27 дней 5:06
Discussion of greater regulation of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals
Christopher Snowdon of the Institute for Economic Analysis and Matt Zarb Cousin of the Campaign for Fairer Gambling debate the issues. 24 октября 2017, 18:22
27 дней 2:41
Wine supply is down. Really?
The global supply of wine has fallen. Time to panic? 24 октября 2017, 18:16
27 дней 2:45
Gambling campaigner Matt Zarb Cousin argues for greater regulation of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals
Former gambling addict and campaigner Matt Zarb-Cousin tell his own story - in his own words - and makes the case for tighter regulation of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals. We debate the issue on the show. 24 октября 2017, 17:35
27 дней 3:47
Lord Liddle talks Brexit transition deals
Lord Liddle wasTony Blair's former Special Advisor on European Policy. 24 октября 2017, 17:32
1 530
27 дней 22:44
Special Report: Exploited: Britain's Hidden Slaves
Victims of modern slavery are not being protected well enough, with many police forces failing to recognise the true scale of human trafficking, says the police watchdog for England and Wales. 24 октября 2017, 12:28
5 951
28 дней 3:40
The boss of Sage on UK productivity
Chief Executive of UK tech firm Sage discusses a new report on disparities in productivity across the country. 23 октября 2017, 18:17
1 109
28 дней 4:39
Labour on the FCA's report on RBS
Labour's shadow business and international trade minister Bill Esterson talks to Sky News about the FCA's report on RBS' treatment of small businesses. 23 октября 2017, 18:08
28 дней 3:45
What does British business need from a Brexit transition deal?
The head of the British Chambers of Commerce tells us what UK businesses want in terms of a Brexit transition deal. 23 октября 2017, 17:58
1 952
28 дней 4:09
What can Alan Turing's school report tell us about skills?
A new exhibition shows that Alan Turing's teachers thought his ideas about physics were vague and messy at School. 23 октября 2017, 17:37
29 дней 2:49
Ocean Rescue teams up with round-the-world racers
Turn the Tide on Plastic', skippered by Dee Caffari, will travel 45,000 nautical miles and visit 11 countries over the next eight months as part of the gruelling Volvo race. 22 октября 2017, 19:12
1 378
29 дней 4:59
Inside Britain's 'left behind' towns
Could voters in the UK's 'left behind' towns hold the key to the next election? 22 октября 2017, 16:43
2 559
29 дней 9:41
Jon Ashworth on Paterson
We speak to Shadow Secretary of Health Jon Ashworth about a potential Labour alliance with backbench Conservatives on Brexit, as well as universal credit SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: 22 октября 2017, 15:32
29 дней 12:06
Johnny Mercer on Paterson
We speak to Johnny Mercer, a rising star in the Conservative Party, about universal credit, Brexit and potential leadership ambitions SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: youtube.com/skynews 22 октября 2017, 14:57
30 дней 13:04
The Rohingya crisis - special report
Over half a million Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh in an effort to escape persecution in Myanmar. 21 октября 2017, 15:49
6 070
31 день 4:18
The Islamic State dungeon beneath a football stadium
Sky's Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay reveals the horror of the cells beneath Raqqa's football stadium, where I.S. tortured prisoners with modified gym equipment before executing them. 20 октября 2017, 19:01
33 284
31 день 3:56
Ocean Rescue: Fight to save dozens of seabirds trapped in plastic
Conservationists have mounted a rescue mission to save sea birds trapped in plastic. 20 октября 2017, 11:40
1 467
32 дня 3:10
Brexit hope for illegal immigrants
Brexit may mean instability for some businesses and EU citizens, but an unlikely group of people are apparently eagerly awaiting Britain's divorce from Europe. 19 октября 2017, 19:56
35 674
32 дня 3:46
Inside liberated Raqqa
Islamic State's brutal reign of terror in Raqqa may be at an end, but as the liberation of the Syrian city is celebrated in the streets the shadow of the group remains. 19 октября 2017, 19:32
13 073
32 дня 7:01
Frances O'Grady and Carolyn Fairbairn: Urgent progress needed on Brexit negotiations
Frances O'Grady, General Secretary of the TUC and Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General of the CBI are two of the biggest figures in British business and they join Ian King to discuss the ongoing Brexit negotiations. 19 октября 2017, 18:55
1 651
32 дня 10:21
Swipe | space junk & GCSE success
Who knew there was so much junk littering the Earth's orbit? 19 октября 2017, 18:43
1 204
32 дня 2:26
David Buik remembers Black Monday: 'It was a nightmare'
David Buik is market commentator at the stockbroker Panmure Gordon, and he remembers the day 30 years ago when global stock markets took their biggest ever one-day dives. 19 октября 2017, 18:34
32 дня 2:34
'Huge campaign' underway to damage UK negotiating powers, says Woolfe
Steven Woolfe, an independent MEP who was previously a member of UKIP, says the economy could actually benefit from a hard Brexit and he speaks to Ian King. 19 октября 2017, 18:29
2 083
32 дня 3:40
HomeServe launches US expansion
Homeserve, which provides emergency insurance cover and repairs to more than 2 million British households, is buying the home services division of US company Dominion Energy for $143m. 19 октября 2017, 18:23
33 дня 2:30
Hollywood star Tippi Hedren urges women to speak out
"This isn't unique to Hollywood" - The Birds actress Tippi Hedren tells Sky News that sexual harassment in Hollywood is endemic, and has urged more women to speak out in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. 19 октября 2017, 7:41
3 279
33 дня 6:56
Mothers' hopes for family lost to I.S.
With Islamic State now defeated in Raqqa, Syrian and Kurdish forces are now trying to find any remaining militants who may be hiding in the city. The U.S. military estimates there are around 100 I.S. 18 октября 2017, 19:49
1 759
33 дня 3:13
Istanbul was Constantinople. A Snickers was once a Marathon. And now Thomson is Tui -- Britain's biggest travel company has ditched the name it has had for more than half a century. 18 октября 2017, 18:23
4 732
33 дня 4:03
Whisky is the UK's biggest food and drink export. Ian King popped into Milroy's of Soho for a few drams with brand specialist and malt whisky expert Greg Dillon 18 октября 2017, 18:20
33 дня 45:01
A Plastic Voyage: A Sky documentary
A crew of women embarked on an ambitious sailing expedition around the UK to raise awareness of ocean plastic and sample the water to see what damage is being done. 18 октября 2017, 17:47
4 720
34 дня 13:16
Special Report: The Mesh Scandal
The complication rate for vaginal mesh implants, used to treat urinary incontinence in women, is almost 10% - much higher than the officially reported rate of 1-3% - according to figures obtained by Sky News. 18 октября 2017, 5:00
7 606
34 дня 5:54
Talking a new inflation high and Brexit warnings from the OECD
Ian talks to Citi's Global Political Analyst Tina Fordham about possible dangers for the UK economy - inflation hitting 3% and a warning from the OECD that Brexit will cause serious damage. 17 октября 2017, 18:15
4 877
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