13 дней 3:54
Trump’s Fox News Addiction Could Destroy Democracy
After watching a segment on Fox News Tuesday morning, President Trump tweeted out threatening remarks against former Clinton aide Huma Abedin, as well as James Comey. 2 января 2018, 20:00
12 845
13 дней 4:35
‘This Guy’s Insane’-  South American Leaders Sound Alarm Over Donald Trump
According to a new report in Politico, Donald Trump was so hellbent on using military force in Venezuela that he met with other South American leaders and lied to their faces about things they had allegedly said. 2 января 2018, 19:00
28 783
13 дней 4:16
Trump’s Golf Trips Cost Taxpayers $43 Million In 2017
According to a new analysis of Trump’s golfing habits, his frequent trips to the golf course cost American taxpayers $43 million in the year 2017. 2 января 2018, 18:00
10 195
13 дней 3:55
Pathetic Marco Rubio Admits Tax Bill Gave Too Much Money To Corporations
In a recent interview – an interview that occurred AFTER he voted for the tax bill – Republican Senator Marco Rubio sheepishly admitted that the tax bill gave too much money to corporations and “went too far” in giving 2 января 2018, 17:00
10 513
14 дней 4:53
Aides Warn Trump That He’ll Be Impeached If Democrats Win 2018 Midterms
According to a recent report by The Washington Post, the aides that are still employed in the Trump Administration are frantically trying to get the President to realize that if his Party loses the midterms in 2018, 1 января 2018, 16:30
36 305
14 дней 4:36
White Republican Men More Likely To Sexually Harass Women, New Report Claims
According to a new report by The New York Times, white Republican men are more likely to report that they sexually harass women in the workplace than their counterparts of other races and political affiliations. 1 января 2018, 16:15
8 310
14 дней 8:12
Unstable Trump's Epic Fail at Foreign Relations
Via ROF Podcast: youtube.com/user/golefttv Heather 'Digby' Parton from Hullabaloo joins Ring of Fire’s Sam Seder, to discuss Trump's unstable, and disastrous approach to foreign relations. 1 января 2018, 14:30
10 362
15 дней 10:49
Trump's Delusional Year in Sports
Via ROF Podcast: youtube.com/user/golefttv Dave Zirin from The Nation joins Ring of Fire’s Sam Seder, to discuss how sports have become more political, and why it drives Trump crazy. 31 декабря 2017, 15:30
6 800
15 дней 4:27
Trump Sets Another First Year Record: Highest Number Of Staff Members Fired Or Removed!
Donald Trump recently set a record for taking the most vacation days of any first-year president. 31 декабря 2017, 15:00
12 412
15 дней 4:03
Americans Hate Donald Trump’s Twitter Feed Even More Than They Hate His Presidency
Donald Trump has the worst approval rating of a first year president ever. But if you think that’s bad, then you should see the numbers regarding his use of Twitter. 31 декабря 2017, 14:30
21 053
16 дней 10:22
Minority Report Becomes Reality - Big Brother Is Here
Via RT America: The government started scanning and tracking flyers’ faces at major airports. It’s keeping the data in giant banks without your knowledge. 30 декабря 2017, 18:00
7 916
16 дней 9:19
Big Pharma Still Profiteering from the Opioid Crisis
Via ROF Podcast: youtube.com/user/golefttv Daniel Denvir from The Nation Magazine joins Ring of Fire’s Sam Seder, to discuss how Big Pharma is using a life-saving overdose cure to make excessive profits in 30 декабря 2017, 16:31
2 127
16 дней 10:09
The Tax Scam: How Corporate Shareholders Get Richer
Via ROF Podcast: youtube.com/user/golefttv David Dayen from The Intercept joins Ring of Fire’s Sam Seder, to discuss the use of stock buybacks to leak money back to company shareholders . 30 декабря 2017, 16:06
3 543
16 дней 4:03
Trump Eases Rules To Allow Nursing Homes To Abuse Elderly Without Punishment
Donald Trump has pulled off a lot of heartless acts during his first year as President, but his actions in the last week of 2017 may prove to be some of the worst of the year. 30 декабря 2017, 15:42
11 916
16 дней 4:51
Koch Bros Launch $20 Million Ad Campaign To Get Americans To Support Tax Cuts For The Rich
The Koch Brothers, through their political action networks, have decided to spend $20 million on a new ad campaign designed to convince the American public that the recently-passed tax cut package is actually a good 30 декабря 2017, 15:04
14 431
17 дней 5:40
Has Trump Already Proven That He’s Dumber Than George W. Bush?
During the administration of George W. Bush, headlines across the globe proclaimed that he was the dumbest president in the history of the United States. 29 декабря 2017, 20:00
22 570
17 дней 3:38
Trump Administration Believes We Should Jail People For Being Poor
Barack Obama’s administration worked hard to enact rules that prevented states from throwing citizens in jail for failure to pay their bills. 29 декабря 2017, 19:00
21 958
17 дней 4:47
Donald Trump Is Losing His Mind One Tweet At A Time
Donald Trump’s Twitter habits are a window into his mind, and from the glances we’re getting through that window, we should all be concerned. 29 декабря 2017, 18:00
18 965
17 дней 3:26
Delusional Trump Claims He’s Just As Popular As Obama Was After First Year
In an early morning tweetstorm on Friday, Donald Trump cited a Fox & Friends poll showing that his approval rating at the end of his first year is the same as Obama’s was after year one. 29 декабря 2017, 17:00
23 114
17 дней 4:26
When Will We Lock Up Opioid Corporate Thugs?
Via RT America: As 90 Americans die every day from opioid overdoses, city and county governments are suing pharmaceutical giants, seeking compensation for the cost of extra policing, foster care, medical expenses and 29 декабря 2017, 14:30
1 891
18 дней 5:11
Nestlé Is Stealing Our Drinking Water At Staggering Rates: It’s All About Big Money
Via RT America: California is accusing Nestle of bottling and selling water taken from the San Bernardino Forest without proper permits, RT America’s Natasha Sweatte reports. 29 декабря 2017, 0:00
5 245
18 дней 5:25
Florida Business Owners Have A Message For Donald Trump: GO AWAY!
Residents and business owners near Mar-A-Lago in South Florida have a message for Donald Trump: Get Lost! 28 декабря 2017, 20:00
53 323
18 дней 1:27
Sanctuary Cities: The New Target for Anti-immigration Lawsuits
Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio talks with Anya Parampil about how sanctuary cities are becoming the new target for anti-immigration lawsuits. 28 декабря 2017, 19:20
2 225
18 дней 5:35
As The Rich Get Tax Cuts, More Americans Fall Into Extreme Poverty
The Republican Party that controls all branches of our federal government recently decided that the most important thing they could do is to cut taxes on the already-wealthy. 28 декабря 2017, 19:00
7 628
18 дней 2:07
American Consumers Are Dead Meat with the New Judiciary
Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio talks with Anya Parampil about the state of class action lawsuits. To learn more about this topic, visit levinlaw.com/america-lawyer Ring of Fire needs your help! 28 декабря 2017, 18:43
4 372
18 дней 4:52
Another Trump Lie Busted – Trump Has Accomplished Less Than All Presidents Before Him
Donald Trump has said on several occasions that he has signed more bills into law in his first year than any other president before him. 28 декабря 2017, 18:00
14 845
18 дней 4:17
Creepy Predator Roy Moore STILL Refuses To Concede Senate Election To Doug Jones
Former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has filed a lawsuit contesting the results of the recent senate election while still refusing to concede that he lost to Doug Jones. 28 декабря 2017, 17:00
13 741
19 дней 4:10
Eric Trump Admits The Trump Brand Is Failing Because Of Donald’s Presidency
In a recent interview with The New York Times, Eric Trump admitted that he and his brother Donald Jr. are having a very hard time closing deals for their dad’s business in the year since Donald won the presidency. 27 декабря 2017, 20:00
111 922
19 дней 3:46
Fox News Staffers Admit That The Network Has Become A Pro-Trump Propaganda Outlet
According to a new report in Politico, Fox News staffers are admitting that the news organization that they work for has become a pro-Trump propaganda outlet, with many staffers saying that they’ve gone “full 27 декабря 2017, 19:00
24 451
19 дней 4:09
Trump Sets New Record As LAZIEST First-Year President Ever
With just a few days left in 2017, Donald Trump has already managed to set an embarrassing record for his first year as President. 27 декабря 2017, 18:00
30 165
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