22 дня 4:44
Ted Cruz Gets Screamed At By Irate Democrat On Senate Floor
Republican Senator Ted Cruz finally got put in his place for his role in orchestrating the 2013 federal government shutdown by Democratic Senator Michael Bennet. 25 января 2019, 21:00
24 394
22 дня 6:16
Elizabeth Warren Proposes “Wealth Tax” On Richest Americans
Democratic senator and 2020 Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has been meeting with economists for quite some time, and they’ve come up with an interesting plan to curb inequality and also | 25 января 2019, 20:00
9 445
22 дня 6:15
Time To Bring Back The Corporate Death Penalty After PG&E Responsible For California Wildfires
Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio is joined by Thom Hartmann to discuss whether PG&E, California’s largest private utility company, should play by different rules after being accused of killing | 25 января 2019, 19:00
7 844
22 дня 5:04
Trump Readies National Emergency Declaration As Republicans Abandon Him
Reports claim that the White House is preparing to issue a National Emergency declaration for our southern border, as the President clings to his last hope to get his border wall funded. 25 января 2019, 18:00
28 793
22 дня 6:19
Trump’s Pal Roger Stone ARRESTED By FBI After Mueller Indictment
Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone was arrested in an FBI raid early Friday morning following an indictment handed down by Robert Mueller’s office. 25 января 2019, 17:00
34 580
23 дня 3:45
Republican Proposed Term Limits For Congress Is Long Overdue
Via America’s Lawyer: A small group of Republicans led by Senator Ted Cruz have introduced legislation that would put term limits on members of Congress. Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss. 25 января 2019, 0:00
6 565
23 дня 7:10
Trump Family Facing Major Lawsuit For Defrauding Investors
Sign up for Top Class Actions' FREE weekly newsletter: topclassactions.com Victims of an alleged fraudulent business deal orchestrated by President Trump and his children are facing a | 24 января 2019, 23:00
71 092
23 дня 6:03
Kellyanne Conway FREAKS OUT Over People Saying "Wall" During Chaotic Interview
**Want to read 5 books in one sitting? 24 января 2019, 22:00
39 218
23 дня 4:12
Trump Mocks Michael Cohen For Delaying Testimony To Congress
Donald Trump is playing a dangerous game of witness tampering with his repeated taunting and veiled threats aimed at Michael Cohen. 24 января 2019, 21:00
19 405
23 дня 4:19
Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance To Be Investigated
Democrats are curious as to how someone like Jared Kushner managed to obtain a security clearance after failing so many times and they want answers from the administration. 24 января 2019, 20:00
26 164
23 дня 6:14
Facebook Buying Local News Outlets To Control Bad Coverage
Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio and Trial Magazine Executive Editor Farron Cousins take a look at Social media giant Facebook, who recently announced that it would be investing $300 million | 24 января 2019, 19:00
3 529
23 дня 5:13
Trump Cowers To Pelosi After She CANCELS His State Of The Union Address
The State of the Union drama is heating up between Trump and Nancy Pelosi, and Pelosi appears to have the upper hand in this fight. 24 января 2019, 18:00
25 227
23 дня 3:59
Mitch McConnell AGAIN Blocks Bill To Reopen Government
Mitch McConnell officially owns this government shutdown. 24 января 2019, 17:00
35 135
24 дня 6:28
Drug Companies May Be Scamming Consumers With “Maximum Strength” Cold Medicines
Sign up for Top Class Actions' FREE weekly newsletter: topclassactions.com A Robitussin customer is seeking Class certification of a Pfizer lawsuit that claims its “maximum strength” cough | 23 января 2019, 22:58
4 914
24 дня 3:46
Trump Claims He Ordered Sarah Huckabee Sanders To Stop Her Press Briefings
Not long ago, Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ staff said that she had halted her press briefings because Trump himself was talking to the press more, so it wasn’t needed. 23 января 2019, 22:00
139 075
24 дня 4:51
Will Voters Even Remember This Government Shutdown In 2020?
Polls are showing that the government shutdown is not doing Republican officials any favors, and they are suffering at the moment as a result of this. 23 января 2019, 21:00
11 076
24 дня 3:27
Volunteers Headed To Prison For Leaving Out Water In Desert For Immigrants
A group of volunteers for the group “No More Deaths” have been convicted by a judge and are currently awaiting sentencing. Their crime? 23 января 2019, 20:00
10 977
24 дня 8:47
Facebook To Start Buying Positive Media Coverage As Corruption Increases
Facebook has announced plans to spend $300 million “helping” local newsrooms with journalistic efforts, but what they are really doing is trying to buy positive coverage and bury any negative | 23 января 2019, 19:00
4 379
24 дня 4:31
Global Billionaires Are TERRIFIED Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Billionaires, CEOs, and other people who have devoted their lives to money are gathered in Davos, Switzerland, and they all seem to have one thing on their mind right now: Representative Alexandria | 23 января 2019, 18:00
25 929
24 дня 4:12
White House BEGS Trump To Get Rid Of Rudy Giuliani
Officials inside the White House are panicking about Rudy Giuliani, and several have asked the president to forbid his attorney from appearing on TV ever again because “nothing good will come of | 23 января 2019, 17:00
30 865
25 дней 3:48
Is Trump’s Team Altering Photos To Make His Fingers Look Longer?
Reports are swirling that Donald Trump’s social media team are intentionally editing photos online in order to make the President’s fingers look longer and to make him look thinner. 22 января 2019, 22:00
21 832
25 дней 4:21
Lindsey Graham To Launch More Investigations Into Obama And Hillary
Lindsey Graham, the new chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has announced that he, much like his counterparts in the House of Representatives, will waste no time calling for investigations | 22 января 2019, 21:00
29 279
25 дней 3:46
Thousands Of Stores Forced To Reject Food Stamp Payments Due To Government Shutdown
Thousands of stores across the country are having to turn away food stamp payments because they have been unable to renew their license to accept EBT payments due to the government shutdown. 22 января 2019, 20:00
44 482
25 дней 6:27
Democrats Sabotage Their Own Efforts To Fight Climate Change
Climate change is the greatest threat facing this planet, and even though a majority of voters want Congress to take action, the Democrats in the House aren’t taking the issue seriously. 22 января 2019, 19:00
8 569
25 дней 3:04
Experts Fear Global Recession As Trump’s Policies Tank Economy
Experts with the International Monetary Fund have issued a dire warning that the world could be headed towards a global recession as economic activity begins to decrease. 22 января 2019, 18:00
18 619
25 дней 8:02
Giuliani Accidentally Reveals The Existence Of Trump Tapes
**Want to read 5 books in one sitting? 22 января 2019, 17:00
100 845
26 дней 4:03
Mitch McConnell Can’t Escape Blame For Shutdown As Constituents Grow Angry
Mitch McConnell’s own constituents are fed up with his constant refusal to reopen the federal government, and through a series of small protests last week they let him know it. 21 января 2019, 22:00
170 379
26 дней 3:56
Under Trump, EPA Has Basically Stopped Prosecuting Corporations Who Poison Americans
Enforcement actions at the EPA under Donald Trump have fallen to a 30-year low, showing that the priorities of this organization are no longer about protecting the environment – they are about | 21 января 2019, 21:00
9 158
26 дней 4:26
Trump’s AG Pick Made Millions From Corrupt Corporations
Another day, another millionaire joining the ranks of the Trump administration. 21 января 2019, 20:00
19 551
26 дней 9:09
Beto’s Dental Work & Daily Kos Roses – Democrats Hit New Level Of Creepy
Last week, Beto O’Rourke live streamed his dental cleaning. While that was happening, The Daily Kos delivered twenty five THOUSAND roses to Nancy Pelosi. What the hell is wrong with Democrats? 21 января 2019, 19:00
5 933
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