7 часов 16:17
Donald Trump & Republicans Took by Through Racism and Hatred
Donald Trump & the Republicans took power through racism and hatred, not democratically. 20 апреля 2018, 21:30
8 часов 13:01
Richard Wolff: Should Workers Get To Decide Their Economic System
Richard Wolff of Democracy at work, wants workers to have democracy in their work place, and get to choose the kind of economic system they want. 20 апреля 2018, 21:00
1 день 12:13
Why We Can't Compare Chattel Slavery to Other forms of Bondage
Many guilty consciouses come out when we talk about the horrors of slavery in our country's past, and some look to diminish that horror and responsibility by pointing out that other forms of slavery. 19 апреля 2018, 22:00
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1 день 5:57
Immigrants Won't Take Your Job The Morbidly Rich Already Did!
White workers in America are sometimes tricked into thinking that immigrants, black and brown people are going to "Take our jobs" the truth is that the morbidly rich already did, and moved them to china, to exploit the 19 апреля 2018, 21:30
1 435
1 день 4:12
What Donald Trump Got Right About Draining the Swamp (w/guest Mark Pocan)
If someone was really to "drain the swamp" they would find the toads and toadies of the billionaire class, the morbidly rich and the other snakes of democracy. 19 апреля 2018, 21:00
1 009
2 дня 10:33
Six Signs That Spell The Downfall Of the Republican Party and a Path to Victory For Democrats
Sarah Burris of Raw Story brings data to show that the children are the future, leading the progressive movement, spelling the end of the Republican party and if the democrats meet these young people, millennials and 18 апреля 2018, 22:30
4 419
2 дня 5:56
Racist Propaganda in Public Schools Leads to a Racist World
Racist Propaganda in Public Schools Leads to a Racist World, and incidents like the Starbucks fiasco and police interaction with African Americans we hear about everyday. 18 апреля 2018, 22:00
1 602
2 дня 11:23
German Democracy was Killed off Could ours Be Next?
German Democracy didn't just die between the first and second World Wars, it was intentionally killed off. Could those same forces do it here in the United States? 18 апреля 2018, 21:45
1 754
2 дня 4:34
The Cost Of Medicine Increases with their Profit with Congressman Mark Pocan
Congressman Mark Pocan joins the show for an on air townhall and takes YOUR questions on healthcare and the rising cost of medicine, as well as the profit motive behind it! 18 апреля 2018, 21:30
3 дня 4:38
The Absurd Level Donald Trump & Republicans Brought America & How We Can Get Out
Donald Trump, as President of the United States has the fate of three hundred Million Americans and basically the world in his hands and it could all come down thanks to this. 17 апреля 2018, 22:00
2 653
3 дня 11:34
DEBATE: Will Privatizing The Post Office Jeopardize Unions
The Post Office is one of the largest Union employers in the United States, is this why the right wants to privatize it? 17 апреля 2018, 21:30
1 275
3 дня 10:03
Will Cal-exit from Net Neutrality Ban?
Evan Greer of Fight for the Future joins Thom Hartmann to discuss how California may wiggle out of the FCC's overturn of Net Neutrality protections. 17 апреля 2018, 21:00
1 405
4 дня 8:19
How Democrats Can Do Better by Black People
A future Democratic Precinct Chairman calls the Thom Hartmann program with a message about how Democrats can do better by African Americans. 16 апреля 2018, 22:00
1 421
4 дня 10:15
How To Train White People Not to Fear Black People
In the last week two incidents made the national headlines that could have gone much better if we could train white people not to fear black people. 16 апреля 2018, 22:00
2 802
4 дня 4:27
Goldman Sachs & Big Pharma Admit Cures Aren't Profitable...
Companies can make more profit if you stay sick, curing you would cut back on profit. 16 апреля 2018, 21:45
2 353
4 дня 11:15
Everything To Know About Virtual Private Network to get you the End Of Net Neutrality
Are Virtual Private Networks a way to get past the FCC's net neutrality ruling? 16 апреля 2018, 21:00
1 499
7 дней 9:36
Trump Wants To Bring Back The TPP? (w/Guest Lori Wallach)
After campaigning against it, Trump is trying to bring back the Trans Pacific Partnership, how are his supporters going to take this? 13 апреля 2018, 22:15
2 504
7 дней 11:22
Will Big Oil Pay for Their Lies? Farron Cousins Fights for Climate Justice
How can we stop the Climate denying corporate lies big oil is telling to make their profit margins thicker? 13 апреля 2018, 21:00
1 561
8 дней 9:45
Is Cambridge Analytica Deleting Democracy?
How can we regulate corporate control of our data collection? 12 апреля 2018, 22:00
1 113
8 дней 3:31
Will Trump Cut Medicaid & SNAP to Pay For War with Syria?
Surviving while poor isn't enough, now Trump appears to want to pay for his war with Syria through cutting food stamps, SNAP, Medicaid & Medicare and other social safety net programs! 12 апреля 2018, 21:30
1 596
8 дней 4:33
War is a Racket When Lives are Traded for Profit
Smedley Butler said that war is a racket but have we learned that lesson? when we are ready to trade people's lives for profit, something is really wrong. 12 апреля 2018, 21:00
1 717
9 дней 11:09
Should GMO Animals Be Regulated? Alexis Baden Mayer Esq
Whats for dinner? is it Salmon, or is it GMO Salmon? 11 апреля 2018, 22:00
9 дней 9:31
Why The Right is Wrong: Raid on Michael Cohen Isn't Corruption, It's Justice
Trump's lawyer was raided by the FBI over files related to payments to Adult actress Stormy Daniels and some parts of the right want to make it into a civil rights case for Donald Trump? 11 апреля 2018, 21:28
3 248
9 дней 12:54
Will Donald Trump Worsen the Worst Human Rights Disaster Yet to Cover Up his Bad Press
Author Larry Beinhart joins to discuss Trump's tweet over Syria, are we really about to take part in a massive humanitarian crisis so Trump can shake the press? 11 апреля 2018, 21:00
1 371
10 дней 10:31
Trump's Southern Strategy: Do Republicans Still Think Like Nixon?
Is Trump repeating Nixon's southern strategy? Do Republicans still speak in Dog Whistles and think like... that? 10 апреля 2018, 23:30
1 563
10 дней 11:35
Facebook is Watching you and You Have No Privacy
Do we need a bill of rights to protect us against Corporations? 10 апреля 2018, 23:06
1 778
10 дней 10:07
Will Trump Start a War To Avoid Mueller Prosecution
Will Trump Start a War To Avoid Mueller Prosecution SUPPORT THE PROGRAM ► Join us on Patreon: patreon.com/thomhartmann where you can also watch a re-run of the three hour program at any time AUDIO 10 апреля 2018, 22:17
2 581
10 дней 4:18
Is There an Alternative to Capitalism? It May Not Be Easy!
Is there an alternative to capitalism? 10 апреля 2018, 21:00
2 067
11 дней 8:10
DEBATE: Are We In The Cancer Stage Of Capitalism? Thom Hartmann vs Charles Sauer
Are we in the cancer stage of capitalism? 9 апреля 2018, 22:00
2 004
11 дней 9:22
Scott Pruit why are we just talking about the money when people are dying
Is it difficult for Scott Pruit and the Morbidly Rich to understand that people are more valuable than profit? 9 апреля 2018, 21:30
1 462
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