9 часов 7:53
Activism Planning Is As Important As Showing Up (w/guest Christina Gorczynski)(Pt 2)
Guest host Alex Lawson of Social Security Works and We Act Radio talks with Houston based community organizer and CEO of First Person LLC, Christina Gorczynski, as they discuss what to do BEFORE you show up to protest, 19 января 2017, 22:30
9 часов 8:50
"The Power Is In the People!" (W/guest Christina Gorczynski) (Pt 1)
Guest host Alex Lawson (Executive Director, Social Security Works) chats with Christina Gorczynski a community organizer in Houston and Founder and CEO of First Person, LLC about taking back control of our government 19 января 2017, 22:00
10 часов 14:35
Fighting For the Integrity of Our Democracy (w/guest Jesse Jackson)
Thom sits down with civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson Jr. (founder, Rainbow Push Coalition) for a discussion on what's at stake in the next administration and how to fight for the best outcome. 19 января 2017, 21:30
10 часов 10:48
Election Was Stolen Long Before Trump (w/guest Greg Palast)
Investigative journalist Greg Palast (BBC, Rolling Stone) lays out some of the details of how Interstate Crosscheck removed 1.6 million people of color from voter rolls before the 2016 election, and how the wheels were 19 января 2017, 21:00
1 612
11 часов 3:57
Where Did The DNC Hack Really Come From?
Thom speaks with caller Joey about the DNC hack and the impact it had on the outcome of the election. ****** ABOUT THE PROGRAM The Thom Hartmann Program is the leading progressive political talk radio show. 19 января 2017, 20:30
1 153
11 часов 0:00
The Thom Hartmann Program (Full Show) - LIVE 1/19/17
You've found the place where The Thom Hartmann Program is streamed live Monday-Friday, Noon-3 ET. 19 января 2017, 20:06
11 часов 14:23
The Conspiracy The Gave Donald Trump The Election . . . (w/Guest: Seth Abramson)
Thom speaks with Seth Abramson, author, columnist, and former public defender, about the FBI, Hillary's Emails, and the conspiracy that helped Trump take the White House. 19 января 2017, 20:00
1 762
1 день 4:12
Great News! FSTV Expands to NYC! (w/guest Ron Williams)
Executive Director Ron Williams from FSTV talks with Thom about the Free Speech TV expansion into the Manhattan cable landscape! 18 января 2017, 22:30
1 день 7:23
Is Ranked Choice Voting the Solution? (w/guest Drew Spencer Penrose)
Thom discusses ranked choice voting and why we should move to it after one of the worst elections on record with Drew Spencer Penrose, legal director of Fair Vote ( FairVote.org). 18 января 2017, 22:00
1 245
1 день 14:42
Trump Trade Promises, Practical or Protectionism (w/guest Jamie Weinstein)
Thom debates conservative guest Jamie Weinstein (host, The Jamie Weinstein Show) about Trump's trade policies, their relative merits, and what it might mean for the country going forward. 18 января 2017, 21:30
1 083
1 день 5:21
What Will You Do Differently Under The Trump Administration?
Thom talks about the various ways people are coping with the incoming administration and how they are changing their plans and lifestyles to prepare for the next four years. 18 января 2017, 21:00
1 204
1 день 4:12
Will Your Next Meal be prepared by a TB Patient?
Thom speaks with caller Norma, who talks about the need for national healthcare and how low-income Americans near her are experiencing an outbreak of TB due to lack of health care. 18 января 2017, 20:30
1 день 0:00
The Thom Hartmann Program (Full Show) - LIVE 1/19/17
You've found the place where The Thom Hartmann Program is streamed live Monday-Friday, Noon-3 ET. 18 января 2017, 20:16
3 629
1 день 9:01
The DeVos Education Plan... Bait & Switch!! (w/Guest: Lily Eskelsen Garcia)
Thom speaks with Lily Eskelsen Garcia, President of the National Education Association, about the confirmation testimony of Betsy DeVos and what her plans for education could mean for our nation's public schools. 18 января 2017, 20:00
1 147
1 день 7:15
Will The DeVos Education Model Bring About The End of Public Schools?
Thom talks about Betsy DeVos's plans for our education system and asks whether the end of public school and child labor laws will be next. 18 января 2017, 14:30
2 418
2 дня 14:21
Is Health Care a Privilege or a Right? (w/guest Steve Beaman)
Thom talks with guest Steve Beaman (CEO/Chairman of the Society to Advance Financial Education) on who should or shouldn't have health care and how it should be provided. 17 января 2017, 21:00
1 862
2 дня 3:51
US Manufacturing and a Universal Basic Income
Thom talks with a caller about the prospect of bringing back manufacturing to the US, the forward creep of automation, and the viability of a universal basic income. The universal basic income debate. 17 января 2017, 20:30
1 721
2 дня 0:00
The Thom Hartmann Program (Full Show) - LIVE 1/18/17
You've found the place where The Thom Hartmann Program is streamed live Monday-Friday, Noon-3 ET. 17 января 2017, 20:04
3 708
2 дня 13:32
Odds of a Trump Impeachment? (w/guest Neil McCabe)
Thom speaks with Breitbart News political reporter Neil McCabe on the bookies's odds of a Trump impeachment. Could Trump be impeached? How do you impeach a president? 17 января 2017, 20:00
5 578
3 дня 14:32
More Than a Protest, It's a Promise (w/guest Nuchhi Currier)
Guest host Alex Lawson (executive director of Social Security Works) talks with activist Nuchhi Currier (president of The Women's Democratic Club) regarding activism around the incoming presidential administration, 16 января 2017, 21:30
1 208
3 дня 8:16
Democrats and Republicans Are NOT the Same (w/Alex Lawson)
Guest host Alex Lawson (executive director of Social Security Works) explains to a caller some of the differences between the Democrats and the Republicans. 16 января 2017, 21:00
2 079
3 дня 7:40
The Radical Side of MLK, Martin Luther King, Jr (w/Guest Host Alex Lawson)
Guest host Alex Lawson (Executive Director of Social Security Works) discusses the lesser known radical activist side of Martin Luther King, Jr on MLK Day. The fight for equal rights for Americans. 16 января 2017, 20:30
1 229
3 дня 0:00
The Thom Hartmann Program (Full Show) - LIVE 1/17/17
You've found the place where The Thom Hartmann Program is streamed live Monday-Friday, Noon-3 ET. 16 января 2017, 20:03
4 370
3 дня 13:15
The Future of Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act ... (w/Guest: Wendell Potter)
Guest host Alex Lawson, Executive Director of Social Security Works, speaks with former health insurance executive Wendell Potter about the Republican plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act and what that means for our 16 января 2017, 20:00
1 914
5 дней 3:30
Penthouse Seeks Evidence of Trump's #GoldenGate Scandal?
The magazine is offering a $1M bounty for proof of Trump's peculiar peccadiloes. 14 января 2017, 16:00
4 404
6 дней 2:04
Thom Connects the Dots Between Climate Change and the Arab Spring
Thom explains how climate change influenced the Arab Spring. Princeton University reports that the dust raised by fighting in Syria wasn't tanks - it was a dust storm created by global warming. 13 января 2017, 22:00
2 230
6 дней 12:02
Conservatives Framing Liberals for Violent Protests (w/guest Lauren Windsor)
Thom speaks with Lauren Windsor, executive producer of The Undercurrent, on conservative attempts to frame progressive groups and campaigns for violent protests. Fascinating story on doing a sting on a sting. 13 января 2017, 21:30
4 655
6 дней 2:35
Is Trump Reliving His Days Of Being A Military School Bully?
Thom speaks with caller Charles, who wonders if Trump's treatment of military and intelligence members is a result of the time he spent in military school as a child. 13 января 2017, 21:00
2 748
6 дней 4:04
Will Climate Change Reality Make Republicans Wake Up???
Thom talks to caller Molly about Trump and Republicans denying climate change in the face of so many natural disasters and asks when they will wake up. 13 января 2017, 20:30
2 227
6 дней 4:29
Caller: Why Do Union Members Vote Against Their Own Self Interest?
Thom speaks with caller Jeff about how union members vote against Democrats, who typically support strong union membership. ON THE CALL: 1:55 How are the unions killing the country? 2:45 Are unions good or bad? 13 января 2017, 20:30
1 860
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