4 часа 30:55
Mike Maloney-China, Russia & India Buying Gold
Precious metals expert Mike Maloney points to what large foreign countries are buying and it gold--lots of it. 30 апреля 2017, 4:13
4 985
2 дня 22:40
Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.28.17
Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com analyzes the week's top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. usawatchdog.com/weekly-news-wrap-up-4-28-17-greg-hunter Donations: usawatchdog.com/donations 28 апреля 2017, 4:04
43 704
4 дня 31:53
Craig Hemke-Markets Held Together With Electronic Baling Wire & Digital Chewing Gum
Financial Writer Craig Hemke says the system is being propped up and is very weak dispite the record stock markets prices. Hemke contends, “These markets are quite literally held together by . . . 26 апреля 2017, 4:14
48 521
7 дней 36:16
Bill Holter-US Government Will Default
Financial expert Bill Holter says the financial markets are being propped up by “fraud,” and the global financial markets are nothing more than “Ponzi schemes.” He says many people are surprised it all did not unravel 23 апреля 2017, 4:18
104 448
9 дней 22:43
Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.21.17
Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com looks back at the top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. Donations: usawatchdog.com/donations 21 апреля 2017, 4:15
58 852
11 дней 35:13
Bo Polny-Jubilee Year Means Stocks, Bonds and Dollar are Toast
Market cycle analyst Bo Polny says a “Jubilee” year is the end of seven, seven year cycles. That is 49 years, and now is the 50th year which is called a “Jubilee” year. Polny says, “49 years is the end of the cycle. 19 апреля 2017, 4:09
73 963
16 дней 57:47
Martin Armstrong-Economic Downturn Will Take World to War
Former hedge fund manager Martin Armstrong, who is an expert on economic and political cycles, says, “You have to understand what makes war even take place? It does not unfold when everybody is fat and happy. 14 апреля 2017, 5:08
142 002
18 дней 33:11
Gregory Mannarino¬-Fed Deliberately Created Bubbles to Save Itself
Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino says, “The Federal Reserve has re-inflated a housing bubble. So now, those ‘toxic assets,’ those mortgage-backed securities are worth something. 12 апреля 2017, 4:18
58 030
21 день 44:14
Clif High-Fed Will Crash & Fed Is the Market
Internet Data mining expert Clif High’s latest report says, ““The emotions at the moment are projecting a crash of the ability of the state to function. . . . 9 апреля 2017, 4:11
176 070
23 дня 12:43
Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.7.17
Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com looks at the week's top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. usawatchdog.com/weekly-news-wrap-up-4-7-17-greg-hunter Donations: usawatchdog.com/donations 7 апреля 2017, 4:53
50 067
25 дней 37:08
Paul Craig Roberts-Nuclear War More Likely: Blame Washington & MSM
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, formerly a top editor at the Wall Street Journal, says nuclear war is the most dire problem Americans face. This comes at a time when trust between Russia and America is at all-time lows. Dr. 5 апреля 2017, 4:52
84 320
28 дней 53:32
James Rickards-Trump Didn’t Get a Honeymoon-He Got a Burning Bed
.Financial expert James Rickards, who was one of the few that predicted a Trump Presidential win, says the new President has battles on many fronts. 2 апреля 2017, 4:16
118 300
30 дней 24:31
Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.31.17
Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com gives his take on the past week's big stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. usawatchdog.com/weekly-news-wrap-up-3-31-17-greg-hunter usawatchdog.com/donations 31 марта 2017, 4:14
56 300
32 дня 30:34
Karl Denninger-We all Know How This Party is Going to End
Karl Denninger, a professional trader, says the financial markets look eerily like they did just before the “dot-com bust” (2000) and the financial meltdown of 2008. 29 марта 2017, 4:29
75 846
35 дней 35:16
John Williams-Trump Can Save US Dollar
Williams says Trump must address the “long term solvency of the United States.” Williams goes on to say, “If he does this, the rest of the world will say, boy, they brought things under control, and they would be 26 марта 2017, 4:41
60 997
37 дней 32:11
Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.24.17
Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com looks at the week's top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. usawatchdog.com/weekly-news-wrap-up-3-24-17-greg-hunter usawatchdog.com/donations 24 марта 2017, 5:21
55 806
39 дней 25:10
Doug Casey-High Unemployment & High Inflation Coming Buy Gold
What is this going to look like to the man on the street when the economy melts down again? Financial expert Doug Casey says, “The country has been living way above its means. The U.S. 22 марта 2017, 4:13
76 215
42 дня 25:12
Michael Pento-Stock Market Will Fall at Least 50%
Money Manager Michael Pento predicted the bond market would ultimately collapse in his 2013 book titled “The Coming Bond Market Collapse.” He says the collapse has started and will get worse quickly. 19 марта 2017, 4:20
96 345
44 дня 25:02
Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.17.17
Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com looks back at the week's top stories on the Weekly News Wrap-Up. usawatchdog.com/weekly-news-wrap-up-3-17-17-greg-hunter usawatchdog.com/donations 17 марта 2017, 4:29
60 482
46 дней 23:46
Scott Uehlinger-Obama Running a Shadow Government
Former CIA Officer Scott Uehlinger says that former President Obama is running his own shadow government. Uehlinger contends, “Shadow government is a mainstream expression even in the countries where I lived. 15 марта 2017, 4:24
48 597
49 дней 42:05
Catherine Austin Fitts-Don’t Blame Trump for Ending the Bond Bull Market
One of the big headwinds for Trump is the bond market and rising interest rates. 12 марта 2017, 5:14
82 521
51 день 34:43
Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.10.17
Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com looks back at the top stories in the past week in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. usawatchdog.com/weekly-news-wrap-up-3-10-16-greg-hunter usawatchdog.com/donations 10 марта 2017, 5:08
58 994
53 дня 38:04
Hugo Salinas Price- Apocalypse Is Upon Us
Could a Fed rate hike start the bond market to liquidate? Mexican billionaire and retail magnate Hugo Salinas Price contends, “Apocalypse is upon us . . . this boom in stocks is about to collapse. 8 марта 2017, 5:33
94 109
56 дней 43:08
Clif High-Chaos Starts Middle of March
Internet data mining expert Clif High says his latest research shows the mainstream legacy media is fearful. High predicts “1/3 of our broadcast media personalities . . . 5 марта 2017, 5:14
363 695
58 дней 19:41
Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.3.17
Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com gives his take on the week's top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. usawatchdog.com/weekly-news-wrap-up-3-3-17-greg-hunter usawatchdog.com/donations 3 марта 2017, 5:05
48 309
60 дней 31:57
Rob Kirby-World is Extremely Flush with Money
Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says, “The world is flush with money, extremely flush with money.” This is causing some to worry about the instability of hyperinflation. 1 марта 2017, 5:13
76 282
63 дня 26:31
David Stockman-Everything Will Grind to a Halt in 2017
Former White House Budget Director David Stockman drops a bomb in his latest interview by saying, “I think what people are missing is this date, March 15th 2017. 26 февраля 2017, 5:18
251 714
65 дней 21:00
Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.24.17
Greg Hunter from USAWatchdog.com gives his take on the week's top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. usawatchdog.com/weekly-news-wrap-up-2-24-17-greg-hunter usawatchdog.com/donations 24 февраля 2017, 5:32
49 230
67 дней 30:25
Robert David Steele-Deep State Isolating Trump from We the People
If Trump can’t mount a counterattack and get rid of his White House “traitors,” what happens? Intel expert Robert David Steele predicts, “He will not be reelected, and he will also probably be impeached in 2018. . . . 22 февраля 2017, 5:12
82 350
70 дней 30:14
Dane Wigington-Planet Facing Converging Cataclysms Because of Chemtrails
Climate modification researcher Dane Wigington points out the phenomenon called “weather whiplash,” where it is hot one day and snowing the next, as it did recently in New York. 19 февраля 2017, 5:08
74 295
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