10 дней 24:29
Week in Review | 13th January
Adam Boulton reviews the biggest stories of the past seven days with Kevin Maguire and Andrew Pierce. 13 января 2017, 18:01
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10 дней 10:03
Swipe | Setting sail on virtual waters
All aboard for this week's episode of Swipe. Sky's Gemma Morris is at London Boat Show checking out a £6.6 million super yacht. And can simulators help prepare sailors? Chris Creegan sets sail on virtual waters. 13 января 2017, 16:17
11 дней 5:33
Retail bosses warn of inflationary pressure as they welcome positive Christmas results
Despite positive Christmas sales figures for most big high street retailers, Gadfly columnist Andrea Felsted tells Ian King Live companies are right to be nervous about inflationary pressure pushing up prices in 2017. 12 января 2017, 19:40
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11 дней 5:03
Charles Hendry explains why tidal lagoon power stations are a good energy solution
Former Energy Minister Charles Hendry tells Ian King Live why his report backs plans to build the world's first tidal lagoon power station off the coast of south Wales in an effort to cut carbon emissions and bring new 12 января 2017, 19:37
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11 дней 2:55
M&S leads the retailers celebrating a better-than-expected Christmas
Sky's Charlotte Lomas reports on a slew of Christmas trading updates from the high street's biggest retailers. 12 января 2017, 19:34
11 дней 3:11
Trump dossier: US Intelligence distances itself from document
The US Director of National Intelligence says he does not believe that a dossier containing claims about Donald Trump was leaked from within the intelligence community. 12 января 2017, 8:23
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12 дней 3:32
The biggest threats to the global economy
Economic inequality, polarisation in society and intensifying environmental dangers are the top three trends that will shape global developments over the next 10 years. 11 января 2017, 19:12
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12 дней 3:47
How are UK's job prospects in lead-up to Brexit?
James Reed, chairman of one of the UK's biggest recruitment companies tells Ian King Live that job offers have now picked up above the pre-referendum mark SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: 11 января 2017, 19:03
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12 дней 4:10
Can Trump's presidency and business empire remain detached?
The Times's Alexandra Frean talks to Ian King about Donald Trump's business interests and whether he'll be able to stay away during his tenure at the White House SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more 11 января 2017, 19:00
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12 дней 1:24:07
Donald Trump addresses Russia allegations at first news conference since election win
Donald Trump holds his first press conference of 2017, in which he addresses allegations that Russian operatives hold compromising material on him and accuses CNN and BuzzFeed of being "fake news" SUBSCRIBE to our 11 января 2017, 18:05
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12 дней 0:00
Donald Trump News Conference
Donald Trump is holding his first full news conference as President-elect - watch it here live SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: youtube.com/skynews Follow us on Twitter: 11 января 2017, 17:27
12 дней 3:04
Sleeping rough in freezing Europe
Central Europe is being hit by freezing weather which has killed more than 30 people since the weekend. Those without permanent shelter - such as refugees and migrants - are suffering badly. 11 января 2017, 10:55
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12 дней 49:37
Barack Obama's farewell: "Yes we did." The speech in full
President Barack Obama has delivered his farewell speech. He insisted he left America in a "better, stronger place" than it was eight years ago. 11 января 2017, 9:15
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13 дней 3:49
British retail boss on why it was a bumper Christmas
Helen Dickinson, chief executive of the British Retail Consortium, tells Ian King Live why sales increased ahead of Christmas, but there may be bumpy times ahead SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more 10 января 2017, 19:19
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13 дней 4:19
Boss of train operators group says strikes not about safety
Paul Plummer, the chief executive of the Rail Delivery Group - responsible for the train operators and Network Rail - responds to unions' claims that driver-operated only trains are unsafe. 10 января 2017, 19:16
13 дней 6:34
Is Jeremy Corbyn right to call for wage cap?
Ian King Live debates whether the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is right to call for a cap on high incomes in an effort to bring about wage equality SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: 10 января 2017, 19:14
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13 дней 3:02
Tory MP calls for post-Brexit trade to focus on Commonwealth
James Cleverly tells Ian King Live that post-Brexit trade deals with Commonwealth members are just as important as with the U.S. 10 января 2017, 19:12
13 дней 14:11
Sky News Unplugged: President Trump
Donald Trump's inauguration as the 45th President of the United States takes place on Friday 20th January. 10 января 2017, 11:25
3 949
13 дней 5:15
BMW Committed to Manufacturing in Mexico as well as UK
Ian Robertson, the Sales and Marketing Director of BMW, tells Ian King Live that the company is committed to continuing to build its manufacturing plant in Mexico despite other carmakers pulling out of the country 10 января 2017, 9:07
1 575
14 дней 4:25
London Chamber of Commerce: Tube Strikes Suggest Capital not 'Open for Business'
Colin Stanbridge, the chief executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, tells Ian King Live that he fears ongoing strikes in the London region is damaging for Britain's image at a time when the country 9 января 2017, 18:56
15 дней 10:17
Full Interview: Tom Watson on Sophy Ridge on Sunday
SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: youtube.com/skynews Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/skynews and twitter.com/skynewsbreak Like us on Facebook: 8 января 2017, 12:07
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15 дней 20:06
Full Interview: PM Theresa May on Sophy Ridge on Sunday
On the very first Sophy Ridge on Sunday show Theresa May discussed Brexit, immigration, NHS and Trump's "unacceptable" remarks. 8 января 2017, 12:00
38 230
17 дней 4:08
Donald Trump "trash-talking" intelligence community, says former NSA and CIA chief
Former NSA and CIA chief General Michael Hayden has told Sky News Mr Trump is "trash-talking" the intelligence community -- something, he says, is unprecedented. Sky's US Correspondent Amanda Walker reports. 6 января 2017, 21:06
4 993
17 дней 9:52
Swipe | CES 2017 & Star Wars laser drone gaming
(Warning: there are flashing images throughout this episode). The world's biggest gadget show, CES, turned 50 this week. 6 января 2017, 19:36
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17 дней 5:35
US Senate opens debate on resolution to repeal Obamacare
Sky News speaks to Prof Peter Mathews, Political Scientist about the future of the health care programme set up by outgoing President Barack Obama. 6 января 2017, 18:30
17 дней 4:14
New Year brings new higher prices on the railways
The overall rise will outstrip the increase set out by the government leading unions to accuse private train companies of milking the system. Sky News speaks to Cat Hobbs, director of campaign group We Own It. 6 января 2017, 18:30
17 дней 11:18
Nation Divided: Is Britain becoming more racist?
Sky News speaks to Sunder Katwala, Director British Future and Alp Mehmet, Vice Chair Migration Watch UK about the mood of the country after the Brexit EU Referendum Vote and try to answer the question of is Britain 6 января 2017, 18:30
1 884
17 дней 5:05
Israel Defence Forces sergeant Elor Azaria convicted of manslaughter
Sky News speaks to Yonah Bob, Legal Correspondent of The Jerusalem Post about the case and the repercussions that could come from this case. 6 января 2017, 18:29
17 дней 5:53
Should companies be offered incentives to employ former prisoners?
Sky News speaks to Steve Dagworthy from Prison Consultants and journalist Jake Wallis Simons about the topic of whether companies should get a tax rebate to employ ex-convicts. 6 января 2017, 18:29
17 дней 4:25
NHS under pressure due to level of alcohol consumption over the festive period
GP Dr Hamed Khan speaks to Sky News about the link between hospital visits and alcohol consumption over the festive period. 6 января 2017, 18:29
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