3 часа 25:55
Good Bake - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 6/27/17
Adam and Norm return from a long trip overseas, and catch Will up on some of the things they saw visiting friends at Aardman Animation and FBFX. 28 июня 2017, 1:39
2 808
15 часов 14:09
Tested's Media Management Workflow!
In our latest behind the scenes video, Joey goes in-depth with his media management workflow for shooting and editing our Tested videos. 27 июня 2017, 14:07
37 345
1 день 12:03
Adam Savage's Maker Tour: Making a Metal Fidget Spinner
At the community makerspace Artisan's Asylum, machine shop manager Ben Macalister teaches Adam metal casting -- in this case, of a fidget spinner. And an excited Adam gets to pour molten metal for the first time ever! 26 июня 2017, 14:00
272 849
4 дня 26:42
PROJECTIONS, Episode 15: Doom VFR, Fallout 4, Skyrim, Gunheart!
Projections is back! Jeremy fills Norm in on the VR demos he played at this year's E3, including Bethesda's Doom VFR, Fallout 4 VR, and Skyrim VR. 23 июня 2017, 18:43
63 975
4 дня 1:47:11
European Vacation - This is Only a Test 404 - 6/22/17
Jeremy and Kishore welcome Norm back to the podcast and catch him up on three weeks worth of tech news and discussion. 23 июня 2017, 6:33
12 537
5 дней 5:18
Tested Celebrates National Week of Making, Day 7
Composer and friend of Tested Michael Giacchino joins us to wrap up our celebration of the National Week of Making! 22 июня 2017, 14:00
10 033
6 дней 5:31
Tested Celebrates National Week of Making, Day 6
Science fiction writer and jounalist Annalee Newitz talks about writing as making and shares the first book she ever published! 21 июня 2017, 14:00
9 850
7 дней 3:57
Tested Celebrates National Week of Making, Day 5
It's Simone's turn to share the story of why she makes! Every day this week, we'll be spotlighting a maker on our team and community, sharing why they make. 20 июня 2017, 14:00
38 480
8 дней 2:23
Tested Celebrates National Week of Making, Day 4
Our celebration of the National Week of Making continues this week with Kai Morton, a programmer and assistant at Black Girls Code. Kai shares her story of how she starteded coding and making her own video video games. 19 июня 2017, 14:28
13 668
8 дней 22:07
Adam Savage's Maker Tour: Artists of Artisan's Asylum
Adam meets some of the residents -- including the creator of a robot orphanage -- of the 40,000 square-foot, 400-member community makerspace Artisan's Asylum, and sees some of their absolutely stunning work. 19 июня 2017, 14:00
98 273
9 дней 6:17
Tested Celebrates National Week of Making, Day 3
Adam's shop assistant, Mel, talks about how she was inspried by movies to be a computer engineer, her time working at maker spaces, and overcoming barriers to pursue her passions. 18 июня 2017, 14:00
21 195
10 дней 3:24
Tested Celebrates National Week of Making, Day 2
Kishore, Tested's science correspondent, shares the story of the first thing he made in shop class, and the lessons he learned from that build. 17 июня 2017, 14:00
17 831
11 дней 1:50:50
E3 2017 - This is Only a Test 403 - 6/15/17
Jeremy and Kishore are joined by engineer & maker Zach Radding to discuss all the video game news from E3 2017 (21:30) , IKEA's journey to Mars (17:30), artificial intelligence vs Ms. 16 июня 2017, 15:29
16 315
11 дней 2:59
Tested Celebrates National Week of Making!
Adam kicks off a week of celebrating makers of all diciplines for the National Week of Making! Every day this week, we'll be spotlighting a maker on our team and community, sharing why they make. 16 июня 2017, 14:00
44 902
12 дней 27:12
Alonso Martinez's 3D-Printed Animated Robots!
We're gushing with grins and delight at the sight of these adorable animated robots created by artist Alonso Martinez. 15 июня 2017, 14:00
110 347
12 дней 48:37
Wonder Woman SPOILERCAST - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 6/13/17
Adam and Norm are on location this week, joined by Danica to recap their recent travels across Europe and discuss Wonder Woman! It's an especially long Spoilercast! Thanks to Danica for joining us this week! 15 июня 2017, 7:21
41 481
13 дней 38:35
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: A Better Tape Dispenser!
Adam welcomes the amazing Laura Kampf to his shop for a special collaboration build! 14 июня 2017, 14:03
610 787
14 дней 2:06
Shop Tips: Identifying your Fasteners, Nuts, Bolts, and Hardware
Frank and Sean discuss their methods for identifying various fastener hardware in your shop or on a build. Frank has a collection of tools that allows him to quickly determine the size and pitch of screws and bolts. 13 июня 2017, 14:09
63 407
15 дней 26:26
Adam Savage's Maker Tour: Artisan's Asylum
Located outside Boston, Artisan’s Asylum is a 40,000 square-foot, 400-member community fabrication center that includes everything from 3D printers to a 125-year-old arbor press. 12 июня 2017, 14:00
184 566
15 дней 9:55
Building a Working Miniature Apple II Replica!
Game developer Chris Larkin found the perfect project for the $9 CHIP computer: turning it into a mini Apple II replica that emulates the classic computer. 12 июня 2017, 14:00
175 722
16 дней 8:04
Adam Savage Assembles the Maker Puzzle!
Find the files to make your own Maker Puzzle here: thingiverse.com/thing:2240542 Adam meets up with Jen Schachter in Austin to put together the amzing maker puzzle that Jen designed for this year's SXSW 11 июня 2017, 14:00
288 092
18 дней 1:22:11
Creature Geek Episode 69- The Westmore Ep - 6/9/17
Today, Frank and Len interview the legendary Michael Westmore. 9 июня 2017, 17:01
5 657
18 дней 45:36
PROJECTIONS, Episode 14: Inside Nomadic VR's Physical Playground
We visit the production stages of Nomadic, where this location-based virtual reality company is developing a physical, tactile, VR experience that they hope to bring to malls and theaters. 9 июня 2017, 14:00
93 751
18 дней 1:45:15
Sup HomePod - This is Only a Test 402 - 6/08/17
Jeremy is joined by Patrick Norton and Gunther Kirsch while we discuss a new breakthrough 3D printer, SpaceX and Tesla updates, the new Star Wars pinball game, and all the news from Apple's WWDC event. 9 июня 2017, 7:03
14 751
19 дней 4:58
Customizing a Pelican Case with Our Laser Cutter!
Sean works on a quick project to improve our camera lens storage using the shop's Universal Laser Systems laser cutter. 8 июня 2017, 14:00
94 454
20 дней 18:34
Formlabs Fuse 1 SLS 3D Printer Demo!
We visit the headquarters of Formlabs, makers of the Form 2, to check out their newest 3D printer. 7 июня 2017, 14:27
176 214
21 день 39:09
Mars Attacks! - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 6/6/17
While Norm is on vacation, Adam and Will are joined by 99% Invisible's Roman Mars to discuss podcasting, design, and parenthood. 6 июня 2017, 19:00
37 475
21 день 16:53
Adam Savage's Maker Tour: 49ers STEM Leadership Institute
Alongside Jesse Sapolu, retired center/guard for the San Francisco 49ers, and Brandi Chastain, Olympic and World Cup soccer champion, Adam works with students at the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute who are designing 6 июня 2017, 14:00
28 402
21 день 13:44
Hands-On with the Cinder Grill Precision Cooker
Kishore and Norm test the Cinder, a counter-top grill that's quite a bit more advanced than the ones we had in our dorm rooms. 6 июня 2017, 7:00
58 928
22 дня 20:08
Adam Savage Builds the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V!
Join us for a special LEGO with Friends! Adam, Norm, and Will work together to build the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V, a massive model that's beautifully designed and structurally impressive. 5 июня 2017, 14:00
543 156
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