9 дней 3:24
76% Of The Claims Trump Makes During His Rallies Are LIES
According to a recent analysis by The Washington Post, 76% of the claims that come out of Donald Trump’s mouth during his toxic rallies are complete lies. 11 июля 2018, 20:00
23 495
10 дней 4:21
Trump’s Secretary Of State Says Recent North Korea Talks Were A COMPLETE DISASTER
Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump’s freshly minted Secretary of State, took a trip to North Korea recently to hammer out some of the details from Trump’s recent trip and alleged agreement. 11 июля 2018, 19:00
29 065
10 дней 2:46
Even Fox News Executives Think Sean Hannity Has Gone Completely Nuts
According to new reports, the management at Fox News is growing increasingly unhappy with the performance of Sean Hannity, and they believe that he has turned into a conspiracy theory-spewing White House propagandist. 11 июля 2018, 18:00
88 199
10 дней 3:59
Sarah Palin Admits She Was Tricked Into Interview By Sacha Baron Cohen In Disguise
Sarah Palin has never been the brightest penny in the fountain, but her recent claims about being tricked by Sacha Baron Cohen into doing an interview with him make her look even duller. 11 июля 2018, 17:00
21 354
10 дней 3:34
Trump Embarrasses America At NATO Summit By Saying Germany Is Controlled By Russia
As predicted, Donald Trump completely embarrassed himself and the entire United States of America during his opening session at the NATO summit he’s currently attending. 11 июля 2018, 16:00
97 241
10 дней 7:57
Ed Schultz: The Working Class Hero That Will Be Missed
With the loss of Ed Schultz comes a loss of courage in reporting – the loss of a willingness to call balls and strikes. It’s a loss that could not have come at a worse time. 11 июля 2018, 15:00
4 551
10 дней 3:52
Trump Told German Chancellor She Owes Him ONE TRILLION Dollars
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84 394
11 дней 2:53
Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Trolls Trump & Giuliani With Ominous Tweet
Michael Cohen has hired a new lawyer – Lanny Davis – and Davis already appears tired of the games being played by Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani. 10 июля 2018, 19:00
38 938
11 дней 2:39
Trump Sells Access To Air Force One To Wealthy Mar-A-Lago Members
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47 898
11 дней 2:51
Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Says He Criticizes Her More Than Protestors Do
Trump administration officials are having a tough time living their lives right now, and the heckling that they are receiving is fully justified. 10 июля 2018, 17:00
34 623
11 дней 3:06
Trump Admits His Staff Is STUPID During Talk With Putin
According to new reports, Donald Trump told Vladimir Putin that his own staff was “stupid” for not wanting the two men to engage in conversations. 10 июля 2018, 16:00
25 169
11 дней 2:19
Jim Jordan Loses All His Friends In DC As More Sexual Assault Victims Come Forward
Conservative lawmaker Jim Jordan is struggling to keep his head above water as more and more former wrestlers from Ohio State come forward and admit that Jordan did absolutely nothing about the sexual assault that 9 июля 2018, 20:00
52 326
12 дней 3:32
Tomi Lahren & Milo Yiannopoulos Cast In Roe v. Wade Propaganda Movie
Conservative mouthpieces Tomi Lahren and Milo Yiannopoulos have been cast in a conservative propaganda film about the landmark Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision. 9 июля 2018, 19:00
12 466
12 дней 3:42
Kellyanne Conway Gets Duped By Twitter Parody Account Of Mike Pence
Kellyanne Conway proved that she isn’t the brightest bulb in the Trump administration this past weekend when she took the time to praise a tweet by the Vice President that was actually from a Mike Pence fan account. 9 июля 2018, 18:00
68 945
12 дней 4:10
Trump Administration Takes A Firm Stand Against…Breastfeeding?
The Trump Administration attempted to water down a joint resolution from the World Health Assembly this past spring that extolled the benefits of breastfeeding. 9 июля 2018, 17:00
44 870
12 дней 3:51
Rudy Giuliani Accidentally Admits That Trump Likely Obstructed Justice
During an appearance on ABC’s This Week, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani slipped up and admitted that Trump likely told Comey to “go easy” on Michael Flynn, a move that most legal experts agree would 100% be considered 9 июля 2018, 16:00
53 146
12 дней 4:18
Trump Sets Record For Most Staff Turnover EVER
According to a new report by The Associated Press, the Trump administration has now set a record for the highest staff turnover rate EVER for an administration that is only 18 months old. 8 июля 2018, 20:00
29 157
13 дней 3:19
Trump Endangers The Lives Of Journalists, Calls Them “Really Bad People” During Speech
During his recent MAGA rally in Montana, Donald Trump once again leveled some pretty significant insults at the members of the press in the room, specifically calling them out and referring to them as “really bad people. 8 июля 2018, 19:00
27 829
13 дней 3:29
Mar-a-Lago To Hire 40 More Foreign Guest Workers As Trump Attacks Immigrants
Donald Trump is the epitome of a hypocrite – saying one thing and then always doing the other. 8 июля 2018, 18:01
26 500
13 дней 5:32
Rick Santorum Blames Parents For Trump’s Baby Jails, Says Kids Were Pre-Traumatized
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12 347
13 дней 3:50
Trump’s Trade War Is About To Cost Us Another 100,000 American Jobs
This video was originally released under our Early Access tier on Patreon. 8 июля 2018, 16:00
39 800
13 дней 3:41
Trump Says That People Who Criticize Him Are A Threat To This Country
During a disgusting softball interview with Fox News recently, Donald Trump made the absurd claim that his critics are dangerous for this country. 7 июля 2018, 20:02
85 230
14 дней 4:18
You Can Thank Donald Trump And Paul Ryan For The Coming Recession
According to economists, our economy is on track for another recession in about 18 months. The reason? The massive tax cuts, soaring deficits, and trade wars enacted by the Republicans in charge of this country. 7 июля 2018, 19:16
37 723
14 дней 3:18
Canada Gives Trump The Middle Finger With Massive Tariffs On US Goods
Canada is backing down from Donald Trump’s trade war, and they’ve decided to escalate the situation by imposing massive tariffs on a new array of goods from the United States. 7 июля 2018, 18:00
81 591
14 дней 3:29
Trump Says He’s Ready To Give Corporations ANOTHER Massive Tax Cut
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27 562
14 дней 4:34
Scott Pruitt Kept Secret Calendar To Hide His Meetings With Industries & Lobbyists
*The video was early access for Patreon members, and recorded before Scott Pruitt's resignation. 7 июля 2018, 16:00
11 119
14 дней 7:29
Defense Contractors Are Making More Money Than Ever Before
There’s been a ton of coverage of US domestic policy recently, and what the US is doing overseas is being largely ignored. 7 июля 2018, 15:00
6 632
14 дней 3:47
Buy American? Trump’s 2020 Campaign Gear Is Being Made In China
Donald Trump claims that he’s the most patriotic man you could ever imagine, but in reality, he’s all about money. 6 июля 2018, 20:00
29 686
15 дней 2:28
Panic Time For Trump As Mueller Hires MORE Prosecutors
Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is in the process of hiring even more prosecutors for his probe into the Trump campaign and administration, a move which indicates that there are A LOT more indictments headed down the 6 июля 2018, 19:00
83 852
15 дней 3:08
Trump Creates “Denaturalization” Task Force To Strip People Of Their US Citizenship
The Trump administration is taking a page out of the Red Scare playbook, and he’s created a Denaturalization Task Force. 6 июля 2018, 18:00
117 769
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