14 часов 4:20
The Flaming Disaster That is Healthcare In America
Is Healthcare broken when a working family has to skip treatments due to the high cost of services made more expensive only to serve the interest of billionaires? 19 декабря 2018, 0:00
14 часов 11:41
DEBATE: Is Obamacare Unconstitutional? (w/ Dr. Michael Busler)
A Federal Judge in Texas has ruled that the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare is unconstitutional. 18 декабря 2018, 23:30
15 часов 3:56
Should Johnson & Johnson Face the Corporate Death Penalty over Cancer ?
For decades, Johnson and Johnson knew that their baby powder contained carcinogens like asbestos and didn't warn the public, pull their product or take action to save the lives of their customers. 18 декабря 2018, 23:00
16 часов 10:20
Shouldn't the Senate Represent the People? (w/ Larry Cohen)
Should the Senate represent the people of the United States? 18 декабря 2018, 22:00
1 день 11:55
How to Win Political Campaigns (w/ Roger Wolfson)
Are you thinking about running for political office? Making the needed connection with your audience requires a very particular set of skills. 18 декабря 2018, 0:15
1 день 3:58
Should ICE Face a Hague Tribunal for Human Rights Abuses on the Southern Border?
After news of seven year old Jakelin Caal's death from dehydration after being denied water in ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) custody, the public is asking if ICE, Donald Trump, Stephen | 17 декабря 2018, 23:45
1 день 7:42
How Neoliberal Economics are Creating a Financial Freeze
2018 ends with the first month since November 2008 where not a single company has borrowed money from the United States high yield corporate bond market. Did Neoliberal economic policies freeze U.S. 17 декабря 2018, 23:15
1 820
1 день 10:57
How Georgia Became the Worst Jim Crow Election (w/ Greg Palast)
The voter suppression in Georgia is so bad, that journalist and investigative reporter, Greg Palast says it's the worst Jim Crow Election, he has ever seen in his whole career as a journalist. 17 декабря 2018, 22:45
1 247
1 день 8:40
VICE : How Bad a Criminal was Dick Cheney? (w/ Adam McKay)
Adam McKay, the writer & director of the new movie, VICE, exploring the vices of former vice president Dick Cheney, joins the program to answer the question. 17 декабря 2018, 22:15
6 153
1 день 12:23
The Thom Hartmann Program (Full Show) - 12/17/18
You've found the place where The Thom Hartmann Program is streamed live Monday-Friday, ► Join us on Patreon: patreon.com/thomhartmann where you can also watch a re-run of the three hour | 17 декабря 2018, 17:20
2 692
4 дня 11:30
Why is the Foreclosure King is Running The Treasury (w/ David Dayen)
The cleanest person in the Trump administration might be the most corrupt person in any other administration. 15 декабря 2018, 0:00
2 502
4 дня 12:15
The Curious Case of Jerome Corsi
Jerome Corsi fashions himself a political prisoner under attack by the Mueller investigation for what he says are partisan reasons. 14 декабря 2018, 23:00
4 508
4 дня 11:40
Could Beto Out Trump the Donald? How Progressive Populism Could Defeat the Republican Agenda
Beto O'Rourke has come out on top of a straw poll for presidential democratic presidential candidates, even beating front runners like Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. 14 декабря 2018, 22:00
2 696
5 дней 12:28
Deal Breaker: The Unmaking of the Iran Nuclear Peace Deal (w/ Scott Ritter)
Donald Trump and the Republican party tore up a peace agreement between the United States and Iran decades in the making. 14 декабря 2018, 1:00
1 216
5 дней 12:34
Are the Yellow Vest Revolts a Push Against Neoliberalism? (w/ Professor Richard Wolff)
The populist Yellow Vest Revolt in France has caught the attention of the world. 14 декабря 2018, 0:30
4 557
5 дней 12:29
America is Moving Away From Traditional Religion and it Might be a Good Thing
James Madison's nightmare, that the merger of Church and state would weaken both institutions might have taken place after the conservatives catered to the reactionary elements within the American | 14 декабря 2018, 0:00
4 436
5 дней 4:31
Do we Have to Choose Between Capitalism or Democracy? (w/Congressman Mark Pocan)
Does the freedom we as Americans experience come from capitalism or from Democracy? Does capitalism understand that all men are created equal? 13 декабря 2018, 23:00
1 348
6 дней 6:52
Progressive Senators Invoke War Powers Act to End US Support for Saudi Led Attack on Yemen
For the first time in history, Progressive senators are invoking the War Powers Act to put an end to U.S. support for Saudi Arabia's genocidal war efforts against Yemen. 13 декабря 2018, 0:30
1 974
6 дней 3:26
Why is Cyntoia Brown In Prison For Self Defense?
Cyntoia Brown is the latest in a long history of women of color being locked away for self defense against rape and assault. 12 декабря 2018, 23:30
2 815
6 дней 9:07
Are We Witnessing The Impoverishment of America?
More and more Americans are shopping for groceries at Dollar Stores where only food with the least nutritional content is sold. 12 декабря 2018, 23:19
8 254
7 дней 8:59
Former CIA Intelligence Officer David Priess on How to Get Rid of a President
Former CIA Intelligence Officer David Priess shares the methods that have gotten rid of unpopular, unable, and unfit chief executives over the last few hundred years. 12 декабря 2018, 0:00
4 656
7 дней 12:22
How Trump's Pro Wrestling Strategy Turned Politics Into a Cage Fight
Is Donald Trump using public relations strategies he learned from Professional Wrestling? Thom Hartmann smells what Trump is cooking, and it doesn't smell too good. 11 декабря 2018, 23:30
2 903
7 дней 11:55
Why America Can't Afford to go Without a Green New Deal (w/Stephanie Kelton)
Conservatives and Republicans are fast to talk about the supposedly enormous cost of programs of social uplift. 11 декабря 2018, 23:00
3 218
8 дней 4:19
How Dems Will Hold Walmart and Amazon Accountable for Low Wages (w/ Congressman Ro Khanna)
Progressive Democrats have pressured Amazon into giving it's workers a higher wage. Can this strategy work in the future? 10 декабря 2018, 23:30
1 369
8 дней 7:14
Nancy Pelosi Could Be our Next President by Impeaching Pence and Trump
With Donald Trump and Mike Pence moving closer and closer to impeachable offensives, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi could become America's 46th President. 10 декабря 2018, 23:00
5 929
8 дней 4:19
Are we Seeing Signs of an Economic Crash like the 2008 Recession?
The Market is starting to freak out and the FED doesn't have the wiggle room to lower the interest rate to put more money in the economy. Are we seeing the same signs of economic crash from late 2007? 10 декабря 2018, 22:30
4 150
8 дней 8:49
The Populist Anger Behind the Yellow Vest Movement (w/Cole Stangler)
The popular depictions of France's Yellow Vest Movement try to depict the grassroots populist mobilization as a "European Tea Party" fighting against big government and high taxes. 10 декабря 2018, 22:00
3 607
11 дней 41:24
The Life and Crimes of George Herbert Walker Bush (w/ Lamar Waldron)
This week marks the burial of the 41st president of the United States, George Herbert Walker Bush. 7 декабря 2018, 23:58
62 165
12 дней 21:02
Does America Have To Choose Between Impeaching Trump and War with Russia? (w/ Stephen Cohen)
As the Mueller investigation into what some are calling #Russiagate continues to unfold, some like friend of the show and guest Stephen Cohen, are becoming concerned that the investigation | 7 декабря 2018, 1:15
3 681
12 дней 10:33
The Congressional Black Caucus's New Chair & Diversity of Tactics (w/ Congressmember Karen Bass
The Congressional Black Caucus is looking to have a big impact on the next congress, and Chair Congressmember Karen Bass talks about a "diversity of tactics" where the Congressional Black Caucus | 7 декабря 2018, 0:00
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