4 дня 3:59
Trump’s FEMA Chief Could Face Criminal Prosecution Over Spending Scandal
Brock Long, the head of FEMA, is facing a possible criminal prosecution over a spending scandal that he and a few of his subordinates engaged in. 18 сентября 2018, 19:00
61 718
4 дня 2:36
Puerto Rico's Fight For Statehood
Via America's Lawyer: Mike Papantonio discusses the challenges Puerto Rico faces in order to become America's 51st state. 18 сентября 2018, 18:00
5 755
4 дня 2:56
New Illinois Law Allows Doctors To Switch Opioid Prescriptions For Medical Marijuana
A recently-passed law in the state of Illinois is going to give doctors in the state the freedom needed to switch patients from opioid painkillers to medical marijuana, a move the state hopes will | 18 сентября 2018, 17:00
5 338
4 дня 4:50
Former Amazon Worker Confirms Hellish Conditions That Bernie Warned About
A former Amazon warehouse worker has written an op-ed for The Guardian, where they confirmed that the attacks on the company for their horrendous labor practices are absolutely true. 18 сентября 2018, 16:00
18 120
5 дней 3:21
FEMA Chief Blames Spousal Abuse For Puerto Rican Hurricane Death Toll
Brock Long, the leader of FEMA, is out there trying to downplay the official death toll from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, and during an interview on Meet The Press this past weekend he actually | 17 сентября 2018, 21:00
12 261
5 дней 3:47
Lindsey Graham Says Lying To The FBI Isn’t A Big Deal
During an interview with Face The Nation this past weekend, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said that some of the guilty pleas coming from Trump’s friends are for insignificant things like lying | 17 сентября 2018, 20:00
28 250
5 дней 3:36
Is Trump Intentionally Trying To Tank The Economy?
The White House announced this weekend that Donald Trump is preparing to levy an additional $200 billion in tariffs on goods from China. 17 сентября 2018, 19:00
51 301
5 дней 7:35
Popular Hernia Mesh Product Completely INCOMPATIBLE With Human Tissue
A new lawsuit claims that one of the most profitable forms of hernia mesh is 100% incompatible with human tissue, causing irreparable harm to consumers. 17 сентября 2018, 18:00
5 360
5 дней 3:16
SCOTUS Chief Justice Steps In To Protect Identities Of Dark Money Campaign Donors
Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has intervened in a legal case that would have helped reveal the dark money funders behind political ads and other political expenditures. 17 сентября 2018, 17:00
14 629
5 дней 4:49
SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Accused Of Sexual Assault
Donald Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh has now been accused of sexually assaulting a woman while he was in high school at a party. 17 сентября 2018, 16:00
10 628
6 дней 4:02
Trump Breaks New Record – Tells More Lies In August Than EVER BEFORE
Donald Trump somehow manages to keep outdoing himself by breaking his own records each month for how many lies he tells. 16 сентября 2018, 21:00
30 669
6 дней 4:21
Trump’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Spent $52,000 On Curtains
The spending scandals from the Trump administration just never seem to stop. 16 сентября 2018, 20:00
42 971
6 дней 3:28
Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz Keeps Hanging Out With Holocaust Denier
Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida really seems to enjoy hanging out with really bad people, especially Chuck Johnson, an Alt Right Holocaust denier. 16 сентября 2018, 19:00
11 487
6 дней 1:02
Vox Facing Class Action Lawsuit For Reclassifying Bloggers To Pay Lower Wages
Via America’s Lawyer: Bloggers allege that Vox.com improperly classified them as independent contractors instead of actual employees, which allowed the company to pay them as little as $3 for every | 16 сентября 2018, 18:00
5 628
6 дней 3:26
Wealthy People Buying MORE Private Jets Thanks To Republican Tax Cuts
According to a new report in The Wall Street Journal this week, more and more wealthy Americans are upgrading their private jets thanks to a special tax cut that Republicans worked into last year’s | 16 сентября 2018, 17:01
9 540
6 дней 3:20
Trump Wanted To Solve Debt Crisis By Printing More Money
According to an exchange detailed in Bob Woodward’s new book “Fear”, Donald Trump asked his former top economic adviser Gary Cohn why he couldn’t solve the US debt crisis by just printing more money. 16 сентября 2018, 16:00
45 034
7 дней 2:38
Trump Thinks Getting Impeached Will HELP Him In 2020 Election
According to new reports, Donald Trump is reportedly telling those closest to him that getting impeached may actually help his chances of winning reelection in 2020. 15 сентября 2018, 21:00
47 729
7 дней 3:36
Pentagon Officials Had To Stop Trump From Tweeting Us Into A War
Bob Woodward’s new book “Fear: Trump In The White House” is now out, and among the new things we learned this week from it is that the Pentagon allegedly had to step in and stop the President from | 15 сентября 2018, 20:00
69 755
7 дней 3:59
Jared Kushner Told Reporter To Write Nice Things About Trump In Exchange For Access
Jared Kushner has apparently told a prominent New York Times reporter that she needs to write more positive stories about Donald Trump in order to get back on his good side, and possibly gain access | 15 сентября 2018, 19:01
42 025
7 дней 4:41
CA Governor Jerry Brown Pardons Record Number Of Criminals
Via America’s Lawyer: Governor Jerry Brown has commuted the life sentences of 20 murderers and has handed out more than 1,000 pardons. Mollye Barrows joins Mike Papantonio to discuss. 15 сентября 2018, 18:00
8 472
7 дней 4:04
We’ve Now Spent $77 MILLION On Trump’s Golf Trips
According to new reports, American tax payers have now spent a grand total of $77 million just for President Trump to go golfing while in office. 15 сентября 2018, 17:01
77 900
7 дней 3:52
Devin Nunes Using Campaign Funds To Produce Anti-Science Podcast
Embattled Republican Congressman Devin Nunes has been dipping into his campaign funds for all kinds of things, but this past weekend it was revealed that Nunes is using his campaign funds to pay for | 15 сентября 2018, 16:01
23 417
8 дней 6:35
Valsartan Lawsuits Imminent As Heart Medication Found To Contain Toxic Chemical
Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio is joined by attorney Daniel Nigh to talk about Valsartan, a major heart medication that has been recalled because batches of the drugs have been contaminated | 14 сентября 2018, 22:00
3 864
8 дней 4:21
Trump Is “Freaked Out” And “Obsessed” With Finding White House Op Ed Author
According to new reports, Donald Trump is still freaking out over the New York Times op-ed from a White House staffer that ran last week, and he’s been staying up all night obsessing about who the | 14 сентября 2018, 21:00
46 424
8 дней 3:31
Jeff Sessions Tells Judges And Lawyers To STOP Showing Sympathy Towards Immigrant Children
Earlier this week, Jeff Sessions lectured a group of incoming immigration lawyers and judges and told them that they need to NOT show any sympathy towards immigrant children being held at the | 14 сентября 2018, 20:00
47 757
8 дней 4:56
What Recovery? Poverty In The US Hits Dangerous Levels
Republicans keep touting how strong the economy is, and the Trump administration has actually made the claim that extreme poverty in the United States doesn’t even exist, but all of these talking | 14 сентября 2018, 19:00
16 684
8 дней 2:29
New California Law Shifts Wildfire Cleanup Costs From Corporations To Taxpayers
Via America’s Lawyer: The state of California has passed legislation that would shift the cost of wildfires from the companies that were responsible to none other than the California taxpayers. 14 сентября 2018, 18:00
2 860
8 дней 3:59
George W. Bush Returns To Campaign For Desperate Republican Candidates
Former President George W. Bush is following the lead of Barack Obama and will be hitting the campaign trail to help embattled Republicans. 14 сентября 2018, 17:00
18 814
8 дней 5:40
Fox News Labels Michael Avenatti “Creepy Porn Lawyer” During Tucker Carlson Interview
★ Download Newsvoice for free: newsvoice.com/ROF Let’s fix the news! 14 сентября 2018, 16:00
21 837
9 дней 3:58
Net Neutrality At Work: Verizon Throttles CA Firefighters During Environmental Disaster
Via America’s Lawyer: It was revealed recently that Verizon was throttling the data of emergency rescue teams who were battling the massive wildfires in California last month. 13 сентября 2018, 22:00
5 524
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