11 дней 6:43
Boaty McBoatface: Sumbarine set for first voyage to Southern Ocean - TomoNews
LONDON — The yellow submarine named Boaty McBoatface is set to begin its first voyage this week. Boaty McBoatface was the name chosen by the public for the UK’s new polar research ship. 16 марта 2017, 9:22
2 785
11 дней 6:09
Subway Jared beaten: Inmate who beat up Jared Fogle explains why he did it - TomoNews
LITTLETON, COLORADO — Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle got the pulp punched out of him by another prisoner, as he serves a 15-year sentence for sexually abusing minors and storing a trove of child pornography on his 16 марта 2017, 9:18
17 923
11 дней 6:04
Gruesome injury: Man takes knife to the eye, patiently lines up at Chinese hospital - TomoNews
FUJIAN, CHINA — We’re not sure which is more disturbing: the fact that this man in China got stabbed in the eye, or the eerily calm way he went about getting medical help. 16 марта 2017, 8:43
8 203
11 дней 5:30
Exploding headphones: Woman’s headphones explode on Beijing-Melbourne flight - TomoNews
AUSTRALIA — The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has issued a warning after a pair of headphones exploded on an inbound flight. 16 марта 2017, 0:49
60 042
11 дней 5:26
Croc attack: Crocodile bites Vietnamese man’s face during circus act gone horribly wrong - TomoNews
VIETNAM — A dangerous animal stunt nearly landed a man in an early grave, after the reptile he was performing with decided to suddenly bite back. 15 марта 2017, 12:59
25 503
12 дней 7:12
Patriotism or racism? School apologizes to rival for USA-theme but racist chants ignored - TomoNews
DES MOINES, IOWA — A high school known for its inability to adapt to diversity is making headlines after a controversy surrounding fan attire at a basketball game. 15 марта 2017, 12:20
10 976
12 дней 7:54
Mom abandons daughter: Cops arrest woman who left girl, 2, at Riverside grocery store - TomoNews
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA — A woman who allegedly abandoned her 2-year-old daughter at a grocery store has been arrested by police. 15 марта 2017, 11:55
13 373
12 дней 4:35
Helicopter crash: Ireland coastguard helicopter crash leaves one dead, three missing - TomoNews
MAYO, IRELAND — An Irish coastguard helicopter pilot died and three crew members were missing after a helicopter crashed off the coast of Ireland during a rescue operation on early Tuesday. 15 марта 2017, 11:22
9 593
12 дней 6:32
Not today motherf**er! Brave female jogger fights off rapist in public restroom attack - TomoNews
SEATTLE — A jogger out for a run got the shock of her life over the weekend when she was ambushed and attacked by a convicted sex offender in a bathroom stall. 15 марта 2017, 11:20
10 409
12 дней 12:31
Pitt bull swallows 8-inch-long kitchen knife; Dildo stuck in her for 10 years - Compilation
1. A Staffordshire bull terrier puppy named Macie is lucky to be alive after an extremely close encounter with a kitchen knife. 2. 15 марта 2017, 10:16
7 904
12 дней 9:11
Woman in trouble for getting it on in pizza joint; Naughty teacher avoids jail time - 03/14/2017
1. CCTV footage of a couple caught getting it on in a Domino’s pizza is making the rounds online. 15 марта 2017, 10:12
8 260
12 дней 8:08
Hoverboard fire: Pennsylvania girl, 2, is first in the U.S. to die in hoverboard blaze - TomoNews
HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA — A rechargeable hoverboard has been blamed for a house fire last Friday night that killed a toddler in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 15 марта 2017, 8:52
14 598
12 дней 8:55
Du30: How will the controversial reign of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte end? - TomoNews
MANILA, PHILIPPINES — More than 7,000 people have been killed since Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte took office last June and declared all-out war on drug users and drug dealers. But when will it end, and how? 14 марта 2017, 17:29
10 939
12 дней 7:07
Caught on camera: couple gets down in Domino’s Pizza joint, but only woman facing heat
SCARBOROUGH, NORTH YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND — CCTV footage of a couple caught getting it on in a Domino’s pizza is making the rounds online. 14 марта 2017, 16:41
51 830
12 дней 9:25
Police chase: Suspect streams his own high-speed police chase live on Facebook - TomoNews
PASADENA, TEXAS — People will put anything and everything on social media, even things they probably shouldn’t. 14 марта 2017, 13:37
16 918
12 дней 0:42
Donald Trump’s family crashes ‘BBC Dad’ viral interview - TomoNews
TAIPEI — If you thought Trumpdove was something, wait until you see this latest weirdness from our animators. 14 марта 2017, 12:52
56 168
13 дней 6:36
Teacher who had sex with two boys in love triangle will not serve any jail time - TomoNews
TRAVIS COUNTY, TEXAS — A former high school teacher is counting her lucky stars this week, after a judge ruled she would not have serve jail time or register as a sex offender for hooking up with two 17-year-old 14 марта 2017, 11:36
36 406
13 дней 18:27
Mission to Mars: What we have found on Mars by far; How will human survive on Mars - Compilation
1. NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has picked up an image that some think could be a crab-like martian alien. The rock feature has also been likened to the facehugger creature from the Alien movies. 2. 14 марта 2017, 10:44
27 205
13 дней 9:19
Blizzard 2017: A huge snowstorm is approaching the U.S — this is how blizzards form - TomoNews
NEW YORK — Thousands of flights were cancelled and schools were ordered to close as the northeastern United States braced for the arrival of a blizzard on Tuesday. 14 марта 2017, 10:43
43 620
13 дней 18:32
Tomo Cats: Cat’s matted fur grows into dreadlocks; Cat saved by a good Samaritan - Compilation
1. A cat who’d been neglected by her owner with Alzheimer’s disease was found with fur matted so badly it had become dreadlocks. 2. 14 марта 2017, 10:40
8 835
13 дней 18:13
Chinese passengers fight on plane; Meme star kicked off plane for fighting - Compilation
1. A troubled teenager who became an internet star after appearing on The Dr. Phil Show was kicked off a flight for hitting another passenger. 2. 14 марта 2017, 10:35
8 797
13 дней 16:41
Pass-out game is Indonesia’s latest viral fad; Real-life Hunger Game in Russia - 03/13/2017
1. It’s the nation’s latest viral craze, but what exactly is the skip challenge? Well, we’re glad you asked. But please, please don’t try this one. 2. 14 марта 2017, 10:34
11 459
13 дней 5:29
Dog overheats to death: Iditarod sled dog dies on plane between race checkpoints - TomoNews
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — A 2-year-old dog injured while competing at the world’s most famous sled dog race has died, with the competition now drawing an onslaught of criticism regarding the welfare of the dogs forced to run. 14 марта 2017, 10:24
4 397
13 дней 4:58
Walmart shooting: Gang-related shooting in suburban Chicago leaves two injured - TomoNews
BEDFORD PARK, ILLINOIS — A shooting outside a Walmart in suburban Chicago on Monday afternoon resulted in two two people injured. 14 марта 2017, 10:16
3 263
13 дней 7:17
Embryo breakthrough: Artificial human life could soon be grown in lab, UK study shows - TomoNews
CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM — UK scientists have successfully grown a mouse embryo in the lab using only stem cells, which indicates this procedure could be eventually applied to growing artificial human embryos. 13 марта 2017, 17:42
9 230
13 дней 4:50
Ebola vaccine trial: Researchers developing oral ebola vaccination for wild apes - TomoNews
NEW IBERIA, LOUISIANA — Scientists claim that promising research into an ebola vaccination for apes could be stymied by U.S. regulations concerning animal welfare. 13 марта 2017, 17:11
13 076
13 дней 6:33
Ethiopia garbage dump landslide: At least 46 killed when rubbish mountain collapses - TomoNews
ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA — At least 46 people were killed when a huge mountain of garbage collapsed in Ethiopia on Saturday. 13 марта 2017, 14:42
20 288
13 дней 7:36
Sharia law in Indonesia: Buddhists publicly caned 10 times in Aceh - TomoNews
BANDA ACEH, INDONESIA — Two Buddhist men convicted of illegal gambling were publicly caned on March 10 in Indonesia’s Aceh province. 13 марта 2017, 14:18
8 113
13 дней 5:28
Pamela Anderson paying Julian Assange lots of visits at Ecuadorian embassy in London - TomoNews
LONDON — Playboy model and actress Pamela Anderson thinks that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is “sexy” and “strong.” According to British tabloid newspaper The Sun, Anderson, 48, has been visiting Assange 13 марта 2017, 12:51
6 897
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