Caracas, Wednesday. 27 июля 2017, 11:51
2 дня 2:14
Russia: Aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov leads Navy Day rehearsals in Kola Bay
Russian heavy aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov took part in a rehearsal of the Navy Day parade in the Kola Bay, Wednesday. 27 июля 2017, 11:08
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2 дня 2:01
Germany: ''America First at Europe's expense' - German industrialists slam US sanctions bill
Chairman of the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations Michael Harms said that potential United States sanctions against Russia are "about improving exports of American liquid gas to Europe" as well as 27 июля 2017, 11:04
2 дня 2:08
USA: Hosts US crowned Gold Cup champions after beating Jamaica 2-1
US national football team were crowned the CONCACAF Gold Cup champions for the sixth time after beating Jamaica 2-1 in the final held at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, on Wednesday. 27 июля 2017, 9:05
2 дня 2:27
USA: Protesters march on San Francisco City Hall after Trump announces transgender military ban
Around 1000 people rallied in response to US President Donald Trump's Twitter announcement that transgender people would be banned from serving in the US military in San Francisco, Wednesday. 27 июля 2017, 8:42
1 433
2 дня 1:15
State of Palestine: Worshippers rally as trucks carry al-Aqsa metal detectors away
Hundreds of worshippers gathered by the entrances of Temple Mount in East Jerusalem in the early hours of Thursday, chanting and cheering as loaders and trucks carried the uninstalled metal detectors out of the compound. 27 июля 2017, 8:34
1 748
2 дня 33:07
LIVE: Federation of German Industries comments on possible new US sanctions against Russia
Michael Harms, the chair of the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, part of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), holds a press conference in Berlin on Thursday, July 27, to address the 27 июля 2017, 7:08
2 дня 1:04
USA: Protesters flood Times Square in demo against Trump's transgender service ban
New Yorkers flooded the Times Square in the centre of New York City, on Wednesday, in protest to US President Donald Trump's recent decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military. 27 июля 2017, 4:04
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2 дня 2:43
Russia: US Russian Chamber of Commerce president comments on new sanctions
President & CEO of American Chamber of Commerce in Russia Alexis Rodzianko said that he hopes that the new US sanctions against Russia "will not be significantly harmful" to the two countries' business relations, 27 июля 2017, 1:24
2 дня 1:43
Venezuela: New wave of violent clashes hit Caracas during anti-Maduro national strike
Clashes broke out between protesters and security forces in Caracas, Wednesday, during the first of day of a national strike, called by the Venezuelan political opposition. 27 июля 2017, 1:22
6 511
2 дня 2:43
USA: 'Worst bill for women in the history of Congress' - Pelosi rails against GOP healthcare bill
Hundreds of protesters gathered in Washington DC’s Upper Senate Park, on Wednesday, to rally against the US administration’s healthcare bill that is currently under debate in the US Senate. 27 июля 2017, 0:30
2 дня 1:28
East Jerusalem: Muslim worshippers pray outdoors as tensions over al-Aqsa mosque continue
Muslim worshippers turned out to pray on the streets of East Jerusalem, Wednesday, as outdoor prayers continue and anger mounts after the introduction of security measures at the al-Aqsa compound by Israeli authorities. 26 июля 2017, 22:37
2 дня 2:09
Russia: Search teams embark on mission to find sunken WW2 warships in Black Sea
Russian Defence Ministry launched an underwater expedition off the coast of Crimea, near Sevastopol, Wednesday, in an attempt to locate possible shipwreck from the World War II. 26 июля 2017, 22:25
1 270
2 дня 29:41
LIVE: Trump makes announcement on jobs in Washington
US President Donald Trump makes an announcement on jobs in Washington on Wednesday, July 26. 26 июля 2017, 21:55
2 дня 3:02
USA: White House steadfast in Russia, Iran, North Korea sanctions - Sarah Huckabee Sanders
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that US President Donald Trump and his Administration strongly support sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, when speaking from a White House press 26 июля 2017, 21:16
2 дня 2:30
Argentina: Former PepsiCo workers clash with police in protest over factory's closure
Protesters clashed with city police, in Buenos Aires, on Wednesday, as former PepsiCo workers and their supporters made their way to National Congress to protest the closure of the factory and its consequential job 26 июля 2017, 21:15
1 069
2 дня 0:47
Kazakhstan: WATCH expedition 53 spacecraft bound for ISS getting ready for launch
Timelapse footage emerged Wednesday shows a Russian spacecraft Soyuz MS-05 being transported and erected in the Baikonur Cosmodrome, before the official launch to the International Space Station (ISS) scheduled for 26 июля 2017, 21:12
2 дня 2:35
Germany: Evacuations after floods strike northern Germany
Residents of Goslar battled rampant floodwaters after heavy showers poured onto the northern town, Wednesday. 26 июля 2017, 19:27
2 дня 24:56
LIVE: Briefing by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivers a briefing in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, July 26. 26 июля 2017, 19:06
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2 дня 1:46
Russia: 'Sad news for Russia - US relations' - Peskov on new sanctions *AUDIO*
Spokesperson for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitri Peskov, provided a press briefing in Moscow about the vote in the US Senate on Russian sanctions, Wednesday. 26 июля 2017, 18:59
2 дня 2:34
Italy: Police detain 36 outside Milan's central station after increased crime in area
Police detained 36 men in Duca d'Aosta square in front of Milan's central railway station, Wednesday, reportedly on drug trafficking charges and is in response to increased crime in the area. 26 июля 2017, 18:57
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2 дня 2:04
Poland: 'Tusk, Timmermans, Soros: hands off Poland' - Nationalists picket Warsaw's EC office
Polish nationalists rallied against European and US figureheads in front of Warsaw's European Commission Representation Office on Wednesday, claiming that foreign leaders are behind the country's recent anti-government 26 июля 2017, 18:55
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2 дня 1:12
Germany: Berlin bookstore shuts down after occultist, alt-right icon event controversy
Topics bookstore, in the heart of Berlin's Neukoelln neighbourhood closed its doors for good, on Wednesday, after a drop in sales after aborted plans to host an event exploring the legacy and ideas of the alt-right 26 июля 2017, 18:09
2 дня 1:50
Syria: First humanitarian cargo delivered to East Ghouta de-escalation zone by Russian military
Members of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria delivered humanitarian aid to in East Ghouta, Wednesday. 26 июля 2017, 18:07
1 886
2 дня 1:33
Russia: 'If a religious war breaks out' Israel will lose - Palestinian ambassador to Russia
The Palestinian ambassador to Russia, Abdel Hafiz Nofal, held a press conference on Wednesday, in Moscow in which he warned Israel of the consequences should they continue "provoking the feelings of Muslims." SOT, 26 июля 2017, 18:04
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