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What is Life Really Like In South Korea? | NowThis World
What's life like in South Korea? South Korea actually has a pretty high standard of living and is one of the most prosperous countries in the world, ranking above average in housing, civic engagement, and education. 18 февраля 2018, 13:59
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Will Russia Invade The Baltics? | NowThis World
It's been 100 years since the Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, first gained their independence from imperial Russia, yet aggressions towards the region still have yet to subside. 15 февраля 2018, 13:59
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The Chaos Before South Korea’s Last Olympics | NowThis World
The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang have shown us an all new side of North Korea and their willingness to work with South Korea for the games, but cooperation between the two countries hasn't always been this 11 февраля 2018, 13:59
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India and Pakistan's Partition: 70 Years Later | NowThis World
In August of 1947, colonial India gained independence from the British and was divided into Hindu majority India and Muslim majority Pakistan – 70 years later and the India-Pakistan partition is still a major point of 8 февраля 2018, 13:59
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What Are Some of the World’s Unrecognized Countries? | NowThis World
Abkhazia, Northern Cyprus, and Somaliland are just a few of the dozens of unrecognized countries in the world today. 4 февраля 2018, 13:59
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The Difference Between TPS & Refugee Status | NowThis World
Immigration has become one the most controversial topics in the world today. 1 февраля 2018, 13:59
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Nagorno-Karabakh: Europe’s Post-Soviet ‘Frozen War’ | NowThis World
There's post-Soviet conflict in Europe that has still yet to be resolved. Here's a look at the history behind why Azerbaijan and Armenia both claim ownership over the autonomous region of Nagorno-Karabakh. 28 января 2018, 13:59
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25 дней 5:24
What's Going On in Iran? | NowThis World
Thousands of people have been arrested and at least 22 have died during violent protests in Iran, which began in late December 2017. Why did these demonstrations start and what events led up to this breaking point? 26 января 2018, 15:00
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30 дней 7:12
The Rise And Fall Of Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto | NowThis World
Benazir Bhutto's fight for democracy and liberalization in an extremely conservative society inspired many people in Pakistan and around the world. 21 января 2018, 14:00
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33 дня 6:51
How El Salvador Became Dangerous | NowThis World
Corruption, a drug war, gangs, and the effects of a long civil war – here's the history behind how El Salvador became one of the most dangerous countries in the world today. » Subscribe to NowThis World: go.nowth. 18 января 2018, 13:59
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Trump’s Foreign Policy: A Look Back at Year One | NowThis World
Issuing travel bans and withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord are just a few key moves in Trump's first year as POTUS – Here is a look at what President Donald Trump has done for U.S. 14 января 2018, 13:59
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What's Going On In Western Sahara? | NowThis World
A little known conflict has been going on in the small north African country of Western Sahara. 11 января 2018, 13:59
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44 дня 3:32
The European Union Triggers Article 7 Against Poland | NowThis World
The European Union recently triggered Article 7, for the first time ever in history, against Poland. But what led to this historic decision and what exactly does it mean for everyone involved? 7 января 2018, 13:59
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World Leaders To Watch In 2018 | NowThis World
North Korea's Kim Jong-Un, Saudi Arabia's Mohammad Bin Salman, and Russia's Vladimir Putin – these are just a few of the powerful world leaders to keep an eye on in 2018. 4 января 2018, 13:59
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The Rise of Nationalism in 2017 | NowThis World
From white supremacist marches and domestic terrorism in Charlottesville to 60,000 people marching the streets of Poland calling for a 'White Europe,' 2017 saw an increase in nationalism. 31 декабря 2017, 13:59
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What's Going On With Honduras' Election? | NowThis World
The recent presidential election in Honduras has sparked violent protests, resulting in at least 24 deaths thus far. 28 декабря 2017, 13:59
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The Most Intense Wars & Global Conflicts of 2017 | NowThis World
From a 2-year-old civil war in Yemen, to an underreported conflict in Marawi, to the war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria – these are some of the most crucial and violence conflicts from around the globe in 2017. 24 декабря 2017, 14:00
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What Are The Most Terrorized Countries? | NowThis World
Throughout 2016, 75% of terrorist attacks that occurred took place is just 10 countries. Here are 3 of those countries that continue to face the highest levels of terrorism around the globe. 21 декабря 2017, 13:59
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Donald Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement Explained | NowThis World
President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel has sent shockwaves around the world. 17 декабря 2017, 14:00
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68 дней 4:17
The History of Nauru: How The World's Wealthiest Country Lost Everything | NowThis World
Here's how Nauru, a secluded island roughly 1,800 miles off the northeastern coast of Australia, went from being the wealthiest country in the world to losing everything. 14 декабря 2017, 14:00
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What's Going On In Zimbabwe? | NowThis World
For the past 37 years Zimbabwe has been run under the dictatorship of President Robert Mugabe but now that's all changed. Here's what's happening in Zimbabwe – Hosted by Judah Robinson. 10 декабря 2017, 14:00
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75 дней 4:04
How Powerful is Sweden? | NowThis World
Sweden is often pointed to as the ideal combination of capitalism and socialism. We took a look at Sweden's society, politics, and military to find out just how powerful Sweden really is. 7 декабря 2017, 13:59
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How To Escape North Korea | NowThis World
Many North Koreans who are fed up with living under the dictatorship of Kim Jong Un make an attempt to leave the country, however escaping North Korea is by no means an easy task – here's why. 3 декабря 2017, 14:00
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How Powerful is Ukraine? | NowThis World
While Ukraine may rank as the largest country in Europe by size, an ongoing struggle in the eastern part of the country has left Ukraine in a vulnerable state. So just how powerful is Ukraine? 30 ноября 2017, 14:00
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What Are The World's Biggest Superpowers? | NowThis World
Being a superpower means holding significant global influence. Here is a look at the world's biggest superpowers: the United States, the Soviet Union, and the British empire. 26 ноября 2017, 14:00
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Saudi Arabia and Qatar's Complicated Relationship | NowThis World
Saudi Arabia and Qatar have seen tensions rising in recent years, especially since the Arab Spring. To find out the nature of their complicated relationship, check out this video here. 21 ноября 2017, 13:59
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Why Is The US Fighting In Niger? | NowThis World
Niger made headlines earlier this year after American soldiers were killed in the country, sparking many to ask why American soldiers were in Niger in the first place. To find out, watch this video. 19 ноября 2017, 14:00
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How Powerful is Russia's Largest Military Alliance? | NowThis World
You've been asking for this video for a long time, and you know we listen to our audience, so here it is! Just how powerful is the Collective Security Treaty Organization? 16 ноября 2017, 13:59
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98 дней 4:09
Who Were The Richest People In History? | NowThis World
The top 8 richest people in the world control more money than half of the entire global population; but even their wealth doesn't come close to the richest people of all time! Here are some of the richest people ever. 14 ноября 2017, 13:59
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12.11.17 4:29
Which Countries Are About To Collapse? | NowThis World
The world at large is improving, but some countries and their governments are struggling to even function. Although disputed, to find out which three are the most likely to collapse, check out this video. 12 ноября 2017, 14:00
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