15 дней 3:06
Trump Mocks Maxine Waters’ IQ, Elizabeth Warren’s Heritage, And Me Too Movement In Terrifying Speech
Donald Trump headed to Montana this week where he managed to deliver his most insane and insulting speech to date. 6 июля 2018, 17:00
20 810
15 дней 3:01
Scott Pruitt Praises Trump’s Election As “God’s Providence” In His Resignation Letter
EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has finally resigned after being the subject of nearly two dozen different investigations and ethics scandals. 6 июля 2018, 16:00
10 195
15 дней 4:46
Remembering A Giant For American Workers - Ed Schultz
Progressive media host Ed Schultz sadly passed away on July 5th, 2018, and his passing creates a hole in the progressive community that will be felt for years to come. 6 июля 2018, 15:19
7 924
15 дней 3:51
Trump Grants Himself King-Like Powers With FART Act
The Trump administration has put together a draft of new rules. 5 июля 2018, 20:00
95 515
16 дней 3:28
Trump’s Friends Suggest He KNEW About Junior’s Trump Tower Meeting
Three of Donald Trump’s closest associates – Michael Cohen, Rudy Giuliani, and Sam Nunberg – have all either refused to answer whether Donald Trump knew about his son’s meeting with Russian lobbyists in Trump Tower, or 5 июля 2018, 19:00
32 845
16 дней 4:27
Loyal Trump Stooge Jim Jordan Implicated In MASSIVE Sexual Assault Coverup
Republican Representative Jim Jordan, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and one of Fox News’ favorite Republican Congressman, has been implicated in a massive sexual assault coverup that allegedly occurred during his 5 июля 2018, 18:00
37 637
16 дней 3:16
Children In America Have No Legal Right To Learn Says Federal Judge
According to the ruling of a federal judge in Detroit, children in the United States have absolutely no right to learn how to read and they shouldn’t expect schools to be responsible for teaching them. 5 июля 2018, 17:00
17 381
16 дней 3:59
Trump Official Is Trying To Destroy The Careers Of His Former Staffers
Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump’s most corrupt cabinet member, has actively been trying to sabotage the careers of former staffers who he believes betrayed him while they were working for him. 5 июля 2018, 16:01
29 410
17 дней 3:48
Judge Laughs At Trump Family For Trying To Delay Charity Fraud Trial
Support us by becoming a monthly patron on Patreon, and help keep progressive media alive!: patreon.com/TheRingofFire The Trump Foundation will be facing trial before the midterm elections, but that isn’t 4 июля 2018, 18:00
202 052
17 дней 3:47
Trump May Be The Most Un-American President Ever
Donald Trump talks a big game about patriotism and loving this country, but is business practices show the exact opposite. 4 июля 2018, 17:00
37 119
17 дней 3:05
Almost ALL Republicans Say The Media Intentionally Spreads Fake News
According to the latest round of polling, nearly ALL Republicans in this country believe that the media is INTENTIONALLY spreading fake news because it fits into their agenda. 4 июля 2018, 16:01
16 460
17 дней 7:36
Trump's Immigration Court Is Putting Toddlers On The Stand
The official from the DOJ responsible for training immigration court judges said this week that migrant children – some as young as 3 years old – should be able to represent themselves in court. 4 июля 2018, 15:00
8 815
17 дней 4:20
Trump Praises Himself For North Korea “Deal” As Country Ramps Up Nuclear Facilities
The Trump administration has admitted that satellite images show that North Korea is ramping up their nuclear testing facilities, but they either failed to say this to the President or he refuses to believe it. 3 июля 2018, 20:00
22 746
18 дней 2:42
Dutch Prime Minister Smacks Down Idiotic Trump During White House Meeting
Support us by becoming a monthly patron on Patreon, and help keep progressive media alive!: patreon.com/TheRingofFire Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands visited the White House on Monday, and 3 июля 2018, 19:00
138 107
18 дней 3:14
Melania Trump Made $100,000 Last Year From Sweetheart Deal With Media Outlets
According to recently-released filings, Melania Trump made a sweetheart deal with Getty Images that netted her $100,000 last year. 3 июля 2018, 18:00
17 417
18 дней 4:54
Democrats Say Shifting Too Far Left Will Cost Them The Midterms
Support us by becoming a monthly patron on Patreon, and help keep progressive media alive!: patreon.com/TheRingofFire Democrats still don’t know what to make of the amazing primary victory of Alexandria 3 июля 2018, 17:00
19 803
18 дней 3:37
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Now Lying About Trump’s Lies
Support us by becoming a monthly patron on Patreon, and help keep progressive media alive!: patreon.com/TheRingofFire During Monday’s White House press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about 3 июля 2018, 16:00
58 030
18 дней 4:38
Trump Wants SCOTUS Pick To Have Portfolio Of Academic Writing, Then Admits He Won’t Read It
Donald Trump has laid out to his aides what kind of person he’s looking for to replace retiring Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy. 2 июля 2018, 20:00
14 986
19 дней 2:42
There Is Literally Nothing The Trump Administration Won’t Lie About
Former cable news host Larry Kudlow, who currently happens to be Donald Trump’s economic advisor, recently said that the deficit is shrinking under Trump’s leadership. 2 июля 2018, 19:00
24 910
19 дней 4:18
Time To Flip? Cohen Says His Loyalty Is To His Family & Country, NOT Donald Trump
Michael Cohen said during a recent ABC interview that his loyalty was to his family and his country, NOT to Donald Trump. 2 июля 2018, 18:00
22 378
19 дней 3:55
Trump’s Immigrant Crime Database Has Backfired Spectacularly
Donald Trump will stop at nothing to convince the public that immigrants are criminals, and last year he set up a hotline for people to report crimes committed by immigrants, as well as for callers to question the 2 июля 2018, 17:00
46 041
19 дней 3:56
Why Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders Such A Horrible Person? Just Look At Her Dad
If you’ve ever wondered how Sarah Huckabee Sanders can lie with such impunity and always deny the reality of the world we live in, then all you have to do is take a good look at her father. 2 июля 2018, 16:00
57 198
19 дней 7:31
Trump’s Muslim Ban Was Never About National Security
The Supreme Court this week upheld Trump’s travel ban, with the conservative Court majority saying that the ban is here to stay. Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss this. 2 июля 2018, 15:00
15 715
19 дней 4:01
Trump Voters Just Got Screwed Over By Republicans And They Didn’t Even Realize It
Republicans are working with Donald Trump in DC to scale back programs for the needy and to enact stricter requirements for those seeking federal aid. 1 июля 2018, 20:01
33 068
20 дней 3:38
Melania Trump Visits Child Prison, Offers To Help ICE Agents Instead Of Terrified Toddlers
For the second time in as many weeks, Melania Trump visited a child detention center to “visit” migrant children that had been separated from their families. 1 июля 2018, 19:03
21 007
20 дней 3:12
Never-Trump Republican Jeff Flake Says He’ll Blindly Support Trump’s SCOTUS Pick
Republican Senator Jeff Flake has been the absolute loudest voice of opposition to Donald Trump on the Republican side, and he’s even found himself the target of Trump’s rage on Twitter more times than we’d care to 1 июля 2018, 18:01
19 794
20 дней 4:28
Trump Tells His Supporters They Are The “Super Elite” Because They’re Smarter Than Democrats
Donald Trump held another rally for crazy people this past week, this time in North Dakota. And, as usual, he managed to say some of the weirdest, most bizarre things imaginable. 1 июля 2018, 17:01
25 140
20 дней 4:27
Trump’s North Korea Failures Grow Larger – They Are UPGRADING Their Nuclear Facilities
Donald Trump claims that he got North Korea to “de-nuke” as blowing up in his face, as new satellite images show that the country is actually working on UPGRADING their nuclear facilities. 1 июля 2018, 16:00
38 646
20 дней 6:10
Anthony Kennedy Just Ruined the SCOTUS For A Generation
With the recent announcement of Justice Anthony Kennedy's forthcoming retirement, the future of the SCOTUS has been brought into absolute disarray. Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss this. 30 июня 2018, 23:35
11 746
20 дней 4:12
Trump Admin Hides Report Showing That Immigrants Actually BOOST Our Economy
Donald Trump has spent the last few years telling us that immigrants want to enter our country to harm us in any way possible, but the Department of Health and Human Services says that’s actually not the case. 30 июня 2018, 20:00
24 424
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