13 дней 5:05
Conservatives Desperately Try, And Spectacularly Fail, To Smear Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Conservative commentators in America are absolutely obsessed with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the point where their actions can only be described as creepy and predatory. 7 января 2019, 18:00
30 638
13 дней 3:36
Fox Host GRILLS Sarah Huckabee Sanders For Lying About Border Wall
Fox News host Chris Wallace has been a fairly loyal Trump apologist, but this past weekend he just couldn’t do it anymore, and he called out Sarah Huckabee Sanders to her face for lying to his | 7 января 2019, 17:00
42 813
14 дней 3:33
Trump Averaged 15 Lies PER DAY In 2018
According to the year-end analysis by The Washington Post, Donald Trump told an average of 15 lies per day during the year 2018, a new record for both the President and for the WaPo’s fact checkers | 6 января 2019, 22:01
11 283
14 дней 3:29
Trump Worried That Former Aides Will Expose His Incompetency Before 2020 Election
According to new reports, Donald Trump is terrified of his former aides because he believes they might come forward and air all of the President’s dirty laundry out prior to the 2020 Presidential | 6 января 2019, 21:01
126 028
14 дней 4:13
Republicans Force IRS To Audit Poor People And Ignore Wealthy Tax Cheats
Thanks to Republican budget cuts and pressure from GOP operatives, the IRS has reduced their auditing of wealthy tax frauds and has refocused their efforts on auditing poor people. 6 января 2019, 20:00
23 467
14 дней 6:48
Airlines Are Working Together To Rip You Off
American Airlines is agreed to pay $45 million dollars to settle an antitrust case that accused them of working with other airlines to drive up prices for consumers. 6 января 2019, 19:00
9 837
14 дней 3:56
Warren Is Right – Our Government Is Owned By Corporations
Elizabeth Warren is striking all the right chords as she enters the Presidential race, and this week she made the claim that our government is bought and paid for by large corporations, and | 6 января 2019, 18:00
19 026
14 дней 3:19
Democrats Introduce Legislation Aimed At Crippling Trump’s Presidency
The Democrats who just regained the House of Representatives have come out swinging against Donald Trump and the Republicans with a series of bills that would greatly change the nature of Trump’s | 6 января 2019, 17:00
57 921
15 дней 4:57
Trump’s Tweets Are Causing Stock Market To Collapse
Economists are growing increasingly concerned about Donald Trump’s behavior, as it sends the stock market into complete disarray. 5 января 2019, 22:00
43 550
15 дней 3:43
Trump Hands California Forests To Logging Industry, Increasing Risks Of Wildfires
In an executive order issued towards the end of the year, the Trump administration handed parts of California’s forests over to the logging industry, finally fulfilling Ryan Zinke’s single wish as | 5 января 2019, 21:00
21 788
15 дней 3:29
Trump Golf Resort BUSTED Giving Fake Green Cards To Undocumented Workers
Donald Trump doesn’t actually care about illegal immigrants coming into the United States. In fact, his businesses depend on undocumented labor. 5 января 2019, 20:01
40 364
15 дней 4:13
Tax Break Rewards Companies For Hiding Money In Offshore Accounts
The new tax law the Republicans had been praising is actually rewarding companies for hiding their money overseas. Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discusses this issue. 5 января 2019, 19:00
6 202
15 дней 3:27
Thanks To Trump, Federal Workers Won’t Get A Raise This Year
Donald Trump has signed an executive order that will prevent federal workers from receiving raises in the year 2019, a move that could prove to be disastrous both for the economy and for his | 5 января 2019, 18:01
16 558
15 дней 4:16
Record Number Of Teachers Quit Their Jobs In 2018
Due in part to factors like low wages, decreasing benefits, public ridicule, and unpaid hours, a record number of teachers quit their jobs in the past year, leaving a massive gap in our education | 5 января 2019, 17:01
15 587
16 дней 5:22
Idiot Trump Says He Can’t Be Impeached Because He Won A “Great Election”
In a bizarre Twitter rant Friday morning, Donald Trump claimed that he can’t be impeached because he won one of the “greatest elections of all time.” Not only is this categorically false on every | 4 января 2019, 22:00
398 855
16 дней 3:30
NBC News Contributor Calls Out Corporate Media’s Pro-War Slant In Resignation Letter
Longtime NBC and MSNBC news contributor William Arkin issued a scathing resignation letter to the network where he called them out for their obvious pro-war slant. 4 января 2019, 21:00
9 116
16 дней 4:53
Mitch McConnell Says There’s Only One Priority For Next Two Years – Approving Trump’s Judges
Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that his top, and possibly only, priority over the next two years will be to confirm as many of Trump’s judicial appointees as possible. 4 января 2019, 20:00
30 321
16 дней 19:45
Verizon Limits Firefighter’s Service & Big Pharma’s Latest Heart Medication Blunder
Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio and Trial Magazine Executive Editor Farron Cousins discuss Verizon throttling the data of emergency rescue teams that were battling the massive wildfires in | 4 января 2019, 19:00
3 355
16 дней 4:41
Trump Lies And Says Voters Are Calling To Express Support For His Border Wall
According to Donald Trump, he is being inundated with phone calls from supporters telling him that they support his border wall idea. Trump says the calls have been coming in over the last week. 4 января 2019, 18:00
51 340
16 дней 4:09
Idiotic Fox News Guest Says Burning Fossil Fuels IMPROVES The Environment
Noted climate change denier Marc Morano appeared on Fox & Friends this week to mislead Fox viewers into thinking that there’s nothing wrong with our planet. 4 января 2019, 17:00
21 797
17 дней 3:46
Mitt Romney Is Not A “Resistance Hero,” So Stop Praising Him For Calling Out Trump
Mitt Romney is being assailed by the Right and hoisted upon the shoulders of the Left, but both sides need to chill the hell out right now. 3 января 2019, 22:00
9 853
17 дней 4:16
Republicans Scramble To Hire Lawyers To Fight Possible Trump Impeachment
Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have reached out to lawyers, trying to find someone willing to join their team in order to fight off a potential Trump impeachment. 3 января 2019, 21:00
40 126
17 дней 4:06
Drugmakers Plan MAJOR Price Hikes For Consumers This Year
Major pharmaceutical companies are preparing to roll out a series of price hikes this year for life-saving medications, and they haven’t really explained why this is happening. 3 января 2019, 20:00
5 724
17 дней 6:47
Fracking Industry Is A Corrupt Danger To Everyone
A man who spoke out about the dangers of fracking is now being sued by the fracking industry in order to keep him quiet. Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discusses this issue. 3 января 2019, 19:00
5 799
17 дней 4:07
Jerry Falwell's Idiot Son Attacks Poor People To Defend Donald Trump
Religious Right leader Jerry Falwell, Jr. has been making headlines this week because of a recent interview he gave to The Washington Post. 3 января 2019, 18:00
39 092
17 дней 3:02
Mitch McConnell Says Hell No To Ending Government Shutdown
Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made it clear that the federal government will not be reopening any time soon, and he has no intention of passing any legislation through his | 3 января 2019, 17:00
52 001
18 дней 4:23
Trump Questions Elizabeth Warren’s Mental Health After Presidential Announcement
During a bizarre call-in interview with Fox News on New Year’s Eve, Donald Trump claimed that they would have to ask Elizabeth Warren’s psychiatrist if she believes that she can be president of the | 2 января 2019, 22:00
34 117
18 дней 4:27
Videos Show MASSIVE Child Abuse At Migrant Detention Camps
New video has been obtained showing just how disgusting and degrading the conditions are in the administration’s migrant detention camps. 2 января 2019, 21:00
12 883
18 дней 3:31
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Can’t Leave Trump Because No One Else Will Hire Her
According to new reports, the reason that Sarah Huckabee Sanders hasn’t left the Trump administration yet is because she can’t find work anywhere else. 2 января 2019, 20:00
231 232
18 дней 22:28
Attacks Aimed At “America’s Lawyer” For Speaking The Truth
Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins, Trial Magazine Executive Editor discuss a recent article by Suzanne Spaulding, former Homeland Security official, who took aim at RT and | 2 января 2019, 19:00
6 683
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