54 дня 3:28
Battle For Mosul: The end could be near for IS
Iraqi forces say they are just 'days away' from defeating Islamic State in Mosul and now control more than two-thirds of the Old City. 26 июня 2017, 20:43
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54 дня 3:16
Fire investigators reported cladding 'risks' in 2016
The Government was told last year by its own fire investigators that tower blocks were covered in flammable material - but were also told building regulations were "adequate", Sky News has discovered. 26 июня 2017, 20:41
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54 дня 4:48
Ties between UK and India are 'very strong', says Priya Paul
Priya Paul is chairperson of The Park Hotel group and one of the country's leading business women. Ian King asked her what she would like to see from a post-Brexit trade deal between Britain and India. 26 июня 2017, 18:18
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54 дня 4:17
$1bn for Northern Ireland 'reason to be hopeful'
Ian King speaks to Dr Esmond Birnie, a senior economist at Ulster University Business School, and asks him whether there is a risk that the money being given to the DUP as part of the confidence and supply deal with 26 июня 2017, 17:55
1 489
56 дней 24:45
Documentary | Michelle Dewberry's Battle for Hull
Hull girl and The Pledge presenter Michelle Dewberry's story standing as an Independent candidate for Hull in the UK 2017 General Election. 25 июня 2017, 12:37
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56 дней 2:30
Stella Creasy challenges abortion law #Ridge
Labour MP Stella Creasy is proposing an amendment to the Queen's speech about abortion in Northern Ireland. She explains why on Sophy Ridge on Sunday. 25 июня 2017, 12:29
1 721
56 дней 0:46
Ken Clarke on the Conservative Party problems #Ridge
"I've seen nothing like this" - Conservative MP Ken Clarke says current Tory problems are at their worst in 50 years. 25 июня 2017, 12:25
1 680
56 дней 2:26
Shami Chakrabarti clarifies Labour's Brexit priorities #Ridge
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57 дней 2:53
#LewisLorry talking Brexit in Birmingham
A year after Britain voted in favour of leaving the EU, the political landscape looks very different. Sky Correspondent Lewis Goodall has been finding out what the public makes of the last 12 months. 24 июня 2017, 14:18
1 188
57 дней 3:01
Thousands trapped inside Mosul's Old City
Warning: Report contains distressing images of injured civilians Sky News has witnessed first-hand the horror facing tens of thousands of civilians trapped inside Iraq's second city, Mosul. 23 июня 2017, 18:47
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58 дней 2:51
Ian King speaks to Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini
SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: youtube.com/skynews Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/skynews and twitter.com/skynewsbreak Like us on Facebook: 23 июня 2017, 9:25
58 дней 3:50
Police pressure: Detective warns officers are contemplating suicide
There's a warning from a senior detective that the strain on police forces across the UK is leading to an increasing number of officers contemplating suicide. 23 июня 2017, 7:29
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58 дней 47:51
Documentary: The Fire of London
A special programme looking at the Grenfell Tower fire in London. 22 июня 2017, 19:06
177 920
58 дней 3:50
Is digital stimulation bad for your love life?
Sky’s Gemma Morris interviews the world-renowned relationship expert John Gray, who wrote the famous self-help book series 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,' about his views on technology’s impact on our love 22 июня 2017, 18:42
1 386
58 дней 11:35
Swipe | Robot opera & how tech affects your love life
How do you teach a machine to sing? Reporter Kit Bradshaw meets the humanoids that could become the next generation of opera singers. 22 июня 2017, 18:32
1 674
58 дней 4:00
The Chief Executive of Brittany Ferries Christophe Mathieu tells Sky's Ian King that if Britain left the EU without a deal and measures such as visa applications and customs checks at channel ports were introduced, it 22 июня 2017, 17:45
2 693
58 дней 3:56
The Conservative MP for Tiverton and Honiton Neil Parish tells Sky's Ian King that there is a risk of exporting the fruit industry abroad if Brexit places restrictions on labour. 22 июня 2017, 17:42
1 469
58 дней 4:56
Economist for JP Morgan Malcolm Barr tells Sky's Ian King the government "lacks understanding" of what it wants to achieve from Brexit talks and has "unrealistic" expectations. 22 июня 2017, 17:34
2 885
59 дней 0:20
Law Society: workers need a level playing field
Christina Blacklaws, deputy vice president of the Law Society, explains why it's calling for an independent Government inspector on workers rights in the gig economy. 22 июня 2017, 9:57
1 105
59 дней 2:42
The recycling breakthrough that's being overlooked: Sky Ocean Rescue
A recycling breakthrough - that could stop tens of thousands of tonnes of waste ending up in landfill sites and our oceans.- is being largely overlooked. 22 июня 2017, 5:50
2 098
59 дней 4:45
The real game of thrones: Saudi Arabia's new heir apparent
Ben Hubbard, Middle East correspondent for the New York Times, tells Sky's Ian King about Mohammed bin Salman, the man at the centre of a major power shift in Saudi Arabia. 21 июня 2017, 18:16
14 076
59 дней 6:52
Laws: May's 'tenuous' position meant slimmed down programme
David Laws, former chief secretary to the Treasury, tells Sky's Ian King that Theresa May's pared-down Queen's Speech given her "tenuous" position in Parliament 21 июня 2017, 18:10
1 263
59 дней 3:38
Queen's Speech: time to put the economy first
The CBI's deputy director general Josh Hardie tells Sky's Ian King that it's time for the Government to put the economy first - and that there were some good signs in the Queen's Speech. 21 июня 2017, 18:03
2 337
60 дней 9:08
The Queen's Speech: Brexit takes centre stage
Her Majesty The Queen has outlined Government's legislative agenda to Parliament, including the focus on the "best possible" Brexit deal. 21 июня 2017, 11:21
32 897
60 дней 3:46
Plastics in every part of the ocean
Scientists say a whale that died with dozens of plastic bags in its stomach is evidence that plastic winds up in every part of the ocean SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: 20 июня 2017, 20:29
2 862
60 дней 4:57
What next for austerity?
Chancellor Philip Hammond has acknowledged Britain is weary after seven years of hard slog but what does it mean for austerity? 20 июня 2017, 18:18
1 601
60 дней 4:52
Treasury was 'bemused' over Barclays Qatar deal
Former Treasury adviser Catherine MacLeod tells Sky's Ian King about the crisis engulfing banks at the time Barclays sought funding from Qatar - and recalls bemusement in the Government at the lender's decision. 20 июня 2017, 18:13
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61 день 3:34
Ten years on: how Millennium Dome was transformed into the O2
Tom Miserendino, president and chief executive of AEG Europe talks Brexit, security, and entertainment with Sky's Ian King - ten years to the day after his company took over the O2, previously known as the Millennium 19 июня 2017, 18:45
2 815
61 день 4:50
The remain backer taking a 'glass half full' view of Brexit
Lloyd Dorfman, chairman of flexible office space provider The Office Group, backed the Remain campaign but as Brexit talks begin he says it's time for the UK to roll up its sleeves and make the best of it. 19 июня 2017, 18:38
1 357
61 день 6:28
Brexit: how should UK approach EU divorce talks?
Richard Tice, co-chairman of Leave Means Leave, and Allie Renison, head of Europe and trade policy at the Institute of Directors, give Sky's Ian King their views on the start of Brexit talks. 19 июня 2017, 18:30
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