10 дней 6:55
Jeff Sessions Hires Drug War Enthusiast To Get 'Tough On Crime'
But Cook, whose views are supported by other federal prosecutors, sees himself as a dedicated assistant U.S. attorney who for years has tried to protect neighborhoods ravaged by crime. 12 апреля 2017, 20:00
31 309
10 дней 6:32
Trump, 2013: "There Is No Upside" To "Stupid" Syria Attack!
As Donald Trump, the President, weighs how to respond to a chemical attack in Syria his administration blamed on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, he may want to consult Donald Trump, the reality TV star and prolific 12 апреля 2017, 19:00
36 990
10 дней 2:01:35
26 391
11 дней 3:20
Sean Hannity Inserts Foot In Mouth
Please Support The Show On Patreon: patreon.com/seculartalk Here's Our Amazon Link: amazon.com/?tag=seculacom-20 Read More At: 11 апреля 2017, 22:58
70 877
11 дней 5:48
Tomi Lahren Sues Glenn Beck For Wrongful Firing
Please Support The Show On Patreon: patreon.com/seculartalk Here's Our Amazon Link: amazon.com/?tag=seculacom-20 Tomi Lahren has taken legal action against conservative host Glenn Beck for her 11 апреля 2017, 22:37
77 851
11 дней 4:48
Alabama Governor Resigns Over Corruption & Affair
Please Support The Show On Patreon: patreon.com/seculartalk Here's Our Amazon Link: amazon.com/?tag=seculacom-20 Read More At: 11 апреля 2017, 21:45
29 227
11 дней 6:04
Jeremy Scahill Takes A Chainsaw To Pro-War Media Coverage
On CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning, The Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill went off on the “atrocious” media coverage of the Syria missile strikes, even calling out CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in particular. 11 апреля 2017, 20:21
85 672
11 дней 7:05
Elementary School In San Bernardino Attacked
A Southern California man fatally shot his estranged wife inside an elementary school classroom attended by special needs children before killing himself on Monday, San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said... 11 апреля 2017, 19:59
40 230
11 дней 6:57
Spineless Dems Already Conceding To Republicans In Future Fights!
After watching Senate Republicans lower the threshold for confirming a Supreme Court justice in order to vote Neil Gorsuch onto the court, Senate Democrats are openly talking about making it harder for themselves to do 11 апреля 2017, 19:28
34 249
11 дней 16:53
Corporate Clown Show CNN Gets Fawning Fluff Piece In The NYT
Read More At: nytimes.com/2017/04/04/magazine/cnn-had-a-problem-donald-trump-solved-it.html thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/296003-poll-trust-in-media-at-all-time-low Support Us On Patreon: 11 апреля 2017, 19:10
34 836
11 дней 10:01
Corporate Dems: Primary Tulsi Gabbard For Questioning Regime Change
A pair of veteran leaders on the left, former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden, called on Hawaiians to vote Rep. 11 апреля 2017, 18:12
68 296
12 дней 4:28
US Sending Warships Near North Korea
A U.S. Navy strike group will be moving toward the western Pacific Ocean near the Korean peninsula as a show of force, a U.S. 10 апреля 2017, 23:28
82 979
12 дней 5:24
New York Passes First FREE COLLEGE Bill In The Nation!
New York will be the first state to make tuition at public colleges and universities free for middle-class students under a state budget approved by lawmakers Sunday. The plan crafted by Democratic Gov. 10 апреля 2017, 21:58
58 602
12 дней 8:52
Secular Talk BLACKLISTED By YouTube, Pressured Name Change
Support On Patreon: patreon.com/seculartalk Blacklist Segment: youtube.com/watch?v=_lOlFFv_GGo Follow Kyle on Twitter: twitter.com/kylekulinski Here's The Secular Talk Amazon Link: 10 апреля 2017, 21:20
206 832
12 дней 12:01
Corporate Media Does Fawning WAR PROPAGANDA For Trump
Five major US newspapers—the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and New York Daily News—offered no opinion space to anyone opposed to Donald Trump’s Thursday night airstrikes... 10 апреля 2017, 21:05
67 417
12 дней 10:37
Corporate Democrats Refuse To Oppose Trump's Syria Attack
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi broke with fellow Democrats who had criticized President Trump's military action against Syria to endorse the move late Thursday... 10 апреля 2017, 19:53
42 694
12 дней 8:38
How Trump Made Money By Bombing Syria
While the world is dealing with both the implications and the fall-out from President Donald Trump’s missile attack on a Syrian airfield on Thursday, the manufacturer of the Tomahawk missile used in the attack is 10 апреля 2017, 18:54
54 954
12 дней 10:46
Trump: Attacking Assad Was Vital To 'National Security'
President Trump on Saturday delivered his justification to Congress for ordering a missile strike on Syria this week, saying in a letter to congressional leaders that the U.S. 10 апреля 2017, 18:35
65 293
12 дней 10:25
GOP Approves Gorsuch To SCOTUS By Eliminating The Filibuster
Follow Kyle on Twitter: twitter.com/kylekulinski Here's The Secular Talk Amazon Link: amazon.com/?tag=seculacom-20 Like the show on Facebook: facebook.com/SecularTalk Clip from The 10 апреля 2017, 18:09
34 048
14 дней 4:46
God Chose Trump So Don't Question Him
Last week, conservative activists Don and Mary Colbert appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show” for the program, “Reclaiming the Land: Inauguration 2017.” Mary Colbert—who, along with her husband, was listed by Donald 8 апреля 2017, 21:00
88 689
14 дней 7:42
Fox News Snowflakes Outraged By Dem's Naughty Language
RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel said this morning that Democrats should be denouncing recent heated rhetoric from DNC Chair Tom Perez... 8 апреля 2017, 20:00
57 230
14 дней 4:24
Republicans Are Preemptively Blocking Paid Sick Days
For the nine years that Christina Cortez worked at a McDonald’s in her hometown of Minneapolis, she wasn’t able to take a single sick day off work, even when she had the flu... 8 апреля 2017, 19:00
37 505
14 дней 4:39
Trump Cuts Funding To UN Humanitarian Aid Agency
Days after Melania Trump presented courage awards to 13 women working for gender equity around the globe, President Donald Trump’s administration halted all U.S. 8 апреля 2017, 18:00
35 886
15 дней 1:51
Doctors Successfully Transplant Ear Grown In Man’s Arm
Watch More At: independent.co.uk/news/world/chine-doctors-transplant-ear-grown-on-side-of-mans-arm-xian-jiaotong-university-a7663276.html Follow Kyle on Twitter: twitter.com/kylekulinski Here's 7 апреля 2017, 21:00
34 105
15 дней 2:50
Tourism To US Takes GIANT Plunge Under Trump
People around the world have taken a look at Donald Trump and decided his America is not a place they want to visit. 7 апреля 2017, 20:00
61 419
15 дней 3:35
Unhinged Leader Wants To 'Slap' His 'Idiot' Critics & Hang People
President Rodrigo Duterte has once again slammed the critics of his controversial war on drugs approach, saying those who recommend rehabilitation and substitute treatment should visit him personally in the Philippines 7 апреля 2017, 19:00
39 775
15 дней 3:24
Justice Department Move Hints At Legal-Weed Crackdown
President Donald Trump’s aides have publicly threatened a crackdown on states that have legalized marijuana — and the new White House administration may already be taking steps to make good on that pledge, according to 7 апреля 2017, 18:00
42 210
16 дней 17:20
BREAKING: US Launches Tomahawk Missiles Attacking Syrian Government
Read More: cnbc.com/2017/04/06/us-military-has-launched-more-50-than-missiles-aimed-at-syria-nbc-news.html Patreon.com/SecularTalk Follow Kyle on Twitter: twitter.com/kylekulinski Here's The 7 апреля 2017, 2:30
179 624
16 дней 7:12
Edgy Tom Perez: Republicans "Don't Give A Sh*t About People!"
In a fiery speech to the New Jersey Working Families Association (NJWFA), newly-elected Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez blasted Republicans and said their essential healthcare message is “I don’t 6 апреля 2017, 21:00
52 610
16 дней 5:01
Bernie-Style Democrat Running To Replace Ted Cruz!
The Democrat gunning to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz in Texas is ripping a page straight out of the playbook of Sen. 6 апреля 2017, 20:00
69 522
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