6 часов 1:23
President Obama Defends Commuting Chelsea Manning's Sentence In Final Press Conference | TIME
In his last press conference, President Obama states, "I feel very comfortable that justice has still been served", when discussing commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence. 18 января 2017, 21:45
7 часов 2:24
Representative Tom Price Faces Senate Confirmation Hearing | TIME
Rep. Tom Price is facing pointed questions about President-elect Donald Trump’s health policies — and his own investments in health care companies — from senators considering his selection as health secretary. 18 января 2017, 20:37
8 часов 0:46
World’s Oldest Known Gorilla Has Died at 60: ‘She Was an Ambassador for Gorillas’ | TIME
The oldest known gorilla on record passed away overnight in her sleep. 18 января 2017, 20:00
9 часов 2:38
Betsy DeVos Secretary Of Education Hearing Highlights | TIME
Watch President-elect Trump's Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos respond to questions during her hearing. 18 января 2017, 19:30
9 часов 3:21
10 Days that Define the Obama Presidency: The Paris Accords | TIME
We are remembering 10 days that define the Obama Presidency with TIME political reporter Zeke Miller. 18 января 2017, 18:47
12 часов 2:42
U.S. Ambassador To U.N. Samantha Power Gives Scathing Speech on Russia | TIME
United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power gave her final major speech of her tenure on Tuesday, addressing the Atlantic Council in remarks that eschewed softball subjects in favor of what she 18 января 2017, 16:30
12 часов 1:48
Joe Biden Is Warning About The Collapse Of The ‘World Order’ As He Says Goodbye | TIME
Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Vice President Joe Biden states, "This is a moment to lead boldly", as he says goodbye. 18 января 2017, 15:49
13 часов 1:36
First Lady Michelle Obama Through The Years | TIME
Watch Michelle Obama's best moments as FLOTUS throughout her eight years in the White House. 18 января 2017, 15:13
1 день 0:37
President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning’s Prison Sentence | TIME
Under the order, Manning's sentence will expire on May 17, 2017. 17 января 2017, 22:26
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1 день 3:01
How Pope Francis Inspired These CEOs | TIME
CEOs open up about how Pope Francis inspired their careers and decisions, at the Time-Fortune Global Forum in Rome. 17 января 2017, 20:00
1 день 1:58
10 Days That Define The Obama Presidency: Obergefell v. Hodges | TIME
TIME political reporter Maya Rhodan remembers one of the 10 days that we believe define the Obama presidency, by discussing his decision to champion marriage equality. 17 января 2017, 19:13
1 день 0:54
The Search For Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Has Ended | TIME
After nearly three years, the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ended in futility and frustration Tuesday, as crews completed their deep-sea search of a desolate stretch of the Indian Ocean without finding a trace 17 января 2017, 18:41
1 день 1:20
Republicans Plan To Roll Back Parts Of The Landmark Endangered Species Act | TIME
The law was passed in 1973 in part to stave off extinction of the the bald eagle. 17 января 2017, 17:30
1 день 0:55
Theresa May’s Speech Laying Out The U.K’s Plan For Brexit | TIME
The British Prime Minister Theresa May outlined a 12-point plan on what relationship Britain will seek to have with the E.U. once it leaves the block. 17 января 2017, 17:00
1 день 0:49
Gunman Kills At Least Five At Mexico's BPM Music Festival | TIME
A Mexican police officer said Monday a gunman has killed at least five people and wounded nine others at a nightclub in the Caribbean coast resort of Playa del Carmen. 17 января 2017, 16:29
2 дня 2:21
10 Days That Define the Obama Presidency: Zimmerman Verdict | TIME
One of the earliest criticisms Barack Obama faced from the African American community, was that the President was not doing enough to address the issues they had faced. This changed after the Zimmerman verdict. 16 января 2017, 20:00
2 дня 3:58
The March On Washington: John Lewis's Speech | MLK | TIME
John Lewis remembers the speech he gave, at 23 years of age, during the March on Washington, reflecting the feelings and ideas of the people. 16 января 2017, 19:15
2 дня 0:52
Donald Trump Promises ‘Insurance For Everybody’ With Obamacare Replacement Plan | TIME
President-elect Donald Trump says his plan to replace the nation’s health care law will include “insurance for everybody.” Subscribe to TIME ►► po.st/SubscribeTIME Get closer to the world of entertainment and 16 января 2017, 18:42
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2 дня 6:11
What Martin Luther King Jr. Said | MLK | TIME
The night before the March on Washington, Martin Luther King Jr.’s advisers offered their opinions on what message he should deliver. But he went his own way. 16 января 2017, 18:00
1 196
2 дня 6:27
The March On Washington: How The Movement Began | MLK | TIME
The March on Washington was a peaceful demonstration for racial equality. But it would not have happened without the beatings, arrests and violent struggle for civil rights that had already engulfed the Deep South. 16 января 2017, 16:47
3 дня 3:59
Georgia State Senator Nan Orrock Remembers The March On Washington & How It Changed Her | MLK | TIME
Georgia State Senator Nan Orrock remembers the March On Washington and how this impacted her views on race and segregation. 16 января 2017, 2:00
3 дня 5:22
The Freedom Riders In Anniston Alabama: Hank Thomas | MLK | TIME
Freedom Rider Hank Thomas shares his story of riding the bus from Anniston Alabama, challenging the segregation laws at the time. 16 января 2017, 1:00
3 дня 5:58
John Lewis: The Selma To Montgomery Marches | MLK | TIME
John Lewis shares stories from the aftermath of the March on Washington, and how Selma became the stage for African Americans to fight for their right to vote, leading to the Selma to Montgomery marches. 16 января 2017, 0:00
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3 дня 3:23
The First White Southerner To Join The SNCC: Bob Zellner | MLK | TIME
Bob Zellner, from a family line of KKK members, is one of the first white southerners to engage in the early civil rights movement, leading him to become the secretary of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee 15 января 2017, 23:00
3 дня 7:01
The Highest Stakes: Why John F. Kennedy Had Doubts About The March On Washington | MLK | TIME
March on Washington organizers were under enormous pressure to plan an event that was orderly and peaceful. John F. Kennedy doubted that they could pull it off. 15 января 2017, 21:00
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3 дня 1:55
10 Days That Define the Obama Presidency: Sandy Hook | TIME
President Barack Obama announced that the White House would submit new gun-control proposals to Congress after the Sandy Hook incident on December 14, 2012 and pledged to “use all the powers of this office” to identify 15 января 2017, 19:55
4 дня 2:19
17 People Who Were At The March For MLK's Speech | MLK | TIME
To commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic speech, TIME talked to 17 people who were at the march that day. 15 января 2017, 2:30
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4 дня 6:56
Social Justice For All: A Lasting Legacy | MLK | TIME
Five decades after the March on Washington, Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of social justice for all is still a work in progress. 15 января 2017, 1:30
1 303
4 дня 1:47
10 Days That Define the Obama Presidency: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Announced | TIME
On June 15, 2012, President Obama created a new policy calling for deferred action for certain undocumented young people who came to the U.S. as children. 15 января 2017, 0:30
4 дня 6:06
The March On Washington: The Spirit Of The Day | MLK | TIME
We remember the march on Washington for jobs and freedom, and the iconic speech by Martin Luther King Jr. from August 28, 1963. 14 января 2017, 23:50
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