3 дня 1:45
U.S. Service Members Killed In Explosion During Routine Patrol In Syria | TIME
A number of U.S. service members were killed in an explosion while conducting a routine patrol in Syria, an attack that came less than a month after U.S. 16 января 2019, 19:18
3 671
3 дня 3:39:10
Live From Day 2 Of William Barr's Attorney General Hearings | TIME
Day 2 of Attorney General nominee William Barr's hearings. 16 января 2019, 18:58
11 270
3 дня 0:54
Mike Pence: ISIS 'Caliphate Has Crumbled' In Speech After U.S. Troops Killed In Syria Attack | TIME
Vice President Mike Pence is claiming that the Islamic State "caliphate has crumbled" and the militant network "has been defeated." Subscribe to TIME ►► po.st/SubscribeTIME Get closer to | 16 января 2019, 18:43
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3 дня 0:39
A Bizarre ‘Ice Circle’ Is Turning Heads In Maine | TIME
A Bizarre ‘Ice Circle’ Is Turning Heads in Maine. 16 января 2019, 17:42
4 002
3 дня 0:43
A Sculpture Of The Devil Smiling And Taking A Selfie Is Causing Controversy In Spain | TIME
A sculpture set to be installed in the Spanish city of Segovia is proving controversial, with some residents suggesting it depicts Satan in too positive a light. 16 января 2019, 15:55
2 837
3 дня 0:44
Footage Of The U.S. Airway Plane Landing On Hudson River In 2009 | TIME
Footage of the U.S. Airway Plane Landing on Hudson River in 2009. 16 января 2019, 15:36
3 дня 1:14
President Kenyatta Says Gunmen In Nairobi Attack Have Been 'Eliminated' | TIME
Kenya’s security forces have killed the Islamic extremist gunmen whose assault on a luxury hotel and shopping complex took 14 “innocent lives,” the country’s president said Wednesday. 16 января 2019, 15:19
6 584
3 дня 0:31
Congress Plans To Skip Next Recess If The Shutdown Continues | TIME
Congress is planning to skip next week’s planned recess if the partial government shutdown continues. And there is every indication it will drag on. 16 января 2019, 13:24
4 дня 0:48
The House Voted To Rebuke Rep. Steve King For Racist Comments | TIME
The house voted to Rebuke Rep. Steve King for racist comments — a measure the congressman himself supported. 15 января 2019, 22:49
7 019
4 дня 1:39
U.K. Lawmakers Overwhelmingly Reject Theresa May's Brexit E.U. Divorce Deal | TIME
British lawmakers on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s divorce deal with the European Union, plunging the Brexit process into chaos. 15 января 2019, 21:05
3 173
4 дня 0:47
China Grows The First Seed On The Moon | TIME
Cotton seeds transported to the moon by China have reportedly sprouted, marking the first-ever plants to germinate on another world. 15 января 2019, 20:26
11 483
4 дня 1:21
'Hello, Dolly' Star Carol Channing Dies At 97: In Memoriam | TIME
Besides “Hello, Dolly,” Channing starred in other Broadway shows, but none with equal magnetism. 15 января 2019, 19:59
7 716
4 дня 1:48
Attorney General Nominee William Barr On Presidential Interference In Mueller Probe | TIME
President Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general says it would be an “abuse of power” for Trump to intervene in an investigation he “has a stake in.” Subscribe to TIME ►► | 15 января 2019, 18:35
4 дня 1:19
Panic Ensues As Terrorists Attack Upscale Hotel Complex In Nairobi | TIME
Terrorists attacked an upscale hotel complex in Kenya’s capital Tuesday, sending people fleeing in panic as explosions and heavy gunfire reverberated through the neighborhood. 15 января 2019, 18:08
2 987
4 дня 1:59:12
Senate Judiciary Nomination Hearing For William Barr To Be Attorney General | TIME
Senate Judiciary nomination hearing for William Barr to be Attorney General Subscribe to TIME ►► po.st/SubscribeTIME Get closer to the world of entertainment and celebrity news as TIME | 15 января 2019, 16:56
3 465
4 дня 0:48
5 People Were Killed In Zimbabwe Fuel Hike Protests, Activists Say | TIME
A human rights group in Zimbabwe says five people were killed in clashes between demonstrators protesting fuel hikes and security forces who opened fire on some crowds. Subscribe to TIME ►► po. 15 января 2019, 15:33
1 423
4 дня 0:22
A New Migrant Caravan Has Set Out From Honduras To Toward The U.S. | TIME
Another caravan of Central American migrants set out from Honduras on Monday seeking to reach the U.S. border, following the same route used by thousands last year in at least three caravans. 15 января 2019, 15:19
2 952
4 дня 0:39
The World's Largest Peaceful Gathering Starts Today In India | TIME
Starting Tuesday, tens of millions of Hindu devotees in India will gather to wash their sins away on the banks of the Ganges River in a festival known as the Kumbh Mela. 15 января 2019, 15:17
2 986
4 дня 0:18
Canadian Prime Minister Comments On Canadian Sentenced To Death In China | TIME
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is extremely concerned that China has chosen to "arbitrarily" apply the death penalty against a Canadian. 15 января 2019, 15:10
4 дня 0:29
Hundreds Turn Up For Vigil To Honor Slain Polish Mayor | TIME
Hundreds turn up for vigil to honor slain polish mayor. 15 января 2019, 14:45
4 дня 0:38
House Republicans Block Iowa Rep. Steve King From Committees Over White Supremacy Comments | TIME
Veteran Republican Rep. Steve King will be blocked from committee assignments for the next two years after lamenting that white supremacy and white nationalism have become offensive terms. 15 января 2019, 14:41
4 447
4 дня 0:44
Trump Feeds College Football National Champions Fast Food And Twitter Can't Stomach It | TIME
The Clemson University football team was invited to the White House Monday, after winning the College Football National Championship. 15 января 2019, 14:18
2 057
4 дня 1:01
President Trump Tells Farmers 'Greatest Harvest' Is Yet To Come As They Suffer From Trade War | TIME
President Donald Trump urged farmers Monday to stick with him even as many grapple with the impact of his trade war with China and the partial government shutdown. 15 января 2019, 13:48
1 394
5 дней 1:55
'McJesus' Sculpture Of Ronald McDonald On Cross Outrages Israel's Arab Christian Community | TIME
'McJesus' Sculpture Depicting Ronald McDonald on Cross Outrages Israel's Arab Christian Community. 14 января 2019, 23:35
17 557
5 дней 1:05
12 870
5 дней 0:58
Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Greet Children During First Joint Engagement Of 2019 | TIME
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle greet Children during first joint engagement of 2019. 14 января 2019, 20:40
5 219
5 дней 0:44
Guidance Counselor In Maryland Arrested On Child Porn And Rape Charges | TIME
A guidance counselor in Maryland has been charged with rape, sexual misconduct with minors and child porn solicitation. 14 января 2019, 20:15
5 дней 1:00:50
President Trump Speaks At American Farm Bureau Federation's 100th Annual Convention | TIME
President Trump delivers remarks at the American Farm Bureau Federation's 100th annual convention. 14 января 2019, 20:00
5 916
5 дней 0:35
President Trump Says He Won't Declare A National Emergency To Get His Border Wall | TIME
President Donald Trump on Monday rejected the suggestion that he temporarily reopen the government while negotiations continue on his proposed border wall. 14 января 2019, 19:55
5 дней 1:03
Polish Mayor Dies Of Stab Wounds After Attack At Charity Event | TIME
The popular liberal mayor of the Polish port city of Gdansk died on Monday after he was stabbed during a charity event the evening before by an ex-convict. 14 января 2019, 19:55
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