2 дня 1:45
A tour of North Korea's answer to Disneyland | Life inside North Korea
On a rare press trip to Pyongyang we were presented with a night at the bustling Kaeson Youth Park, where residents are marshalled in line by military personnel for a dose of state-sanctioned fun. 18 июня 2018, 13:59
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6 дней 20:54
The Tower Next Door: Living in the shadow of Grenfell
In June 2017 residents of the Silchester estate woke to discover Grenfell Tower engulfed in flames, witnessing a terrifying national tragedy unfolding on their doorstep. 14 июня 2018, 10:59
45 558
6 дней 2:56
Life inside North Korea: the power of Juche explained
On a rare press trip to Pyongyang, we were given a guided tour of the Juche Tower. 14 июня 2018, 9:23
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7 дней 7:26
Magid Magid: a day in the life of Sheffield's youngest ever lord mayor
Former Somali refugee Magid Magid became Sheffield's youngest ever lord mayor last month. 13 июня 2018, 10:00
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15 дней 10:34
Day Zero: how Cape Town stopped the taps running dry
Early this year, the South African government announced that Day Zero was looming – a moment, after three years of unprecedented drought, when dam levels would be so low that taps would be turned off and people would 5 июня 2018, 13:11
48 244
19 дней 28:37
Our House: the homeless man, the hippy and the property developer
Brian was down on his luck and sleeping rough in Liverpool. Lawrence was a successful hotelier and property developer. David was a self-proclaimed hippy in a dead-end job. 1 июня 2018, 11:02
13 946
20 дней 6:13
Should you wear a bike helmet?
Bicycle helmets are compulsory in countries such as Australia and New Zealand, among others, but as the Guardian's Peter Walker explains this does not help save lives. 31 мая 2018, 10:50
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21 день 6:03
Wilderness: an immersive 360° journey into Patagonia
The wilderness of Patagonia – shared by Argentina and Chile – has frequently been threatened by logging and oil industries. 30 мая 2018, 9:19
34 411
22 дня 15:59
Gay, black and HIV positive: America's hidden epidemic
If you are a black, gay man in America, your risk of contracting HIV is one in two. Leah Green travels to Atlanta, Georgia, which has the largest gay and black community in the country. 29 мая 2018, 11:00
98 256
25 дней 7:35
Life and death on billionaires' superyachts
The Guardian is granted exclusive access to some of the latest superyachts in Monaco. But what is life really like for the young people serving billionaires in the sun? 26 мая 2018, 16:37
716 050
26 дней 8:54
Undercover touts: how football ticket resale sites rip off fans
A Guardian investigation has uncovered evidence of football tickets being sold illegally in vast quantities, thanks to an alliance between professional touts and websites that escape the law because they are based 25 мая 2018, 7:25
9 328
27 дней 5:06
Blocked from benefits ... literally
Jaki has been living without disability benefits for almost a year. When she applied for employment and support allowance, she had to attend a work capability assessment. 24 мая 2018, 7:52
17 894
28 дней 9:49
Meet the people fighting to keep Ireland's abortion ban
Many Irish people see the abortion referendum as a crossroads. Ireland could say yes and turn towards the liberal values of the EU, while a no vote would defend its Catholic conservatism. 23 мая 2018, 9:57
171 971
35 дней 1:58
Superfans, boiled sweets and Pamela Anderson: ​six years spying on Julian Assange
Ecuador has housed the WikiLeaks founder at its embassy in central London since 2012. Leaked documents reveal the Ecuadorian government spent millions of dollars monitoring his every move. 16 мая 2018, 17:04
25 796
35 дней 4:03
'I thought they'd take everything away from me': immigration officers enter couple's home at dawn
Qu Zixuan and her fiance, Duncan Watkinson, describe the moment they were confronted by six immigration officers at dawn in their London home. 16 мая 2018, 6:29
104 260
37 дней 20:49
Four Weddings
Not all weddings are about marrying a Prince. This documentary tells the story of four special weddings around the world from the point of view of the bride. 14 мая 2018, 11:09
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41 день 5:59
Refugees in Europe on their adopted homelands: 'The Germans sneeze loudly'
A record number of refugees arrived in Europe between 2015 and 2016. First comes the excitement but soon they realise it is not entirely like home. 10 мая 2018, 8:22
35 306
45 дней 4:09
NRA members after the Florida shooting: 'We're not children-hating monsters'
At the group's annual convention in Dallas, Lois Beckett speaks to ordinary NRA members in the wake of unprecedented pushback from teenage mass shootings survivors, and hears that the Parkland students 'need to do a 6 мая 2018, 6:47
28 593
50 дней 9:50
Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria: 'We're American, too, why don't they help?'
More than six months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is still struggling to recover from the devastation. Thousands of homes and businesses have no electricity and are waiting for insurance payouts. 1 мая 2018, 8:16
19 916
54 дня 3:10
Windrush citizens: 'It's like having your world torn apart'
As Theresa May faces criticism over the Windrush scandal, three of those affected – Glenda Caesar, Sarah O'Connor and Briggs Levi Maynard – tell how it feels to be rejected by their country. 27 апреля 2018, 13:14
23 192
55 дней 7:02
Pain and terror: America remembers its past
More than 4,400 enslaved black men, women and children were lynched by white mobs between 1877 and 1950. 26 апреля 2018, 11:07
117 906
57 дней 5:26
How the 25th amendment could remove Trump
Political dramas Homeland and Designated Survivor have recently explored how a president could be removed from office using the 25th amendment to the US constitution. 24 апреля 2018, 13:00
101 457
63 дня 9:32
'Journalism was her life': Daphne Caruana Galizia's family speak out
Six months after the anti-corruption journalist was killed by a car bomb near her home in Malta, Caruana Galizia's husband and adult children speak for the first time about the day of her murder, her campaigning work 18 апреля 2018, 11:28
15 300
63 дня 5:01
How was Daphne Caruana Galizia murdered?
Six months after the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, police investigators are building a detailed picture of what they believe happened. 18 апреля 2018, 9:02
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68 дней 23:02
The Climate and the Cross
The battle between ​evangelical Christians in the US over whether climate change is a call to protect the Earth, the work of God to be welcomed, or doesn’t exist at all.  Evangelicals in the US have traditionally been 13 апреля 2018, 11:19
28 565
76 дней 10:13
How Gaza is bracing for the next blow
Gaza City has seen three wars with Israel in 10 years, and everyone expects another will come. Yet the preparations face huge obstacles: Palestinian factional tensions and a punitive blockade have caused debilitating 5 апреля 2018, 7:58
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77 дней 3:26
'I Have A Dream': students from Martin Luther King Jr's former school recite speech
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's death, the Guardian asked nine students from his former school in Atlanta - Booker T Washington high school - to recite 'I Have A Dream' Subscribe to The 4 апреля 2018, 8:28
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83 дня 3:58
The Joy of Frogs: a 360 film about the mating season
Every spring, ponds around the UK start stirring and frogs come out of their winter slumber to mate. 29 марта 2018, 9:47
49 161
88 дней 10:30
The Brexit whistleblower: 'Not cheating is the core of what it means to be British'
Shahmir Sanni, who worked for the official Vote Leave campaign, today breaks cover to raise concerns that the group behind the knife-edge 2016 vote in favour of Brexit – including key figures now working for Theresa 25 марта 2018, 1:35
77 098
89 дней 6:03
Brittany Kaiser, former Cambridge Analytica director: 'I voted for Bernie'
An exclusive interview with former Cambridge Analytica business development director Brittany Kaiser, who claims that the data analytics firm worked on a pro-Brexit campaign, despite chief executive Alexander Nix 23 марта 2018, 21:06
147 723
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