12 дней 5:24
A Tale of Two Cancers
Two sisters, both diagnosed with breast cancer. Catherine, a Canadian, focused on getting well, while her American sister received mounting medical bills. 8 ноября 2017, 16:35
3 205
33 дня 1:54
Sen. Bernie Sanders Visits Vermont's Champlain Islands Health Center
The Champlain Islands Health Center in South Hero is Vermont’s newest community health center. 18 октября 2017, 14:32
1 375
33 дня 0:41
Vermont Viewpoint: Bill Pearson
Vermont Viewpoint: Bill Pearson of Brattleboro, Vermont, states: “In this country, we don’t have adequate health care. 18 октября 2017, 14:31
33 дня 1:02
Vermont Viewpoint: Claire Stanley
18 октября 2017, 14:30
33 дня 1:21
Vermont Viewpoint: Michael Castelli of Middlebury, Vermont
Vermont Viewpoint: “We should not have to spend large portions of our income in order to have access to health care – only to pay on top that in the form of co-pays, deductibles, coinsurances and other out-of-pocket 18 октября 2017, 14:30
53 дня 10:29
Win Butler From Arcade Fire: U.S. vs Canadian Health Care
After introducing the Medicare for All Act of 2017, Team Sanders sat down with Arcade Fire lead singer Win Butler to discuss the American health care system and Canada's. 27 сентября 2017, 21:30
8 786
68 дней 2:45
We Can Make Health Care A Right
Change never comes easily, but in America, we've made progress that was once unimaginable and can do so again. We can make health care a right to all people. 13 сентября 2017, 16:23
11 386
68 дней 1:45
Introducing Medicare for All
I'm very proud to be introducing the Medicare for All Act today, which has 15 co-sponsors in the Senate, a record level of support. 13 сентября 2017, 13:41
9 366
72 дня 4:56
CWA Workers Deserve a Fair Contract
This week, I met with several AT&T workers who are members of the Communications Workers of America. 8 сентября 2017, 19:55
3 574
75 дней 2:41
Trump's Decision On DACA Is Ugly And Cruel
It is no secret that I disagree with Donald Trump on just about everything, but I have to say his decision regarding DACA is the ugliest and most cruel decision ever made by a president of the United States in the 6 сентября 2017, 13:53
3 086
82 дня 0:54
Vermont Viewpoint: Shawn Hallisey
Vermont Viewpoint: Shawn Hallisey, 53, of Waterford, Vermont, shared his thoughts on the American Dream. “The American Dream is very hard to attain nowadays,” he said. 30 августа 2017, 17:06
1 246
82 дня 2:31
Corporate Tax Cuts Don't Create Jobs
A new Institute for Policy Studies analysis of major US corporations paying less than 20 percent of earnings in federal corporate income taxes shows that more than half cut jobs since 2008 and increased CEO pay to more 30 августа 2017, 15:35
4 326
88 дней 0:54
Vermont Viewpoints
When asked about the top financial strains facing seniors, Ann Drennan of Craftsbury Common, Vermont, said home care and the cost of medicine are “the two biggies.” 23 августа 2017, 21:33
2 612
02.08.17 1:39
Millennials Dream Big and Don't Accept the Status Quo
We're in the midst of very difficult times, where we are constantly bombarded by depressing news coming from the Trump administration, but what gives me hope is this new generation of young people who dream big and do 2 августа 2017, 19:09
5 166
02.08.17 2:48
Why I Voted Against The Sactions Bill
While I support sanctions on Russia and North Korea, I voted against the sanctions bill last week because it contains sanctions on Iran that I believe could endanger the Iran nuclear agreement. 2 августа 2017, 19:02
9 011
19.07.17 5:48
Older Americans Deserve to Live with Dignity
A nation is judged by how it cares for its most vulnerable. Older Americans should be able to remain in their homes and communities. They deserve to live with dignity and with a sense of security. 19 июля 2017, 14:34
2 828
27.06.17 2:07
A Temporary Victory Over Republicans' "Health Care" Bill
Our job now is to make sure that 100% of the American people know what’s in the disastrous Republican "health care" bill. 27 июня 2017, 20:35
5 371
27.06.17 11:53
22 Million Americans Will Lose Insurance
Sen. Sanders speaks on the Senate floor on Monday, June 27, after the Congressional Budget Office reported that 22 million Americans will lose health insurance under the Republican health care proposal. 27 июня 2017, 14:07
8 275
22.06.17 2:12
Bernie Responds to Republicans' Health Care Bill
The bill that just came out of the Republican Senate leadership is an unmitigated disaster, and in some respects is even worse than the House bill. 22 июня 2017, 19:05
18 424
20.06.17 12:19
Sanders Floor Speech on Republican Health Care Plan
Sen. Bernie Sanders delivers a speech on the Senate floor regarding Republicans' health care plan. 20 июня 2017, 15:24
12 409
14.06.17 1:16
Sanders Speech on Alexandria Shooting
Sen. 14 июня 2017, 16:31
27 967
13.06.17 7:16
We Must Reevaluate Our Relationship With Saudi Arabia
Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke about his vote for a resolution of disapproval of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. 13 июня 2017, 17:49
12 588
07.06.17 3:13
15 933
23.05.17 18:40
Press Conference on Trump's Budget
Senator Bernie Sanders, ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, Congressman John Yarmuth, ranking member of the House Budget Committee, and Democratic Leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi hold a press 23 мая 2017, 17:08
14 714
09.05.17 46:15
6 316
12.04.17 1:10
Sen. Sanders Visits New Federally Qualified Health Center in South Hero, Vermont
Sen. Bernie Sanders visited the new federally funded health center in South Hero, Vermont, Tuesday afternoon. “Today, one in four Vermonters get their primary health care at more than 50 sites across the state. 12 апреля 2017, 18:01
5 364
04.03.17 1:15
Stand With Nissan Workers
Sen. Bernie Sanders is in Canton, Mississippi, to stand with Nissan workers who are fighting for dignity on the job and the right to join a union. 4 марта 2017, 19:09
7 509
28.02.17 35:58
Members of Congress Unveil Drug Importation Bill
Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Bob Casey (D-Penn.), Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), Angus King (I-Maine) and Reps. 28 февраля 2017, 18:13
12 815
16.02.17 19:54
Bernie Sanders Talks With Rev. Dr. William Barber
Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rev. Dr. William Barber, leader of Moral Mondays, talk about building a grassroots movement to fight for racial, social, environmental and economic justice. 16 февраля 2017, 23:03
23 170
16.02.17 2:57
22 137
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