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How you can help to support the program - Tag! You're It !
Producing the Thom Hartmann Program five days a week, costs more that you might think. 21 октября 2018, 18:21
2 дня 10:07
Trickle Down Racism: The Not So New Platform of The Republican Party
The Trickle Down Racism of the Republican Party is moving away from the dog whistle racism of Lee Atwater and into rhetoric that sounds blatant! 19 октября 2018, 22:13
2 106
2 дня 11:56
What Would America Look Like If We Taxed The Rich (w/ Richard Wolff)
Professor Richard Wolff joins Thom to discuss what America would look like if we taxed the rich at levels similar to what they were before Ronald Reagan's original corporate Tax Scam? 19 октября 2018, 21:30
5 385
3 дня 12:35
Did Trump Have an Obligation to Warn Khashoggi ? (w/ Juan Cole)
How much responsibility does Donald Trump have, after not warning Khashoggi, and what does this say to the state of journalism, free speech, the Trump administration, America and the World? 18 октября 2018, 23:43
2 007
3 дня 8:30
Witches Plan To Hex Brett Kavanaugh (w/Guest Dakota Bracciali)
Bret Kavanaugh's nomination has put the second Donald Trump Supreme Court appointment at odds with many in the country, voter rights activists, the MeToo Movement, and witches! 18 октября 2018, 22:28
2 362
3 дня 12:32
Did Republicans Knock Off More than 10% of Eligible Voters? (w/ Greg Palast)
Greg Palast, investigative Journalist and writer director joins the program to discuss the increased efforts of Republicans and the morbidly rich to take away your vote. 18 октября 2018, 21:58
2 128
4 дня 11:07
Are Pollsters Failing Black Progressive Candidates Ahead of Midterms? (w/Guest Pete Tucker)
Are Pollsters Failing Black Progressive Candidates Ahead of Midterm Pete Tucker seems to think so after noticing the huge margins of error in the work of pollsters that puts progressive people of | 17 октября 2018, 22:58
1 534
4 дня 10:53
How Republicans Use Debt as a Political Tool To Win Elections
How Republicans Use Debt as a Political Tool To Win Elections Jude Wanniski popularized a strategy for Republicans to use to beat Democrats by giving their constituents, the billionaire class, oil | 17 октября 2018, 21:58
2 062
4 дня 5:31
What Will Happen When Republicans Remove The Pillars Of Democracy?
What will happen when the Republicans remove the pillars of democracy we rely on for a functioning society, things like social security, medicare, the social safety net? 17 октября 2018, 21:30
3 999
5 дней 12:42
Debate: Is it Time to Use the F Word? (w/Guest Dave Workman)
Have we reached a stage two fascism problem, the GOP invited Proud Boys to an official function in NYC, where they enacted the assassination of a socialists by a far right nationalist, and then went | 16 октября 2018, 22:45
4 247
5 дней 15:12
DEBATE: How The Republican Tax Scam Steals Your Money and Power
All is not what it seems when it comes to the Republican Tax Scam, but what people seeing extra money in their paycheck going to react when they find out the true cost of the cuts the Republicans | 16 октября 2018, 21:30
3 003
5 дней 4:34
If Enough Young People Vote There Won't Be Any Republicans Left In Office (w/Nick Guthman)
Young people, Millennials and Generation Z could have a huge sway on upcoming elections, if they mobilize and show up in greater numbers than baby boomers. 16 октября 2018, 21:00
2 096
6 дней 2:18
Anniversary of the Black Panther Party
Today marks the Fifty First anniversary of the Black Panther Party's Founding, we celebrate by reading from the Panther's ten point program, which of these do you want to see happen today, how have | 16 октября 2018, 0:00
6 дней 10:39
How is Trump's New Gilded Age Treating You?
SUPPORT THE PROGRAM ► Join us on Patreon: patreon.com/thomhartmann where you can also watch a re-run of the three hour program at any time AUDIO PODCASTS ► Subscribe today | 15 октября 2018, 23:30
4 119
6 дней 12:27
Why Technology Companies Can't Be Allowed to Ignore human Rights Abuses (w/Guest Anand Giridharadas)
Will Big Tech be able to take a moral stand against working for human rights abusers like Saudi Arabia? 15 октября 2018, 23:00
1 773
6 дней 13:07
How Republicans Plan to Steal your Vote (w/Guest Tom Perez)
Tom Perez, the chairman of the DNC joins the program today to talk to about republican efforts to steel your vote and the election. 15 октября 2018, 22:30
2 528
9 дней 3:54
Republicans Admit They Dont Want you to Vote (w/Guest Congressman Ro Khanna)
Congressman Republican rhetoric comments on Republicans explicit message that hey don't want progressives to vote, because they have less of a chance of winning if we do! 12 октября 2018, 23:45
2 715
9 дней 12:31
The Dark History of Trump's "America First" Slogan Traced To KKK & Fascism (W/ Sarah Churchwell)
Sarah Churchwell author of Behold America traces Donald Trump's slogan to it's origins in the fascist Italy and in the 20th century resurgence of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) in America, what does this | 12 октября 2018, 23:00
8 682
9 дней 10:23
Taking on Trump and Supporters Using His Own Words (w/Congressman Ro Khanna)
Congressman Ro Khanna joins the Thom Hartmann Program, answering calls from the audience and taking on Trump supporters and Republican rhetoric with the words of Donald Trump himself. 12 октября 2018, 22:30
3 785
10 дней 9:49
Congressman Mark Pocan Takes on Corporate Media with Thom Hartmann
Congressman Mark Pocan responds to one of the Largest newspaper in America publishing a white house press release as an op ed full of lies, many of which were lies against democrats, how do we | 12 октября 2018, 0:00
1 975
10 дней 6:00
Is It Time to Find Alternatives to Capitalism
After reports show the dire situation that the earth is being put in thanks to the oligarchs and the morbidly rich, is it time to try alternatives to strengthen democracy that may not include | 11 октября 2018, 23:30
2 603
11 дней 4:03
Do Progressives We Need More Than Just an Elections To Defeat The Trump Cult
Do Progressives We Need More Than Just an Elections To Defeat The Trump Cult Will it take more than winning elections, and Blue Waves to defeat the Cult around Donald Trump? 10 октября 2018, 23:30
1 561
11 дней 12:38
Trump Administration Tries To Win Over Voters With Antisemitism & The Media Joined In!
The GOP is using antisemitism to win over some of Donald Trump's "Very fine people" and the media is buying it up and even sharing it, how dangerous is this for our democracy? 10 октября 2018, 23:00
6 094
11 дней 10:53
The GOP Is Trying to Steal Your Vote this Very Second (w/Guest Greg Palast)
Greg Palast continues his coverage of the GOP's efforts to steal elections through voter purges and how we can fight against it, Have you been purged? 10 октября 2018, 22:30
2 962
11 дней 9:25
What is to be Done with Those Responsible for Climate Change
Scientific reports are showing that there is little more than a decade before the effects of global climate change reach a tipping point the human race may not survive beyond. 10 октября 2018, 22:00
3 316
12 дней 11:44
How Donald Trump Sells Political Alienation For Power
Donald Trump's election was very much based on feelings of political alienation of certain demographics. 9 октября 2018, 23:00
3 598
12 дней 4:22
From Suffrage to MeToo: Feminism in the Age of Trump and Beyond
A caller lists milestones from the suffrage movement through the feminism of the 1960's with Gloria Steinem and now up to today's #MeToo movement, the caller asks what will become of this latest | 9 октября 2018, 22:30
12 дней 3:20
The Reality TV President : Trump, Your'e Fired !
Donald Trump is employing a reality TV star method to the madness of his position as President, viewers want to know, if Donald Trump is the Reality TV president, does that mean we can kick him off? 9 октября 2018, 22:00
13 дней 5:53
Are Republicans Getting Away Inflaming Civil Unrest
Critics of Republicans are finding themselves in need of protection, relocation and security from the abuses by Republican voters and right wingers, are the Republican Party going to get away with | 8 октября 2018, 22:30
3 413
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