18 часов 4:49
Ted Cruz Says Republicans Facing “Bloodbath” In 2018 Midterm Elections
Republican Senator Ted Cruz believes that his Party’s constant legislative failures could easily lead to a “bloodbath” for the Republican Party in the 2018 midterm elections. 21 октября 2017, 16:49
10 443
19 часов 5:44
Trump Admin’s Anti Environment Agenda Will Cost Us $34 Billion A Year In Health Costs
According to a new report, the cost of the anti-environmental platform of the Trump administration could total as much as $34 billion a year just in health costs. 21 октября 2017, 16:29
4 080
20 часов 4:19
Pro-Trump Voters Will Be Hardest Hit By His Policies
According to a new report, red states that helped put Donald Trump in office are going to be hit the hardest by his decision to stop subsidy payments to insurance companies through Obamacare. 21 октября 2017, 15:23
11 904
20 часов 4:03
Mike Pence Urges Billionaires To Bully Americans Into Supporting Tax Cuts For The Wealthy
At a recent Koch Brother sponsored event, Vice President Mike Pence urged billionaires in the United States to use their “stature” to force their employees and other Americans to get behind the Republican Party’s tax 21 октября 2017, 15:18
10 221
1 день 4:23
Insurance Company Tells 9-Month-Old That He’s Too Expensive For Them To Keep Alive
A 9-month-old boy being treated for a rare form of aggressive brain cancer received a startling letter from his family’s insurance company: Because the cost of his treatment was deemed “not medically necessary,” the 20 октября 2017, 19:00
12 261
1 день 3:56
Trump Says The “Pee Tape” Dossier Is A Conspiracy Funded By The FBI, Democrats, And Russia
Donald Trump is not happy about the resurgence of the “pee tape dossier” that claimed that Trump paid prostitutes to urinate on him in a Russian hotel. 20 октября 2017, 18:00
10 545
1 день 3:29
Psychologist Warns That Trump’s “Downward Mental Health Spiral” Could Lead To War
A behavioral psychologist is sounding the alarm bells over what she sees as Donald Trump’s “downward mental health spiral.” The psychologist has warned that his increasingly unhinged behavior could easily push the US 20 октября 2017, 17:00
10 835
1 день 3:46
Trump Rates His Puerto Rican Response A Perfect 10 As Residents Continue To Suffer
Donald Trump says that he would rate his handling of the dire situation in Puerto Rico a perfect 10, even though 28% of people on the island still don’t have access to clean water. 20 октября 2017, 16:00
6 850
2 дня 4:41
Puerto Rico: A New Tragedy Unfolds Everyday
Via America’s Lawyer: Attorney Peter Mougey, talks with Mike about how Puerto Rico is still devastated by Hurricane Maria as it also drowns in $70 billion in debt. Ring of Fire needs your help! 19 октября 2017, 23:00
4 233
2 дня 7:56
NBC Gives Piggish Predator Weinstein A Pass
Via America’s Lawyer: Then Mollye Barrows, Legal Journalist for The Trial Lawyer Magazine, talks with Mike about why NBC choose to delay publishing their own accounts of Weinstein which, wasn’t made public until one of 19 октября 2017, 22:00
1 937
2 дня 11:16
Has Harvey Weinstein Become the Norm in Hollywood?
Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio and Brigida Santos talk about how and why sexual predatory abuse in Hollywood went on for so long with Harvey Weinstein. Ring of Fire needs your help! 19 октября 2017, 19:40
2 257
2 дня 4:22
The Ignorance Problem: Half Of Voters Think Media Is Making Up Stories About Trump
Donald Trump has been attacking the media since before he even became President, and it looks like his attacks might actually be working. 19 октября 2017, 19:00
9 716
2 дня 4:56
Republican Congresswoman Says Hospitals Shouldn’t Be Forced To Help Sick People
Republican Congresswoman Diane Black from Tennessee doesn’t think that emergency rooms should be forced to see every patient that walks through their doors. 19 октября 2017, 18:00
8 935
2 дня 4:18
Republican Senate Candidate Says We Should Jail NFL Players Who Protest
Roy Moore, the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and current candidate for Senator, believes that we should arrest NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem. 19 октября 2017, 17:00
9 698
2 дня 3:44
Jared Kushner “Freaked Out” By Russia Investigation, Thinks He’s Going Down
According to a recent interview with an advisor inside the White House, Trump son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner has been “freaked out” since day one about the ongoing investigation into collusion between the Trump 19 октября 2017, 16:00
23 586
3 дня 3:21
Trump Drops 92 Spots On Forbes’ Rich List After Losing $600 Million This Year
Donald Trump, and the few people who still support him, love to tell us that he is one of the best businessmen the world has ever known. 18 октября 2017, 19:00
16 781
3 дня 4:12
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says We Should Be Praising Ivanka Trump For Influencing Her Dad
Not long ago, Ivanka Trump sheepishly admitted that she has absolutely no influence over her father. 18 октября 2017, 18:00
18 549
3 дня 3:22
Sean Spicer Meets With Investigators In Trump Probe
Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer met with investigators from Robert Mueller’s team on Tuesday to discuss President Trump’s firing of former FBI director James Comey. 18 октября 2017, 17:00
11 676
3 дня 4:01
Trump Won’t Stop Lying About Fallen Soldiers And Past Presidents
Donald Trump believes that the only way to get out of a hole is to keep digging, and that’s exactly what he’s doing right now while trying to downplay his lack of concern over the American soldiers who died after being 18 октября 2017, 16:00
20 494
4 дня 5:31
Democratic Senator Says Moving “Too Far Left” Will Make Party Lose To Trump Again In 2020
Democratic Senator Dick Durbin warned Democrats that they shouldn’t push the Democratic Party too far to the left or else they’ll lose to Donald Trump again in 2020. Has Dick Durbin been hibernating since mid-2016? 17 октября 2017, 19:00
8 254
4 дня 4:59
Trump Says Blame Republicans, Not Him, For His Incompetence
Donald Trump has never been the kind of person who is willing to accept the blame for his own shortcomings, and his time as President has highlighted his complete lack of understanding about what a good leader looks 17 октября 2017, 18:00
14 122
4 дня 4:52
Trump Served Subpoena To Turn Over All Documents Related To Sexual Assault Allegations
As the media continues to focus on the disgusting behavior of Harvey Weinstein, let’s not forget that we have our own admitted sexual abuser serving in the White House. 17 октября 2017, 17:00
16 961
4 дня 3:59
Trump Has Turned White House Into “Adult Daycare Center” Aides Say
According to recent interviews with aides and confidants to President Donald Trump, the White House has become a kind of “adult daycare” to help staffers handle the President’s toddler-like behavior. 17 октября 2017, 16:00
8 770
4 дня 11:42
Communities Were Rampaged By Big Pharma’s Opioid Dump
Via WSRE inStudio: The Opioid Crisis and Our Community Pt. 4 Opioid addiction is a crisis in our community, and it affects many individuals and families throughout the United States as well. 17 октября 2017, 14:00
1 052
4 дня 10:56
Origins Of An Epidemic: The Distributors Of Painkillers
Via WSRE inStudio: The Opioid Crisis and Our Community Pt. 3 Opioid addiction is a crisis in our community, and it affects many individuals and families throughout the United States as well. 17 октября 2017, 13:00
5 дней 14:22
Children’s Lives Destroyed By Over Prescribing Narcotics
Via WSRE inStudio: The Opioid Crisis and Our Community Pt. 2 Opioid addiction is a crisis in our community, and it affects many individuals and families throughout the United States as well. 16 октября 2017, 21:00
1 815
5 дней 12:09
Big Pharma Built Addiction Into Their Business Model
Via WSRE inStudio: The Opioid Crisis and Our Community Pt. 1 Opioid addiction is a crisis in our community, and it affects many individuals and families throughout the United States as well. 16 октября 2017, 20:00
2 585
5 дней 3:22
Alt Right Leader Says Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote
Richard Spencer, the hate-filled de-facto leader of the Alt Right, stated recently that he doesn’t believe that women should be allowed to vote. 16 октября 2017, 19:00
15 748
5 дней 4:39
Psychologists March In NYC To Highlight Trump’s Declining Mental State
On Saturday, a group of psychologists and mental health professionals marched on the streets of New York City to not only raise awareness about Donald Trump’s dangerous mental problems, but to also call for his removal 16 октября 2017, 18:00
26 178
5 дней 4:19
Bannon Admits That Trump Ended Obamacare Subsidies To Blow Up The Program
This past weekend, Steve Bannon admitted that the reason President Trump decided to end Obamacare subsidy payments to health insurance companies was because he wanted to see the whole program fail, so he’s 16 октября 2017, 17:00
23 804
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