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Global Issues Network Conference
I was very pleased to welcome the 800 students from six schools who participated in this year’s Global Issues Network Conference at Rutland High School. 4 Apr 2019, 15:32
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50 days 2:14
We Need to Expand Community Health Centers
Let’s be clear: Community health centers not only provide important services that the American people need, they also save taxpayer dollars by providing some of the most cost-effective care in the | 30 Mar 2019, 18:00
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51 day 1:56
Wall Street Perpetuates Racism and Sexism in 'Bonus' Culture
The average bonus of a Wall Street banker in 2017 was $184,200. These are the same banks whose greed and recklessness led to the financial crisis in 2008. That's 3x what most U.S. 29 Mar 2019, 18:00
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52 days 18:43
Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. James Clyburn Introduce Bill to Expand Community Health Centers
House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) hold a press conference to introduce the Community Health Center and Primary Care Workforce Expansion Act of 2019. 28 Mar 2019, 14:23
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52 days 5:15
Faces of Greed: The Sackler Family
The Sackler family has made billions of dollars selling opioids. Their greed, which is killing Americans, must end. 27 Mar 2019, 23:00
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53 days 5:24
Amazon Has Paid Zero in Federal Income Taxes
Do you want to know what's crazy? Last year, Amazon and Netflix, to name a couple companies, paid no federal income taxes after making billions in profits. 27 Mar 2019, 17:00
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66 days 4:13
Trump's Budget: Cuts for Working Families
At a time when the U.S. already spends more on the military than the next 10 countries combined, Trump is proposing an $861 billion increase in base defense spending over a 10 year period. 14 Mar 2019, 21:30
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66 days 3:14
Trump's Budget is Breathtakingly Cruel
Trump's budget is great if you're a millionaire or billionaire. We need a budget that works for all people and not just the 1%. 14 Mar 2019, 15:30
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67 days 2:46
Senate Passes Yemen War Powers Resolution
Sen. Bernie Sanders, Mike Lee and Chris Murphy held a president conference after the Senate passed a war powers resolution to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen. 13 Mar 2019, 22:31
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The Media Has to Link Climate Change to Natural Disasters
Climate change is the existential crisis of our time. Why isn't this something we talk about on the news every day? 13 Mar 2019, 19:30
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67 days 16:49
Senate Voting to End War in Yemen
Sen. Bernie Sanders will deliver remarks on the Senate floor this afternoon to begin debate on the resolution to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen. 13 Mar 2019, 19:12
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67 days 1:22
Disney Heiress Calls for Higher Taxes on the Wealthy
Wealth inequality in America is at an all-time high. It's time we make millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share. 13 Mar 2019, 13:46
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69 days 3:00
Rep. Ilhan Omar Challenges Confessed Criminal, Explained
Why should Congress believe a confessed criminal can handle the crisis going on in Venezuela? 11 Mar 2019, 14:00
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Rep. Ro Khanna Questions Michael Cohen
We have a president of the United States who is very likely a criminal. 10 Mar 2019, 12:00
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NAP to SNAP for Puerto Rico
It is unconscionable that in the wealthiest nation in the world we have allowed our fellow citizens to suffer without the full resources of the United States Government. 9 Mar 2019, 23:45
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This Doctor SHUTS DOWN Every Argument Fox News Has Against Medicare for All
Medicare for All is the only solution to our current wasteful, for-profit health care system. 9 Mar 2019, 21:00
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Puerto Ricans Deserve SNAP Benefits
It is unconscionable that in the wealthiest nation in the world we have allowed our fellow citizens to suffer for so long without the full resources of the United States Government. 9 Mar 2019, 16:00
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71 day 2:17
Wheeler Must Act Against Climate Change Now
Scientists have told us over and over that if we don’t transform our energy system away from fossil fuels our planet will suffer irreparable consequences. 8 Mar 2019, 23:30
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72 days 2:09
Listen to this Diabetic's Story on Astronomical Drug Pricing
In the United States, you should not be in danger of losing your home because you get sick. We need to take on the greed of the pharmaceutical industry and lower drug prices. 8 Mar 2019, 15:30
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72 days 2:19
Engaging Vermont Students on National Issues
I recently met with the finalists in my annual State of the Union Essay Contest to discuss what Vermont’s students think are the biggest issues facing our nation. 7 Mar 2019, 23:06
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73 days 2:58
Greedy Pharmaceutical Company Raises Price on Life-Saving Drug from $0 to $375,000
Americans are being forced to ration life-saving medication because Catalyst Pharmaceuticals raised the price of the drug from $0 to $375,000. That is unconscionable. 7 Mar 2019, 15:48
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81 day 2:28
CEOs are Ripping Off American Working Families
Americans are sick and tired of corporate America and their wealthy CEOs ripping off working families. We must stand with striking Wabtec workers against the greed of giant corporations. 27 Feb 2019, 15:12
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85 days 3:04
FACT CHECK: Trump and The Green New Deal
Our president is a liar. 22 Feb 2019, 23:01
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87 days 3:41
Transforming Our Energy System Through Efficiency
I often hear from Vermonters who want to make their homes more energy efficient, but they don’t know where to start. 21 Feb 2019, 21:27
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95 days 29:04
Sen. Sanders Introduces Bill to Expand Social Security
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) will announce legislation Wednesday to expand Social Security benefits and strengthen the retirement program for generations to come. 13 Feb 2019, 16:46
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95 days 3:15
Trump Economist vs. Progressive Economist on Stock Buybacks
Watch this progressive economist explain to Trump's chief economist how large corporations use stock buybacks to enrich their shareholders at the expense of workers. (with Roosevelt Institute) | 13 Feb 2019, 0:45
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95 days 2:18
Rep. Marcia Fudge Shuts Down Republican Economist Arguing Against $15 Minimum Wage
How is it that in the richest country in the history of the world, we can't afford to pay our workers a decent living wage? It's time to make the minimum wage $15 an hour. 13 Feb 2019, 0:45
13 457
95 days 3:18
Trump Treats Crimes Very Differently Depending on Who Committed Them
When an undocumented person commits a murder, Trump talks about it incessantly. 13 Feb 2019, 0:45
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96 days 3:06
Sears Retail Workers Call Out CEO's Greed
Under billionaire Eddie Lampert's watch 3,500 Sears stores closed and over 250,000 workers lost their jobs. 12 Feb 2019, 21:38
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