3 дня 0:59
Jada Pinkett Smith slams Golden Globes nominations
Jada Pinkett Smith slams the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for the exclusion of her 'Girls Trip' co-star Tiffany Haddish from this year's Golden Globe nominations. 13 декабря 2017, 1:26
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3 дня 0:59
Keaton Jones' mom addresses backlash over emotional bullying video
The heartwarming story of a bullied East Tennessee boy who received support from around the world grew complicated. Now his mom, speaks out about the backlash over 'racist' photos. 12 декабря 2017, 21:32
76 491
3 дня 0:47
Roy Moore proves arriving on horseback is OK sometimes
After U.S. Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore rode to the voting booth on horseback, we found other situations that are saddle-appropriate. Be Smarter. Faster. 12 декабря 2017, 19:46
3 дня 0:53
Jimmy Kimmel brings son out for emotional monologue
The 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' host continued advocating for children's health care by bringing his son onstage after his second heart operation. 12 декабря 2017, 18:39
2 884
3 дня 1:52
Feminism: Merriam-Webster's 2017 Word of the Year
Here are the moment's that got us saying the f-word. 12 декабря 2017, 18:24
5 544
3 дня 4:05
Comics on the Alabama election in Best of Late Night
Who isn't afraid to support candidate Roy Moore and why. After you watch our favorite jokes, vote for yours! 12 декабря 2017, 17:08
7 565
4 дня 1:41
Hippie Jack brings hope and help to “invisible people”
Many of them don’t have power, water, or even food. But they have Hippie Jack and Mrs. Hippie, beacons of hope in a rainbow-colored bus. 12 декабря 2017, 15:42
4 дня 0:40
Panda can't get enough of the snow
The National Zoo’s giant panda Mei Xiang was caught on video adorably playing around in the D.C. snow. 12 декабря 2017, 15:40
4 дня 0:48
Heads up, Geminids meteor shower to be 2017's best
This pre-Christmas display of celestial fireworks will reach its peak during the long, dark hours from Wednesday night into Thursday morning. 12 декабря 2017, 15:29
86 461
4 дня 1:05
Dad sees his kids' red hair for the first time
This father was brought to tears by what he saw when his wife gave him a pair of color-correcting glasses. 12 декабря 2017, 13:40
1 248
4 дня 1:14
Kayla Moore: 'We have many friends that are black'
Kayla Moore, the wife of Alabama Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Roy Moore, blamed fake news for bigotry claims against her husband, noting, "One of our attorneys is a Jew." 12 декабря 2017, 13:21
3 250
4 дня 1:17
Celebs stand with boy who spoke against bullying
Keaton Jones, a student in Maynardville, Tenn., sparked a national conversation about bullying after a video of him went viral over the weekend. 12 декабря 2017, 0:02
41 250
4 дня 2:40
On immigration, Sen. Thom Tillis doesn’t care about the far-left — or right
As Congress tries to find a compromise for legal protections for the nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. 11 декабря 2017, 20:29
4 дня 1:01
These women are calling Congress to look into Trump’s alleged misconduct
Three women are calling on Congress to look into alleged sexual misconduct against them. Be Smarter. Faster. 11 декабря 2017, 19:57
1 767
4 дня 0:59
What to do with Alexa
Consumers offer their take on how they use the Amazon Echo smart speaker on #TalkingTech 11 декабря 2017, 19:31
4 дня 1:27
NYC reacts to explosion near Port Authority Bus Terminal
Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers a press conference regarding the explosion that occurred in New York City on December 11th. 11 декабря 2017, 19:16
393 298
4 дня 0:45
Apple is reportedly buying Shazam
Apple is reportedly buying music recognition app Shazam, a move that could allow it to integrate an important feature into its line of smartphones at a time when the iPhone's innovation crown is under threat from 11 декабря 2017, 17:39
1 939
4 дня 4:10
Chelsea Handler, Jimmy Fallon, Michael Che, Colin Jost on Trump's latest fumbles in Best of Late Nig
Chelsea Handler imagines a world without Trump in the White House. Take a look at our favorite jokes, then vote for yours at usatoday.com/opinion. 11 декабря 2017, 16:58
5 дней 1:31
Mastiff puppy has life-saving heart surgery
Angus was slated for puppy hospice before these kind people stepped in and saved his life. 11 декабря 2017, 16:06
5 дней 1:35
Kindhearted tree farmer saves little boy's Christmas
It's not Christmas without the perfect tree. Luckily for Bentley, a Christmas miracle was just around the corner. 11 декабря 2017, 15:34
5 дней 1:58
Long lost West Point ring finally makes it home
50 years in the making, this veteran's Christmas came early. 11 декабря 2017, 15:29
1 148
5 дней 0:40
'The Walking Dead': What happened on the midseason finale
Missed this week's 'The Walking Dead?' Here are the top 3 "need to know" developments of the midseason finale. Warning: MAJOR spoiler alerts ahead! 11 декабря 2017, 12:57
2 429
5 дней 0:54
Catch up on the 'Star Wars' saga ahead of Episode VIII
Before you head out to see 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi,' here's a recap of where the saga left off with 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.' Be Smarter. Faster. 11 декабря 2017, 11:33
5 дней 0:45
Alabama senator: I couldn't vote for Roy Moore
Sen. Richard Shelby told CNN's Jake Tapper that he didn't vote for GOP candidate Roy Moore in the special election. Instead, he says he chose a write-in candidate. 10 декабря 2017, 18:43
8 215
5 дней 0:38
Sanders on Trump impeachment: Don't jump the gun
Senator Bernie Sanders told NBC why Democrats should not rush to pursue impeachment charges against President Donald Trump. 10 декабря 2017, 16:33
9 140
6 дней 0:41
High winds expected to increase fire threat
Forecasters say high winds will bring rapid or dramatic increases in wildfire activity. 10 декабря 2017, 16:23
6 дней 0:42
Violence erupts at U.S. embassy in Lebanon
Violence continues amid President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. 10 декабря 2017, 16:18
1 861
6 дней 1:05
Archaeologists in Egypt make an 'exceptional' find
Archaeologists in Luxor, Egypt have discovered two small ancient tombs dating back about 3,500 years. The tombs were likely part of a cemetery for noblemen and top officials. 9 декабря 2017, 20:01
21 185
6 дней 1:31
Neighbors report minor damage after Atlanta snowstorm
People who live in communities surrounding Atlanta, Georgia are picking up after a snow storm caused minor damage. 9 декабря 2017, 17:00
1 466
7 дней 1:30
Displaced horses from wildfires find shelter
Horses and other animals displaced by the Lilac fire in San Diego county find shelter at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in Southern California. 9 декабря 2017, 3:44
4 214
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