1 день 27:55
New Fukushima Leak Spotted…?
On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom talks to Julio Rivera of Reactionary Times and Charles Sauer of the Market Institute about Trump banning transgender troops from serving in the military and the latest on the Senate 27 июля 2017, 0:53
5 221
1 день 12:11
Is Fukushima Still Melting Down?
Big Picture Interview - It's been 6 years since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that caused the most serious nuclear incident since Chernobyl - and we might - just might - finally have some good news out of Fukushima. 27 июля 2017, 0:47
2 018
1 день 11:46
The Real Reason Trump Banned Transgender People
Big Picture Panel: Charles Sauer, The Market Institute & Julio Rivera, Reactionary Times/Newsmax/Right Wing News/Politichicks. 27 июля 2017, 0:47
5 056
2 дня 28:00
You Can Blame the Koch Brothers for the Healthcare Mess
On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom talks to Dr. Sanjeev Sriram of We Act Radio and Bryan Pruitt of RedState about latest on the Senate healthcare vote and the obscene profits made by CEOs in the healthcare industry. 26 июля 2017, 0:39
8 658
2 дня 12:24
Prof. Richard Wolff On the "Better Deal" Platform
Big Picture Interview: Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Capitalism's Crisis Deepens Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown/Democracy At Work. 26 июля 2017, 0:18
7 328
2 дня 11:25
Healthcare: GOP Showed Just How Cruel & Craven They Really Are
Big Picture Panel: Dr. Sanjeev Sriram M.D., MD/Dr. America-WeActRadio & Bryan Pruitt, RedState. The Senate's vote this afternoon to move forward with repealing Obamacare was a big win for the Koch brothers. 26 июля 2017, 0:14
3 188
3 дня 28:01
The Right Wing Plot to Repeal the 20th Century…
On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom discusses the Democrats’ unveiling of “A Better Deal” and what it means for the party’s future with Richard Eskow of Campaign for America’s Future. 25 июля 2017, 0:22
8 357
3 дня 12:45
ALEC's Scary Plan for Elections
Big Picture Panel: Richard Eskow, Campaign for America's Future/The Zero Hour & Kymone Freeman, We Act Radio/Black Lives Matter DC. 24 июля 2017, 23:57
1 667
3 дня 11:15
Dems Unveil A “Better Deal"
Big Picture Interview: Richard Eskow, Campaign for America's Future/The Zero Hour. 24 июля 2017, 23:57
2 364
6 дней 27:50
New DNC Slogan “Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages”…Really?!
On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom discusses the Democratic party’s new slogan and strategy and whether it could win them seats in Congress with Larry Cohen of Our Revolution. 22 июля 2017, 0:31
10 238
6 дней 12:08
CEO Pay Is A Direct Threat To Our Democracy
Big Picture Panel: Mark Anthony, Movement for Black Lives & Scott Greer. The past few decades have not been great for working Americans. Since 1978 - they've seen their wages grow just 11.2 percent. 22 июля 2017, 0:27
1 704
6 дней 11:42
Are Blue Dogs the Key To Winning the House?
Big Picture Interview: Larry Cohen, Our Revolution/Democracy Initiative. Progressive politics have never been more popular than they are right now - so why are Democrats still shying away from embracing them outright? 22 июля 2017, 0:14
1 002
7 дней 27:55
Trump & Kobach Move Forward With Voter Suppression Commission
On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom discusses the White House’s election integrity commission with Puffin Foundation fellow and filmmaker Greg Palast. 21 июля 2017, 0:20
3 683
7 дней 11:58
Sanders & Jackson Join Hands Against Crosscheck
Greg Palast, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Donald Trump's so-called Election Integrity Commission met for the first time Wednesday. The proceedings were streamed live to the public on the White House website. 21 июля 2017, 0:07
2 080
7 дней 11:40
Trump Doesn't Understand What Healthcare Is
Dave McCulloch, Capitol Media Partners & Isaiah Poole, People's Action/Campaign for America's Future. 21 июля 2017, 0:07
1 602
7 дней 27:54
How Our Current Political Crisis Began in Detroit...
On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom discusses our current political climate and its relation to rebellion in Detroit 50 years ago with historian, professor and author Scott Kurashige. 20 июля 2017, 21:39
6 388
7 дней 11:56
GOP Going After Social Programs - More Tax Cuts For the Rich
David Brooks, The Daily Caller & Charles Sauer, The Market Institute. 20 июля 2017, 21:26
1 061
7 дней 11:56
How Detroit Gave Us Trump
Scott Kurashige, The Fifty-Year Rebellion: How the U.S. Political Crisis Began in Detroit. Detroit - Michigan is the birthplace of Motown soul and the American auto industry. 20 июля 2017, 21:26
1 242
10 дней 12:06
Did Gerrymandering Give Us Trump?
Dave Daley, RATF**KED: The True Story Behind the Secret Plan to Steal America's Democracy. The past six months have barely seemed real - but the election of Donald Trump was no fluke. 18 июля 2017, 1:20
1 842
10 дней 27:51
America's Inequality Crisis is Exceptional...Trump is Making it Worse...
On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom discusses gerrymandering and the threat it poses to American democracy with author Dave Daley. 18 июля 2017, 1:20
8 291
10 дней 11:52
Trump’s “Made In America” Scam Explained
Valerie Ervin, Working Families Party & Hughey Newsome, BOLD.global/Move-On-Up. 18 июля 2017, 1:20
4 278
13 дней 11:56
Poll - Americans Hate Oligarchy
Big Picture Panel: Julio Rivera, Reactionary Times/Newsmax/Right Wing News/Politichicks & Alex Lawson, Social Security Works. Americans don't like oligarchs. 15 июля 2017, 0:26
4 375
13 дней 12:01
Activist/Actress Mimi Kennedy on Fraction Magic Voting
Big Picture Interview: Mimi Kennedy, Progressive Democrats of America/Mom on CBS. The integrity of our democracy is a big topic these days - so just how vulnerable IS our election system to hacks? 15 июля 2017, 0:25
1 424
13 дней 27:57
Why Does Trump Prioritize Petro Billionaires Over Humanity?
On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom discusses election integrity and the issue of electronic voting machines with actress and activist Mimi Kennedy. 15 июля 2017, 0:25
7 074
14 дней 12:15
The Upside of the TrumpCare Ugliness
Big Picture Panel: Sam Sacks, The District Sentinel News Co-op & Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research. 14 июля 2017, 1:25
2 098
14 дней 11:45
How People Power Defeats Corporate Power
Big Picture Interview: Mike Papantonio, America's Lawyer (RT America)/Ring of Fire Radio/Law and Disorder. Is America's opioid epidemic a drug problem or another example of corporate malfeasance run amok? 14 июля 2017, 1:25
2 256
14 дней 28:01
President Bernie Sanders in 2020...?
On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom talks to Horace Cooper of the National Center for Public Policy Research and Sam Sacks of the District Sentinel about the latest version of the Senate GOP’s healthcare bill and whether 14 июля 2017, 1:24
21 497
15 дней 28:02
GOP Choosing A Climate Change Doomsday Scenario?
On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom discusses parallels between today’s activist movements and the protests of the 1960s with author Danny Goldberg. 13 июля 2017, 0:45
5 838
15 дней 11:38
What Can Hippies Teach Us for the Trump Era?
Big Picture Interview: Danny Goldberg, In Search of the Lost Chord: 1967 and the Hippie Idea. 13 июля 2017, 0:21
1 762
15 дней 12:26
When Did Socialism for the Rich Become Conservative?
Big Picture Panel: Jeff Stier, National Center For Public Policy Research & Charles Sauer, The Market Institute. Republicans say they love capitalism - but the truth is they're actually big fans of socialism. 13 июля 2017, 0:21
2 625
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