5 дней 6:47
Sarah Palin Rips Colin Kaepernick For Donating $50k To Meals On Wheels
Sarah Palin sparked outrage by criticizing an NFL player for donating $50k to Meals on Wheels, a program benefitting seniors and the disabled, which is facing possible funding cuts under Donald Trump‘s new budget... 23 марта 2017, 22:08
79 304
5 дней 5:30
Republican Tries Stand Up Comedy At Supreme Court Hearing
Watch More At: time.com/4708665/neil-gorsuch-supreme-court-jeff-flake-horse-duck-reddit Follow Kyle on Twitter: twitter.com/kylekulinski Here's The Secular Talk Amazon Link: 23 марта 2017, 21:37
36 072
5 дней 7:42
‘No Man Is Above The Law’, Say Hypocritical Republicans With Short Memories
Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch sought to prove his judicial independence and asserted that he had no problem ruling against the President who appointed him, saying, "no man is above the law." Read More At: 23 марта 2017, 21:26
39 198
5 дней 4:57
US Strikes Syrian School Sheltering Civilians
At least 33 people were killed in an airstrike that hit a school sheltering displaced people near the Islamic State-held city of Raqqa, a group that monitors the war in Syria said on Wednesday. 23 марта 2017, 21:06
26 766
5 дней 4:37
Terror Strikes In London Near Parliament
UPDATED - attackers name below: British police have identified the man they believe is responsible for the worst terror attack London has seen in more than a decade, while defiant residents on Thursday shared messages 23 марта 2017, 20:47
43 148
5 дней 0:33
Mid Show Fact-Checking Banter
Follow Kyle on Twitter: twitter.com/kylekulinski Here's The Secular Talk Amazon Link: amazon.com/?tag=seculacom-20 Like the show on Facebook: facebook.com/SecularTalk Clip from The 23 марта 2017, 19:48
22 843
5 дней 7:34
Nancy Pelosi: Obama & Hillary Are Leaders Of The Dem Party Today
Anderson Cooper asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in an interview tonight about who exactly is leading the Democratic party right now. 23 марта 2017, 19:43
41 541
5 дней 18:39
Corporate Dems Double Down On Taking Billionaire Money - And Losing
The Democratic Party’s top officials will meet with some of their wealthiest donors in Washington, D.C., this week to plot the Trump resistance, according to documents obtained by The Daily Beast... 23 марта 2017, 19:23
34 742
5 дней 7:02
Trump Is Packing The Government With Defense Contractors
President Donald Trump has weaponized the revolving door by appointing defense contractors and their lobbyists to key government positions as he seeks to rapidly expand the military budget and homeland security programs. 23 марта 2017, 18:04
29 973
6 дней 3:59
More Birth Control Access Saves Taxpayers $12 Billion
There are many humane reasons to support folks’ access to birth control. It helps people have control over their bodies by allowing them to decide whether they want children (and if so, when). 22 марта 2017, 23:00
21 005
6 дней 30:30
Are Left-Wing YouTubers Getting DOMINATED? | Discussion w/ David Pakman
Subscribe To David: youtube.com/user/MidweekPolitics 22 марта 2017, 22:38
73 063
6 дней 7:25
57% Of US Voters Can't Name ANY Supreme Court Justices
Only 43 percent of like U.S. voters can name a Supreme Court justice, according to a C-SPAN survey released Sunday. 22 марта 2017, 22:00
30 093
6 дней 3:45
Giant Humanitarian Crisis Gets Little Mainstream Media Coverage
Aid agencies have warned that Yemen is “at the point of no return” after new figures released by the UN indicated 17 million people are facing severe food insecurity and will fall prey to famine without urgent 22 марта 2017, 21:00
22 543
6 дней 7:19
Trump Previously Supported Free Healthcare - Make Him Support It Now
Watch More At: c-span.org/video/?c4661377/031617budgethealthcare1 Follow Kyle on Twitter: twitter.com/kylekulinski Here's The Secular Talk Amazon Link: amazon.com/?tag=seculacom-20 22 марта 2017, 20:00
38 427
6 дней 1:56:33
17 891
7 дней 5:25
Fox Host: Secret Service Should 'Kill' Snoop Dogg
Conservatives have been freaking out over Snoop Dogg’s recent music video portraying a mock assassination of President Donald Trump. 21 марта 2017, 23:17
85 079
7 дней 4:09
Author Of UN Report Critical Of Israel Forced To Resign
A UN official has resigned after saying the UN had pressured her to withdraw a report accusing Israel of apartheid over its treatment of Palestinians. 21 марта 2017, 22:08
30 500
7 дней 6:16
Man Boiled Alive In Prison Shower -- Guards Get Away With It
Prosecutors in Miami-Dade County said that they found no evidence of a crime in the death of a prison inmate who was left for two hours in a hot shower. 21 марта 2017, 21:32
60 985
7 дней 12:20
The Happiest Country In The World Is...
Norway is the happiest place on Earth, according to a United Nations agency report - toppling neighbour Denmark from the number one position. 21 марта 2017, 20:24
60 909
7 дней 5:03
VP Mike Pence Is Getting The 'Working For Women' Award
Vice President Mike Pence will be awarded the “Working for Women” honor from the Independent Women’s Forum Wednesday despite years of working to hurt women. 21 марта 2017, 19:28
31 931
7 дней 17:07
Glenn Beck Vs Tomi Lahren | 'The Blaze' Star Suspended
Don’t blame me for Tomi Lahren’s abortion flip-flop, Glenn Beck told his talk-radio audience on Monday morning, she’s just struggling with “intellectual honesty.” Read More At: 21 марта 2017, 19:13
84 543
7 дней 8:54
Trump Can't Stop Changing His Position On Iraq
Contrary to a series of past statements on the issue, President Donald Trump said Monday that the U.S. military “should never ever have left” Iraq in 2011. “Certainly we shouldn’t have left. 21 марта 2017, 18:19
47 179
7 дней 9:32
Trump's Approval Rating Hits New Low. SAD!
President Donald Trump's job approval rating has dropped to 37%, while 58% of Americans disapprove of his performance so far as president, new Gallup figures show. 21 марта 2017, 17:55
72 207
8 дней 4:52
Shaq: 'The Earth Is Flat'
It was weird enough when NBA star Kyrie Irving said on a podcast, “This is not even a conspiracy theory… The Earth is flat.” It got weirder when Wilson Chandler‏ and Draymond Green appeared to agree with him... 20 марта 2017, 22:11
106 629
8 дней 5:54
Tim Allen: Being Republican In Hollywood Is Like '30s Germany'
Watch More At: youtube.com/watch?v=r7rpWLLPQSA Follow Kyle on Twitter: twitter.com/kylekulinski Here's The Secular Talk Amazon Link: amazon.com/?tag=seculacom-20 Like the show on 20 марта 2017, 21:50
61 912
8 дней 8:28
STUDY: Who Commits More Crime, US Citizens Or Illegal Immigrants?
Immigrants commit crimes and are incarcerated at a much lower rate than U.S. citizens, according to two separate studies released this week. 20 марта 2017, 21:21
36 302
8 дней 6:30
Universal Healthcare Means 'Throwing People In Jail'
White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said Sunday there is only one way to have universal healthcare in the country. 20 марта 2017, 20:04
57 180
8 дней 7:53
Tom Cotton: Medicaid Shouldn't Apply To 'Able-Bodied' Poor People
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Sunday called on “able-bodied” poor people to be removed from Medicaid. 20 марта 2017, 19:36
35 876
8 дней 7:12
Republican Credits Trump & God For Obamacare
A Tennessee woman who backs President Donald Trump credits God and the Republican health care bill — which hasn’t been voted into law — for her family’s dramatically lower insurance costs... 20 марта 2017, 19:06
51 603
8 дней 6:00
Trump Endlessly Berated Obama For Golfing, Can't Stop Golfing
President Donald Trump, once a critic of his predecessor's golfing, has visited one of his golf courses in Florida -- seemingly to play the sport -- five of the last seven weekends... 20 марта 2017, 18:27
46 975
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