8 дней 0:46
A Former Nazi Guard Deported From The U.S. Has Died In Germany At 95, Reports Say | TIME
Jakiw Palij, a former Nazi concentration camp guard who lived an unassuming life in New York City for decades until his past was revealed and he was deported to Germany last year, has died, German | 11 января 2019, 13:54
6 022
8 дней 0:25
China Shares Pictures Taken By Rover And Spacecraft On The Far Side Of The Moon | TIME
China on Friday broadcast pictures taken by its rover and lander on the moon’s far side, in what its space program hailed as another triumph for the groundbreaking mission to the less-understood | 11 января 2019, 13:42
8 723
8 дней 0:24
Thai Police Say Canada And Australia Are Open To Accepting A Saudi Woman Seeking Asylum | TIME
Several countries including Canada and Australia are in talks with the U.N. refugee agency to accept a Saudi asylum seeker who fled alleged abuse from her family, Thai police said Friday. 11 января 2019, 13:36
9 867
9 дней 1:49
U.S. Open Champion Naomi Osaka Reveals Her Childhood Heroes, Including Serena Williams | TIME
TIME's Sean Gregory interviews Naomi Osaka ahead of the 2019 Australian Open. 11 января 2019, 0:15
6 539
9 дней 1:25
The Queen Just Handed Over 2 Royal Duties To Meghan Markle: Here's What To Know | TIME
The Queen Just Handed Over 2 Royal Duties to Meghan Markle. Here's What to Know. 10 января 2019, 22:45
16 940
9 дней 1:52
You May Be At Higher Risk Of Eating Contaminated Food During The Government Shutdown | TIME
The partial government shutdown has crippled the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s food safety surveillance efforts. 10 января 2019, 20:54
6 723
9 дней 1:17
Are Sweet Potatoes Healthy? Here's What Experts Say | TIME
Sweet potatoes pack the unique health benefits of regular potatoes with a little something extra. 10 января 2019, 19:44
6 799
9 дней 1:31
The FBI Is Looking For An Armored Truck Driver Who Disappeared Along With $850,000 | TIME
Police are searching for a Louisville armored-truck driver who has been missing since December and is suspected of making off with an estimated $850,000. 10 января 2019, 18:54
5 065
9 дней 1:06
German Parents Have No Right To Homeschool Their Kids, European Rights Court Rules | TIME
The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday rejected the appeal of a German couple who have been fighting for years to home school their kids. 10 января 2019, 18:49
1 769
9 дней 0:14
Trump Says He Never Claimed Mexico Would 'Write A Check' For The Border Wall | TIME
Trump Says He Never Claimed Mexico Would "Write a Check" for the Border Wall. 10 января 2019, 18:28
3 825
9 дней 1:33
Catholic Church Challenges Congo Presidential Election Results | TIME
Congo’s powerful Catholic church challenged the surprise win of opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi in the presidential election, saying official results do not match the outcome compiled by its | 10 января 2019, 18:27
1 039
9 дней 1:34
Women In The U.S. Are Having Fewer Babies—Especially Here | TIME
U.S. fertility rates are relatively low from coast to coast, according to new data. 10 января 2019, 17:30
9 дней 1:11
Trump Says It Will Be 'Very Surprising' If He Doesn't Declare Emergency To Build The Wall | TIME
President Donald Trump says it would be “very surprising” for him not to declare a national emergency if he can’t make a deal with Democrats to pay for his promised U.S.-Mexico border wall. 10 января 2019, 17:09
4 266
9 дней 3:36
Meet The Freshmen Of America's Most Diverse Congress | TIME
New members of the 116th Congress—including Deb Haaland, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Dan Crenshaw, and Rashida Tlaib—talk to TIME about being part of the most diverse freshman class and the unique | 10 января 2019, 16:59
2 013
9 дней 16:08
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Holds News Conference On Day 20 Of The Government Shutdown | TIME
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds a news conference on day 20 of the partial government shutdown. 10 января 2019, 16:29
14 486
9 дней 1:50
Moon Jae-In Seeks Sanctions Exemptions To Restart North Korea Projects | TIME
South Korean President Moon Jae-in suggested Thursday that he’ll push for sanction exemptions to restart dormant economic cooperation projects with North Korea. 10 января 2019, 14:08
2 561
9 дней 0:56
An American Sportswear Company Cut Links To A Chinese Factory Using Internment Camp Labor | TIME
A U.S. company that stocks college bookstores with t-shirts and other team apparel has cut ties with a Chinese company that drew workers from an internment camp. 10 января 2019, 14:00
9 дней 0:19
Australian Women Held A Topless Protest In Support Of Saudi Runaway | TIME
Four Australian women have held a topless protest in Sydney to support a runaway Saudi woman as Australia considers her bid to settle in the country as a refugee. 10 января 2019, 13:49
3 867
9 дней 0:26
Congo's Opposition Leader Felix Tshisekedi Has Won The Presidential Vote, Officials Announce | TIME
Congo opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi has won the presidential election, the electoral commission announced early Thursday, as the vast country braced for possible protests over alleged rigging. 10 января 2019, 13:42
9 дней 0:15
U.S.-China Trade Talks Conclude With Uncertain Outcome | TIME
China and the U.S. 10 января 2019, 13:36
1 246
10 дней 5:47
These Were The Biggest Icons And Stars We Lost In 2018 | TIME
In 2018, the world said goodbye to timeless icons and beloved entertainers. 9 января 2019, 22:59
5 602
10 дней 1:37
Senator Schumer Speaks After President Trump Walks Out Of Meeting Over Shutdown | TIME
President Donald Trump walked out of a meeting with top Democratic lawmakers over the partial government shutdown Wednesday, saying that it was “a total waste of time.” Subscribe to TIME ►► po. 9 января 2019, 22:23
6 556
10 дней 0:47
Trump Nominates Acting EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler, A Former Coal Lobbyist, To Lead Agency | TIME
President Trump nominates acting EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler, a Former Coal Lobbyist, to lead Agency. 9 января 2019, 21:55
3 199
10 дней 5:06
Take A Look Back At All Of TIME's Covers In 2018 | TIME
Since 1923, TIME’s cover has served as a historical record, documenting the most influential people, events and issues of the moment. 9 января 2019, 21:00
2 388
10 дней 0:39
Jeff Bezos And Wife MacKenzie Will Divorce After 25 Years Of Marriage | TIME
After 25 years of marriage, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie are getting divorced. 9 января 2019, 20:28
25 283
10 дней 2:10
Interview With Two Women Who Entered Indian Temple, Defying A Ban On Women | TIME
Two women defied a conservative taboo and entered a Hindu shrine last week. 9 января 2019, 20:00
1 462
10 дней 3:40
2018 A Year In Review: From The Royal Wedding To The Death Of Jamal Khashoggi | TIME
Take a look back at 2018, from the royal wedding and the success of 'Crazy Rich Asians' to wildfires and Brexit. 9 января 2019, 19:20
1 810
10 дней 0:36
Police Charge Two For Sexually Assaulting A Transgender Woman In A North Carolina Bathroom | TIME
Two women have been charged in the alleged sexual assault of a transgender woman in Raleigh, North Carolina. 9 января 2019, 15:22
37 987
10 дней 1:34
Millions Of People Wrongly Believe They Have Food Allergies | TIME
These days, it can seem like just about everybody has a food allergy. But according to a new study, about 11% of American adults actually do. 9 января 2019, 15:05
10 дней 0:47
CEO Of Hacienda HealthCare Resigns After Woman In Vegetative State Gives Birth | TIME
Police are looking to get DNA from all male employees at a long-term care facility in Phoenix. 9 января 2019, 14:54
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