14.11.17 4:09
Who Were The Richest People In History? | NowThis World
The top 8 richest people in the world control more money than half of the entire global population; but even their wealth doesn't come close to the richest people of all time! Here are some of the richest people ever. 14 ноября 2017, 13:59
230 793
12.11.17 4:29
Which Countries Are About To Collapse? | NowThis World
The world at large is improving, but some countries and their governments are struggling to even function. Although disputed, to find out which three are the most likely to collapse, check out this video. 12 ноября 2017, 14:00
1 729 892
09.11.17 5:08
What Does A Unified Palestine Look Like? | NowThis World
NowThis World host, Judah Robinson, discusses the conflict between Palestinian groups Fatah and Hamas, the differences between these two factions, and what unification would mean for the peace process moving forward. 9 ноября 2017, 14:00
113 994
07.11.17 3:51
How Powerful Is Kazakhstan? | NowThis World
Kazakhstan has had a great year in political outreach, and a not-so-great year in economy. With so many of you asking for an update, we thought we'd ask: How Powerful is Kazakhstan? 7 ноября 2017, 13:59
179 668
05.11.17 4:33
Who's Fighting For Independence in 2017? | NowThis World
Catalonia is currently in the middle of a massive push to break free from Spain’s control, but it isn’t the only region struggling to do so. 5 ноября 2017, 13:59
273 524
02.11.17 4:13
When Will India Become A Superpower? | NowThis World
India has seen a meteoric rise in its economy, population, and military ability. Some have even suggested it will hit superpower status by 2020. Just how likely is that timeframe? Find out in this video. 2 ноября 2017, 12:59
433 094
31.10.17 4:05
Who Are The Rohingya and Why Are They Fleeing? | NowThis World
The Rohingya people of Myanmar are some of the most persecuted people in the world, particularly by their own government. Learn more in this video. 31 октября 2017, 12:59
111 387
29.10.17 3:43
Can The 25th Amendment Really Remove Donald Trump? | NowThis World
Donald Trump has one of the lowest approval ratings in recent history, and many are calling for his removal from office altogether. 29 октября 2017, 13:00
255 766
26.10.17 2:40
Why Are There So Many Terror Attacks in Somalia? | NowThis World
Somalia has been the victim of multiple terror attacks in just the last year. These attacks have been ongoing throughout the Somali Civil War, and the death toll is astronomical. 26 октября 2017, 12:59
137 695
24.10.17 3:18
Who Is Austria's Far Right Millennial Leader Sebastian Kurz? | NowThis World
Austria just elected a new parliament, and with it, an unlikely young chancellor. This 31-year-old is the youngest leader in the world, and the new face of far right nationalism in Europe. 24 октября 2017, 13:00
115 701
19.10.17 4:17
Who Will Be Russia's Next President? | NowThis World
Vladimir Putin has yet to announce his candidacy for the 2018 Russian election. Here is a look at some of the other candidates who are running and just how powerful they may be. 19 октября 2017, 12:59
413 089
17.10.17 3:25
The U.S. and Puerto Rico’s Complicated Relationship | NowThis World
The relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico is a bit complicated. 17 октября 2017, 12:59
87 740
15.10.17 3:50
Why Does Cambodia Hate The U.S.? | NowThis World
Cambodia and the United States have a dark and violent history, which may have even led to the deaths of 3 million civilians in a nightmarish genocide by the Khmer Rouge. 15 октября 2017, 13:00
173 320
12.10.17 3:45
Why Do Israel and Russia Love Each Other? | NowThis World
By all accounts, Russia and Israel should be enemies, but instead they're close and complimentary allies, with leaders who work together, and populations that have cultural, linguistic, and religious overlap. 12 октября 2017, 12:59
317 488
10.10.17 5:15
What Are The Most Atheist Countries? | NowThis World
Religion has played a major role in the development of the culture and society, but in recent years, more and more countries have turned their backs on the whole idea of believing in a central diety. 10 октября 2017, 13:00
915 157
08.10.17 4:55
Antifa's Violent History Explained | NowThis World
'Antifa' has been frequent referred to in the media since the rise of right-wing nationalism in the United States. And yet, the anti-fascist movement has been around for nearly a century! 8 октября 2017, 13:00
184 219
05.10.17 3:25
What Happened to ISIS? | NowThis World
In recent years, ISIS has seemingly dropped off the map, with fewer references in the media, and significant losses in territory and foreign fighters. So, what exactly happened to ISIS? 5 октября 2017, 13:00
215 816
03.10.17 3:26
Which Countries Have The Best Healthcare? | NowThis World
While the United States still can't seem to find a healthcare system that works well for all Americans, these are a few of the top countries with the best healthcare. 3 октября 2017, 13:00
137 928
01.10.17 3:34
What Is Donald Trump's Real Net Worth? | NowThis World
President Trump claims to have well over $10 Billion dollars but his finances are still kept very secret. So how much money does Donald Trump really have? Watch this video and find out. 1 октября 2017, 12:59
146 977
28.09.17 3:55
What If North Korea Collapses? | NowThis World
Tensions with North Korea have again reached a boiling point, and sparked questions about how long the dangerous regime of Kim Jong Un will continue. 28 сентября 2017, 12:59
738 670
26.09.17 3:12
The Worst Crimes Committed By Diplomats | NowThis World
We sometimes hear about "diplomatic immunity" letting government agents get away with all sorts of crimes, from parking tickets to much worse. 26 сентября 2017, 12:59
254 096
24.09.17 3:34
How Powerful is Angela Merkel? | NowThis World
Angela Merkel has been called "The Leader of the Free World", but with Germany voting to either keep or ditch their long-time Chancellor, we wanted to know just how powerful she really is, and whether or not she 24 сентября 2017, 9:59
181 063
21.09.17 4:03
Communism vs. Socialism: What's The Difference? | NowThis World
There's a lot of confusion surrounding the terms Communism and Socialism. The two are often used interchangeably, even by entire governments and political leaders, but they are not the same at all! 21 сентября 2017, 13:00
728 833
19.09.17 3:31
Is Venezuela a Dictatorship? | NowThis World
After years of wasteful policies, the Venezuelan economy has collapsed, and President Nicholas Maduro has gained a disproportionate amount of power. Is Venezuela headed towards dictatorship, or is it already there? 19 сентября 2017, 12:59
102 622
17.09.17 4:43
How Powerful is Afghanistan? | NowThis World
In the past two decades, Afghanistan has seen a dictator removed from power, a foreign invasion, a complete overhaul of military and economy, and a jump in opium production. 17 сентября 2017, 12:59
207 042
14.09.17 4:38
What Is Life Really Like In North Korea? | NowThis World
A tyrannical dictator, no upward mobility, poor living conditions, and even starvation paint a bleak picture for what life is really like in North Korea. 14 сентября 2017, 13:00
514 380
12.09.17 3:14
How To Buy US Citizenship | NowThis World
The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program allows wealthy foreign nationals to buy their way to U.S. citizenship, for the low, low price of $1,000,000 – here's how. 12 сентября 2017, 13:00
254 905
10.09.17 4:25
The World's Most Powerful Countries | NowThis World
What are the most powerful countries in the world today? What makes a country powerful in the 21st century? 10 сентября 2017, 12:59
265 304
08.09.17 1:22
We're Back! (What Happened?) | NowThis World
Welcome back! In our absence we've been working hard to bring back the topics you've missed, and a whole lot more. 8 сентября 2017, 16:06
107 877
01.04.17 3:01
Why Are There So Many Haitians In Mexico?
Some Haitian refugees pass through 10 countries to get to the United States, where they hope to be granted asylum. But too often, they are sent away and become stuck here in Tijuana, Mexico. 1 апреля 2017, 19:46
142 044
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