12 дней 6:26
Demon caught on camera: picture of demon sighting in Arizona goes viral on Facebook- TomoNews
LAVEEN, ARIZONA — This photo of what appears to be some sort of winged creature has gone viral, with some saying it’s a demon, while others insist it’s an angel. 6 января 2017, 8:49
236 888
12 дней 1:16
Black Chicago kidnappers live-broadcast torture of white special needs man on Facebook - TomoNews
Full version: bit.ly/2hWsGvC CHICAGO — Chicago police are investigating a Facebook live video showing the sickening torture of a special needs man and already have four of the perpetrators in custody CBS 6 января 2017, 1:45
32 738
12 дней 2:07
Megyn Kelly quits FOX News: Megyn moving over to new gig at NBC News - TomoNews
NEW YORK — After 12 long years of being fair and balanced at Fox News, anchor Megyn Kelly is leaving to take on a broad new role at NBC News. 5 января 2017, 20:22
9 338
12 дней 5:52
Police shootouts caught on tape: Gunman killed after firing at cops in Arizona Walmart - TomoNews
CHANDLER, ARIZONA — Surveillance footage from an Arizona Walmart shows the moment a man opens fire on cops in a surprise attack. 5 января 2017, 15:37
23 873
12 дней 6:16
Car sinks in water: car rolls off barge, sinks to the bottom of ocean in Australia - TomoNews
FRASER ISLAND, AUSTRALIA — Viral video filmed last week on a barge travelling to Australia’s tourist hotspot Fraser Island shows an SUV rolling off the vessel and sinking. 5 января 2017, 14:55
16 299
12 дней 13:14
Creepy teachers: Professor films up skirts of students, shameless music teacher - Compilation
1. College professor Don Samuelson, 65, has been fired after he was caught secretly videotaping female students up their skirts. 2. 5 января 2017, 14:11
36 757
12 дней 15:41
Humans vs animals: Dude punches kangaroo in the face; Poachers trampled by elephant - Compilation
1. Footage of a fight online is being billed as the most Australian thing on the internet – a man going toe to toe with a wild kangaroo, to save his pet dog. 2. 5 января 2017, 14:11
62 507
13 дней 6:33
Busting a nut: woman sprayed at Walmart, man arrested for spreading sticky substance - TomoNews
MARIETTA, OHIO — A married man has been busted by the cops for a number of nasty deeds he committed at a Walmart during the final weeks of 2016. The incidents involved the use of a syringe, filled with semen. 5 января 2017, 12:58
56 120
13 дней 6:09
Smart bed technology: stop snoring with bed technology that helps you get better sleep - TomoNews
MINNEAPOLIS — A Minneapolis mattress company unveiled a smart bed at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show that can help prevent users from snoring, thus eliminating the chances of them disturbing their partners in 5 января 2017, 12:21
9 974
13 дней 6:47
Terrier rescued after paw stuck in airport escalator; Amazon’s plan of airship warehouses - 1/4/2017
1. New Year’s Eve was harrowing for one terrier, who almost lost a paw to an escalator at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport. 2. 5 января 2017, 11:02
19 228
13 дней 7:34
Facebook live torture: Kidnappers stream brutal torture of white special needs victim - TomoNews
Full version: bit.ly/2iSiYqP CHICAGO — Four people are in custody for streaming a video on Facebook live that showed the gruesome torture of a white man with special needs. 5 января 2017, 10:43
20 070
13 дней 6:50
Loyal dog: dog protects injured dog stuck on train tracks for two days in snowy weather - TomoNews
UZHHOROD — An injured dog that was stranded on snowy train tracks near Uzhhorod in Ukraine was watched over by her loyal friend for two days until help arrived. 5 января 2017, 9:01
62 545
13 дней 1:57
Service and emotional support animals: Stop with the phony service pets on planes - TomoNews
THE FRIENDLY SKIES — Anyone who’s been flying the friendly skies this past year has probably noticed that the passenger cabin has been looking more and more like a zoo with the sudden proliferation of service dogs and 4 января 2017, 19:09
11 743
13 дней 7:00
Supervolcano Campi Flegrei stirs beneath Naples, Italy and now scientists are worried - TomoNews
NAPLES, ITALY — A supervolcano that last erupted nearly 500 years ago is showing signs of reawakening. 4 января 2017, 16:14
11 615
13 дней 5:55
Dog stuck in escalator: Terrier rescued after back paw gets stuck in airport escalator - TomoNews
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA — New Year’s Eve was harrowing for one terrier, who almost lost a paw to an escalator at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport. 4 января 2017, 15:48
28 781
13 дней 8:09
Drinking and flying: Indonesian pilot attempts to fly commercial plane while drunk - TomoNews
SURABAYA, INDONESIA — A low-cost carrying airline is under investigation after one of its pilots was caught trying to fly a commercial Airbus while intoxicated. 4 января 2017, 14:28
12 875
13 дней 18:39
Pampered pets, animals doing human things, first world animal problems and more - Compilation
1. Puppies are known for chewing on things and putting on weight fast. For one six-month-old golden retriever named Wesley, the opposite was the case, and an unorthodox solution was the answer. 2. 4 января 2017, 14:15
90 029
13 дней 15:40
Good Samaritans: Man lets special needs person hold hand, Straphanger saves woman - Compilation
1. Godfrey Cuotto, a college student in Ontario, was photographed holding hands with a man named Robert, who has special needs, on a public bus. 2. 4 января 2017, 14:08
14 183
14 дней 5:00
Feeding hungry raccoons: teen wins hearts online for friendship with family of raccoons - TomoNews
SEATTLE — A young woman is quickly gaining attention on Twitter for her newfound kinship with a gaze of hungry raccoons. 4 января 2017, 13:24
10 540
14 дней 11:02
Python eats wallaby as amused horse watches; Expert claims titanic sank because of fire - 1/3/2017
1. Horrific photos of a horse watching a large python gulping down a wallaby are have gone viral. 2. 4 января 2017, 12:04
27 061
14 дней 7:21
Amazon airship: Amazon patents unmanned airship to launch its delivery drones - TomoNews
ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA — Amazon has filed a patent for a self-driving airship that can store inventory and be used as a base to launch delivery drones. 4 января 2017, 8:39
12 960
14 дней 9:41
Swollen head baby: girl needs surgery to drain fluid from head, 9 other strange medical stories
A poor baby from a remote village in western India is struggling to live after a rare condition has left her head three times its normal size. 4 января 2017, 6:27
144 538
14 дней 8:01
Assassinations caught on camera: five times political killings caught on tape - TomoNews
Assassinations caught on camera. Veteran diplomat, 62-year-old Andrey Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, is assassinated in the Turkish capital of Ankara. 4 января 2017, 4:28
109 850
14 дней 12:51
Bad parking confrontation: Man punches female Lyft driver and knocks her tooth out - TomoNews
SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA — Last Friday a female Lyft driver’s botched parking job annoyed a man so much he knocked her front tooth out. 4 января 2017, 0:14
16 145
14 дней 7:05
Titanic fire: New evidence suggests huge coal fire sank Titanic in 1912 - TomoNews
LONDON — An enormous and uncontrollable fire could be the main reason the Titanic sank on on its disastrous maiden voyage more than a century ago. 3 января 2017, 15:59
100 778
15 дней 15:27
What to expect in 2017: Realistic doll clones, Donald Trump as the president of USA - Compilation
1. Advances in robot technology will soon allow manufacturers to replicate the finer details of appearance and sound when it comes to creating dolls for pleasure. 2. 3 января 2017, 13:16
27 664
15 дней 13:40
Celebration gone wrong: Goal celebration fail, celebratory gunfire at weddings - Compilation
Goal celebration gone wrong: bit.ly/2hQ7Qhl 1. A 23-year-old Indian soccer player is dead after a goal celebration failed when he attempted a somersault that ended up breaking his back. 2. 3 января 2017, 13:13
21 388
15 дней 5:11
Python snake attack: Horse watches large python swallowing wallaby in Australia - TomoNews
QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA — Horrific photos of a horse watching a large python gulping down a wallaby are have gone viral. 3 января 2017, 13:04
177 396
15 дней 5:53
Russia to build futuristic nuclear-powered icebreaker to keep Northern Sea Route open - TomoNews
ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA — Russia has unveiled a new nuclear-powered icebreaker that is designed to keep the Northern Sea Route open all year round. 3 января 2017, 11:21
19 811
15 дней 12:20
Woman protects baby from vicious pit bull attack; Russian cops probe bear-killing video - 1/2/2017
1. A woman in Tacoma, Washington thought she was going to die when she was bitten more than 30 times by a vicious pit bull as she protected her best friend’s baby. 2. 3 января 2017, 10:16
36 132
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