4 часа 1:26
How cellphone companies will help you thwart robocalls
T-Mobile IDs suspicious calls, “Scam Likely,” among other measures to reduce unsolicited calls their customers are getting. 22 января 2019, 1:29
8 часов 0:53
Lady Gaga calls Mike Pence 'worst representation' of Christian
At her Las Vegas show, "Enigma," Lady Gaga said, "I am a Christian woman" and Vice President Mike Pence is "wrong." The outspoken singer paused during a performance of "Million Reasons" Saturday to | 21 января 2019, 21:28
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9 часов 0:52
Sen. Kamala Harris begins presidential run with call to reject hate
Sen. Kamala Harris of California announced Monday on ABC's "Good Morning America" that she is running to unseat President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. 21 января 2019, 20:09
10 часов 19:00
Sen. Kamala Harris speaks at Howard University hours after announcing she'll run for president in...
Sen. Kamala Harris of California announced Monday on ABC's "Good Morning America" that she is running to unseat President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. 21 января 2019, 19:20
2 213
11 часов 0:46
Video shows toddler walking toward police with hands up
As video of a toddler approaching police with her hands up ricocheted around social media and drew concern, Tallahassee Police released two body camera videos in response to provide a fuller picture. 21 января 2019, 17:57
7 522
11 часов 0:49
7 Martin Luther King Jr. quotes that will inspire you
A look at some of the most inspiring quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 21 января 2019, 17:54
6 065
13 часов 0:22
Drone video of German castle will make you want to book a trip
The Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau, Germany looks breathtaking in the winter snow. Do you like what you see? 21 января 2019, 16:23
1 506
13 часов 1:11
10 best things to do in Phuket, Thailand
This tiny island floating in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Thailand is the perfect blend of leisure and adventure, offering a chance to veg out in the luxury of beachside bliss one day and | 21 января 2019, 15:53
14 часов 0:57
4 things to know about Senator Kamala Harris
In 2008, Barack Obama, a freshman Democratic senator, became the first African-American man elected president of the United States. 21 января 2019, 15:13
8 335
16 часов 2:39
NFL Championship Sunday Whip Around: Rams, Patriots advance to Super Bowl
Jarrett Bell and Mike Jones from New Orleans and Kansas City on how the Rams and Patriots pulled off their impressive wins to head to the Super Bowl. 21 января 2019, 12:56
7 742
18 часов 0:56
Time-lapse video of Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse
If you missed the Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse, this time-lapse video shows the moon passing fully into the shadow of Earth. 21 января 2019, 11:41
42 932
22 часа 2:56
NFL Championship overreactions: Terrible calls, incredible drama propel Rams, Pats to Super Bowl
This will likely go down as the worst officiated championship weekend ever. But if you are a fan of chaos and pure insane entertainment, it was incredible. 21 января 2019, 7:28
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1 день 1:59
Rams beat Saints in NFC Championship after controversial non-call
Lorenzo Reyes says that although the Saints got hosed on an obvious missed pass interference call, that's not the only reason they fell to the Rams. 21 января 2019, 1:05
52 492
2 дня 13:25
President Trump makes special announcement on the humanitarian crisis at the southern border
As the partial government shutdown neared a month, President Donald Trump used a speech Saturday to offer Democrats protections for some migrants in exchange for his $5.7 billion border wall, but | 19 января 2019, 21:54
549 785
2 дня 1:17
No shutdown for National Weather Service 'tirelessly' forecasting winter storm
The National Weather Service's staff keeps providing vital forecasts for the nation even as its meteorologists tracked the storm without pay in the government shutdown. 19 января 2019, 19:28
18 053
2 дня 0:21
Wind-driven snow picks up along NY interstate
A major winter storm moving across the nation's northern tier brought heavy snow and high winds to the Midwest Saturday, forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights at Chicago airports and | 19 января 2019, 16:34
4 583
2 дня 0:26
Aerials of deadly pipeline explosion in Mexico
Hidalgo state Gov. Omar Fayad says the death toll from a pipeline explosion in central Mexico has risen to 66. 19 января 2019, 15:26
38 321
3 дня 0:42
Jason Van Dyke's wife cries: 'He was doing what he was trained to do'
ormer Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke was sentenced Friday to more than six years in prison in the controversial 2014 shooting death of Laquan McDonald, a black teen whose killing by the white | 19 января 2019, 0:13
8 442
3 дня 0:47
Mike Pence to March for Life crowd: 'We stand for compassion'
Vice President Mike Pence made a surprise visit to the 46th Annual March of Life in Washington D.C. 19 января 2019, 0:06
7 566
3 дня 0:30
Lesson learned: Always stay in your car seat
This 2-year-old girl unbuckled her own car seat to grab a toy from the back of the car. But when she reached across the back seat, she found herself in a tight situation. 18 января 2019, 20:55
2 560
3 дня 3:02
Swift action decides wolf's fate
This wounded wolf was all alone in the wild with a body full of broken bones. He needed help so he could run free again. 18 января 2019, 19:55
3 дня 1:01
Pets of all shapes and sizes line up for their blessing
A blessing for these angels on earth 🐱🐶😇 ****************************************************************** Check out more Animalkind stories?! 18 января 2019, 19:55
3 дня 3:11
McDonald's employee gets unbelievable gift from customer
Minutes after this woman was told that “God can work miracles,” her miracle walked through the door. ************************************************************ Want even more heartwarming stories?! 18 января 2019, 19:55
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3 дня 1:23
Soldier's mom trolls him dressed as T-Rex
This soldier's mom couldn’t care less if her son is embarrassed. He's going to get this short-armed hug! 18 января 2019, 19:48
3 дня 0:35
Recall: Chicken nuggets may be contaminated with wood
Perdue Foods is recalling 68,244 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken nugget products that may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically wood, according to the U.S. 18 января 2019, 18:08
2 156
3 дня 1:03
Couple sings best 'Push It' rendition in delivery room
It seems the famous Salt-N-Pepa song worked. New dad, Jordan Houston wrote, "my little girl came 10 minutes later." Do you like what you see? 18 января 2019, 16:42
3 дня 0:49
North Korea to open beach resort in 2019
North Korea could open a beach resort complete with a water park and other amenities as soon as this year, part of a plan to fuel tourism to the region. 18 января 2019, 16:24
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